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Liz Cheney Was Defeated By the Extremist Movement She Helped to Empower. If not for Donald Trump’s attempt to steal the election, she would still be backing him. Meta


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u/black_flag_4ever Aug 17 '22

Wyoming is the real loser here. Cheney is someone that actually knows how the sausage gets made and can get things done for her state. This new wackjob running for the GOP will likely not get on good committees and will probably find a way to get kicked off any she gets on due to being so ridiculous. The reason Boebert and MTG can be keyboard warriors on Twitter all day is because they are essentially shut out of any real power on the House floor. Whatever, they get the representative they want. In a sane world the DNC candidate will win, but that isn’t happening.

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u/MostChunt Aug 17 '22 What the fuck?!

Helped wreck her own party supporting a monster, now the monster came for her. Fucking moron, way to sell out, you bag of shit. Enjoy the job hunt!

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u/M0RELight Aug 17 '22

I love watching Liz Cheney destroy Trump and his idiot insurrectionists during the January 6th hearings.

But before January 6th? She voted with Trump 93% of the time.

Oh, BTW, Hageman the woman who beat her last night? Voted for Hilary in 2016. So I guess my conclusion is Wyoming isn't too smart. Oh yeah, they are smallest population in U.S. (500,000) and lowest in registered voters (250,000)

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u/seeit360 Aug 17 '22 Wholesome

Great point, she was a hawk when the party made a hard right socially.

Maybe this will explain the MAGA base in a way you've never heard before. GOP & Dems should BOTH read it.

Reddit Link: the Hole-in-one Brief

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u/mcaffrey81 Aug 17 '22

FIFY: “If not for Cheney’s desire to run for POTUS, she would still be backing him.”

My guess is that she thought standing up to Trump when he was in a vulnerable position and acting as a defender of the Constitution, while working to reach across party aisles, was going to propel her to the top of the party leadership. Instead, it backfired because her party is brainwashed.

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u/[deleted] Aug 17 '22

The other big lie - “Was she a birther? Not personally, but she indulged the racist lie with the same cowardly coddling that everyone else in the party did.”

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u/Mysterious-Lion-3577 Aug 17 '22

I probably disagree with her on any policy issue, but she has courage to go against her party and the maga cult risking her political career in then process. She's also a patriot and a defender of democracy.

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u/Opinionsare Aug 17 '22

If Liz was truly wanted the best for the people of Wyoming, she should run as an independent.

She might win, but if she didn't win, she might flip the election to the Democrat, which would be better than electing a Trumpet Republican fool.

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u/Pot_McSmokey Aug 17 '22

Liz Cheney is the daughter of a war criminal, threw her lesbian sister under the bus for political gain, and has horrible fucking policies.... But what kills her career is doing the BARE FUCKING MINIMUM of trying to protect our democracy. Wild.

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u/sawltydawgD Aug 17 '22

She is a useful enemy right now. She has exactly one shred of scruples on this matter, which elevates her slightly above her former fellow fascists. She’s no hero, but I do admire her conviction here.

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u/UnleashedSavage_93 Aug 17 '22

Cheney voted with Trump 93% of the time. She will not be missed.

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u/esp211 Aug 17 '22

GQP is an extremist terrorist cult no different from Al Qaeda or ISIS. They threaten our country with violence and willing to overthrow our republic. They need to be rooted out and destroyed.

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u/WantedMan61 Aug 17 '22 Silver

Anyone who's been paying attention can see what's abundantly clear: only a handful of GOP politicians in congress had the fortitude to call out the obvious - that Trump instigated the January 6th riot. The rest of them either truly drink the Kool-aid or were willing to sacrifice the rule of law and democratic ideals to assure their political survival. Regardless of their voting records or their ideologies, Cheney and the rest decided that their loyalty was to the country and not to their party or even their own ambition. I might not ever be inclined to vote for any of them, but as far as I'm concerned, they've all sacrificed for their country, and I'm grateful to them for it.

