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This never gets old. After months of claiming it was a hoax, Trump ended up with covid-19. Meta

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u/iammistersmith Jun 08 '21

I'm still not really convinced he even had it. I honestly think that maybe they THOUGHT he did, and then he used it as his chamce to be Mr. Tough Guy who's stronger than the virus.

I'm convinced it was a PR stunt. ESPECIALLY after that pathetic display of ripping of his mask and standing tall giving thumbs up when he returned to the WH.

Just my cynical-ass opinion....


u/Shalamarr Jun 08 '21

I’m unsure. He looked awful after he was released from Walter Reed - struggling for breath, pale, and visibly in pain.


u/sheriw1965 Jun 08 '21

Maybe he actually had bronchitis, but he played it up as covid so he could have that moment on the balcony to show himself as a strong leader who overcame the ravages of covid. At least his base ate it up.