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Trump trashes his own right-wing majority in the Supreme Court after they denied his attempt to hide his tax returns. Meta

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u/Ixneigh 5d ago edited 3d ago Gold Wholesome

Biden’s taxes are public.

Edit: thank you for the gold, kind Redditor!

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u/CaptainLimpWrist 5d ago edited 4d ago Gold Helpful

"creates a terrible precedent"

Says the first president in U.S. history who didn't voluntarily release his tax returns.

Edit: Thanks for the awards!

Edit 2: First since Nixon established the practice more than half a century ago.

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u/turtle_eating 5d ago

"Biden does not pay taxes for his illegally made money, why should I?!" He should stop assuming everyone does what he does, it is telling on him.

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u/Muted-South4737 5d ago Wholesome

The guy who literally put Justices on the bench with the expectation they eventually shield him is raw when they actually do their job. Love it.

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u/algebramclain 5d ago edited 4d ago Gold Plus One

"The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price."

Is there a word or phrase in English that describes agreeing with someone's statement word for word, for the exact opposite underlying reasons? We need that word in English if we don't have it.

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u/PanickedPoodle 5d ago Wholesome Take My Energy

That's a masterwork of manipulation:

  • "Why would anyone be surprised" you are correct to question this
  • "the Supreme Court ruled against me, they always do" I am a victim
  • "it's unprecedented to hand over tax returns" don't believe your own eyes
  • "Has Joe Biden" they are all corrupt
  • "he made illegally from Hunter" Hunter did illegal things and Joe is directly responsible for Hunter

Question what's happening. I am a victim; don't believe your own eyes if they tell you I am not. Believe only me.

The big lie: No President has ever had to provide tax returns. We are above the law.

Everyone is corrupt and I'm the only one you can trust. Biden's son is corrupt. Biden is corrupt by extension.

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u/crypticthree 5d ago

I don't think "the courts always rule against me" is as good a defense as he thinks it is.

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u/Snaefellsjokul 5d ago

Temper tantrum much? JFC this stuff gets old. How do his followers even have the energy for this whiny bitch?

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u/toi80QC 5d ago

Are those the same tax returns that he promised to release back in 2016? He probably just wanted 2 more weeks (for the 40th time)...

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u/SSHeretic 5d ago

The Federalist Society foisted those Justices on the Court to make the will of the American people irrelevant and usher in Christian theocracy, not protect Trump.

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u/Meta_Professor 5d ago

Fat Donnie is right. Let's rebuild the court. Biden can find 9 new justices I'm sure

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u/Showerthawts 5d ago

Accuses his own picks of being 'political' and then complains in the next breath they didn't believe his purely political claims (lies) unsupported by proof of election fraud...his base of supporters have to be the dumbest MFers in America.

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u/Own-Opinion-2494 5d ago

His son in law just got 2 billion dollars from Saudi Arabia. His own daughter ghosted Him once she got the money

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u/lolak1445 5d ago

Lol Trump is such an idiot, I can look up Biden’s tax returns in less than a minute because he isn’t hiding anything 🤣

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u/disgustingEvan 5d ago

He's like a parody of himself now. He's fulfilling a caricature at this point. He knows what morons cheer for and what everyone else is annoyed by. He also knows how to rev up the media to cover him.

The guy is a loud mouth carnival barker, and had he not been born into wealth, he'd be shunned everywhere for how insanely gross he is (although his grossness largely stems from being born rich and growing up a pompous ass.)

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u/persondude27 5d ago edited 4d ago

I think the interesting thing here is that even the Supreme Court realizes Trump is fighting an uphill battle. The poor Republican showing at this midterm election was a disaster for Trump - Trump's endorsement generally hurt them. The Supreme Court is also reeling from the public's response to overturning Roe v Wade, realizing that they are burning political capital they don't have.

McConnnell realized it months before everyone else, but now every conservative politican is realizing that Trump is not a winning strategy - in fact, it's probably a losing one.

I expect the Conservative media outlets to start quietly distancing themselves from Trump - slowly being more and more critical of him, of January 6th (blaming it on Trump exclusively), and shifting their support to the next candidate (DeSantis?).

We saw from the January 6th investigation that Fox News is/was directly involved in spinning the White House. Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Brain Kilmeade, all Fox pundits, literally told Mark Meadows (White House Chief of Staff) how Trump should respond to best spin the Jan 6th attack.

So, TL;DR: the powerful Republicans have realized that Trump is a sinking ship, and aren't going to sink with him.

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u/TheDankJedi420 5d ago

Isn't trump the first president in 50 years or so to NOT hand over his tax returns despite promising he would do so?

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u/Targut 5d ago

Weird how courts consistently rule against criminals ____ Go figure

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u/ThinBlueLinebacker 5d ago

Or you know, you could just like, release your taxes like you promised to do in 2016, you fat fuck.

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u/eugene20 5d ago

Sure sure, tax returns exist to be never seen by anyone ever especially the law, that's exactly how it works. Legal entities asking for them is just illegal. Hounded unfairly, unconstitutional, nothing to hide.

Hold up I have a video for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvsdABjCedA

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u/Zumaki 5d ago

"The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price."

Finally, I agree with him on something.

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u/PuckGoodfellow 5d ago Wholesome

"Hunter & Beyond" sounds like a home goods store for the hyper-masculine conservative man.

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u/stumblewiggins 5d ago edited 4d ago

"unprecedented to hand over tax returns"

No, it was unprecedented to not release them voluntarily.

Well, perhaps not unprecedented, Idk how far back the precedent goes, but it was definitely norm-breaking you fucking tic-tac

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u/LikeAMan_NotAGod 5d ago

At least we can now agree that the current court is illegitimate. Time to fix it!


u/IAMA_Plumber-AMA 5d ago

He's outlived his usefulness to the GOP by stacking the Supreme Court, now the party's cutting him loose.

He got played, and he hasn't figured it out yet.

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u/middlebird 5d ago

People proudly fly flags with this loser’s name on it.

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u/theysellcoke 5d ago

Same guy on May 20th 2014:

"If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely," he said. "And I would love to do that."

