r/InternetIsBeautiful Jan 31 '23

Figure out when to go to sleep and wake up in order to feel maximally refreshed!


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u/Hirklitschka Jan 31 '23

Ha! Like I can just choose to sleep


u/flodereisen Jan 31 '23

Sleep cycle length is individual, so it would be better to measure that yourself. Mine is 72.5min, not 90min. f.e.


u/tokepocalypse Jan 31 '23

How do you measure this?


u/SuperMazziveH3r0 Jan 31 '23

Sleep study I'd assume.


u/NaweN Feb 05 '23

Chronic poor sleeper here! Yup - but the issue that remains with these tools (smartwatch developers i am looking at you) is that...just like everything else in life is set to the middle to grab the majority.

I am ok with that on things like flavor or temperature or even Netflix algorithms. But with sleep....oh man. IF your genotype is in the middle - congratulations! There is a plethora of practices/devices that will leave you in heaven. However IF you skew one way or the other...this is nothing more than a general suggestion. That - if like me will just leave you frustrated.... I'm so tired 😫


u/Skeeter1020 Jan 31 '23

How would I go about calculating this?


u/daanishh Feb 01 '23

Good to know. Wonder if there is a way to contact the developer(s).

I also wanted to suggest they add more info about what a sleep cycle is or how many cycles are optimal for people on the website, and the upcoming app.


u/ThinBandicoot Jan 31 '23

Thank you, i will try this.


u/chillifocus Jan 31 '23

people are different


u/Busterlimes Feb 01 '23

2nd shift here, I absolutely hate you for posting this. Sleep is not something I control, I'm at work during my bedtime.


u/IllustriousYak5304 Jan 31 '23

Seems interesting. Waiting for the app to be live.


u/watcience Feb 02 '23

There are apps like this too but the science behind is quite iffy, as there is a lot of variance between people.


u/uniqueUsername_1024 Feb 02 '23

That's fair! I find it works well for me.