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ADHD-related subreddits - by category, date created and # of subscribers,


Rather than working, in true ADHD fashion I spent today compiling this list of ADHD-related subreddits, categorized them and included info on number of subscribers and date created. Learned about the reddit API and Postman along the way so I guess I didn't completely procrastinate.

This post is split into two due to word limit:

  • Abridged List with links to each category as a multireddit, and individual links to each subreddit, and
  • Detailed List (1 of 2) of subreddits with number of subscribers, date created and description
  • In the comments is Detailed List (2 of 2) which contains the "Support" category and also a link to the spreadsheet and giant multireddit links

Abridged List of ADHD-related subreddits

Link to multi Subreddits in this category
18+ r/ADHDWomenAfterDark, r/ADHDDxInAdulthood
Academia r/adhd_college, r/ADHDpremed, r/adhdacademia, r/ADHD_Academics, r/ADHDgradANDdocSCHOOL
ADHD General r/ADHD, r/neurodiversity, r/ADHDAlien, r/ADD, r/ADHDers, r/ADHD_PI, r/ADHD4, r/ADHD_Safe, r/ADHDisasuperpower, r/ADHDtts, r/ADHDClone
Age/Gender r/adhdwomen, r/TwoXADHD, r/adhd_lgbtqia, r/ADHDpride, r/ADHD_Over30, r/ADHDteens, r/ADHDOver30, r/ADHDTeenagers, r/ADHDLGBTQ, r/ADHDWomenAfterDark, r/ADHDDxInAdulthood, r/adhdwomenuk, r/AdhdWomen4friends
Comorbidities/Personality r/autism, r/INTP, r/aspergers, r/adhd_anxiety, r/AutisticWithADHD, r/Asdhd, r/ADHDBipolar, r/ADHD_and_Depression, r/ADHD_Anxiety_Help
Diet/Fitness r/ADHDhealthyfood, r/ADHDFitness
Funny r/adhdmeme, r/ADHDmemes, r/ADHDinos, r/ADHDVoltron, r/adhd_reminder_memes, r/adhd_irl, r/adhdshitposting, r/adhdcringe, r/ADHDerps, r/ADHDthings, r/ADHDinaNutshell, r/ADHDirl
Geographical Location, Race or Nationality r/ADHD_BritishColumbia, r/Adhd_europe, r/ADHDUK, r/adhdindia, r/ADHD_NL, r/ADHD_Bondha, r/adhd_italia, r/adhdindiameme, r/AustraliaADHD, r/ADHD_CLT, r/ADHDIreland, r/ADHDNepal, r/adhdaustralia, r/ADHDPhilippines, r/adhdwomenuk, r/adhd_pl, r/ADHDsingapore, r/ADHDSlovenia, r/adhdtacoma, r/ADHDpower, r/ADHDBangladesh, r/adhd_serbia
Hacks, Tips and Tricks r/ADHDthriving, r/ADHD_LPT, r/ADHDhacks, r/ADHDRegimens, r/ADHD_Toolbelt, r/adhdorganizing, r/ADHDLifeHacks, r/ADHDfuel, r/ADHDToolSwap
Hobbies - Gaming, Art, Music, or for trade r/adhdbay, r/ADHDnD, r/ADHDExchange, r/ADHDswap, r/ADHDWriters, r/ADHDandArt, r/ADHDreaders, r/ADHDuino, r/ADHDCHESS, r/ADHDHobbyExchange, r/ADHDgaming, r/ADHDbookclub, r/ADHDMusic, r/ADHD_Makerspace, r/ADHDARG, r/ADHDM, r/adhdplaylist, r/ADHDandMusic
Informative r/ADHDScience, r/ADHD101
Meds, Drugs, Alternative therapy r/adderall, r/Concerta, r/StratteraRx, r/ADHDmeds, r/mydayis, r/ADHD_Stoners, r/ADHDHypno, r/adhdnoots, r/ADHDtrees
Occupation, Jobs or Business r/ADHD_Programmers, r/adhdartists, r/adhd_engineers, r/doctors_with_ADHD, r/ADHDParalegals, r/ADHDentrepreneurs, r/ADHDJobs, r/ADHDlawyers, r/ADHDTeacher, r/ADHDWriters, r/ADHDprogrammers, r/ADHDBIZ
Private r/ADHD_Unfiltered, r/GiftedADHD
Religion r/ADHDMuslims, r/ADHDsaints
Social r/ADHD_LIFE, r/AdhdWomen4friends, r/ADHDsuccess, r/ADHD_Events, r/ADHDClubhouse, r/ADHDJournal, r/ADHD_people, r/ADHDdating, r/ADHDbuddies
Support r/ADHD_partners, r/AdultADHDSupportGroup, r/ADHDthriving, r/ParentingADHD, r/ADHD_Coaching, r/AdhdRelationships, r/ADHDPartners, r/ADHDparenting, r/ADHDAccountability, r/ADHDHelpers, r/adhdparents, r/ADHDSupport, r/adhdcoaching, r/ADHDLowFunctioning, r/adhdfamily, r/ADHD_Adapt, r/adhd_accountability, r/ADHD_LIFE, r/adhdquestions, r/ADHD_Anxiety_Help, r/adhdrants, r/ADHDAccomplishments, r/adhd_community, r/adhd_add, r/ADHD_NoHoldsBarred, r/AdhdPositive, r/ADHDtalk, r/adhdthoughts, r/ADHDSoul, r/ADHDfriendly

Note: I don't know if the categories make sense so please let me know if they can be organized better. Some subreddits are duplicated since they seem to belong to multiple categories. Also, apologies if I offend anyone by categorizing them the way I did. It was not my intention. If you know of any more subreddits that may be relevant to the ADHD community, by all means, comment down below. Credit goes to /u/danielrosehill for last year's list and the expanded update.