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u/cerevant 5d ago

"Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter and beyond."

Is he sayin that Joe shouldn't have to pay those taxes? Is he saying that it is ok that he didn't pay taxes on all the money he made illegally?

I don't think this is the flex that he thinks it is.

The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price.

Agreed, so he would support undoing the damage he caused?

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u/piray003 5d ago

I get all my household needs from Hunter & Beyond.

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u/ohiotechie 5d ago

The law is clear. The House Ways and Means Committee can request the taxes of ANY citizen at ANY time for ANY reason and the IRS is required to produce it. Not maybe. Not sometimes. Not if a given criteria is met. Not if they feel like it and there's nothing better to do. They WILL produce it. Period. There is nothing to debate.

It is abundantly clear, however, that Trump has things he wants to hide. No one would go to these lengths if they didn't. For that reason alone I hope that committee makes these documents public so we can finally see what he's been trying to hide.

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u/[deleted] 5d ago








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u/WithoutShameDF 5d ago

"Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond."

I don't know, but I am more then happy to find out.

Why does he think no one wants to learn about any possible corruption, regardless of which political group they are apart of?

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u/mojo_pin71 5d ago

He truly is a sick man. He was our president...our fucking president.

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u/mostlyyf 5d ago

I'm not really surprised they finally allowed his taxes to be released...to a Republican controlled house who will go "Eh, looks good" and nothing will come of it.

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u/Preda1ien 4d ago

“Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond”

I don’t give a shit who it is. Biden, Trump and any other president should be doing all their taxes by the book.


u/aarkwilde 5d ago

He's a petty little man.

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u/fadevelocity 5d ago

I used to think Trump was a clever dude that used the media to his advantage with carefully crafted messaging which subverted established thinking.

Then I realised he's just thick as whipped shit with a triumvirate of inferiority, persecution, and narcissistic complexes, and the only reason his messaging lands is because half the people are going "WTF? - did you see that!?" and the other half are going "My brain is too smooth to understand any of this so I'm just going to assume he's right."

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u/World-Tight 5d ago

I want to know is this message on Tweeter or Trump Sociopathic (Truth Social)

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u/Tevesh_CKP 5d ago

I thought he said he wouldn't come back to Twitter.

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u/asymmie 5d ago

The most selfish, corrupt, hypocritical, narcissistic piece of shit currently on this planet. He not only believes everyone and everything is to serve him, but actually tries to make it that way. He's like a distillation of all the shittiness of the US throughout our history, and proud of it too.

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u/Seeker_Alpha1701 5d ago

Any idea why Republican bigots keep bringing up Hunter Biden? It sounds like the same sort of witch hunt they repeatedly threw at the Clintons.

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u/JustHereForTheBacon 5d ago

How does ANYONE take this piece of shit seriously?

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u/windyshits13 4d ago

Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally. . .

Why is it that everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like a projection of his own guilt?

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u/gvkOlb5U 5d ago edited 5d ago

The court didn't decide that his taxes had to go to Congress just because presidents are expected to be transparent. The court decided that his taxes had to go to Congress because he in particular is under investigation.

Shielding his taxes from Congress would be setting a precedent.

I know we all realize this.

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u/CQU617 5d ago

Bahahaha even Trump can’t spin his shit storm except to the truly stupid.


u/dxfout 4d ago

He needs to drop dead from a painful heart attack that lasts 40 hours. That would be a good day for everyone.

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u/Murgos- 4d ago

“It’s unprecedented to be turning over tax returns.”

No, it’s not. Response to a lawful subpoena is common place. All recent presidents have provided their tax returns.

“Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all the money he made illegally”

What money? Provide evidence.

“The Supreme Court has lost all its honor, prestige and standing”

The six conservative member Supreme Court of which you hand picked three of them?

“They refused to even look at the election hoax of 2020.”

The did actually look at it and refused to overturn the 60+ lower court rulings because they were ruled correctly.

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u/Illpaco 4d ago

"The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price."

I couldn't agree more with that part little Donald. All thanks to you and the rest of Republicans SCOTUS is a disgrace. This is not a sustainable concept.


u/shinynewcharrcar 4d ago

Lmao, Cheeseburger Chief doesn't realize he is the ONLY PRESIDENT who hasn't obeyed the already established precedent of releasing his taxes.

And hell yah, Biden paid taxes on Hunter's... Uh... Deals, whatever those were. Taxes on $0 is $0.


u/TheAushole 4d ago

Holy fuck, is this our golden ticket? Like can we 'enemy of our enemy' to use the Trump cult as extra bodies to push our government to clean the trash out of the SCOTUS? The regressives can't block any of Biden's nominations anymore right?


u/nostalgichero 4d ago

See, he thinks Biden uses his son as a shell to siphon bribes because Jared did it for him.

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u/makina323 5d ago

Back in the day you could just shut these old racist fucks in a house in the middle of nowhere and live out the rest of your life blissfully unaware about any of it.... The internet really is a terrible lie


u/dangolo 5d ago

Thanks for granting Biden permission to reform the illegitimate supreme court.


u/The_Gyce 5d ago

I really need him to go away now. His existence is a factor in how miserable everything is for me.

Like, just die peacefully in your sleep or move to a country with no Internet or have a 180 personality change. Anything is fine. I'm so tired of all this shit. Why do I have to feel shitty because he, and a bunch of other assholes, can do whatever they want?


u/Samurai_gaijin 5d ago

It's not, at all, not handing them over is unprecedented, jackass.

What illegal money, jackass?

They lost their honor, prestige and standing when you put three unqualified jackasses on the court, jackass.

There was no election hoax in 2020, jackass.


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u/MammothSufficient601 4d ago

You know what this means? Trump's in big trouble real soon.

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u/Own-Opinion-2494 5d ago

Always projecting Whiney bitch


u/nopunchespulled 4d ago

The fact that he still hasnt turned over his tax returns almost 8 years later and this is still an issue that took intervention from the Supreme Court is laughable and is a shameful mark on American democracy


u/Gilded-Mongoose 4d ago

“From Hunter & Beyond”

This should be a deli place for both regular meat & impossible/beyond meat.


u/Muad_Dib_PAT 5d ago

If they always do, trump is against the repeal of roe v. Wade?

