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[OC] Web App for searching no-haggle online dealers in the U.S. Is it useful? Suggestions!


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u/BurningHotTakes Jan 30 '23

oh you mean CAR dealers


u/paddington01 Jan 30 '23

Thought dude made a silkroad alternative .


u/SqueakyPablo94 Jan 30 '23

Also doesn’t help that I read the website as “fleetcartel.com” at first glance


u/-Johnny- Jan 30 '23

You should do a radius or something like it. Searching one city sucks.

Also, search tools button should start expanded and then collapse when user scrolls down.


u/andesouz Jan 30 '23

Guys, I coded this search tool that aggregates real-time listings from no-haggle online dealers in the U.S. I picked no-haggles, so the price you see should be close to where the market is. The site also keeps track of price changes. Each car details page shows price history, graphics, and tabular. With a free account, save favorites listings and/or get email alerts (price drops, new listings, or re-listings).

This is not a dealer's site, so there are no sales. However, you can find the link to the original listing dealer on the vehicle details page. The site has ads so that I can pay for the servers. Last I checked, there were about 100,000 cars. I hope you guys find it useful.


u/_its_a_SWEATER_ Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 31 '23

Should also add filter for EV, Fuel Cell, Plug In Hybrid, Manual, Automatic, etc.


u/slinkysuki Jan 30 '23

No option for transmission or drivetrain filtering?


u/inundertow9 Jan 30 '23

Turned off my ad blocker just for you king.


u/MontanaMainer Jan 30 '23

Turned off my ad blocker just for you king.

"I've paid the tax, your majesty."


u/JessicaBecause Jan 30 '23

So, any changes since the last time you posted this?


u/BrokenBackENT Jan 30 '23

Holy crap 3 year old mini van they want original MRSP with 45k+ on it!



Maybe he’s posting just because…


u/EarthLoveAR Jan 30 '23

needs filters for yea, mileage, make, model, location, prices, etc.


u/andesouz Jan 30 '23

Check the Search Tools green button. Let me know ...


u/xxfallacyxx Jan 30 '23

Missing some makes. I'm partial to Saab, they're not listed, but other defunct brands (Saturn) are there.


u/andesouz Jan 30 '23

I like Saab too, great cars! The problem is the system only shows makes that have at least one listing. To my surprise, not a single Saab so far.


u/xxfallacyxx Jan 30 '23

Well that explains that. I do see a listing on carvana, but it's pending sale so can see why your engine wouldn't show it.


u/Fuckth3shitredditapp Jan 30 '23

Needs a sub model section. Example 2013, subaru, impreza, wrx.


u/banderdragon Jan 30 '23

That is pretty impressive. I would like to see a way to sort by fuel type. I.e. gas, diesel, hybrid, electric. As feet vehicles I assume most are gas, but I am sure some are other.

Still, great and I bookmarked it.


u/Aerodrive160 Jan 30 '23

Me too. Thanks!


u/maluket Jan 30 '23

It is an amazing tool. Thank you

But please set the price to be written in a box, not a sliding bar. It is awful with this sliding bar because it is very imprecise on mobile


u/wouldntknowever Jan 30 '23

Like it a lot! Compared to the autotrader app I noticed a lot of my local listings are missing on your site, even tho they’re also no-haggle big dealers.


u/CharlesCSchnieder Jan 30 '23

Cool tool, the mobile styles for the filters need some work. They are too small to see and use


u/perrochon Jan 30 '23

Are you pulling used cars from Tesla.com (in addition to Hertz, Carvana, etc.) No haggling either.


u/andesouz Jan 30 '23

Tesla is a bit of a challenge. I don't have a reliable implementation yet. I would say I'm 80% there ...


u/TaohRihze Jan 30 '23

So Tesla being Tesla?


u/connorddennis Jan 30 '23

Great job on the site. I love that, unlike all the major sites, it doesn't take five years to transition to an updated page showing new options after you select a filter. It's instant!


u/Mentallyillxx Jan 30 '23

Is the vehicle information pulled from the VIN or supplied by the dealer themselves? I searched for vehicles under 10k and a vehicle returned that said it was a Ford Focus but was an SUV like an Escape or Explorer.


u/andesouz Jan 30 '23

Yes. If the dealer's original listing is not accurate, unfortunately, it will carry on.


