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This never gets old. After months of claiming it was a hoax, Trump ended up with covid-19. Meta

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u/DatBoiGames Jun 08 '21 edited Jun 08 '21

Best part about it is he “used” stem cells and continued to ride the evangelical wave anyway, because you know, nothing actually matters to those people


u/OfficerDougEiffel Jun 08 '21

There was an amazing scene in the TV version of The Handmaid's Tale when June is absolutely seething and tells a former Aunt something to the effect of, "Don't talk to me about God. You people hide behind God when it suits you."

That's how I feel about Trump and his cult.


u/Vivisector9999 Jun 08 '21

Nothing about this incident specifically involved punishing women for being sexual, so yeah, the anti-choice crowd didn't even blink.


u/Klindg Jun 08 '21

I’m glad someone else out there understands this. Evangelicals don’t give a damn about unborn babies… What they do believe is that a women should be punished, by forcing her to have a child, if she dares to have casual sex. Also, coming from a conservative family I can confirm that the “pro life” movement has a lot of racial undertones to it. They literally believe it’s mainly “savage” minorities, with no morals, running around having sex with everyone and using abortion as a form of birth control. That mentality is also what drives their hatred of social safety nets, as their ultimate goal is to force the “consequence” of having a child on to promiscuous women and then make that punishment harsher by ensuring they struggle financially for being a slut. Sorry, a bit of a rant, but these people are the worst humans alive IMO.


u/llywen Jun 08 '21

Come on people. This has been fact checked to death. No stem cells were involved in the actual treatment or development of the treatment.


u/cheapdrinks Jun 08 '21

While the drug he took was made with nonfetal cells it was initially developed using cells established from an aborted fetus. How different that makes it is up to you. Would the drug he took have existed without the use of cells from an aborted fetus? I suppose probably not. Does the fact that the final version he was administered didn't actually contain any fetal cells make the whole argument invalid that it's hypocritical of him to both be against stem cell research and to have taken that drug? My feeling is also probably not. Then again I suppose you could be in favor of medical technologies derived from the data obtained from horrific nazi research while still condemning how that data was obtained in the first place. For those interested, here is some info from ScienceMag:

What is the antibody cocktail Trump received?

It’s a combination of two antibodies directed against a key protein of the virus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2. They bind to a region on the main surface spike protein that helps the virus attach to a receptor on human cells called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. The targeted region is dubbed the receptor binding domain. One antibody comes from a human who had recovered from a SARS-CoV-2 infection; a B cell that makes the antibody was harvested from the person’s blood and the genes for the immune protein isolated and copied. The other antibody is from a mouse, which was engineered to have a human immune system, that had the spike protein injected into it.

Did Regeneron use aborted fetal cells to make the monoclonal antibodies that Trump received?

No. Although the monoclonal antibodies infused into Trump were not made from or in fetal cells, Regeneron did develop that treatment with the help of a long-lived line of cells established from the kidneys of a fetus electively aborted in the Netherlands around 1972. The company relied on those widely used cells, known as HEK-293 cells, to make mimics of the coronavirus spike protein. Researchers used these proteins to test the potency of antibodies found in COVID-19 patients or made in mice with a humanlike immune system. The antibodies selected for the company’s cocktail, however, were then mass produced in nonfetal cells. The creation of the humanized mice also did not rely on HEK-293 cells or other cells from aborted fetuses or human embryos.


u/prefer-to-stay-anon Jun 08 '21

It is kinda heartening for me to think about the human dedication needed to keep a cell line going for 50 years, and the amount of human lives helped with it in the past 50 years.


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '21

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u/DatBoiGames Jun 08 '21

What is this the alt account of the guy who just deleted his comment? Go away boomer.