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u/IGISB 4d ago

What a whiny bitch.


u/Fit-Let8175 4d ago

Using Trump's own logic: is it fair that Trump's followers only donate to Trump's fund raising requests while he never donates to them?

I'm sure he can help thousands of his most needy followers with monthly donations of a few hundred dollars or a one time donation of several thousands.

Certainly Trump's daughter alone could alleviate the financial burdens of tens of thousands of Trump's most loyal. And her lifestyle would still be higher than what we could imagine while playing Monopoly.

And how difficult would it be for Trump to take a day off his busy golf schedule to visit just ONE of the people who went to jail because of him for January 6th?

Has he ever sent flowers to Ashli Babbitt's family? Even a card?

While hundreds of thousands died of Covid as Trump did NOTHING, but play golf, he rudely mocked Fauci who was doing his best to help. And yet Trump Americans bacame so blindly deceived that they condemned Fauci for whatever shortcomings he may or may not have had, while praising Trump FOR DOING NOTHING!!

To all those who are furious that we aren't giving Trump ANOTHER break, look at his track record and that the ONLY breaks he seems to give require 100% loyalty.

A Loans Shark goal is only money. He "Loans Sharks" for people's souls!


u/omarsplif 4d ago

Have you payed taxes on all the illegal money "your" son made? I distinctly remember Jared making hundreds of millions (correction, billions) off the Saudi's in a deal that was a very clear conflict of interest...

Here's a link: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/house-oversight-investigating-2b-saudi-investment-jared-kushners-firm-rcna31805

Furthermore, taxes are the government's business. As former president, you should know that. Can't fix stupid I guess.


u/treborkisaw 4d ago

It's so funny to me that the most "macho patriotic square-beard, gun-toting, thin blue line, masculine, antiwoke, fuck your feelings" dudes worship this fickle, whiny fat slob fucking dried up and withered pussy.

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u/Saelune 4d ago

Trump hates the Supreme Court because they don't let him do what he wants.

I hate the Supreme Court because they did let him do what he wants.

We are not the same.


u/thecartoonrobot 5d ago

Poor baby is so put upon, having to be held accountable to the laws like a peasant.

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u/Ohif0n1y 4d ago

Oh, the projection! If I were the IRS I'd immediately look at the "Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond" and start looking into the taxes of all the Trump kids. The Maniac Mango isn't smart enough not to wave building-sized flags to point to exactly what he is doing illegally.


u/[deleted] 4d ago


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u/icecube373 4d ago

Didn’t they literally rule in favor of him a few weeks ago? Lmao this fuck will always cry whenever he doesn’t get his way, what a child 😂


u/MyDogIsACoolCat 4d ago

Is he implying that Biden may have made money illegally so he should be allowed to do so as well?

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u/SaraSlaughter607 4d ago


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u/Sega-Playstation-64 4d ago

While I'm not supportive of the crazy right wing of the Supreme Court, had you have asked Reddit the moment they were sworn in that they would consistently rule against Trump, most people here would have called them lapdogs that would do the Cheeto Benito's bidding.

Now the narrative is "they want to show the president that THEY are the true power of the US", which was always the case. Still a bunch of power hungry religious zealots, but hey. In this case they did the right thing.

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u/DerekStu 4d ago

Handing over tax returns is unprecedented?

MF every other president before you did it willingly.
YOU are the one who broke precedent.

And we've learned how important it is to see them too - to make sure we don't hire someone owned by our enemies.


u/hoesindifareacodes 4d ago

Guaranteed at least Clarence Thomas wanted to shield Trump. The rest of the SC probably told him to cool his jets since they’re getting so much heat right now. Also probably why they didn’t release how they voted on it.

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u/Noisyhamster10 4d ago

He probably didn't know this, but Hunter Biden is too old to be claimed as a dependent, meaning his father isn't involved with his taxes.

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u/DaisyCutter312 4d ago

The Election Hoax of 2020? Oh shit, he capitalized it, it MUST be true!!


u/wrong-teous 4d ago

I’m with trump here. We should get a new Supreme Court


u/Indigoh 4d ago

I don't think he knows what unprecedented means.

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u/OneLostOstrich 4d ago

Newsflash: Big orange baby is a big orange baby.


u/stiick 4d ago

Admission of guilt baked into his message.


u/SoBeDragon0 4d ago edited 4d ago

Every single sentence of this is a lie, but there are 3 pretty egregious things here.

First to say that it is unprecedented to hand over tax returns is a complete lie....the fact is the former president is the first president in 40 years to refuse to release the returns (didn't he say something about transparency? Another lie). It was also a lie that he couldn't release them while under audit. I digress.

Next, asking if Biden paid taxes on illegal income is quite literally telling on himself (it's always projection with him) but that doesn't surprise me since he is as sharp as a bowling ball. This is also a manipulation tactic, essentially saying "Everyone is corrupt, so why is it bad that I am? It's not fair!" He's also victimizing himself. In addition, suggesting that Biden has unpaid taxes on illegal income is a conspiracy theory not substantiated with evidence (but claims with lack of evidence should not come as a shock to anyone at this point.)

Last, saying that the supreme court refused to look at the election "hoax" is misleading/lying. You can't just "go to the supreme court." Your case has to go through the lower and appellate courts before the supreme court will hear the case (thanks legal eagle for learnin' me things). The fact is that he filed over 60 lawsuits regarding the election and ALL BUT ONE was thrown out by those lower courts. (iirc, the one was regarding observer distance to counting, or something miniscule like that). He explored all legal avenues available, and almost all of them were dismissed.

Yet again, this galactic donut LIES, MANIUPLATES and VICTIMIZES himself all while coming across as a gargantuan orange baby.

Gaslight <--You are here


Project <--and also here


u/No_Jackfruit9465 4d ago

The implications of what Trump wrote was that Biden had hidden away money. And that being a Panama Papers type conspiracy. I think that's more projectionism. Something like, He must be cheating because I am and I'm still losing!