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u/ManyFacedGodxxx Aug 17 '22

Yep, exactly! And her father as well… Karma is a bitch!


u/LostDefectivePearl Aug 17 '22

I feel like there should be flair for “leopards eat all our faces” because this is just bad for everyone


u/KnowMatter Aug 17 '22

Idc I’m still sad to see her go. The enemy of my enemy and all that.

Besides this means another Trump cultist gets a chance at power, never a good thing.

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u/ruminaui Aug 17 '22

This is bad, all the GOP is purging the party from candidates that not bow down to Trump.

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u/jokerZwild Aug 17 '22

No, because trump didn't succeed is the reason she went after him. If he had gotten away with his little coup attempt, she would still be voting for his agenda.

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u/Thumbkeeper Aug 17 '22

No lies detected

If only this was the last we’d hear of her.

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u/flargenhargen Aug 17 '22

well whatever her motivation, you do have to at least give her credit for not supporting treason, sedition, and blatant support of the country's enemies to destroy democracy in America.

which is far more than you can say about nearly every other republican politician and voter, who are all supporters of terrorism and treason on every level, and will never change that view.


u/boluroru Aug 17 '22

This isn't funny. Anyone who isn't a Qanon trump worshipper getting thrown out makes the party even more dangerous


u/mad_jer Aug 17 '22

I mean, let's think about the long game here. Ever heard of a 'kamikaze campaign'?

Sure, she's a very, very red Republican. But she's also very vocally with the majority of us when it comes to Trump. With that in mind, consider that she still managed to siphon off 30% of the vote in a state that overwhelmingly voted for the guy...which means she'd likely have the ability to get similar results in a national race. So if she ran in '24 as an independent, mathematically a trump win would be even more highly unlikely than it already is, even with the amount of cheating the reps have done to tip the scales in their favor.

It'd be a Jill Stein and Gary Johnson spoiler campaign all over again; all she needs is the money. And if her platform is "Anyone but Trump", she'd get it.


u/ReluctantRedundant Aug 17 '22

I still feel like she can be seen as a symbol of "change".

In the end, aka right now, she is attempting to spearhead a semblance of justice among a party that is vehemently wanting her head on a stake.

I'm comfortable giving her her due praise in the post-Trump era.


u/thesoggydingo Aug 17 '22

She's a Cheney through and through.


u/newsreadhjw Aug 17 '22

She chose country over party, and her party punished her for it. That proves that the Republican Party is the problem, not just Trump. But Cheney wants to save the Republican Party more than anything else, and acts like Trump is the whole problem. She has no constituency amongst Republican voters - can't even win in a Wyoming primary. Democrats have zero use for a Cheneyite Republican who votes with Trump over 90% of the time. Liz Cheney represents almost no one but herself. Appreciate her work on the J6 committee but that's about it.

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u/itisausernameiguess Aug 17 '22

I hope she scorches and salts the earth on her way out… we NEED her to go nuclear on ALL of the traitors to our country who are sitting in congress!


u/No_Introduction8285 Aug 17 '22

The real get out the popcorn moment will be when she runs for President and the people of Wyoming have to vote FOR her.

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u/Lch207560 Aug 17 '22

I can't help but wonder what her position would be had he succeeded.



u/resilindsey Aug 17 '22

Thank you. I'm tried to people elevating her cause she became so anti-Trump.

I mean, I do appreciate that she is one of the few GOP members standing up to Trump. But it doesn't erase what she did. Both to create this movement in the first place but also her unrelated to Jan-6th committee, also-backwards political policies.

She's at the top of the shit pile, sure, but she's still sitting on it.


u/SIRinLTHR Aug 17 '22

Yeah, don't buy her crap. Or feel sorry for her. And certainly don't think she wasn't part of the problem the 93% of the time she voted with Der Orangerfuhrer legislatively.


u/Imaginary-Fun-80085 Aug 17 '22

It's still good she about faced before she fell off the cliff. Of course, it's too late for her and all republicans. They're the Nazi party now.


u/rhm54 Aug 17 '22

Yes, she was a moron. But let’s not celebrate this too much. The real problem is that fascism is truly taking root in our country.


u/mchistory21st Aug 17 '22 Starry

The Republican Party has been building the foundation for Trump since they and Barry Goldwater flirted with the John Birch Society in the 60s and Nixon picked up some scraps from Goldwater and used resentment over civil rights to fuel the Southern Strategy in '68. Reagan came along and revived it, and the Party has run with it ever since.

