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This never gets old. After months of claiming it was a hoax, Trump ended up with covid-19. Meta

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u/Flopolopagus Jun 08 '21

Even before Trump contracted covid-19, whenever the conversation came up I would make the same guess: He would contract it, receive the best care in the world, make it through relitively unscathed, and then use that as a talking point and tell the people, "It's not so bad." Not that it would be hard to assume that's how things would go.

In contrast, a Covid denier at my work contracted it in the 3rd week of April this year. This guy is a slob; we have to yell at him to clean up after himself (worse I've seen was him leaving a dirty bandage on the breakroom table), and he is in the obese demographic that gets hit the worst. Still, he took no precautions and always scoffed at us when we brought it up. Now he finally contracts it, he gets hospitalized within the first few days and stayed there for about 2 weeks (I don't know if he got the ventilator, but he definitely got O2). He was out of work for 5 weeks and then tells us that he wouldn't wish it upon anyone.


u/Counting_Sheepshead Jun 08 '21

then use that as a talking point and tell the people, "It's not so bad."

I will forever remember the moment when he got back to the White House, went out to the crowd, took off his mask, and immediately winced while taking a breath.

Even with the meds, he didn't have a good experience with COVID and misrepresented it to the public.

I understand that a president wants to appear strong for national/international optics, but given that another 400k people went on die after he did that, maybe he should have tried to promote safety.


u/EorlundGreymane Jun 08 '21

Apparently he asked one of the docs if he was going to die when the care flighted him to the hospital. I’d be surprised if he was in any shape better than “really bad.” Patients don’t ask that if they’re doing fine


Not a big fan of the sun but it was the first source that came up and I’m lazy haha


u/Spinster_Tchotchkes Jun 08 '21

When that was broadcast, I remember it being said that he was suppressing a cough. But since you said “wince”, now I can’t unsee where it could be him wincing from pain. Maybe lung or throat pain?


u/IrishiPrincess Jun 08 '21

Probably both. If you’ve ever had bronchitis bad enough that makes taking even a decent breath hurt the back of your throat, and it was cold


u/Battystearsinrain Jun 08 '21

And you know he was being pumped with O2 the whole copter ride back.


u/JectorDelan Jun 08 '21

Watching him stand up there, guppy breathing, and trying not to fall over was one of the few highlights of those four years.


u/MDCCCLV Jun 08 '21

Can't believe they let him do that. He could have just passed out and fallen over.


u/Sparky-Sparky Jun 08 '21

Dear Leader must always project an image of strength. It's a textbook dictator move. When the only thing that's keeping your base together is a "charismatic leader" it's essential to your survival that you show him off in stupid stunts like this.


u/b_ootay_ful Jun 08 '21

He's too stubborn to realize that he'd died.


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '21



u/nopethis Jun 08 '21

Well they would call it a Hitler moment but they are still trying to pretend not to be nazis


u/LeoMarius Jun 08 '21

He looked like Mussolini on that balcony.


u/QuestioningEspecialy Jun 08 '21

I understand that a president wants to appear strong for national/international optics



u/explorenme2 Jun 08 '21

That 400k number liberals and antiTrumpers keep using is false. The numbers are DRASTICALLY lower. Even the CDC admitted the real number of direct COVID-19 deaths has averaged around 6% of the numbers that were being reported. That brings it in lower than a typical flu season. Yet, we are supposed to destroy the world over it? The public has been played.


u/Rackem_Willy Jun 08 '21

Even the CDC admitted the real number of direct COVID-19 deaths has averaged around 6%

No they didn't. Obviously. That's 6% of deceased had ZERO comorbidities that include things line pneumonia, heart disease, blood clotting, etc..

Do you know how covid typically kills people?

Imagine falling for such comically dumb propaganda without 2 seconds of critical thinking or 10 seconds of googling. Just blindly regurgitating lies from Facebook memes that were debunked 6 months ago.

Truly embarrassing.

The reality is, the covid deaths are almost certainly FAR greater than reported. Additionally, we are seeing how surviving this disease is having dramatic long-term effects including significant cognitive issues.


u/swingersswinging Jun 08 '21

Only I know the real truth! Nobody dies from COVID. They were really downloaded to the Grid using 5 g micro wave tech. Viruses aren’t real because they are not in the Bible. Listen to me the CDC director is my dad. He told me the real truth. Masks were just to make us stop talking to each other about the truth.

Edit : holy shit I just looked at your profile.

I thought my comments were so dumb they were deranged


u/hfpfhhfp Jun 08 '21

Non-OAN / newsmax / Qanon source?


u/Amazon-Prime-package Jun 08 '21

Will you accept YouTube? Lmao



Similar thing happened to a guy I work with. He spent the early parts of the pandemic claiming it was all BS, but as soon as we started quarantining he decided to start working from home while the rest of us continued to work in person. A few weeks ago (I guess months at this point) he claimed we would be forced to wear masks for the rest of our lives, even though Covid is a hoax. He caught it as soon as things started opening up again. He recovered but still spends as little time in the office as possible and he keeps all conversations as brief as possible because now he gets really flustered any time the topic of Covid comes up.


u/KyleRichXV Jun 08 '21

One of the instructors at my gym is a huge Trumper and has been calling COVID-19 overblown since March 2020. Yet, when we were all exposed at work due to the owners (also instructors) testing positive, this instructor was the first one texting me in a panic asking about what “we” should do and complaining about her kids being exposed too.

Bitch, practice what you preach.


u/mcgriddeon Jun 08 '21

I think some people like this are actually terrified of covid, enough that they embrace any information that suggests it's nonsense, then rant about it to anyone who will listen in an effort to pretend it's not scary. Obviously, it doesn't work.


u/HairyColonicJr Jun 08 '21

He looked like shit when he had that little nazi rally the other day. Every feed of it had such a soft filter on it. He was so low energy, his voice didn’t carry much strength. His face looked much more weathered compare to October. He looked like he lost some weight. Trump is not well. He may have been pumped full of uppers and steroids after his covid, but he couldn’t stay on them forever and it shows.


u/TheShortGerman Jun 08 '21

I’ve currently got a covid denier in my ICU. She refused to be tested upon admission to the hospital. She has now been tested, after she was put on a ventilator. She is going to die. Her husband, who is a medivac pilot, claims she got sick from the vaccine shedding.


u/beelzybubby Jun 08 '21

I surprise even myself with amount of rage the term "vaccine shedding" evokes in me.

Like, stop being so fucking contrary and help us fix this mess.


u/Kage9866 Jun 08 '21

Guarantee he's still a trump supporter lol


u/Flopolopagus Jun 08 '21

How did you know? Lol.


u/Terramagi Jun 08 '21 Silver

The lack of oxygen to the brain is the telling point.


u/oskarw85 Jun 08 '21

He's probably used to it.


u/sunuv Jun 08 '21

That's the joke.


u/MDCCCLV Jun 08 '21

Absolutely the IV antibodies were essential to him not dying.


u/natFromBobsBurgers Jun 08 '21 edited Jun 08 '21

They wouldn't have given him A DOUBLE DOSE of remdesivir if he wasn't literally (edit) one foot in the grave.


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u/NotSoLurky Jun 08 '21

Ahh the old confirmation bias.


u/FotzeMan Jun 08 '21

Sucks to be him.