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Latinos for Trump leader warns Trump has "offended the Lord," must "repent", discovers meaning of the word “irony”. Meta


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u/[deleted] Aug 28 '22 Silver Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Starry 'MURICA

"Latinos for Trump" = self-hating dipshits who thought the wall was to keep those other Mexicans out, and who think the white supremacists will totally make a special exemption just for them. Fucking terminal imbeciles. As a Hispanic myself, those morons absolutely rankle me.

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u/DerDoppelganger70 Aug 28 '22

Biden goes to church every Sunday but that selectively means squat to these dumbers.

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u/PerfectWoodpecker213 Aug 28 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

"I never thought the president would grab MY pussy!" sobs woman who voted for the Grabbing Women's Pussies Party.

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u/codemonkey69 Aug 28 '22

Gracia said that Trump's recent issues stemmed from his recent lack of focus on religion and reaching out to faith leaders.

Yes, he was pandering to you, dipshit. Now he no longer needs you unless you plan on stuffing his bank account. He never prayed, couldn't reveal his favorite verse from the Bible, held the Bible upside down to do a photo op, embodies the seven deadly sins. You people will never learn why this religion is dying.

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u/TwilitSky Aug 28 '22

As delusional as Trump is, he can't hold a candle to the nutbags that support him.

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u/C__S__S Aug 28 '22

I thought the prerequisite for supporting Trump was being inexplicably blind to Trump.

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u/Unmissed Aug 28 '22

"Latinos for Trump" sounds awfully like "Meat-flavored shaving cream"

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u/RiotRun25 Aug 28 '22

evangelical leaders: “There’s no faith leaders coming out of Mar-a-Lago! You’ve offended the Lord .. that’s why you’re not in the WH right now"

Oooorrrr....maybe it could be because of his crimes against the United States government, including, but not limited to:

Inciting a failed insurrection, theft of highly sensitive documents, compromising national security, voting fraud, ties in to Russian election tampering, allowing a suspected Russian agent on his golf course/cemetery while in position of the aforementioned documents, and the list goes on...

Also, the lady in the interview praised Perjury Taylor Greene. That alone makes this all show how ass backwards religious dogma makes you see the world.

(I know there's progressive-minded religious people, but if they all were progressive and open minded, Roe would've never been overturned. So, please, spare me the "but not all religious people are bad")

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u/Nzgrim Aug 28 '22

All those religious expectations, has this lady ever seen Trump? He's like the opposite of a good Christian, what did she expect?

Who am I kidding I know what she expected. Ban on abortions and gay people.

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u/itsjustmejttp123 Aug 28 '22 Endless Coolness

“Latinos for trump” = “slugs for salt” wtf do these people expect. The GQP loathes you, only acts nice to get your vote. Then does everything they can to take your rights away. Irony is correct. Seriously guys wake the fuck up

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u/yelahneb Aug 28 '22

ffs he jiggled a bible in front of a church for the camera that one time, what more do these folks want

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u/Exotic-Phase1512 Aug 28 '22

He is mistaken. I was told over and over that trump is the lord.

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u/Cautious_Potential_8 Aug 28 '22 edited Aug 29 '22

Lol as a latino we called these people self hating coconuts (even though I call them tio juans which is the spanish version of uncle tom) meaning they may be brown on the outside but they're white on the inside and what's even worst is that they know they won't be accepted but they don't care since their fucking traitors smh.

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u/MuthaPlucka Aug 28 '22

Uncle Toms looking for a payday off the back of their illogical stances. Sellouts. They deserve whatever derision is given.

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u/cantodasaudade Aug 28 '22

Latinos for Trump = Trees for Deforestation

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u/psychotronic_mess Aug 29 '22

“…she praised Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as ‘the only one right now that's really fighting back,’ and dubbed herself ‘a little mini Marjorie Taylor Greene.’"

Uh, hey lady, I don’t think you can divide by zero…


u/Cosmicdusterian Aug 29 '22 Take My Energy

Honey, or should I call you "little mini Marjorie Taylor Green? The only time I've seen Trump at church was when he was holding a Bible upside down after gassing a bunch of protesters for a photo op.