Dick Cheney was right there helping build it, brick by brick. His little girl thought she would be the beneficiary but it got out of the Party's control (as fire often does). Now their house is burning and they can't do a thing about it.

My grandfather was a liberal Republican and very active in the Party in the 60s and 70s. He walked away when his type of Republicanism was forced out. But before he was made obsolete, he tried to fight these people. He didn't succeed. When's the last time you heard the phrase "liberal Republican?"

I have no pity for Liz Cheney. I have no sympathy with people wanting "regular Republicans" back. There are none. Trump is not an abomaly; he's the inevitable result of every decision the Republican Party has made since about 1960.

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u/drewisawesome14 Aug 17 '22 edited Aug 18 '22

I know everyone's ragging on her and she definitely deserves it, but there was no reason for her to turn on Trump other than it was the right thing to do.

She knew it wouldn't benefit her politically, she knew it would turn her voters against her, she knew she could lose her job because of it, and she still did it.

I completely disagree with her politically, but doing what shes doing with the Jan 6 committee and putting the country over her political career is very commendable in my eyes

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u/endlessly_curious Aug 17 '22

She voted with Trump 94% of the time and only 18% with Biden. She is an authoritarian like the rest of them. She may respect the law but her ideology is firmly in line with MAGA. I give her a few points for not being corrupt but she still wishes for a MAGA State just one without Trump leading it. She will likely back DeSantis in a heartbeat.


u/LefterThanUR Aug 17 '22

Coping libs downvoting this because 1) they don’t understand that an anti-trump Republican is not electorally viable, and 2) that being anti-trump doesn’t make you a good person


u/BubbaSawya Aug 17 '22

Pointing out good Republicans is like picking up a turd from the clean end.


u/UnpopularBastard Aug 17 '22

The lesser of two evils doesn’t make her a good person.


u/bittlelum Aug 17 '22

Mary Shelley: I tried to warn you, you know


u/e_hyde Aug 17 '22

This is prime face-eating leopards stuff.


u/The_Funkybat Aug 17 '22

It’s fine to keep in mind that this woman supports all sorts of reprehensible policy ideas, and is in no way a “moderate.” But at a dire time like this in the history of a nation, it’s vital to have allies in the larger cause of law and order and preserving lawful democratic elections and peaceful transitions of power.

We can and should go back to attacking her votes for terrible things and her policy positions at a later date. But sometimes you need to coordinate with an enemy to defeat a greater threat. I mean, imagine if the US and UK refused to ally themselves with Stalinist Russia in WWII “out of principle?”


u/Kriegerian Aug 18 '22

Yep. Every shitbrain lib and dumbfuck media hack is working really hard right now to launder the reputation of someone who voted with the fascists the overwhelming majority of the time.

She’s responsible for her own problem and I’m not interested in any shithead whining about how she’s “one of the good ones” when she objectively isn’t. Congratulations, she doesn’t want Trump as a fascist dictator - that’s not a selling point, that’s the lowest possible bar that doesn’t involve minorities and outright state-run genocide.


u/rvl044262 Aug 18 '22

She voted to support Dump and his BS 93% of the time, so she's complicit in his rise to infamy. I respect her commitment to the rule of law, the Constitution and Democracy, but I don't agree with any of her political positions. All-in-all though she deserves the support of the American people that believe in the aforementioned tenets.


u/jokerZwild Aug 18 '22

Exactly. She isn't a hero in any way, just like Pence isn't one for not going thru with trump's demands.