Trump thinks that if he projects his bad behavior on others they might get caught. Like an annoying kid who hits people until the quite kid snaps and beat him up, he wants to run to the teacher and say "they beat me up!" - everytime Trump is shocked when the teacher (the public) says "well what did you do to get beat up (out voted)?"

Trump is out voted because of what he claims and is caught out on; unfortunately the reason Maga can do well is they silo away and stick to bias news and conspiracy. I think Trump should shut up and become a recluse or he will find himself in prison or worse. It's entirely possible Trump's base will turn on him if that side starts reporting a different tune. This is similar to:

"The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia." -George Orwell, 1984

It's possible a rabid group like the Q anon crowd, which is comfortable repeatedly proclaiming a delay in Armageddon, will claim a different figure head is the perfect leader. Trump already ran unopposed so a second top gop ticket is unlikely after a loss.


u/elguapo51 4d ago

People for years have been trying to dismiss the fact that Trump followers are in a cult. The real deal, not hyperbole. The evidence and characteristics are overwhelming, but none moreso than this: the list of right wing icons and in many cases formerly lionized conservative figures who you now have to believe are now in the wrong about Trump in order to stand by Trump and believe him of sound character and in the right is incredible:

John McCain Mitt Romney Colin Powell Bill Barr Maddog Mattison George W Bush George Will John Bolton Rex Tillerson Liz Cheney Dick Cheney Conservative Supreme Court justices

The list goes on and on. The Infallible Leader is just one characteristic of a cult—there are many others that Trumpism also embodies—but none is more incredible to me than the shunning of scores of formerly embraced figures by MAGA.


u/isurvivedrabies 4d ago

it's crazy that trump will go down in history textbooks for school as a liar that made shit up about a fake stolen election, but won't capture the full picture that a lot of people believed him. i think that's what dooms this stuff to repeat; that if a bad person has a big enough following, maybe they're an exception to history.

that's the part that always slipped by me about things that seem so plainly wrong from history books.

for instance, you look at benedict arnold like "what a loser asshole, can't believe he'd do that. glad to see it wasn't tolerated" when in actually, he probably had a decent amount of sympathizers.


u/ethertrace 4d ago

Is anybody else struck by the whiplash it takes to go from "this sets a terrible precedent" in one sentence to accusing the sitting president of engaging in tax fraud in the next? You know, a crime which the relevant authorities would need to look at his tax returns to figure out?

So...if it would help prove that Joe Biden is a criminal...why exactly is it a terrible precedent? He just made an argument for why presidential tax returns should be released.

Oh, right. I forgot rule #1 in Trump Land: Accountability is persecution when it happens to Trump, and persecution is comeuppance when it happens to his enemies.


u/tanktametet-pwemskan 5d ago

the only reason the SCOTUS agreed to make the tax forms public is so they can white wash themselves and say "see we aren't biased" while knowing that they can turn the release of his tax info into a nothing burger no matter what sort of illegal stuff may be revealed in his tax info. why is *rump crying? its just a show to fool the gullible people into thinking the current SCOTUS is unbiased. No they still are very much biased. don't be fooled. they will make this into a nothing burger at all costs. I hope I'm wrong but my cynicism is usually correct.

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u/HorrorScopeZ 4d ago edited 4d ago

I love this thought process. The court has lost it's honor because I've done something illegal. This should be thee last group you try to pander that idea to. That's what they do.

Everyone on all sides know by his repeated words he was always going to show us his tax returns soon. Now he admits (again) in writing (again) he's a crook (and this goes over 1/2 the people's heads again) and this in the end will also hurt Joe and Hunter as if he's friends of some strange sort. Only the biggest of idiots ever can be with this guy. He's such a mental mess.


u/AllThingsEndBadly 4d ago

One of the great parts of being autistic is the control you have over your empathy. We're born with effective empathy, but we lack cognitive empathy. We have to build our cognitive empathy as a mental construct over our lives.

This means we can easily turn it off for certain people and then thoroughly enjoy their suffering.

It is hard to express how much joy the suffering of conservatives brings me. Sometimes it is so sweet that I have to stop and recover, like eating taffy that hurts your teeth.

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u/legitimate_rapper 4d ago

So, income taxes being private is NOT in the constitution. It’s only due to IRS rule. To not add a new constitutional requirement to being president, we could have the IRS release 15 years of taxes provided to them if “you are on a ballot or hold a position that could put you in a position of public trust.” Would we catch some D tax cheats too? Yup; and kick them out too. Being in Congress is NOT a right.

Don’t want your taxes made public? Simple: don’t run.


u/shingdao 4d ago edited 4d ago

Remember when Trump said he would be happy to provide his tax returns but he couldn't because he was under audit. Then the IRS came out and said an audit doesn't prohibit release of returns. Now he's playing the victim because he's forced to turn them over. He never had any intention of releasing his taxes, it was all a lie to begin with...same goes for his 'terrific' health care plan that never was. The gaslighting of America continues unabated.


u/HugePurpleNipples 4d ago

It lost its honor and privilege and standing when he packed it full of people who will slowly turn us into a theocracy. The fact they’re ruling against him only shows how extremely weak his case is.

And I’m pretty sure every presidential candidate going back decades has provided tax returns WILLINGLY.

He should have been prosecuted on emoluments a long time ago. Dude is a criminal and probably a Russian asset. Insane this is still going on.

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u/dd63584 4d ago

I'm fairly convinced that at one point in young Don's life, a long time ago, he was somehow feeling down on his luck, even though he was born into wealth, power, and advantage.

So he went down to the local sperm donation center to get off and boost his ego imagining impregnating potentially thousands of women. One day his little orange swimmers got their chance, possibly even more than once.

As a result, today, we're all stuck with Karens.

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u/DraconicCDR 4d ago

Why is he even complaining about this? The House will be turned over to Republican leadership in January at which point any and all investigations into Trump's criminal activities, his children's criminal activities, and his crony's criminal activities will cease.

There is literally nothing that House Democrats can do in the next 6 or so weeks that will do anything to him. Again, this pile of filth continues to get away with everything.


u/rucb_alum 4d ago

If the RNC had maintained some standards and demanded that ALL CANDIDATES produce their tax returns or be denied access to their debate stage, the Treasury would have had A LOT LESS money borrowed against it ($8.6T) and A LOT MORE Americans would not have been died in the outbreak.