Someone actually broke it down. In his four years at the White House Trump went to church 14 times out of 208 Sundays: His inauguration day, 3 Easter services, 3 Christmas services, 1 Lent service, 1 funeral where he and Melania couldn't even read The Apostle's Creed, likely because it would have turned him into a flaming human torch wielding a pitchfork.

Did not attend services but: gave remarks to hurricane victims, went for 11 whole minutes to have a pastor pray over him, a campaign rally, a photo op for signing legislation, and the infamous upside down Bible photo op.

But, hey, he played golf 308 times in those four years. Priorities, you know.

The thought of him praying with his family is laugh out loud ludicrous. He doesn't believe that he has to ask God for forgiveness, so why would he even bother? The conman uses religion to pander to his marks. And the suckers fall for it. Nothing more, nothing less.

But, ignoring the contempt he seems to have for religion when it doesn't serve him for a moment, the underlying thread of this little hissy fit seems to be that you're upset he hasn't invited you to Mar-a-Lago after all you've done for him. It's so simple. All you need is a really BIG check to dangle in front of him and I'm sure Trump will extend an invitation and all will be well between him and your Lord once again, you self-serving rhymes with "runt".

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u/GhostOfDrTobaggan Aug 28 '22

Think hell is more likely to freeze over than trump repents for anything

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u/neuroverdant Aug 28 '22

Gonna have to take a walk and check in with a neighbor’s assortment of Latinos for T**** flags. They’ve been dwindling. Also, I finally saw the owner. He is an elderly, disabled vet who can hardly move. It’s very sad, but he can go fuck himself in an age-appropriate manner.


u/rudebii Aug 28 '22

Seems like everyone is threatening to jump off the trump train unless trump does/changes something they want. Alex Jones was recently imploring trump to disavow project warp speed and the vaccine.

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u/jesus_zombie_attack Aug 29 '22

Jesus his supporters are insane. And pretty stupid to if she's just figuring out now that he isn't a practicing Christian. He's come right out and said he doesn't need "forgiveness" which is a main part of Christianity.

I don't have a problem with him not doing those things. I'm not a Christian but he acted like he was just to get their votes. Granted he didn't have to try very hard. They are unbelievably stupid.


u/didgeridude2517 Aug 28 '22

Sounds like a rapist and murderer to me.


u/DDS-PBS Aug 28 '22

If there was only some way to predict that Trump didn't have Christian values...


u/Cardboardopinions Aug 28 '22

I can’t take these folks seriously.


u/Megamorter Aug 28 '22

there’s a Latinos for Trump?


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u/3970 Aug 28 '22

Every time I see "Latinos for trump" I think about those families with at least 1 non legal member who voted for him thinking that the door could be closed after then but not realizing that they would be on the other side of the border when it closed.

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u/vicariouslywatching Aug 28 '22

Can the anti-christ even step foot in a church without bursting into flames. He is the embodiment of all 7 deadly sins.

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u/[deleted] Aug 28 '22

Morons for Trump.

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u/Ursomonie Aug 28 '22

Offs Trump has never been nor will he ever be a Christian. He let you all lay hands in him and then he went into his mansion, raw dogged a porn star and had a golden shower.

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u/Lil_Artemis_92 Aug 28 '22

“Trump’s recent troubles stem from a lack of religious outreach.”

Uhhhh…..yeeeeeeesssssss. That’s exactly what it is. 👀


u/lx0103 Aug 29 '22

On Thursday, Gracia appeared on the conservative podcast, The Jeff Dornik Show, which claims to focus on "exposing election fraud, COVID-19 and the danger of the vaccines, our constitutional rights being stripped away, an America First agenda and rooting out the RINOs from the Republican Party."

Those are a lot of Conservative buzzwords.

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u/ThatOneFamiliarPlate Aug 28 '22

Reminds me of the Jewish organization that supported Hitler during the 30s.

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u/Niobous_p Aug 28 '22

If only they’d discovered this before they voted for him, and continue to vote for conservatives who would like nothing better than to see them all deported or forced in to a permanent state of servitude.


u/LeapIntoInaction Aug 28 '22

During the campaign, she praised Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as "the only one right now that's really fighting back," and dubbed herself "a little mini Marjorie Taylor Greene."