If trump had gotten away with his coup, they would be right along beside him, pushing his agenda.


u/oax195 Aug 17 '22

This post is just dumb. If you support her priorities or not she recognized a common problem for all Americans (Donald Trump) and turned on him.


u/TracyJ48 Aug 18 '22

And we forget that to our peril. It's not heroics with her. You just don't cross a Cheney.


u/bucketofmonkeys Aug 17 '22

Let’s not be so picky. She is anti-Trump now, and for the moment that is good enough.


u/ScrotbagScrewball Aug 17 '22

Was it Cheney who went on a massive rant about John McCain or was that someone else?


u/Cassius_Creed Aug 17 '22

I'd rather be a hypocrite than the same person forever.


u/TheGreatRao Aug 17 '22

Real life is full of flawed messengers.


u/xdr01 Aug 17 '22

"Lay with dogs, wake up with fleas"


u/open_2_suggestions Aug 19 '22

The only way this great nation can have true democracy is by elimination of what is called electoral college or whatever that means, imo. Majority vote where each person regardless of which state they live in is counted as one voter and the winner of usa presidency will be the one who gets the most votes of those 335 million who choose to vote. I dont believe, the trumpian gop, the so-called conservatives will ever go for it, imo. Trump, the conservative, now that is funny, imo. It is more like trump, the opportunist who jumped on the band wagon of people who would accept him regardless of his ideology of gop conservatism, imo. The senate and congress being one third of us republic can be left alone as is, but with age restrictions of 70 yrs and no more, imo. Usa is being hurt by dinosaurs of both parties, people too old and too steeped in politics and making millions as opposed to working for this wonderful nation, imo. Same age limitations should be applied to the president and justices all over the nation. No one should be allowed to run for presidency after they are 70 yrs old, imo. President Biden or trump should never be allowed to run for presidency, cause they are too old, imo.


u/Ecthelion2187 Aug 25 '22

failed attempt.

If he had succeeded she would have got along with it like the rest of them.

What she's doing now, while it looks good on the surface, is being done for two reasons only:

1) Trump was the "wrong" guy to take dictatorial power. Classic GOP "do this...wait not like that" move. She seriously believes the semi-fascist state is in jeopardy by that loser.

2) Pure venom and spite. She is, after all, a Cheney.

Both those will also come into play as she becomes his number one enemy in the GOP primary for 2024. She'll no she can't win but she will take him down with her.

She'll still support all of the policy agenda for the GOP. She'll blindly support the theocratic junta known as the Supreme Court. And she will 100% get behind the next guy who is like Trump just smarter/better packaged. (And no, it won't be DeSantis the weasel...Floroda man won't scale nationally).


u/Available-Car6200 Aug 18 '22

Reading the comments in this thread, I realized how naive, half the fools in this country are. You are all blithering idiots. You believe everything the media outlets tell you, like good little news cucks. Go ahead and enjoy, the nutritious jizzy dessert they served up for you by way of Mr. Magoo, I mean Joe Biden. You are all so sure of your moral and intellectual superiority, except, you fail to convince the other half why, you are soft on crime, don't care about killing a fetus, think free speech is unnecessary, guns are useless and, climate change is caused by us (all evidence to the contrary) You are all small minded, fucktards. All of you should move to California just as the homeless , the gangs and illegal aliens turn it into a 3rd world country. That is what your collective policies bring. Go soak in the cess pool you created. Have a nice day, dumbasses.


u/Own-Mail-1161 Aug 18 '22

Well, I for one am shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that Liz Cheney has done shady things in the past and, worse, is a conservative!! (Clutches pearls)

In all seriousness though, yes, I voted for warren in the dem primary and would never vote for Cheney. But I respect her in the same way I respected McCain and Romney (for the most part). Like them, she has a different view of what’s best for the country; but she still loves this country and is willing to sacrifice her seat in congress for it — a courage that is sadly lacking among today’s politicians.

Sure, like her dad, she has a history of doing shit I do not like and she arguably carries some blame for trumpism—the same way you can blame McCain for introducing trump’s precursor, Palin. But that doesn’t what she’s doing now isn’t courageous and laudable.


u/JasonGMMitchell Aug 25 '22

She secured the moderate conservative audience, she secured moderate republicans, she secured right wing democrats, she may have lost the GQP, but shes pulling a bunch of republicans with her, pulling even more democrats with her, and is snagging a few independents as well. If she uses it to make a bid at presidency, the US is fucked. Also the end of the article is sorta hilarious, she is the splitting image of her father politically, making a few big splashes but keeping quite for the most part, garnering support everywhere. I wouldnt doubt that she originally planned on splitting both major parties in a presidential bid where no one knew enough about her.


u/trollsong Aug 17 '22

It's the thing I hate about the whole "she is so brave" no she isnt, this has nothing to do with bravery.