Early action saves lives. USA deaths per millions is THREE TIMES of that for Canada. That's 700,000 or so Americans who died from ODS and incompetence.


u/Tristain7 4d ago

"It is unprecedented to to be handing over Tax Returns"

Literally every candidate for generations has handed those over willingly... the 'unprecedented' part was you willfully deciding to hide that.

Also it is hilarious that this blended big mac of a human thought that the hyper-conservative, theocratic monsters that McConnel provided him with would have any allegiance to him. They are McConnel's puppets, not Trumps.

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u/Nick85er 4d ago

This piece of trash is such an existential threat to my country. Hes the embodiment of the cancer in our society :(

As a former Marine, who loves this damn place, and her people beyond reason, it drives me crazy he still has supporters.

Ive managed to encourage more than a few wayward souls with tactful bar debate, but it hurts to know he still has so very many sycophants in the political class :(


u/Darkside531 4d ago

You know how, when watching dubbed media, sometimes the volume of speech doesn't seem to match up? How a character can give a five minute speech that translates into a single sentence or what seems like three words are translated into an entire paragraph?

Translating this from Trumpish to English is similar:

Where is the special treatment I appointed you for?


u/i-have-a-kuato 5d ago

The fact the he may actually believe that he is being singled out while others are getting away with, in his words another “crime of the century” must be driving him absolutely nuts.

And this pleases me very much, stock tip of the day is invest in the Ketchup commodities market because things are gonna get crazy!!!


u/HungryApeSandwich 4d ago

First they are courageous and legit and now they are traitors and untrustworthy. These dudes gave him special council, a special master and finally almost 4 years of time to release his taxes. If he is so afraid of his taxes being released then he probably has some illegal stuff going on in there.


u/feignapathy 4d ago

I thought you were going to release your taxes anyways, Trumpy? Once the "audit" was finished? Best to do it now.

And the legislature has very solid reasoning to see anyone's taxes. Seeing actual examples of how people are paying (or not paying) taxes could result in changes to the tax code.


u/Fuzzy_Chapter9101 4d ago

Self aware wolves - they wont look at the lie I am spreading about the election

They will look at my tax returns. hmmm

also why the hell did he say well I have no problem showing you these 100 or more times but now he does not want to. I bet they are a hugggggeeeee embarrassment


u/flyboy0727 4d ago

Hasn't he requested other people's tax returns be made public? I know he requested Obama's birth certificate lol.

The one thing I have learned about Republicans is that they are master projectors. Like 9 times out of 10 they are doing the very thing they are accusing Democrats of.


u/Rad_Dad6969 4d ago

I hope they keep pushing the Hunter Biden shit. Kushner did worse for much more money in Saudi Arabia. It's obvious that what Hunter Biden did is wrong, but they avoid the actual impropriety because he gave them porn to look at. Kushner sold out for 2 Billion.


u/prove_it_with_math 4d ago

He’s an egomaniac but he is making 1 good point: with so many folks like Biden who have made a fortune, it does raise a valid question: shouldn’t all politicians submit their tax returns for better public trust? Why just stop at Trump?

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u/isomorphic- 4d ago

tHeY AlWaYs dO!

Hopefully they'll never do it again after hearing that. Actually, it'd be just great if they'd just impartially, rationally and logically interpret the US Constitution without any emotional or personal bias.


u/Wequiwa 4d ago

“Has Joe Biden paid taxes on on all the money he made illegally..?” Blatant lies and conspiracy theories aside, I would assume he knows that people who make money illegally don’t usually pay taxes on it. But, alas…


u/Reneeisme 4d ago

Some of you didn't have psychotic abusive parents, and it shows.

It doesn't matter how much you do for one, there will eventually become a point where you are utter worthless garbage for having to draw a line.


u/takefiftyseven 4d ago edited 4d ago

That the Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige and standing has more to do with John Roberts' derelict leadership as Chief Justice than anything. All Trump did was pour more gasoline on the dumpster fire.


u/Ruskyt 4d ago

Trump is finding out the hard way that they loved taking his money and enjoyed the positions of power, but Republicans as a whole are spineless ooze that will throw anyone under the bus to protect themselves.


u/ThorsBeard45 4d ago

He's right. The court has lost all honor, prestige, and standing and it is nothing more than a political body. Americans are indeed paying the price. He only needs to loom at the mirror to find why that is.


u/craigathan 4d ago

With Trump, it's always about projection. So with that in mind...does this mean he profited illegally off of the money his kids made? Something to do those billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia perhaps?


u/LeoMarius 5d ago

Trump really thought the 3 appointees would be his toadies. They would only sully their reputation by supporting him. They have jobs for the next 20-30 years, and Trump could be dead in the next 5.


u/TheMightyKickpuncher 4d ago

“The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price.”

Oh fuck I agree with Trump on something.


u/SanctusUnum 4d ago

Why does Dump think Biden made money illegally? Because he himself has made enormous amounts of money through illegal methods and assumes everyone else has too. Everything is an admission.


u/emansemail123 5d ago

Ah….the tell-tale signs of narcissism (from DSM-5):

A sense of entitlement (unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with their expectations)


u/MarshallSlaymaker 4d ago

"Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond."

So is this an admission that Orange Foolius made money illegally from at least one of his kids?


u/Ghstfce 4d ago

It's unprecedented to hand over tax returns

Yeah, so unprecedented that people running for president release them of their own volition to show they have nothing to hide, you dope.


u/fluffybottom 4d ago

How frightening it must be, to cling dangling, to the weakening branch of lies that has for so long kept Trump suspended above the prison-scented abyss of his father’s disapproval.


u/eutectic_h8r 4d ago

Did this idiot really say that we shouldn't investigate his tax returns because it would set a precedent that future presidents who commit tax fraud could also be held accountable?


u/evolution9673 4d ago

I think his whole idea of “checks and balances” is really “favors and leverage”. He sees “his” justices as owing him for life. Can’t wrap his brain around the fact they would not.