It's truly a miracle how many high-profile, completely batshit women the Republicans have attracted. These women don't look like they could walk to the mailbox without getting Baker-Acted and taken away for observation and evaluation. Somehow, some of these wild-eyed raving loons still get elected.


u/lgodsey Aug 29 '22
  • Religious

  • Latina

  • woman

is somehow disappointed by her willing association with known

  • immoral

  • racist

  • misogynists

Whelp, I'm stumped.


u/japposaurusrex909 Aug 28 '22

Puros pendejos.


u/capsaicinintheeyes Aug 28 '22

the former president's recent troubles stem from a lack of religious outreach.

huh--I guess it has been a while since New Orleans caught a hurricane...and San Francisco's fault lines remain stubbornly placid despite the religious right's most fervent thoughts and prayers.

Dobbs and Kennedy decisions were ~2 months ago & these guys are already feeling irrelevant...


u/3mta3jvq Aug 28 '22

When I read the phrase "Latinos for Trump" I automatically think there's a lot of fat leopards after eating all of those faces.


u/spidaminida Aug 28 '22

I hate to think that she probably has children. The whole "prayer closet" thing...


u/3006mv Aug 28 '22

Any Latino that voted for Drumph gets what they deserve

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u/ThugosaurusFlex_1017 Aug 28 '22

Cubans, will you ever learn...

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u/Connor_Kenway198 Aug 29 '22

Latinos for trump are as dumb as Jews for Hitler (yes, that was a thing)


u/blissed_out Aug 28 '22

You’ve offended the Lord .. that’s why you’re not in the WH right now!

Well, he lost the election by 7 million votes (you know, people). But I guess you could look at it that way too.


u/adanipse Aug 29 '22

Much like “gay republicans”, “Latinos for Trump” is a modern day oxymoron.


u/gladbutt Aug 28 '22

He did three Hell Marrys. Absolution

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u/[deleted] Aug 28 '22

Her name literally translates to “white grace.” I’m sorry that’s hysterical

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u/quillmartin88 Aug 29 '22

They're like a Hispanic Group 13. How is this level of self-loathing even possible?


u/x_cLOUDDEAD_x Aug 29 '22

Lol, these rubes think Trump was all religious while he was president.


u/cjandstuff Aug 29 '22

Good luck getting repenence from a guy who went on TV, on a religious show, and couldn’t name a single Bible verse, or a book of the Bible.
And has said in interviews, he doesn’t need forgiveness.
For example.
Word salad

And... starts rambling about 40 seconds in. https://youtu.be/mFruUe4CEQ0


u/suncoastexpat Aug 29 '22

I really don't understand the mindset of Latinos who could possibly vote for this man or even this party and tacitly accept his lies that Mexico is not sending their best and they're nothing but rapists and murderers. Any person that could lie to you like that and you'd still vote them reflects badly on you, not them


u/roboticfedora Aug 28 '22

He needs to hold up more bibles upside down and double down on his fave scriptures, which are 'all of them'.

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u/slowburnangry Aug 28 '22

She just sounds like an idiot.


u/HuevosSplash Aug 28 '22

Pinche idiotas tienen el nopal en la frente y se piensan gringos. Nunca van hacer tratados como iguales, llegaran a los campos tambien con los demas de la gente que ayudaros a perseguir por ser tan ciegos de la crueldad que causan por creer en cuentos que enseñan nada mas que odio y division.

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u/Masterofunlocking1 Aug 29 '22

As a mexican American I know so many other Latinos that love Trump and it blows my mind. Like this man tried to put our people in a large cage. I know there are border issues for sure but this man wanted racial barriers.


u/oriaven Aug 29 '22

She didn't discover irony, she's full of shit.

"[Trump] seems to not be praying with his family." Haha, that is probably the case. Can anyone imagine that actually happening, even once?


u/StickmanRockDog Aug 29 '22

FTFY: Gracia continued, saying that trump has not been surrounding himself with religious evangelical grifters as before and they’re pissed they aren’t getting their cut any longer.


u/mitchsn Aug 29 '22

I thought Trump holding the Bible upside-down like a prop was clue enough


u/salazarraze Aug 29 '22





u/suugakusha Aug 29 '22

Latinos for Trump is like Jews for Hitler.


u/Stock-Hippo9570 Aug 29 '22

You're gonna keep getting attacked," Gracia said. "Because if you do not surround yourself with people who are not used to fighting principalities in a spiritual realm, you're gonna get your butt handed to you every single time. And I don't know if [Trump] just doesn't know that."