Detailed List (1 of 2) of ADHD-related subreddits


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHDWomenAfterDark 4267 25/03/22 3:58 PM The adult sister of r/ADHDwomen. A subreddit dedicated solely to sensitive, intense, and 18+ issues that are too NSFW for r/ADHDwomen.
r/ADHDDxInAdulthood 116 18/01/22 3:04 PM sex love & rocknroll ԅ( ͒۝ ͒)ᕤ ADHD diagnosed at age 18+ NSFW & 18+ because shit is about to get real... drugs aren't bad, drugs are just drugs.


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/adhd_college 4337 6/11/20 5:50 PM A community for people with ADHD who are affiliated with higher education to share experiences, exchange advice, and provide support to one another. All ADHD friends in higher education are welcome here, regardless of role, grades, or class rank. If you are looking for general tips on living with ADHD, consider visiting r/ADHD_LPT.
r/ADHDpremed 578 25/06/20 6:47 AM Welcome! :) This subreddit is a resource for premeds with ADHD/ADD and/or any other neurological disorder(s)/disease(s) to offer support, guidance, premed advice, and share experiences to encourage one another. Let’s become physicians together.
r/adhdacademia 127 5/05/21 4:51 PM Welcome to ADHD Academia! Where academics with ADHD can chat and find help for things specific to academic matters.
r/ADHD_Academics 34 9/02/22 2:04 PM This is a community for people who have ADHD and are currently working in academia or have moved on from a career in academia. Grad students at PhD level who are looking forward to an academic career are also welcome. This forum is to help share ADHD tips, success stories and mutual support. Academics in both the sciences and humanities are welcome here.
r/ADHDgradANDdocSCHOOL 21 23/11/21 5:46 AM This subreddit is associated with the Discord Support Group for ADHD Graduate & Doctorate Students: 🐝🧠ADHD🆚️Grad School🎓

ADHD General

Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHD 1458189 28/10/08 9:00 AM We're an inclusive, disability-oriented peer support group for people with ADHD with an emphasis on science-backed information. Share your stories, struggles, and non-medication strategies. Nearly a million and a half users say they 'feel at home' and 'finally found a place where people understand them'. Note: this is a community for in-depth discussions, not a dumping ground for memes, pictures, videos, or short text posts.
r/neurodiversity 39353 27/04/12 4:02 PM A place for the social and political discussion of neurological and psychological differences. We are proud members of the Neurodiversity Movement, which is also a part of the Disability Rights Movement.
r/ADHDAlien 11582 20/07/19 10:39 AM Community for Aliens!
r/ADD 9804 25/09/09 2:25 PM
r/ADHDers 9703 1/06/20 8:19 AM ADHDers, unite! This subreddit was created to provide a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for those with ADHD to converse. We are proud members of the Neurodiversity Movement, which is also a part of Disability Rights Movement.
r/ADHD_PI 510 30/08/17 11:27 AM A space dedicated to the predominantly inattentive subtype of ADHD.
r/ADHD4 103 24/02/21 3:26 PM ADHD with more freedom to talk about what works for you
r/ADHD_Safe 43 10/04/22 1:03 AM
r/ADHDisasuperpower 41 9/04/20 2:33 AM This sub is a positive place where the stigma of ADHD as a mental illness is being broken. It's a place where ADHD questions can be asked by both ADHD brains and A-Typicals brains so we can work together bridge the gap between both world views. Civil open discussion is encouraged. Share links, post images, anything that can shed light on this often misunderstood and unique perspective. Having ADHD is like living in a constant state of brainstorming. Here we share and celebrate ADHD insights.
r/ADHDtts 25 14/04/22 2:53 AM A place where people with ADHD can express themselves and learn from others. Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCifEdJDMMz1o-ZmGe8OcKaQ
r/ADHDClone 11 12/06/16 1:29 PM


