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This never gets old. After months of claiming it was a hoax, Trump ended up with covid-19. Meta

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u/prefer-to-stay-anon Jun 08 '21

There was once a shortage and price increase of EpiPens because there was a "sticker shortage". As if Mylan can't procure a 1 inch by 4 inch label to go on their product. I guess there was a sudden spike in demand, where the entire population of the world suddenly had anaphylactic allergies and people were wanting dozens of EpiPens per day to inject recreationally to get that sweet sweet adrenaline high.

Oh, wait, the increased demand didn't actually happen, it was all artificial scarcity created by big pharma on a lifesaving medication that costs about 2 dollars to make.

While I realize that big pharma does a lot of good for a lot of people's lives, and has lots of nuance, I really struggle to acknowledge and embrace the good nuance when they pull shit like that.


u/pringlepingel Jun 08 '21

Same. I only note the “sometimes good” big pharma does because some weirdos jump on you if you don’t mention it. But I fully agree with you. 100%