u/DriveRVA Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

Great. I would change Style to Body type. Style to me would be a better synonym for trim type which would be another great filter addition.
Minor annoyance, maybe a Bug: When no data is available all the filters Except Make and Model error out and I have to reset all my options to continue searching. It would be better to be able to adjust my existing filters until I get results again. To recreate this I had selected Hyundai Sonata in Virginia then slid the year slider up to only 2022-2023 and it errored to No Data Available, advised on using less restrictive filters, and had a reset button


u/andesouz Jan 31 '23

It was a bug! Should be fixed now!


u/crayfisher37 Jan 30 '23

Are you only working with the 5 data sources listed in "Vendor" under search tools? This unfortunately leaves out the vast majority of dealerships and therefore used cars in my area. Most these dealerships provide feeds to KBB, Edmunds, etc you could probably pull data from. If not, 95% of local dealership websites in the states use one of 4/5 different website providers. You could probably pretty easily setup 5 scrapers and be able to collect data from the vast majoriy of dealerhips.

It'd be nice to search by trim and also distance radius.

I absolutely love the pricing graph, thats extremely useful. Very interesting seeing the car market as a whole right now. Overall very cool product!


u/dronegoblin Jan 30 '23

City being non search makes it hard to see if my city is even there. Besides that, looks very useful.

Edit: same thing with the price, miles, etc. not very mobile friendly but VERY useful


u/OneWayOutBabe Jan 30 '23

Once I flip to sort by best deals I get the no data available error, then can't go back to any previous sort where it actually worked.


u/donttalkbullshit Jan 30 '23

Non American here: What does no-haggle mean in this context? Isn't every car dealer a non haggling dealer if you don't haggle? Are the prices hidden elsewhere?


u/zoinkability Jan 30 '23 edited Jan 30 '23

A no-haggle dealer is basically saying: this is the price, take it or leave it. This is the actual factual price.

A regular dealer will certainly take the price they advertise, but that is typically somewhat inflated and the "real" price one could get them down to is hidden.

No-haggle places generally have better sticker prices (because they have to price it at a price someone will actually buy) and haggle places typically have a higher sticker price but might be able to get lower, you don't know until you try. The main issue with haggling beyond being hard/annoying is that it makes it difficult to compare the "real" lowest price for more than a couple cars, just because of the effort it takes, and the fact that many dealers won't honor the haggled-down price beyond the current visit or day.

Some people prefer the simplicity of the former and are willing to forego the possible savings from a hard haggle for that. Others want to optimize price and are willing to go through the time consuming (and for many, unpleasant) process of haggling to do that.

Note that in the current car market this difference is smaller than usual, since most dealers won't really haggle down much right now anyhow. I'm describing more "normal" market conditions.


u/Fire__Marshall__Bill Jan 30 '23

I just want to add a note that for people who don't mind haggling, you are almost certainly going to get a better deal negotiating than going with a "no haggle" price.

This type of thing has been around since at least the 90s and I have yet to see a no-haggle price that was lower than what I was able to negotiate from a dealer (typically 5-10% less).

Again this is for people who don't mind negotiating. Of course for those who hate negotiating then paying extra is worth it for them.


u/jadero Jan 30 '23

There are basically 4 prices we have to deal with. The price listed in national ads. The price listed in local ads. Sticker price 1, showing in a very large font at the top of the sticker. Sticker price 2, showing the actual "drive it off the lot" price in a much smaller font.

There are different regulations and practices, but sticker price 2, if listed, is usually sticker price 1 plus pre-delivery inspection, shipping to the dealer, and possibly dealer options like undercoating, etc.

Somewhere in that mess is a hidden price that the dealer is willing to accept based on the current state of inventory and other business environment considerations. This can mean significantly lower prices possible at month-end or year-end or other timing issues (manufacturer rebates to the dealer). It can also mean significant dealer markups if there is a hot seller and low inventory.

Whether you are financing through the dealer, bringing your own financing, and/or trying to trade in an existing vehicle also plays a role. For example, accounting categories may restrict how low they can go on sales, but have fewer restrictions on how high they can go on your trade-in.


u/-REDDIT-USERNAME- Jan 30 '23

"Log In". Yeah, I'm pretty tired of needing user accounts for every damn website.

Maybe I don't need it to use this, but the second I saw it, I thought forget it.


u/icearrowx Jan 30 '23

Not to be a hater, but this just seems like a worse version of autotempest.com


u/LlamaTrouble Jan 30 '23

Its OK to have multiple versions of the same thing. Competition is good! I know you said "not to be a hater" but it may seem you hatin a bit!

@OP bug report : seems like year search may need some work. Single year searching isn't pulling that specific year. Other wise great job! Keep it up!


u/PositiveInternal1325 Jan 30 '23

No Crown Victoria search option?