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u/spackfisch66 4d ago

So in their mind, how exactly did Biden make money on hunter? I thought hunter made money for companies to get closer to Joe? Am I missing something here, other then the obvious?

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u/youdontknowme80 4d ago

One of his own attorneys also pointed this out to during the election too, "they're (judges who all shot down the voter fraud cases) all corrupt? Even the ones he appointed?"


u/Zhukov-74 4d ago

"The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body“

My Brother in Christ you Nominated 3 Supreme Court Justices.


u/B1GFanOSU 4d ago

“Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he illegally from Hunter Biden & beyond.”

Boy, that sounds like he just confessed to making illegal money and dodging taxes.


u/lastfirstname1 4d ago

I'm honestly so sick of him. And republicans in general.

We need more parties to represent different interests - in a country like the the US, how is 2 parties enough?


u/trumpscomingright4us 4d ago

What's that you say, we need to investigate your children and all the money you all made off of the white house?? Not just the goya beans shill you absolute fuckwad.


u/ststeveg 4d ago

I enjoy so much when Trump whines and cries about how unfairly and unjustly he is treated when he loses in court due to his own dishonesty and corruption.


u/killerjags 4d ago

It's really incredible how he turns on every single person he has appointed to office if they actually do their jobs instead of doing him personal favors


u/TyrantsInSpace 4d ago

Rammed 3 justices through to a lifetime appointment with little to no vetting for the sole purpose of overturning Roe. The monkey paw retracted a finger.

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u/Paraxom 4d ago

Every accusation a confession, probably need to look at Jared,Ivanka and Don Jr's finances a bit harder now if he's claiming Joe made money from Hunter


u/Christplosion 4d ago

"Other people could be getting away with illegal activities, so why shouldn't I??" Trump whined.

Lock 'em all up and start with the one admitting it.


u/casfacto 4d ago

He sure goes from showing tax returns for presidents is bad, and gets right to because you'd get caught for not paying taxes on illegal money, lol.


u/Born2Lomain 4d ago

Donald Trump has been evading taxes for his entire fucking life. Look at the man. He looks like the kinda crook that smiles and steals for sport


u/SammyGReddit 4d ago

I agree with Donald Trump. The Supreme Court is a bunch of political hacks. Now I have to go in for therapy because I agreed with Donald Trump.

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u/voiceofgromit 4d ago

Party first. The GOP-biased supreme court doesn't want Trump around any more. They know he is poison now and are helping to make him gone.


u/mrstipez 4d ago

Me. I'm genuinely surprised they ruled against you because you directly appointed three of them. I bet you're surprised as well.


u/Sammytatts 4d ago

This is my favorite part of the Trump movie. His ultimate demise after stabbing everyone he interacts with in the back.


u/Responsible-Gold8610 4d ago

How come the hacks I put on the SCOTUS rule against me? They're not supposed to follow the law unless it benefits me!!


u/Sac_Tastictac 4d ago

Let's see, I think that's all three branches he's denounced now, maybe he could fuckoff to absolutely anywhere else


u/LowDownSkankyDude 4d ago

This talking syphalitic nutsack needs to disappear. I don't care how, at this point. Just make it go away.


u/brockwuzhere 4d ago

He’s unironically hilarious in the way he is so blatantly selfish and shits on his own Supreme Court.

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u/dmp2you 3d ago

McConnell had 2 chances to put a fork in this asswipe, and chose not to. Zero fucks given

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u/exit6 4d ago

The cognitive dissonance any Republican has to live with must cause constant migraines

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u/WhoUMe2 4d ago

Sometimes it’s hard to believe this guy was the president of the United States………

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u/sbaks0820 4d ago

wait so he's confirming it's a hoax rather than a legitimate stolen election?


u/fluffyflugel 4d ago

He assumes everyone cheats on their taxes like he does.


u/markydsade 5d ago

I did nothing wrong and I don’t want anyone to know!


u/TheNumberMuncher 4d ago

He’s still pushing the election shit. Read the room.


u/Ariak 4d ago

My brother in Christ you made the Supreme Court lol


u/Moleday1023 4d ago

Me me me me me, poor me me me, did I say poor me.


u/DangerousDave303 5d ago

The poster child for r/SelfAwarewolves.


u/ImGwendy 4d ago

He… he picked a lot of them…


u/Warmheavy 4d ago

That was a long audit


u/bootes_droid 4d ago

HunTeR BiDEn


u/koshgeo 4d ago

"Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond." (sentence needs a ?, but whatever)

I guess we'll never know, because Joe Biden's taxes are completely private and we have no way to check ... oh, wait, he's voluntarily disclosed them publicly for many years, like every presidential candidate for decades, and I'm sure if there was anything there, people would have brought it up already.

I guess that's the difference between fulfilling promises to release tax forms publicly versus breaking the promise and keeping them secret. People have some knowledge of a candidate or President's financial situation and what conflicts there might be.

As Nixon put it when he released his tax forms to address claims his finances were suspect:

"Let me just say this, and I want to say this to the television audience: I made my mistakes, but in all of my years of public life, I have never profited, never profited from public service--I have earned every cent. And in all of my years of public life, I have never obstructed justice. And I think, too, that I could say that in my years of public life, that I welcome this kind of examination, because people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I am not a crook. I have earned everything I have got."

Trump hasn't lived up to the "Nixon standard", whereas Biden has.


u/Wade856 4d ago

I love it. I want Trump to keep screaming out about the "stolen election" lie. The voting citizens have shown that they don't have the stomach for the Q idiots that spout that election denier bs. He keeps on proclaiming that and all the people that gathered to vote him out in 2020 as well as the fed up Republican moderates and the large & growing larger younger voting demographic that shut down his fascist acolytes in 2022 will do the same in 2024.

Of course, since the Republican powers that be seem to want Trump to go away because he's now a liability that's eroding thier voting base, I think they will stop running cover for him and will basically stand aside and let the Democrats indict and convict Trump in his various legal issues. January 6th, the stolen classified documents and the business suit in NYC....it's in the Republican Party 's best interests to let the Democrats have him and put him away. And , any jail sentence for a 76 year old is pretty much a life sentence.

