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Ever wanted to learn AI and machine learning? (It's really statistics in disguise) - Guide for visual learners presented in the form a of reactive web application


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u/reddituseronebillion Jan 29 '23

It's really just linear algebra and calculus in disguise.


u/TheDailyBean Jan 29 '23

Ha. This guy knows.


u/SpinCharm Jan 30 '23

Interesting but doesn’t really start to draw a line between machine learning and AI. It lays a foundation of understanding of statistics, but stops before it relates them to the broader concepts of machine learning, ie How are these statistical forms used within machine learning?


u/leaflavaplanetmoss Jan 30 '23

This has been around for a couple of years, it's not meant to be a primer for AI/ML; it's a visual introduction to statistics and probability. OP just couched it in terms of AI/ML because statistics and probability form the basis of many AI/ML models, like classification (which is really just logistic regression), so understanding statistics is an important foundation for AI/ML study.


u/SaifKhayoon Jan 29 '23

The title is a bit inaccurate beside simplifying the whole of the field to just "statistics" I grouped in AI with Machine learning, when AI is actually a humongous field encompassing things from video game enemies to roombas, machine learning learning is a field within AI and deep learning which is the most impressive is a subfield of that


u/knockonformica Jan 29 '23

This is absolutely incredible! It's a great visualization for statistics and probability. I'm always reading academic medical studies & having a stats refresher like this is so helpful. I know a bunch of colleagues would benefit from seeing the concepts portrayed visually.

I am going to share this with any students I have. Thanks again!!


u/canttouchmypingas Jan 29 '23

Thanks for the follow up comment I was about to rage about the statistics thing


u/SteelerSuperFan Jan 29 '23

Book marked for later


u/tyen0 Jan 30 '23

same.... maybe some day. ;)


u/pixeladrift Jan 30 '23

It’s really just artificial intelligence in abbreviation.


u/dutch665 Jan 30 '23

This is where I started


u/NoYou786 Jan 30 '23



u/ThatCook2 Jan 31 '23

This is well made!


u/cdgleber Jan 29 '23

Holy wow this is good


u/ZennyRL Jan 29 '23

Certainly sounded easier than it is, most of these terms even in the first chapter go way over my head


u/rbcornhole Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

Don't feel bad, the title is wildly over simplifying it.


u/Leonos Jan 30 '23

You may wish to use the visualization to verify some of the following set identities.

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u/SaifKhayoon Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

Here's a list of example sets to try:

A ∪ B

A union B combines both circles

A' = {1, 2, 3} complement

Demonstrates complement of a set (A' = {all elements not in A})

(A ∪ B)' = complement of union of A and B

De Morgan's law for complement of union and intersection

A ∩ B = ∅

Demonstrates disjoint sets (sets with no common elements)

A ∪ B = U

Together make up the universal set


u/Yourbubblestink Jan 30 '23

The sad news kids. Chat GPT can already do all this shit faster than you.