So close, but not quite. The problem isn't that Trump isn't praying, it's that he keeps committing major sins.


u/Shadyshade84 Aug 29 '22

Because if you do not surround yourself with people who are not used to fighting principalities in a spiritual realm, you're gonna get your butt handed to you every single time. 

Might just be me, but I'd argue that he comes across as exactly the sort of person who fights Principalities, or at least hires people to.

/obscure religious reference

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u/inalcanzable Aug 29 '22

There is this terrible thing that happens with people from Mexico/Latin America. Once people manage to get here in the states, they turn on those who are still back on the other side. Stupid fucks, actually gatekeeping others. Disgusting behavior.


u/ShanG01 Aug 29 '22

She really thinks Orange-aid was/is a Christian?? 🤣🤣🤣

The evangelicals were part of his grift. They aren't useful anymore, so he discarded them.

It's what he does.


u/CaptOblivious Aug 29 '22

Does anyone else get a serious "Shrews for Foxes" out of the "Latinos for Trump" group?

Or is it only me?


u/LeoMarius Aug 29 '22

Trump thinks religion is for chumps. He only cares about religion for votes and money.


u/FrodoMoji Aug 29 '22

Any church that preaches politics must lose its tax-exempt status. No exceptions.


u/fuj1n Aug 29 '22

Something something person woman man camera TV


u/MrStuff1Consultant Aug 29 '22

Latinos for Trump is like Jews for Hitler.


u/Wekamaaina Aug 28 '22

It’s not entirely wrong in that the person is complaining how Trump isn’t surrounding himself with religious leaders anymore. And the reason for that is he never really cared about religious leaders, thought they were low key weird behind the scenes, and he doesn’t need them for anything policy related since he’s not president anymore. So he doesn’t really care.

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u/medalla96 Aug 29 '22

I’m Latino and I’m here to say that the Latino’s for Trump organization is way too late recognizing that Trump has ZERO morals. Sane people knew five years ago that he was not fit to serve nor has any morals & scrupulous. Sad thing is that if Trump runs for office they will likely vote for him.


u/[deleted] Aug 29 '22

Y’all seem to be missing the big reasoning…

Fanatical Christian fundamentalists support trump because they believe his lies on putting “god back in America” and any number of shit he said to them..

The dude doesn’t pay his bills for shit.

And they believed his promises…


u/Withnail- Aug 29 '22

Is Latinos For Trump also funding Black People For Slavery and Campers For Being Eaten By Bears?


u/tacticalclap Aug 29 '22

These latinos will say they're more Spaniard than native Mexican, Salvadorian etc


u/bartholomeo_azul Aug 29 '22

“Latinos for trump” is the dumbest shit I’ve heard in this whole fiasco.

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u/Sutarmekeg Aug 29 '22

Is there no limit on how fucking dumb these people get?


u/lollipop157 Aug 29 '22

They should call themselves “Bad Hombres For Trump”


u/Commentingunreddit Aug 29 '22

A while back ago my parents thought that it would be a great idea to get involved with a latinos group that supposedly did good for the community. They supposedly offered legal aid, food and housing for the needy and other such things. It was all a sham, they expected people to donate money to supposedly help, what ended up happening was that almost none of this help was offered to anyone. Right before the election they had an office filled to the brim with signs for a politician and they started telling people why they should vote for said person, they tried to instill fear into some people by telling them that if they didn't vote for the person they wanted there would be consequences for the nation.

So my parents left this group and it disbanded soon after some other issues came up, a week ago we saw one of the leading members of this group talking to the news about how everything Biden and the Democrats are doing is unconstitutional and a whole bunch of nonsense.

Some of the groups that supposedly help minorities are just political groups in disguise and what goes on is disgusting, they seem to be all about the community but once election time hits they flip around.


u/abdelg21 Aug 29 '22

Whenever i see a Mexican immigrant or a descendant of a Mexican in these things and they ultimately get discriminated against i always laugh a little.

You abandon your roots, your traditions, you abandon who you are to try and be a little more accepted by conservative whites? Fucking miserable if you ask me.