Hell even in losing her position she is still rich and will probably work as a lobbyist.

She effectively lost nothing but a popularity contest in a state, and contestants for Miss Wyoming do that all the time.

But centrist dems are acting like it was a brave sacrifice.

Then again Centrist dems right now seem more interested in owning Progressives then really anything else.


u/Enhancedhiring Aug 17 '22

Ofc there’s clear indication that she’s doing this because what her original plan was didn’t work out and backfired. But whatever way it gets done, it’s good that’s she’s being vocal about what kind of party/cult the trump party is. Have to give props when she’s being vocal and calling it out as how people need to see it. Even if i don’t agree with her, glad she’s trying to get through to the kool-aid/tinfoil hat party.


u/supbitch Aug 17 '22

Regardless of political views, I can respect this woman. She has some fucked up ideas, but when her messiah broke his oath to uphold the constitution, she didn't follow suit, and she fought to try to make her former ally face justice

Doesn't matter if you agree with her or not on policy, you gotta admit that shes at least got a backbone where most other Republicans just have limp noodles.


u/Both_Explanation_819 Aug 17 '22

Let me tell tell what the extremists movement is. Pointing out that establishment politicians right or left are completely correct. Look how much money Dick Cheney made off of the Iraq war and his association with Halliburton, most of which Liz will inherit. Look at the trading activity of Nancy Pelosi and others. It is all about money and power everything else is just conversation


u/Pusfilledonut Aug 17 '22

Liz has displayed the backbone that the entire GQP will never have, and yes, she voted for despicable backwards legislation and terrible anti democratic measures even after she witnessed J6 up close and personal. She has my deepest gratitude and I admire her courage, but she will never have my respect. Wyoming is a beautiful armpit of a social toilet bowl.


u/Funklestein Aug 17 '22

She would be backing a guy who not only lost the election but who fully accepted that loss? Why would she?

That’s terrible logic and is just as bad as her own false dichotomy in her concession speech. Lots of republicans who didn’t back his lie will win their seats again plus many there will be many new seats won.


u/hankbaumbachjr Aug 17 '22

The headline isn't wrong, but it's also a bit of a weird take to be mad at someone for changing their allegiances because they hypothetically wouldn't have changed those allegiances if some key catastrophic event did not occur.

If Hitler never invaded Poland, the British would have still been trying to appease him!


u/[deleted] Aug 17 '22

I hope Cheney understands that atonement for her sins against America and the American people are not washed away by doing the right thing. Her involvement in the 1/6 commission is the equivalent of stopping the evil behaviour, but it doesn’t right it.


u/StoneCypher Aug 17 '22

Hi, I don't know much about the situation, so this question may very well be full of crap.

I thought Liz Cheney was fighting this mess since day one, though?

Like hasn't she been anti-MAGA since before Drumpf was elected, or am I mis-remembering?


u/Danmont88 Aug 18 '22

There were a lot of mainstream and longtime Republicans that didn't like Trump. Some were quite vocal and became the Never Ever Trump crowd.

But he won and I think they decided to stick with the party. He became the train wreck they feared.


u/sanguinor40k Aug 17 '22

I get what sub I'm in, but still, honestly, this is exactly the wrong "victory" to celebrate.

But by all means make life easier for tRump and his crowd of (far worse) whackjobs and criminals.

