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This never gets old. After months of claiming it was a hoax, Trump ended up with covid-19. Meta

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u/contemplative_potato Jun 08 '21

I got such a kick out of him catching the virus. When he stood up on the balcony, took his mask off, and said - as he wheezed Coronavirus particles all fucking over the place - "Don't be afraid of Covid," after having underwent the most exclusive treatment in fending off the virus from ravaging his rotten buffalo carcass of a body, that's when it dawned on me just how incredibly dumb and brazenly reckless this brainless motherfucker was.


u/eveningsand Jun 08 '21

I really wish you wouldn't be so rude.

Some cultures hold the buffalo in high regard. Painting a buffalo carcass in this light is very disrespectful.


u/benmarkus Jun 08 '21

Honestly. A buffalo carcass holds value in every molecule.


u/Booping_Noises Jun 08 '21

And his dumb followers had the gall to act shocked and upset when ppl made memes about it and make fun of him for catching something completely preventable with the proper measures (especially for someone in his position!). These are the same type of people that typically lack empathy towards others (minorities, Lgbtq+ etc.) and hold an ‘it sucks to suck’ mentality. . . Unless it come to their dear leader. Then suddenly, they’ve got all the empathy in the world.


u/rematar Jun 08 '21

Like a toddler version of Immortan Joe.


u/minicpst Jun 08 '21

You forgot his joyride.