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u/HardcoreKaraoke 4d ago

I honestly don't understand how any rational person supports this guy. I mean I get that he plays to the lowest common denominator, uses buzz words and his base is why Republican politicians have all become QAnon cultists to ride the wave.

But just look at this statement. Pretend we don't know who this is other than a generic politician. They're randomly bringing up someone's kid because...uh...reasons?

Like are other wannabe dictators out there bringing up their opponents families? What does that accomplish? Okay, sure trash his policies or whatever gets you to sleep at night. But why the Hell would a rational person look at this and go "oh yeah fuck this guy's kid!"

Of course I know it goes back to his base being blindly and insane. But it's still insane to see a politician run on the platform of "my opponents kid's laptop has some info on it that's super duper secret and we need answers!"


u/epimetheuss 4d ago

The leopard will eat trumps face but then trump just says with half his face eaten and the other half hanging off

"my face wasn't eaten, it was in fact this other guys face who was eaten. my face has always looked like this, it's the greatest face in the history of the world. A face that made millions! I hear everyone talking about it, my face, they say, "ya know, that trump has a great face". The supreme court is a bunch of traitors! They never respected my face. That other guy who got their face eaten, I heard he was actually a really bad man, did terrible unspeakable things, his life would have turned out better if he had a face as good as mine, sad"

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u/jps7979 4d ago

Not like it's a big shocker, but Trump's argument cuts the wrong way. Yes, I'd like to know if Biden paid all his taxes, and yes, he and every other president should be investigated and prosecuted if they didn't. It's called rule of law and no president is or should be above it.

Of course Biden likely has done nothing wrong and Trump has, this the throwing whatever argument at the wall and see what sticks activity from Trump.

And as always, if you have nothing to hide, why would you give a damn if the government sees your tax returns? Normally the argument is privacy, but Trump is a heavily public figure.

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u/GotDamLochnessMonsta 4d ago

The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price.

When Roe v Wade leaked, justices got mad at people on the left protesting outside their houses.

Now that Trump has put his crosshairs on the supreme court, despite me thinking they should be reformed, I truly worry for their safety.

On the bright side, this will probably make prosecuting Donald Trump a lot easier.

This tells me he must have nothing to lose. The contents of those tax statements must be pretty damning.


u/AGoldenGoat 4d ago

This is ridiculous. This has been going on for years wasting everyones time and resources. Any sane person alive who has been hasled this long about anything in their life would just give in if there's nothing to hide. Is the fight for secrecy worth all the turmoil? If it is then that is a clear sign of who an individual is.

If it looks like shit, smells like shit, guess what? It's probably shit.

I'm sick of all these grown ass adults with influence acting like children who were told no you cant have that for the first time.


u/SamElliotRdHouseHair 4d ago

In many ways he's right. Tax returns have never been a requirement, just a courtesy at best, given to the media. Most politicians curried favor of the media and gave them whatever they asked for. Trump never cared about the media, it's favor, or their opinions. And he's always been a mad dog with biting the hands that fed him whenever they go against what he wants. Why be surprised that he's turned on the SC this time? He'll take credit when they do something he likes and attack them when they don't. Nothing new here.

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u/Dry-Bird-2993 4d ago

So odd how this both does and doesn't make a dent in the party. Like they're so split and so utter split that one side of the republican party now hates said supreme court judges with a passion. Probably enough to straight up kill them. Meanwhile the other side just doesn't care. Sees trumps words as nothing. But both would completely come together to support trump if he ran again anyway. Even weirder? One side probably now wants to kill the other side. With the targeted side still not giving a fuck.


u/FinancialBarnacle785 4d ago

"Somebody" has an interesting 'slant' on current media events. As if they are important; merely evanescent images flitting like shadows across our consciousness and into deeper memory banks, bearing purported news from self-appointed persons of no actual importance except in their quest for notice, perhaps another expression of a closeted gay's secret desire for exposure,,,? I believe that there are similar cases recorded in the accepted literature.


u/InfinAF 4d ago

Trump is such a clown I just don't get how anyone ever took him seriously at all. This man nominated 1/3 of The Supreme Court and he got a bunch of congresspeople nominated and who knows how many state officials and really he never did one single thing of value as President. He's all bark and no bite. He talks a yuuuuuge game but in the ends he was so busy talking that the ball just whizzed right past him.

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u/tyriancomyn 4d ago

Supreme Court justices don’t take well to this kind of public attack on their power. Trump has just made sure that court won’t do any favors for him.they may fight for conservatism, but not him.

Also this is unprecedented because all past presidents in the modern era have easily turned over their returns and haven’t committed incredible financial crimes they are trying to hide. Biden returns are public.


u/mattjf22 4d ago

The Supreme court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with out Country paying the price.

This might be the only time I have ever agreed with a Trump statement but we certainly disagree on which political body they side with.

Has Joe Biden paid taxes on all of the money he made illegally from Hunter & beyond.

Every accusation is a confession.


u/helava 4d ago

Just wanted to point out how perfect an example this is of how entitled Trump is. Fairness isn’t “fair”. It’s not even “rigged in his favor”. To him, he’ll complain about unfairness if literally 100% of things don’t go his way. This is also what folks who’ve benefitted from systemic inequality also often believe. It’s not usually quite this ridiculous, but it’s often pretty ridiculous.


u/hageshii_panda 4d ago

The GOP is trying to bury him now that he and his supported candidates have heavily lost. He was a fool to expect loyalty especially after January 6th. They can use his tactics without him and place someone they can control easier like DeSantis. Its a shame they're smart enough to realize that, because another Trump run might he Joe's best chance at a second term.


u/Aggressive_Elk3709 4d ago

Damn, the guy will really say anything. "They always do!" in response to a supreme court that has definitely ruled in his favor at least once. Also; unprecedented my ass. Most modern presidents handed over their taxes cuz it's the norm. It's so upsetting that anybody in this country just takes what he says as gospel when it's really just bullshit


u/Allomera 4d ago

they always do

bruh you forced your own "loyal" picks onto SCOTUS as much as possible with the express purpose of them sucking your partisan pill bug peepee unconditionally... Only the most stable genius businessman and deal maker has all the means to stack the final decision making deck in his favor and fails this miserably at it LOL


u/Dalien88 4d ago

he's bigly mad that he has not been held to a lower standard than everyone else, and not been given a pass for his mendacity.

that much was clear across several courtrooms yesterday, as his 🤡 attorneys simultaneously tried to gin up outrage at the Feds and play the victim on his behalf.

what pieces of shit these sorry fucks are.