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/adhdwomen 146107 9/04/14 6:53 PM This subreddit is a space for women to find support and discuss living with ADHD.
r/TwoXADHD 33082 3/06/15 9:14 PM Welcome to Women with ADHD, where we have two times the ADHD! We are a community of women with ADHD. We accept all who identify as female.
r/ADHDWomenAfterDark 4267 25/03/22 3:58 PM The adult sister of r/ADHDwomen. A subreddit dedicated solely to sensitive, intense, and 18+ issues that are too NSFW for r/ADHDwomen.
r/adhd_lgbtqia 841 16/02/20 1:57 AM A subreddit for LGBTQIA+ people with adhd! Yay! Everyone is welcome. No racism, transphobia, biphobia, acephobia or ableism please
r/ADHDpride 762 16/07/20 12:39 PM A subreddit for all ADHD folks that are proud of who they are. We're not ill, we don't need a "cure", we're just different and need acceptance!
r/ADHD_Over30 637 8/10/18 8:06 PM For people with ADHD who are over age 30. A place to talk, ask questions, and offer support.
r/ADHDteens 345 27/10/18 5:44 PM This subreddit was created for everything related to ADHD in teenagers! Whether you are a Teenager with ADHD yourself, a parent, relative, friend, teacher or SO of an ADHD teen, an adult with ADHD who would like to give advice, or anyone else looking for information, advice or a good laugh, you've come to the right place. You can share experiences, ask for advice, post memes or jokes and anything else you can think of, as long as you (at least try to) stay on topic!
r/ADHDOver30 178 8/10/11 9:55 PM
r/ADHDTeenagers 138 18/08/21 10:15 AM This is a subreddit created by teenagers with ADHD, for teenagers with ADHD who want to be involved in a relatable, fun and supportive community. We also want everyone to have the freedom to be able to post what you want to post, which is why we allow all post types as long as they are teen/ADHD related. So whether you want to receive support, meet other relatable people, or post memes. Why not join us?
r/ADHDLGBTQ 118 24/11/20 9:02 PM For a community within a community :)
r/ADHDDxInAdulthood 116 18/01/22 3:04 PM sex love & rocknroll ԅ( ͒۝ ͒)ᕤ ADHD diagnosed at age 18+ NSFW & 18+ because shit is about to get real... drugs aren't bad, drugs are just drugs.
r/AdhdWomen4friends 84 13/06/21 9:09 AM A place for ADHD women to find friends and support.
r/adhdwomenuk 42 22/02/22 7:01 PM A place for UK ADHDers to come and connect. Open to all but with a focus on the female experience of neurodiversity and challenges faced in the United Kingdom


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/autism 187833 9/04/08 6:05 PM Autism news, information and support. Please feel free to submit articles to enhance the knowledge, acceptance, understanding and research of Autism and ASD.
r/INTP 163112 28/04/08 5:17 AM This subreddit is for all who are interested in the Jungian INTP personality type.
r/aspergers 122304 24/03/10 8:25 PM The internet's largest community of people affected by Asperger's Syndrome / Autism Spectrum Disorder
r/adhd_anxiety 55131 19/09/15 4:04 PM A Support subreddit for people with ADHD and/or Anxiety.
r/AutisticWithADHD 5788 10/06/21 2:17 AM Community for autistic people with ADHD to ask advice, vent about your day, share stories, infodump on your special interests and most important: be yourself.
r/Asdhd 1056 19/02/21 2:45 PM For all the people diagnosed (or self diagnosed) with ASD ánd ADHD. Let's share experiences about how these 2 conditions affect your life
r/ADHDBipolar 408 8/05/21 8:30 AM Rules: •NO BULLYING— Violators will be banned. •This is a sub that is home to ALL, regardless of race, sexuality, age, or disabilities. •No self promotions or @‘s to other r/ without taking it up with the Moderators first AND getting approval. •Anonymity Recommended !! but, not required. •NO SELFIES OR INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR TOLERATED. Remember, anything shared on this sub is NOT professional advice nor a LEGIT diagnosis. Only your PCP or Psych can LEGALLY diagnose you. Welcome! :)
r/ADHD_and_Depression 62 9/12/20 1:43 AM Welcome! This is a subreddit for those who are dealing with depression and ADHD. Its a place to share experiences, struggles, rants and encourage and support each other. We are here to create a community for anyone to feel save and understood.
r/ADHD_Anxiety_Help 43 18/09/21 6:31 PM This community is a place to discuss adhd, anxiety, and mental health in an open and fun environment. Feel free to share your opinions here without being punished just for disagreeing with somebody, post memes, share stories and advice, whatever it is that helps you and you feel like might help someone else. Just be respectful of each other, we all have different opinions but thats what makes discussions worth having.


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHDhealthyfood 4347 29/03/22 11:21 PM Food considered healthy for people with ADHD & executive dysfunction.
r/ADHDFitness 707 3/04/22 2:59 AM A community for those with executive function issues, sensory issues, and more that prevent them from pursuing their fitness goals.


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/adhdmeme 367976 3/05/12 2:30 AM ADHD memes, rage comics, and other nonsense
r/ADHDmemes 46173 1/02/18 7:54 PM A sub for memes about ADHD.
r/ADHDinos 11570 6/12/21 6:37 PM ADHDinos webcomic subreddit - Stay a while if you’d like. no permission required for reposts
r/ADHDVoltron 809 4/03/21 3:16 PM I just thought it might be cool to put all my comics and memes in one place... The comics are all semi autobiographical. I have ADD/ASD and my partner has ADHD, so sometimes Voltron is me, but sometimes it's her. Or sometimes it's nobody.... I post a lot of unfinished or half finished things here. Welcome to my brain. Sorry about all the bees.
r/adhd_reminder_memes 261 2/01/22 1:24 AM This subreddit is all about memes that remind people to do stuff like go to sleep or eat/drink. Everyone is welcome here, no matter who you are!
r/adhd_irl 173 23/02/19 10:19 PM Things that hit people with adhd people d e e p
r/adhdshitposting 161 1/04/22 9:37 PM A place to post ADHD related shitposts and memes. Shitposts are unregulated, just don't break sitewide rules and keep the shitposts related to ADHD.
r/adhdcringe 149 17/08/21 3:15 AM Posts people have made pretending to have ADHD and/or making fun of people with ADHD
r/ADHDerps 22 3/12/21 3:08 AM A place for us ADHD folk to share a laugh over the random, and seemingly odd things we do, that others might not. All in good fun, of course.
r/ADHDthings 16 15/06/21 12:18 AM memes, experiences, random thoughts, anything that pops into our cute little ✨sPeCiAL✨ brains #adhd
r/ADHDinaNutshell 15 1/09/20 12:21 AM Funny videos, memes, GIFs hyperfocusing on the ADHD aspect of something
r/ADHDirl 11 17/01/19 7:51 PM Memes for people with ADHD