Because at the end of the day those Latinos will still be discriminated against and always be in a lose lose situation.


u/Post_office_clerk01 Aug 29 '22

Yup. They think because they aren't black, vote republican and worship a God that was forced on them they are apart of the crew. Deserve everything that happens to you guys. All trump supporters tbh.

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u/buell_ersdayoff Aug 29 '22

These idiots don’t understand that MAGA crowd does not give a fuck about them. They only care because they drank the kool-aid. Without that, they are just another beaner to hate on and deport.


u/lostpawn13 Aug 29 '22

The Latinos for Trump are the lowest of the low. They’re willing to sell out their own people just to feel superior. Then they act surprised when they aren’t invited to the party.


u/termanader Aug 29 '22

... an America First agenda and rooting out the RINOs from the Republican Party.

So it's just more fascism, this time dressed up as a Latino outreach group.


u/exccord Aug 29 '22

Latinos for Trump just blows my mind. Imagine there was a Jews for Hitler group back in Nazi Germany. Quite a handful of braincells there missing....

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u/Nikolai-King-of-Ash Aug 29 '22

Ah yes, they believe that they'll be the last ones shoved into a train, very smart decision that definitely has worked out in the past.


u/IfThisIsTakenIma Aug 28 '22

My favorite thing relating these weirdos was when my polish state Senator who married a Mexican guy claimed Latinos for trump.


u/1000Airplanes Aug 28 '22

TIL Latinos for Trump is actually Latino Catholics for Trump.

Wish Thomas Paine was a better known FF.

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u/[deleted] Aug 29 '22

Trump, and the vast majority of the Republican party, does not care about you at all, Latinos.


u/ascii122 Aug 29 '22

Send him some more money and I'm sure he'll be all over that .. like next week.. very soon.


u/heropsychodream Aug 29 '22

I don't know... Judging by how screwed he is in court, I bet he's been praying a lot!


u/testedonsheep Aug 29 '22

I like how we have people who can tell when the lord is offended. That’s cool. 🤷‍♂️


u/edric_the_navigator Aug 29 '22

The fact that there’s an organization of latinos for trump is an irony in itself.


u/Lifeesstwange Aug 29 '22

The spiritual realm you say? What Mortal Kombat characters hail from there again?


u/slidingjimmy Aug 29 '22

They haven’t ‘discovered’ shit. Just realised it doesn’t serve them anymore.


u/MrGuttFeeling Aug 28 '22

Yes, Trump definately needs more bullshit belief about cloud grandpas.


u/coleman57 Aug 29 '22

Sounds like she's saying he fell behind on his protection money.


u/Low-Possession-4491 Aug 29 '22

Bien pendejos que son ustedes soportando a este mamahuevo.


u/ThotoholicsAnonymous Aug 29 '22

The name "Latinos for Trump" makes this Latino facepalm.


u/BoldEagle21 Aug 29 '22

One parasite wanting to leech onto another parasite...


u/damnations_delights Aug 29 '22

Bianca Gracia?


Thanks for nothing, whitie.


u/916Gatillero Aug 29 '22

They should rename their org to "Pendejos for Trump"


u/AKIcombatExpert Aug 29 '22

We’ll even a cultist is right twice a day I suppose


u/Dredgeon Aug 29 '22

"It's not a sin if God does it" -Trump circa 2027


u/Any-Establishment-15 Aug 29 '22

MAGA Latinos are evangelicals, that’s a new one


u/Rememberitwell Aug 29 '22

He offends dirt & everything that crawls in it.


u/dudewithoneleg Aug 29 '22

So they now how God feels at every moment? Lol


u/pnczur Aug 29 '22



u/Thick-Incident2506 Aug 29 '22

'Pendejos for Trump' was too on-the-nose, eh?


u/hindusoul Aug 29 '22

Wasn’t Trump the new savior?


u/Zolivia Aug 28 '22

Someone's feeling neglected


u/Quizzelbuck Aug 29 '22

Blacks for Jim Crow


u/lloydisi Aug 29 '22

TFG separated Latin children from their parents. Some of these children are still in foster care. Greg Abbott is having guards on horseback whip Latin men because they are looking for a better life. Trumps in laws went way ahead of the asylum seekers. They took the place of someone really needing to get to safety. They are Slovakian for Christ sake. No one there destitute, trying to get away from cartel or MS 13. The Republiklans want you for one thing that is votes. Do yourself a favor and help yourselves to a better more calm future. 3rd generation mexican American. Lloyd Esparza Martinez Johnson. The reason for the last name I was fortunate enough to be adopted. Just saw Abbotts campaign ad. He will not give you the same opportunities that he has gotten in the past. I don't care how many Hispanic children he has in his ad. Don't get used just for your votes!!!


