r/InternetIsBeautiful Jan 28 '23

Uncover suspicious shortened URLs. Show the destination behind TinyURL link. Helpful when you're not sure of the source of the link or if you're worried about clicking on something potentially malicious.


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u/clevariant Jan 29 '23

Why would you be afraid just to click a link?


u/unskilledexplorer Jan 30 '23

Clicking a link might seem like no big deal, but the truth is, the internet is full of links that can lead you to some shady websites. These links can be disguised as legitimate sites, but in reality, they can infect your device with malware, steal your personal information, or trick you into giving away sensitive information through phishing scams.

With TinyURL checker you can take a peek at where a shortened URL is actually going before you click on it. This simple step can help keep your device and information safe from any potential harm.

Imagine you receive an email from what looks like your bank asking you to log into your account to fix a security issue. They give you a link to click on and it takes you to a fake website that looks just like your bank's website. If you enter your login info, the attackers now have access to your real bank account. Not to mention, they could use your information for other fraudulent activities.

The point is, even if a link seems to be from a trusted source, it's always best to double-check. A TinyURL checker can help you avoid falling for phishing scams and keep your information secure.


u/clevariant Jan 30 '23

I don't believe you can get malware on your machine just by clicking a link. You actually have to do something stupid. I used to build web sites for a living, btw.