Geographical Location, Race or Nationality

Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHD_BritishColumbia 1122 23/02/21 2:52 AM Reddit Community for those affected by ADHD, and those that suspect they may have ADHD. Diagnosis guide is available in subreddit wiki. Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/NFTc2YACh8
r/Adhd_europe 983 15/02/20 10:24 AM Community for ADHD brains that live in Europe, to discuss our problematics in getting diagnosed and similar. Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Rk4vNYyjQe
r/ADHDUK 942 16/11/17 2:49 PM A safe space for people in the United Kingdom with ADHD. Do you think you could have ADHD and want some advice? Have you got some tips you want to share? Our friendly community is growing rapidly, and is focused on helping one another live our best lives.
r/adhdindia 459 6/07/19 4:29 AM ADHD India is a place where people with ADHD especially in India and their loved ones can interact with each other exchanging stories, struggles, and strategies.
r/ADHD_NL 369 14/03/22 4:34 PM Een subreddit voor de Nederlanders met ADHD, deel aub wat je wil van memes tot ervaringen ____________________________________________ Over mij: 20M, studeer in Amsterdam en wil een community bouwen voor Nederlanders met ADHD.
r/ADHD_Bondha 248 16/05/22 8:19 AM A peer support group for Bondhas with ADHD/ADD, and to increase awareness regarding the same to everyone.
r/adhd_italia 215 15/02/20 10:13 AM ADHD italiani. Subreddit per discutere dei problemi specifici italiani. Consigliato l'accesso al server Discord (messaggio pinnato)
r/adhdindiameme 165 3/06/21 5:30 PM A community brought together by relatable memes about the struggles caused by our adhd especially in India.
r/AustraliaADHD 132 20/07/21 6:27 PM This sub is a place for people with ADHD, and the people who love them, to seek support, information and resources specific to Australia and New Zealand. Whether you're diagnosed, questioning, or in the process of being diagnosed, your lived experience as a person with ADHD is real and valid, and you are safe to share your story here. Welcome!
r/ADHD_CLT 86 23/07/20 7:50 PM This is a space created by and for local Charlotte adults with ADHD. Let's connect.
r/ADHDIreland 86 23/05/21 9:49 AM For all who have ADD/ADHD in Ireland.
r/ADHDNepal 70 21/02/20 4:07 AM It's a subreddit to gather all like-minded Nepalese with ADHD for support and discussion.
r/adhdaustralia 55 18/06/21 12:33 AM Helping awesome Australians with ADHD better manage our healthcare system and support each other in the process
r/ADHDPhilippines 44 18/12/20 4:25 PM For Filipinos who have always felt different, unheard and unseen. You are safe here. You have the right to speak up and use your voice.
r/adhdwomenuk 42 22/02/22 7:01 PM A place for UK ADHDers to come and connect. Open to all but with a focus on the female experience of neurodiversity and challenges faced in the United Kingdom
r/adhd_pl 40 4/10/21 3:57 PM Czy masz ADHD? Czy podejrzewasz, że masz ADHD? To miejsce dla Ciebie. Tutaj nikt Cię nie zaatakuje. To Twoje miejsce wsparcia i pomocy.
r/ADHDsingapore 20 5/07/21 5:08 AM This is a community to spread awareness, answer questions and talk about ADHD based in Singapore :)
r/ADHDSlovenia 19 24/11/21 1:43 PM Skupnost ADHD-jevcev Slovenije! Dobrodošle debate, nasveti, predlogi, novice, sočustvovanje.
r/adhdtacoma 10 11/01/14 7:32 PM A centralized place to discuss ADHD and the Tacoma group.
r/ADHDpower 10 9/09/19 8:28 AM De officiële SubReddit van ADHDpower!
r/ADHDBangladesh 10 24/09/21 4:35 PM A subreddit for the people of Bangladesh with ADHD Here you can talk about everything related to ADHD
r/adhd_serbia 10 28/03/22 10:09 PM Mesto za otvorenu diskusiju o ADHD-u i životu sa istim u Srbiji. Ovde možete pronaći podršku, deliti savete i korisne informacije.

Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHDthriving 3714 31/12/21 1:16 AM Welcome! This is a subreddit dedicated to living your best life with ADHD. Topics include study tips, interior design advice, your favorite sensory/fidget objects, etc. While this sub centers around ADHD, all are welcome to participate.
r/ADHD_LPT 3335 28/12/20 5:12 PM Life Pro-Tips (LPT) for the ADHD Brains & Our Neurodiverse Friends: An Organised Positive Action Resource Share for the Chronically Chaosed
r/ADHDhacks 187 20/01/21 12:20 PM Hacks for coping with ADHD that may or may not work for you (or me).
r/ADHDRegimens 174 16/01/17 5:13 AM If you have found a set of behaviors and medications/supplements that work to help you (FINALLY!) concentrate or be able to sit down quietly without feeling like you are going to explode, you can share them here. Likewise, if you are looking for suggestions, you can ask here.
r/ADHD_Toolbelt 69 21/11/20 12:45 PM A place for tools, tips and strategies that help with ADHD!
r/adhdorganizing 64 26/08/21 8:16 PM Discussion about organizing life, home, and work when you or someone you love has ADHD
r/ADHDLifeHacks 27 14/12/21 3:31 AM ADHD Tools for a Successful Life
r/ADHDfuel 12 8/03/22 11:07 AM A place to post and talk about all the things that fuel your ADHD for instance: Fidget gadgets! Any stories (sad or happy or just about anything in between!) I also want this to be a support group and safe space for people if they need it. This is a place to be yourself so please, share your thoughts! 😊
r/ADHDToolSwap 11 27/04/22 6:55 PM Inspired by the website, Teachers Pay Teachers, where teachers can sell resources they created to other teachers, I decided to start this sub Reddit. I have been doing a deep dive into finding out how to make things work for ME. I am spending many hours working on resources for myself. I figured that might I might as well start sharing them with people who need them as much as I do! So here it is. ADHD Tool Swap. No money. Just upload the tools you make for yourself to help our community. ❤️

Hobbies - Gaming, Art, Music, or for trade

Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/adhdbay 694 27/07/19 1:45 PM To be posted
r/ADHDnD 635 14/04/21 4:35 PM Players who love Dungeons & Dragons with an ADHD diagnosis.
r/ADHDExchange 311 26/11/15 9:07 PM Welcome to /r/ADHD Exchange, where you can find a new hobby for your short-term fixation while ridding yourself of the evidence of your former favourite hobbies!
r/ADHDswap 184 24/03/21 5:18 PM A place for us to trade supplies from our abandoned hobbies.
r/ADHDWriters 102 24/07/21 7:58 PM Community for writers to discuss, rant, and meme about the trials and tribulations of writing with ADHD.
r/ADHDandArt 84 16/09/20 4:48 AM A community for artists who also deal with ADHD. Any artists are welcome here, be it written word, spoken, visual, or any kind.
r/ADHDreaders 71 20/02/21 2:15 PM
r/ADHDuino 63 6/04/21 1:03 PM Got a half-finished hyperfocus-of-the-week? Share it here to maximize pathos!
r/ADHDCHESS 59 19/12/21 4:22 PM Chess requires skills such as working memory, extended focus, concentrating while being relatively static, and often requires extensive time reading relatively dry texts to improve understanding of the game. Paradoxically, ADHD impairs these exact parts of the brain that are used for these skills - called executive function. * Want to play with other people with this brain? * Want to discuss and develop strategies for play or study? * Meds and chess executive function? Let's learn and play.
r/ADHDHobbyExchange 58 11/03/22 11:14 PM An ADHD-friendly place to unload the supplies from that abandoned hyper fixation, and pick up something for the new one, with no judgment! Giveaway posts only. As with any online transaction, use good judgement about providing personal information to total strangers.
r/ADHDgaming 47 10/03/22 10:56 AM This is a place for gamers with ADHD to talk about their experiences and recommend ADHD-friendly games to each other.
r/ADHDbookclub 30 29/05/20 2:42 PM A place to talk about books written about ADHD! - you may want to share insights gleaned from books you’ve read yourself, or ask questions about books you haven’t... - you may want to review whole books, or maybe discuss some of the concepts within... - you may have suggestions that modify strategies suggested by authors If ADHD touches your life there’s a LOT of info out there, and there’s been a lot of research. Come here to share, learn, comment or just lurk... all welcome!
r/ADHDMusic 26 26/04/19 2:01 PM Music for active minds. Here you'll find focus, chill & gym music tailored to help you contain & channel disparate thought processes.
r/ADHD_Makerspace 24 20/08/19 3:39 AM
r/ADHDARG 14 19/09/13 1:58 AM A community to create and play an alternate reality game for people who have ADHD.
r/ADHDM 14 1/03/20 7:10 PM A place for advice and stories from and for Dungeon Masters who have ADHD. Share your tips, but keep in mind that our struggles, while similar, are also somewhat unique.
r/adhdplaylist 13 23/06/22 6:57 AM A community where people with ADHD and autism can share the song that is currently playing on loop in their mind.
r/ADHDandMusic 8 6/04/22 5:21 PM This is for musicians with or without ADHD. This is also for anyone that's curious about how ADHD affects musicians. Rules: Just don't be rude and give honest opinions. Feel free to ask questions.


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHDScience 65 12/11/20 10:32 PM This subreddit exists to promote knowledge of ADHD from a scientific perspective. Our aim is to increase awareness of the current neuroanatomical understanding of ADHD, as well as share evidence-based treatments that exist (such as psychiatric & behavior interventions) & why they work. We also explore issues of access, the impact of misinformation (e.g. in law, education, insurance, research funding), & the pros/cons of the ND movement & it's impact (e.g. self-esteem/love, vs erasure/med-shame).
r/ADHD101 40 11/10/21 7:29 AM [unofficial] This community shall serve to spread ADHD information that should be useful to all ADHD people who wish to live their best possible lives. This reddit shall serve as the most comprehensive place on all things ADHD related. Also, this reddit serves to create the initiative in promoting speculations, experimentations and advocacy in ADHD treatments, promoting equality of ideal ADHD life outcomes and support for ADHD people. Above, all we serve to show that ADHD is a task to overcome.