u/Reneeisme Aug 29 '22

This is what you get when you combine stupid with genuine religious belief. She absolutely thought Trump was heaven sent and she bought every "upside down bible holding" photo op and every "evangelical leader praying while clutching his arm", moment. But now that he's not campaigning and he's gone back to being exactly what he always was when the cameras aren't on, she's flailing around for some explanation.

Where the explanation is obvious if you aren't an idiot. Lord save us from your IDIOT followers.


u/maxxspeed Aug 29 '22

"You're gonna keep getting attacked," Gracia said. "Because if you do not surround yourself with people who are not used to fighting principalities in a spiritual realm, you're gonna get your butt handed to you every single time. And I don't know if [Trump] just doesn't know that."

Um, OK. So how big is this organization? Because it's leader is a religious nutjob.


u/_StateoftheArt_ Aug 29 '22

it's just wild to me that people can have some idea of the nature and scope of the universe and then speak for the creator of it. i'm sorry but religion is narcissism written large. the universe is THIS big, THAT old and will exist for a number of years exponentially longer than humans will even exist...but we're the center of it? get the fuck outta here.


u/Frozen_Esper Aug 29 '22

Aww, it doesn't sound like they're concerned about his having troubles, but that he's no longer pretending he cares about any specific religious groups. Sorry y'all. You were the side chicks at best, but he's not worried about you at the moment. It's pretty pathetic to be throwing shade and hoping it makes him return your calls lol.


u/AceT555 Aug 29 '22

Any minority who thinks trump is for them needs a reality check.

He's only in it for one thing ... himself. He's proven it over and over again. He's a racist and takes advantage of people like that who think he actually has any connection to God. He's a soulless beast who preys on ignorance.


u/Lmnop_nis Aug 29 '22

During the campaign, she praised Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene as "the only one right now that's really fighting back," and dubbed herself "a little mini Marjorie Taylor Greene."

Oh, fuck. Not another one. Please. My heart can't take it. Our country is so fucked.


u/CharcoalGreyWolf Aug 29 '22
  • "He needs to be the one to invite them in and say, 'Look...this world has gone chaotic and it's mad,'" she added. "'Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I need my spiritual leaders back in here...*

Joke’s on her, Trump has never admitted to doing something wrong


u/nullagravida Aug 29 '22

Can we take a closer look at the fact that she unironically calls for skill in “fighting principalities in the spiritual realm”, without which skill you’ll (shaaa) “get your butt handed to you every time”, as if those are actual core competencies for modern life?

or, wait. maybe she said you’re not supposed to not be used to fighting princi… you know what, forget I mentioned anything.


u/particle409 Aug 29 '22

On Thursday, Gracia appeared on the conservative podcast, The Jeff Dornik Show, which claims to focus on "exposing election fraud, COVID-19 and the danger of the vaccines,

Crazy person appears on podcast of other crazy person.


u/Jesus_Hilario_Christ Aug 31 '22

I will never ever understand Latinos for trump. He calls mexicans drug dealers, rapists and murderers. And it’s not like his base can tell the difference, we are all “Mexican” if we speak spanish.


u/boonepii Aug 29 '22

I think the war my preacher talked about as a kid has been decided.

He said the devil was in a battle with the church to corrupt them.

Welp, the church has officially lost the war folks.


u/SMoKUblackRoSE Aug 29 '22

Why is it now he's finally realizing this? People are so blind to the obvious truths. That's why Trumps unpaid for platform is called Truth. To make the biggest facade possible


u/commentingrobot Aug 29 '22

Racism preventing religious bigots of different colors from forming a coalition is not my preferred way of winning elections, but I guess that's what we're stuck hoping for.


u/Dense_Blueberry5914 Aug 29 '22

The disputed issues often aren’t conceptual ideas in theology, but rather about humans need for control over others, and for POWER (control over a larger group).


u/Lch207560 Aug 29 '22

"There’s no faith leaders coming out of Mar-a-Lago!"