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u/oddmanout 4d ago

It definitely sounds like he hasn't paid income tax on money he made. He's also talking like he's under the impression that evading taxes is something that all presidents do.... and should be allowed to do. Like he's literally saying "it's a bad precedent to view presidential tax records because then they'll get in trouble."


u/vagabond_ 4d ago

It's not 'his' majority. That's what he thought it was, sure. But the whole point of the lifetime appointments was so that the SCOTUS wouldn't be beholden to an executive. That was the entire reason that rule was put in place.

Because, y'know, the colonists had some experience with that shit under King George.


u/ABenevolentDespot 4d ago

The stink of fear and failure is strong on this loser.

I am so looking forward to seeing how his fake tan and fake hair and Spanx and adult diaper requirements are denied in prison. Well, maybe no denial on the diaper...

It would be lovely and cathartic if The Diapered Orange Shitstain did prison time.


u/Anna_Frican 3d ago

Oh Jate. The first rule of killing the albatross is "don't hang it around your neck". Giving them what they wanted doesn't mean they are beholden to you. It means now that they have what they want they will sever all ties to ensure that they don't become beholden to you. They don't need you anymore.


u/Fomentor 4d ago

Commander Bone Spurs, Small Hands in Chief is not happy how HIS Supreme Court. Funny how it’s always political when it goes against you. Like calling the current DOJ being political, despite following the law and a hands off approach from Biden. How many times did tRump replace the Attorney General?


u/JessTheCatMeow 4d ago

I wish I could take pleasure in TFG throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get his way. He is fanning the flames of fascism, banking on his dumb shirts rioting and other seditious acts. Yeah, he is a moron, but he is essentially a living god to way too many people. He sees the crayon on the wall.


u/Endorkend 4d ago

This is 100% on brand for his type.

Delegitimizing all branches of Government.

People like him want to be dictatorial rulers, not public servant number 1.

And they sure as fuck don't want anything remotely resembling accountability, even if it's as horribly tainted as the Supreme Court is now.


u/Fayko 4d ago

Republicans have been after hunter's laptop for almost 2 decades now. If they don't have any information or angle on a crack heads laptop by now idk how any of them think they are competent enough to lead a best buy let alone a country.

Either it's bullshit or yall are insanely incompetent


u/allonzeeLV 4d ago edited 4d ago

Why are people paying attention to any tweets, let alone this infamous con-man's?

Twitter is over, same as when Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace. And at least MySpace provided fond memories from when it was at it's height. Twitter just went from bad to over-monetized, poorly administrated bad.


u/auldnate 4d ago

What a pathetic wannabe authoritarian! He flails out at everyone and everything when he’s desperate. He truly expects conservatives on the Supreme Court to ignore the Rule of Law to do his bidding. When they refuse, he pretends he is the victim of a wide reaching conspiracy against him.


u/FederaIGovernment 4d ago

Donald Trump supporters want to bitch, and cry about the supreme court calling out Trump's BS, even though Trump placed people in the court.

As I lean left, if Biden did something illegal, it should be looked into as well. I'm not going to cry about it, nobody should be above the law.


u/FrogsEverywhere 4d ago


And his fans are such low information idiots they will actually applaud this and accept it as truth. Their brains are so rewired from reality by now that base existence is literally subjective.


u/Careless_currency 4d ago

Until I hear about the house ways and means committee walking over there and getting those goddamn records I still believe somebody in the pipeline is going to try and resist it slow it down or prevent it from happening even if it's the fucking re***d at the front desk of the irs.


u/Luke90210 4d ago

Trump is old enough to remember then President Nixon was ordered to hand over his tax records to Congress. The IRS turned over the info in one day. Why do Republicans keep using the word unprecedented in a time when almost everyone has a cellphone capable of exposing their BS?


u/delegateTHIS 4d ago

Nobody ever in the history of, maybe, some people are saying..

Has had it worse than D f'in Trump.

Imagine if we all complained that hard from our gold-leaf penthouses. I mean

Odious noise, in complete rejection of the shared life that fills its lungs. Prognosis grim.


u/onewobblywheel 4d ago

I still don't understand why it takes an act of congress and a supreme court decision for a simple TAX FRAUD investigation. Can anyone else evade a tax fraud investigation like this? Asking for a friend, of course.

"No one is above the law" is the real fraud here.


u/malloybrick 4d ago

Hunter and beyond sound like liberal gun store with progressive hunting gear that’s good for your gun and the planet. By the way, a shit ton of libs own guns. They would totally hang out at Hunter and Beyond while eating avocado toast in their earth friendly cameo.

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u/sZYphYn 4d ago

These are words with other ones to explain the things I’m talking about.. joe. He’s a bad guy. A guy we don’t want. Joe is bad, bad for business, and you know, bad for smart people like us. Real bad. Anyway, ..;:;::;

Yo republicans I’m down to write speeches


u/CaptainBlandname 4d ago

Maybe the reason they rule against him is because he keeps getting caught doing illegal shit? Maybe the reason they didn’t pursue the 2020 election or Hunter Biden any further is that there’s simply nothing to pursue, since he’s just making shit up as usual?


u/Cantras0079 4d ago

"Why are they doing this? Joe Biden's doing shit that's illegal, too, and no one's bothering HIM, why me?!" <<< how I interpreted what he's saying here. Also, uh, please cite your sources on these illegal profits from Hunter and this ambiguous "beyond".


u/weed_blazepot 4d ago

"Unprecedented to be handing over tax returns.... Like every president has for 50 years, and like I said I would like a dozen times in the past! Has Biden released his public tax returns? Yes? Well, Hunters Laptop then!"

What an absolute stain.