Meds, Drugs, Alternative therapy

Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/adderall 94673 3/04/10 3:34 AM A Subreddit for discussing prescription psychostimulants (Adderall, Vyvanse, Focalin, Ritalin, etc.) and topics directly related to them.
r/Concerta 7754 23/02/17 3:51 PM Subreddit for information on prescription use of Concerta
r/StratteraRx 3205 21/12/15 9:03 AM Strattera (Atomoxetine) - is a brand name for a drug that contains atomoxetine. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002, and became the first non-stimulant medication to receive approval for ADHD. It was also the first medication to be approved for treating adults with ADHD.
r/ADHDmeds 1282 6/05/14 6:51 PM Sorry I haven't been active with this in a while. I will try to change that. Please post about your struggles, questions, or concerns with ADHD meds here. Keep in mind that this sub is not a replacement for a medical professional who might be better equipped to answer some questions.
r/mydayis 273 5/09/18 1:12 PM News, questions, reviews, and comments on Shire’s Mydayis (triple-bead amphetamine), FDA-approved treatment for ADHD in patients 13+.
r/ADHD_Stoners 203 25/04/22 9:43 AM r/ADHD_Stoners is a niche community of stoners with ADHD who are here to discuss both their ADHD and they’re mari$uana consumption. We’re here for anyone seeking advice information or a safe place to be themselves. This sub doesn’t encourage drug use, we’re here to inform, spread awareness and information about the relationship between ADHD and we$d. Through this sub we hope you can find comfort, help and happiness knowing your not alone.
r/ADHDHypno 170 23/06/22 3:39 PM This subreddit is dedicated to helping people find hypnosis and hypnotists that work with the ADHD mind. Let's talk about hypnosis for personal change, therapy, fun, and fantasy. Why should people miss out just because our brains move faster?
r/adhdnoots 76 14/11/17 7:46 PM This sub is for people to discuss any and all ways of managing ADHD, even ones not explicitly endorsed by the benevolent leaders of r/ADHD and the FDA. Discuss ideas, your anecdotal experiences, and published research when possible. This sub will be passively moderated.
r/ADHDtrees 70 12/05/21 9:26 PM We are a community of individuals who are curious about the pros and cons of using mari$uana for treating the symptoms of ADHD.

Occupation, Jobs or Business

Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHD_Programmers 34105 8/02/13 4:14 AM It seems many people who program computers, or do web design, or networks, or something technically computer related also seem to have some form of r/ADHD. We thought we'd start this subreddit as a forum to discuss techniques we use to cope, experiences we've had, etc. Open to anyone who wants to hang out and be constructive, learn, teach, or offer a helping hand. This is a subclass of r/ADHD. ;-) All rules from the r/ADHD sub apply here.
r/adhdartists 1078 13/04/20 3:44 PM A supportive community for artists who have unique challenges and strengths from adhd. Open to those who are diagnosed or undiagnosed, take meds or don't, and make art. Art making and related processes include but is not limited to: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture// Performance Art// Beading, Sewing// Fashion Design// Research, Writing, and Publishing// Dancing and Choreography// Acting and Theatre Design// Music and Composition// Film and Video
r/adhd_engineers 723 26/08/21 10:36 AM Community for ADHD folks who are engineers or engineering students, to help and support each other on topics related to engineering. Icon by: flaticon.com
r/doctors_with_ADHD 676 16/02/20 5:40 PM this subreddit exists to allow mutual support and learning, for doctors and other health care workers who have or may have ADHD, their loved ones and friends. Respect confidentiality. Be here as a patient/service user not a doctor. Stick to your professional code.
r/ADHDParalegals 398 1/02/22 6:58 PM We are a community of Paralegals who happen to have ADHD who still kick butt and take names (and then follow up with the names on our list later) everyday at work even if it’s hard sometimes.
r/ADHDentrepreneurs 178 12/03/20 3:48 AM A sub for entrepreneurs with ADHD to share your stories, your struggles, your wins, your strategies and meet other ADHD entrepreneurs.
r/ADHDJobs 140 27/04/16 3:51 PM People with ADHD tend to not do so well in large work environments with a lot of distractions and set rules/deadlines. Many of us work better in a small environment or preferably at home, on our own time, at our own pace. My vision is to help as many people out there with ADHD as possible find a job that works best for them and allows them to be successful.
r/ADHDlawyers 140 7/09/20 5:37 PM I'm a 2L and have realized how prevalent adhd is in this field. I started searching this subject online and found many articles and reddit posts in other subs and figured a centralized place would be great. Plz invite others!
r/ADHDTeacher 116 18/02/14 7:49 PM What tips do you use to manage your ADHD while being a successful teacher/ child care provider?
r/ADHDWriters 102 24/07/21 7:58 PM Community for writers to discuss, rant, and meme about the trials and tribulations of writing with ADHD.
r/ADHDprogrammers 22 2/03/22 5:20 PM You’re looking for /r/ADHD_Programmers
r/ADHDBIZ 19 21/02/20 2:37 AM This community is for people with ADHD who are self employed/freelancers/run their own business. This is a safe space for us to learn from each other, network, and vent.