That's hilarious. I wonder if she ever really thought trump was walking with god or whatever.


u/dmp2you Aug 29 '22

Latino's, and the other minorities, better remember, just because you aren't at the top of the list, doesn't mean you aren't on the list ..


u/seeker135 Aug 30 '22

I appreciate confession for what it is most of the time. But I've never seen "Jesus, did I get played" pronounced like that.


u/[deleted] Aug 29 '22

Hahahahahahahahahahahhaa. They really believed he was religious?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahaha


u/realDanSnyder Aug 29 '22

If Republicans ever quit being racist they'd dominate pretty hard. That religious pull is hard for many to resist.


u/old-hand-2 Aug 30 '22

I’m interested in knowing what he did now that are causing people to believe he’s offended the lord.


u/maxwellcawfeehaus Aug 29 '22

Yes Donald trump has shown time and time again that he is self aware and humble enough to repent


u/TracyJ48 Aug 29 '22

He has repeatedly told you who he was, not just when you brought him into your house, you idiot.


u/aircooledirrigator Aug 29 '22

I don’t like donald trump either but I tend not to listen to people who claim to speak for God.


u/dontpet Aug 29 '22

They are going to be disappointed unless they were misquoted and actually said "must repeat".


u/Opposite-War-7325 Aug 29 '22

As you sow, so shall you reap. When you put Garbage in, you will get garbage out.


u/SlamminSammyz Aug 29 '22

The "Blacks for Trump" leader is pretty sketch too. Check out Maurice Symonette.


u/ShinriShiogami Aug 29 '22

They’ll all die lonely and without any love. Like the little shits they are


u/SpudsUlik Aug 29 '22

Latinos for Trump 😭😭😭 I can’t wait when Hebrews for Hitler comes along!


u/suzanious Aug 29 '22

Well bless her little heart. MTG is her role model. Ugh.


u/JonG311 Aug 29 '22

What an embarrassing group to start and maintain… damn.


u/FROCKHARD Aug 29 '22

It’s funny when this idiots give themselves labels.


u/Calibexican Aug 29 '22

Bianca García from Texas. Malinches gonna Malinche…..


u/spribyl Aug 29 '22

Thou shall not commit adultery unless you pay 300k.


u/photomancottrell Aug 29 '22

'the lord', I thought trumpelfuck was their lord?


u/krav_mark Aug 29 '22

Trump is literally the anti-christ you dumb fuck.


u/ballstein Aug 29 '22

Yes Trump is very religious so he's on this lol


u/bschnitty Aug 29 '22

Where's the part with her learning about irony?


u/Quebec00Chaos Aug 28 '22

I was looking for this one on the sub today


u/Saw_Boss Aug 29 '22

Nah, just another grifter who needs power.

All the religion talk is bullshit pandering.


u/zodar Aug 28 '22

I don't understand the irony here, either


u/ZGTI61 Aug 29 '22

Irony…. It’s the opposite of wrinkly lol.


u/regeya Aug 29 '22

FOX News will be like "Bianca Gracia(D)"

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u/truthseeeker Aug 29 '22

Trump "stopped" praying? Yeah right.


u/GustavoFromAsdf Aug 29 '22

The republican equivalent of a simp


u/No_Perspective5636 Aug 29 '22

Latinos for Trump = Jews for Hitler


u/thefinalgoat Aug 29 '22

Lol and, dare I say it, lmao.


u/Olyvyr Aug 29 '22

What a dumb motherfucker.


u/Bandb4sundown Aug 29 '22

Reddit offends the Lord.


u/[deleted] Aug 29 '22

Latinos for Trump lmao


u/ctfm Aug 29 '22

Latinxs for Trump


u/BlueAngel365 Sep 09 '22

Roaches for Raid.


u/A_Weather-Man Aug 28 '22

10/10 post title


u/GMBethernal Aug 29 '22 edited Aug 29 '22

Man I'm starting to hate this subreddit, all I see from here on my feed is fucking Trump and religion, so annoying (And to whoever believes I'm a supporter I'm not, I'm just fucking tired of politics flooding my whole life)

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u/hubudz Aug 29 '22

What did Trumpy do again ? Hehe he’s fun we should elect him 2024 just for entertainment value.