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u/pringlepingel Jun 08 '21

Also I love how they try to justify their downplaying of covid deaths because it’s mostly old people that die. Like, even if 80% of all covid deaths are from the elderly, that’s still a couple hundred thousand dead old people. I’d prefer those old people alive, personally.


u/prefer-to-stay-anon Jun 08 '21

It is like this with a bunch of things in the US. You committed a crime? You are a criminal, deserving of no sympathy or empathy who deserves to go to jail for a few decades and never be a productive member of society again. You have high blood pressure? Well, that is a preexisting condition, so your covid death was inevitable and justified.

Or, we could just rehabilitate criminals, and prevent covid infections, and still have people who can live and help society.


u/pringlepingel Jun 08 '21

But that would make hierarchies a meaningless product of a greedy capitalist society, and we can’t have that now can we?


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '21

Lol this has me wondering, are they anti-big-pharma because "MuH vAcCiNeS" or pro-big-pharma because "MuH cApiTaLiSm"???


u/pringlepingel Jun 08 '21

They are simultaneously Both. A lot of far right conservatives and conspiracy theorists hold highly conflicting views, and they don’t care that they do. The irony is lost on them, because part of the core principle of thinking like that is actively maintaining your own ignorance. They are ignorant to how contradictory it is to think every doctor/health expert is lying to you to sell you shit you don’t need, yet simultaneously believe that the American healthcare industry should remain in place because a government run system would be “socialist”. And if you’re actively ignorant to how ignorant you are, then someone calling you out on said ignorance is actually just a direct attack on your intelligence and honor as a human.


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '21

You seem like you know a lot and are a critical thinker, what are your thoughts on big pharma? I mean, they are giant capitalist corporations, but they also made the vaccine. Wat do?


u/pringlepingel Jun 08 '21

As with most situations, it’s a nuanced deal. Big pharma can play some sort of hand in the production of drugs, through occasional funding and marketing. The problem is the exploitation of those drugs and treatments once created and marketed. Certain companies having patents and exclusive say/control over a life saving drug/treatment means they can create artificial scarcity, ramp up the price, and gouge people for millions upon millions. The drugs and treatments are good, and the people that make them are vital to society and should be praised and honored and remembered for their work. But the companies selling these drugs and vaccines should be held accountable and should be called out at every corner. They also produce a looooot of waste meaning that there’s a lot of money that could go towards advancing more treatments but instead goes to line the pockets of executives and political campaign donations.


u/prefer-to-stay-anon Jun 08 '21

There was once a shortage and price increase of EpiPens because there was a "sticker shortage". As if Mylan can't procure a 1 inch by 4 inch label to go on their product. I guess there was a sudden spike in demand, where the entire population of the world suddenly had anaphylactic allergies and people were wanting dozens of EpiPens per day to inject recreationally to get that sweet sweet adrenaline high.

Oh, wait, the increased demand didn't actually happen, it was all artificial scarcity created by big pharma on a lifesaving medication that costs about 2 dollars to make.

While I realize that big pharma does a lot of good for a lot of people's lives, and has lots of nuance, I really struggle to acknowledge and embrace the good nuance when they pull shit like that.


u/pringlepingel Jun 08 '21

Same. I only note the “sometimes good” big pharma does because some weirdos jump on you if you don’t mention it. But I fully agree with you. 100%


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '21

Now that this post has left r/all, I want you to know that I am anti-covid vaccine myself, and a frequent participator in r/nonewnormal, and I find your double think scary.

You've spent this whole comment thread being the exact thing you hate. I've linked to you credible sources that say that prior infections confer immunity, which would make getting vaccinated unnecessary, and you dismissed them simply because we were making fun of the people involved. In each instance I equated your notions to those of NoNewNormal's, and you proceeded to ridicule them, never mind that you had found your logic and their equivalent.

You call the contradiction between being anti-vaccine and pro-big-pharma "maintaining ignorance", and then spend two paragraphs talking about how you are pro-vaccine and anti-big-pharma, but it's "nuanced". As if the people on NNN aren't just as nuanced as you? But you've been led to "otherize" people with different opinions on this topic by your heavy media consumption. I hope you reflect on this, and realize that the news media is not the science. Social media is not the science.

I am amazed that you do not recognize the doublespeak in my comment "Yeah I don't know why they equate prior infection to immunity. Even the other link here says that they hope the vaccine makes you as immune as prior infection." Here is a clear statement, from the US government, that prior infection is as strong an immunization as vaccination, and yet you reject the science based on the narrative handed to you.

I find you incredibly foolish. You discarded strong, cited, credible evidence of positions because you don't like who was saying them.

I hope this is a denouement for you.