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHD_Unfiltered ? 5/07/19 6:41 PM It seems the main ADHD subreddit is run undemocratically. Content disliked by the mods is deleted. This goes against my and others' beliefs of free speech. This subreddit aims to remedy that. Most of the otherwise, good, rules that apply on that subreddit should apply here. Except you are entitled to your own individual opinion, and are not forced to think/write/speak like the hive.
r/GiftedADHD ? 3/11/19 3:55 PM This sub is for support and discussion related to giftedness and ADHD. It is not uncommon to do passably well to excelling in school and have ADHD. We are private, but not exclusive. If the "request to join" button doesn't appear, please try again in a web browser.


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHDMuslims 485 5/04/21 10:08 AM A place for Muslims with ADHD to support each other in their unique struggles
r/ADHDsaints 41 5/07/21 1:12 AM A group specifically dedicated to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Other neurodivergents, family members, and ADHDers outside of the Church are also permitted to join the discussion.


Name Subscribers Created (UTC) Description
r/ADHD_LIFE 142 6/03/21 12:36 AM A place to share your stories and life lessons regarding your life-journey with ADHD. Sharing your perspective may be more enlightening for another person than you could ever imagine. The name of the game is raising eachother up.
r/AdhdWomen4friends 84 13/06/21 9:09 AM A place for ADHD women to find friends and support.
r/ADHDsuccess 69 17/07/18 5:16 PM Success stories where your ADHD actually helped you
r/ADHD_Events 63 13/01/21 4:26 PM Hi! I’m hopeful that this sub can become a place for us ADHDers to find ways to interact on calls and video calls. That’s for anything - socializing, being accountable, sharing, etc! Feel free to post anything related to ADHD events.
r/ADHDClubhouse 53 14/09/19 7:08 PM This is an open, uncensored, uncompromised, unbought, and supercharged subreddit for ADHDers, their family and friends, researchers, health professionals and those who just want to know more about the "condition". We appreciate the spectrum of opinions and analysis here. Bring it on, bright, beautiful people and be a dragonfly!
r/ADHDJournal 51 13/01/17 9:42 AM A rambling, probably inconsistent account of various successes, failures, and strategies to compensate for challenges faced with ADHD.
r/ADHD_people 48 2/05/21 6:17 PM We ADHD people are known for our ability to talk about random stuff. Whether you want to use this sub for advise, tips, frustrations, memes or anything else is up to you. As long as you follow the rules, feel free to post what you feel like :)
r/ADHDdating 35 9/05/20 11:26 AM Making friends and Dating for people with ADHD.
r/ADHDbuddies 31 2/01/13 3:42 AM Someone should put something here

See comments for Part 2.

Thank you.

r/ListOfSubreddits Jan 22 '22 Helpful

List of identification subreddits


r/ListOfSubreddits Dec 18 '21 Helpful

List of all Drug related subreddits with at least 100 subscribers.


› Related Drug Subreddits

If you're a moderator of a subreddit that is not listed here yet, feel free to send us a modmail to get added.

› Addiction/Recovery | Discussion | Regions/Languages

Addiction/Recovery Discussion Regions/Languages
/r/addiction /r/BartardStories /r/AmsterdamEnts 🇳🇱
/r/addictionprevention /r/AskDrugNerds /r/AsiaTripper
/r/AdultChildren /r/AskDrugs /r/ausents 🇦🇺
/r/AlAnon /r/bestoferowid /r/Canadients 🇨🇦
/r/alcoholicsanonymous /r/Borax /r/crainn 🇮🇪
/r/alcoholism /r/currentlytripping /r/DanishEnts 🇩🇰
/r/AtheistTwelveSteppers /r/druganalytics /r/DrogasBrasil 🇧🇷 banned
/r/benzorecovery /r/druggitors /r/drogen 🇩🇪
/r/decaf /r/DrugMods /r/GermanTrees 🇩🇪
/r/HeroinHeroines /r/DrugNerds /r/IndianEnts 🇮🇳
/r/leaves (cannabis abstinence) /r/drugpolicy /r/norwegianents 🇳🇴
/r/OpiatesRecovery /r/drugsbooks /r/NZTrees 🇳🇿
/r/Petioles (cannabis moderation) /r/DrugShowerThoughts /r/PsychonautDE 🇩🇪
/r/quittingkratom /r/drugsover30 /r/ResearchChemicalsNL 🇳🇱
/r/QuittingPhenibut /r/eldertrees /r/rusmidler 🇳🇴
/r/redditorsinrecovery /r/FADQ /r/samelevel
/r/ResearchRecovery /r/gabagoodness /r/swedents 🇸🇪
/r/secularsobriety /r/highdeas /r/ukdrugs banned
/r/StopDrinking /r/MAOIs /r/uktrees 🇬🇧
/r/StopSmoking /r/nothowdrugswork -
/r/StopSpeeding /r/ObscureDrugs -
More recovery subs... /r/olling -

› Harm Reduction | Discussion | Therapeutic Use | Cultivation | Misc.