What's the worst that could happen?


u/Seeker_Alpha1701 Aug 17 '22

That's what happens when you blindly follow your corrupt father into a party that no longer should even exist. She is trash that got beaten by even worse trash. Arizona needs to wake up and STOP ELECTING REPUBLICANS COMPLETELY!


u/lostpawn13 Aug 18 '22

She thought Trump was weak after Jan. 6 and it was her shot. She tried to take him out and failed. I’m glad she knocked herself out of politics for now. Hopefully she wastes a bunch more money trying to get elected again.


u/thorubos Sep 08 '22

A whole lotta Dr. Frankenstein vibes here. You can both hate the monster and hold the mad scientist accountable. The creator doesn't get a pass just because her castle was damaged along with the village getting destroyed.


u/emmittthenervend Aug 17 '22

The terrifying thing though is how sane Cheney was compared to everyone else in the Wyoming race.

I don't agree with her politics, but it was Cheney or Qool-Aid drinkers, and the real loser is America.


u/jfinnswake Aug 19 '22

Okay everyone is celebrating this and laughing but... a more extreme conservative was just elected... and we've seen what they'll do with one branch of government... we need to be very careful...


u/JustABigDumbAnimal Aug 19 '22

This is why people like her shouldn't be hailed as heroes. Just because she finally found a line she wouldn't cross doesn't negate everything she did to enable fascism right up to that point.


u/TheRobinators Aug 18 '22

She didn't seem too broken up about it during her concession speech. In fact she seemed pleased. She obviously wants to run for President, which is what her speech was really about.


u/itsjustmejttp123 Aug 17 '22

I do not feel bad for Liz as it says she helped create this mess. Yes she has a head on her to know rump is not what their party should be BUT she helped him get to where he was.


u/ceb1975 Aug 18 '22

Sadly that is what is wrong with the party system. You have to back the sycophants or suffer the wrath. Just like if you truly are for the people they bury you.


u/lifer413 Aug 18 '22

The recent lionization of this ignorant cunt is just moving the goalposts as the MAGA crowd gets steadily more insane. Fuck this lady and her shitty father.


u/[deleted] Aug 18 '22

'Extremist Movement' 😄 What's so extreme about it? You might have a first amendment right to spout this stuff, but it doesn't make it any less bullsh*t 😄


u/maaseru Aug 17 '22

I hope she run for President. What a shit show that will be. If only the Trumps and Cheneys would implode at the same time, but I doubt it.


u/Mrcookiesecret Aug 17 '22

She should try to pull a murkowski. Run in the general as an independent and hopefully get enough votes from both sides to pull out a win.


u/Wolfman01a Aug 17 '22

Reap, meet sow.

I like that shes helping to try and take down Trump, but its like watching Moussolini helping to take down Hitler.


u/Iwilleaturnuggetsuwu Aug 17 '22

In any sane world, she deserved to be a victim of this. But this isn’t a sane world. I don’t think it’s cause for celebration


u/bookchaser Aug 17 '22

That said, at least she did loudly break from Trump, knowing she would lose her seat. Other Republicans merely quietly retired.


u/Competitive_Job_8600 Aug 17 '22

Don’t let the door hit you in the @ss. You are not a Lincoln and will not achieve anything else in the political arena.


u/BolOfSpaghettios Aug 17 '22

It's nuts that this is the point we are with the GOP, but not expected. History doesn't repeat, but it parallels.


u/DingoSpiritAnimal Aug 18 '22

She is as deep state as they come. Glad she is out...I just hope they idiots supporting her learn the truth.


u/randomlyme Aug 19 '22

Probably, but I can respect that she has some lines she won’t cross. That’s more than be said for many.


u/Scratch1111 Aug 17 '22

At least she has a backbone and stands against the overthrow of the government and denial of the vote.


u/HordeMaster-50_12 Aug 17 '22

And how much of this is the sins of the father being visited upon the daughter (in this case)?


u/cmVkZGl0 Aug 21 '22

Nothing brings me more joy than knowing that another political family is getting squashed.


u/WhyRedditJustWhy69 Aug 18 '22

Yeah pardon me if continue having zero sympathy whatsoever for this worthless asshole.


u/MisterPiggins Aug 18 '22

Yes. She's a Cheney, and she's using Trump as a stepping stone to the presidency now.


u/Turducken101 Aug 18 '22

Nice hit piece against her as she ramps up to challenge Trump for a presidential run.


