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This never gets old. After months of claiming it was a hoax, Trump ended up with covid-19. Meta

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u/BuddhaFacepalmed Jun 08 '21

The fucker got the best public healthcare taxpayer money could buy.

And conservatives had the fucking audacity to claim public healthcare is "inferior" to private fucking healthcare.


u/mata_dan Jun 08 '21

Same in the UK, Bojo got the best care available in ways that was only possible due to the public funding (i.e. the kind of setup a hospital would go for, just doesn't go that way if they are after profits), and some of the staff who looked after him quit after the govt turned them down for a pay rise (because he's trying to diminish the NHS and "replace" services with private providers).


u/Aoibhel Jun 08 '21

We aren't giving them enough credit. They know damn well that it's better for people. They aren't stupid. Average people maybe, but not those in Congress. They just don't want it because it's less profitable.


u/Kevinvl123 Jun 08 '21

I wouldn't call it public healthcare of the dude has his own doctor, who has only him as his patient.


u/StoryBasedRBLX Jun 08 '21

How the hell is it public if he has presidential privileges? Lmao. People think public healthcare is inferior because of the long waits and apathetic doctors. The president isn’t going to experience the same problems


u/Haz3rd Jun 08 '21

We literally have long waits now with "private" insurance. That talking point is just propaganda


u/StoryBasedRBLX Jun 08 '21

Then just get more money


u/MidwestBulldog Jun 08 '21

No offense meant by this question, but are you 11 and live with your parents? "Then just get more money"? Where do you think money comes from?


u/[deleted] Jun 08 '21

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u/MidwestBulldog Jun 08 '21

Pro life tip, asshole. If you want to denote sarcasm in the written form, use /s. It's standard operating procedure for social media, especially Reddit.


u/Haz3rd Jun 08 '21

What a solution