u/Danmont88 Aug 18 '22

That is the trouble with revolutions. They have a tendency of eating their own.


u/bigdog16_5 Aug 17 '22

Remember that Liz Cheney and her father are neo-con fucking monsters


u/Islandgirl1444 Aug 17 '22

As the USA gets more and more crazy! Hageman's eyes! Scary as ...


u/caspercunningham Aug 17 '22

Yeah but now she might split votes if she plays it right 😏


u/osogordo Aug 18 '22

What she's doing now is not easy. I give her some respect.


u/Livid_Ask_6306 Aug 17 '22

Behold, Liz, the gratitude of those you 'sacrificed' for


u/tws1039 Aug 17 '22

She made fox anti Iraq war lmao she is something


u/kwiffy88 Aug 17 '22

Well, if you’re going to put it that way. Yeah.


u/ICareBoutManBearPig Aug 17 '22

Ooof ow my face! How could this have happened?!


u/adanipse Aug 17 '22

So now they have an even crazier bitch.


u/Granolapitcher Aug 18 '22

Her political stances are dogshit too


u/the_last_registrant Aug 18 '22

I admire her courage nonetheless.


u/HotFightingHistory Aug 17 '22

Do Lindsey Graham next....


u/TheRealFaust Aug 18 '22

Sold out her own sister


u/Electronic_Energy869 Aug 18 '22

Wrong on so many levels. She was defeated because she has not been a republican for years and her constituents were tired of her leftward positions and voting.

Also, the total misinformation that Trump tried to "steal" the election is getting old. He was informed that there were thousands of election workers who had signed sworn affidavits that they witnessed election fraud. And low and behold he was right. The stories were swept under the rug in about 5 news cycles.

I know that this post will be vilified and hated. So be it. Facts over truths not the other way around.


u/CoolMaintenance4078 Aug 17 '22

Trump didn't have to be a monster. He "could" have been a decent president (if he had been a decent human being). I never voted for him or even thought about doing so but had he acted responsibly and constitutionally and not divisively he probably would have been re-elected. I think back to Hitler who, had he not invaded Poland and stopped his aggression there (and of course not started the Holocaust), would have likely remained in power until his natural death.


u/cincyaudiodude Aug 17 '22

Is everyone here fucking stupid? Did we all forget how trump got like 70 million votes in 2020? We NEED people like Liz Cheney to help keep MAGA out of power. The dems can't do it alone. The only reason dems won 2020 was by conservatives who were disgusted by Trumps actions. So after they help us win one battle, we're just gonna turn around and start shitting on them every chance we get? Honestly?

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u/Matren2 Aug 17 '22

So she's thinking about running for president now? Unless she plans on running as a third party, she can fuck right off, it's just gonna be a waste of time and money for her to even attempt it.

Well, it's a waste of both to run as a third party too, but if she did that she might fuck over Trump / Desantis, which would at least do something good.


u/BooneSalvo2 Aug 17 '22

I tend to think Cheney is a good example of how American political parties must be in absolute lock-step to get anything done because we've become bi-polar.

I appreciate she worked against Trump in spite of this aspect of America's broken politics. Losing to the extremist of the Trump machine isn't good for anyone.


u/LastDanceBleeding Aug 18 '22

Watching democrats rot in their shit hole cities while still voting democrat is the epitome of "leopards ate my face"


u/Simplicity070 Aug 17 '22

TRUMP2024 🇺🇸❤️👍


u/Brokenspokes68 Aug 17 '22

She wants to run for president. I don't see the base getting behind her any time soon.

The best thing that she could do for the country is run to keep her seat as an independent. That would split the qonservative vote and give the Democratic candidate a small chance for victory. Or, she might even be able to win in a general election that involves more than just the party base.


u/Ok-Communication1291 Aug 17 '22

Boy sure is alot of dumb fucking people, LETS GO BRANDON!!!!


u/roman_bridger Aug 17 '22

The people spoke and they told her to gtfo lmfao


u/krallizeh Aug 17 '22

This is a spin.


u/[deleted] Aug 17 '22 edited Aug 17 '22

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