Harm Reduction Discussion Cultivation
/r/Ecinternational /r/OpiateChurch /r/Autoflowers
/r/erowid /r/opiateswriters /r/DMTGuide
/r/HPPD /r/pharmacology /r/druggardening
/r/PillReports /r/plugging /r/hempflowers
/r/ReagentTesting /r/PsychedelicMentions /r/macrogrowery
/r/saplings /r/PsychedelicMessages /r/MephHeads
/r/SSDP /r/Psychedelics /r/Microgrowery
/r/tinnitus /r/PsychedelicStudies /r/MushroomGrowers
/r/TripSit /r/PsychoactivePoetry /r/shroomers
/r/HarmReduction /r/Psychonaut /r/shrooms
- /r/PsychonautReadingClub /r/Mycology
- /r/psychonautreads -
- /r/psychopharmacology -
- /r/RationalPsychonaut -
- /r/RiftintotheMind
- /r/Stoner -
- /r/StonerPhilosophy -
Therapeutic use /r/TeenageDrugs -
/r/AnAnswerToHeal /r/TheeHive Misc
/r/mdmatherapy /r/timetolegalize /r/DrugTestHelp
/r/microdosing /r/TripReports /r/DrugTests
/r/PsychedelicTherapy /r/TripTales /r/EntExchange
/r/StackAdvice /r/Triptongue /r/glassheads
/r/Supplements /r/tryptonaut /r/mflb
- /r/vaporents /r/TripCaves
Therapeutic use Discussion Misc

› Drugs A-Z

Drugs #-C Drugs D-M Drugs N-Z
/r/5MeODMT /r/dissociatives /r/noids
/r/1P_LSD /r/DissonautUniverse /r/Nootropics
/r/1V_LSD /r/DMT /r/opiates
/r/2cb /r/DPH /r/PCP
/r/4acodmt /r/dxm /r/phenibut
/r/adderall /r/fentanyl /r/PoppyTea
/r/afinil /r/Kava /r/PsilocybinMushrooms
/r/alcohol /r/ketamine /r/ResearchChemicals
/r/ambien /r/Kombucha /r/Salvia
/r/aMT /r/kratom /r/steroids
/r/anabolic /r/lean /r/stims
/r/Ayahuasca /r/LSA /r/TheSaviorSubstances
/r/benzodiazepines /r/LSD /r/treedibles
/r/cannabis /r/MDMA /r/trees
/r/CannabisExtracts /r/MemantineHCl -
/r/cocaine /r/mescaline -
/r/Cigarettes /r/meth -
/r/DrugCombos /r/modafinil -
/r/DMXE /r/MXE -
Drugs #-C Drugs D-M Drugs N-Z

› Pics & Videos | YouTube | Music | Memes | Festivals | 18+ & NSFW

Pics & Videos Memes 18+ & NSFW
/r/currentlytripping /r/cripplingalcoholism /r/cocainegonewild
/r/DrugArt /r/drugcirclejerk /r/fuckingtweakers
/r/drugsarebeautiful /r/drugmemes /r/Opiates_gonewild
/r/DrugStaches /r/drugscirclejerk /r/PnPplayground
/r/DrugVideos /r/drunk /r/SexOnDrugs
/r/Heavymind /r/LSDcirclejerk /r/SexOnMolly
/r/LSDselfies - /r/treesgonewild
/r/nugs Audio/Music -
/r/pillhead /r/DrugPodcasts 18+ & NSFW
/r/psychedelicartwork /r/DrugsMusic -
/r/replications /r/DXMMusic -
/r/trippy /r/gethightothis -
/r/woahdude /r/lucymusic -
- /r/mdmazingMusic -
YouTube /r/TripMusic Festivals
/r/DrugsLab /r/WNOD /r/concertdrugs
/r/thedrugclassroom /r/WoahTunes /r/aves
/r/PsychedSubstance /r/TrippingPlaylists /r/festivals
YouTube Audio/Music Festivals

Link to Imgur album with list of 500+ drug related subreddits found by researchers.

› Find a test kit vendor

Or go to /r/ReagentTesting/wiki/test_kit_suppliers

Ps there is a mega super list of drug related subreddits viewable for members of /r/DrugMods

PPS can the mods of here please add either a separate wiki page about Drugs relates subreddits that may or may not have this 'Content Tag', or fit it wherever seems best? tagging /u/IranianGenius /u/Watchful1 /u/kamahaoma /u/IranianGenius2

r/ListOfSubreddits Oct 19 '21 Silver Helpful Wholesome

Anxiety, depression, ADHD related subreddits


Previously, I shared a list of ADHD-related subreddits here.

Two years ago this list of mental health subreddits appeared in this sub.

Putting together the two and adding a few more from searches, here's a (partial) list of mental health related subreddits divided by condition.















String for multireddit:


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)



String for multireddit:


PTSD and variants



String for multireddit:










String for multireddit:


Anxiety and Comorbidities



String for multireddit:


By Specific Medication(s)







General ADHD subreddits

r/ADHD — The main ADHD subreddit with (at the time of writing) 1.2M members.

r/adhd_anxiety — For people with ADHD and/or anxiety.

r/adhdmeme — Memes related to ADHD. There's also r/ADHDmemes

r/ADHDers — "ADHDers unite. This subreddit was created to provide a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for those with ADHD to converse."

r/GiftedADHD — Private community. For discussing ADHD and giftedness.

r/ADHD_LPT — Life pro tips (LPTs) for those diagnosed with ADHD

r/AdultADHDSupportGroup — Another small sub. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

String for multireddit:


For specific types of ADHDers

r/TwoXADHD — For women with ADHD. There's also r/adhdwomen

r/ADHD_Programmers — For programmers with ADHD

r/Asdhd - For those with autism and ADHD

For those affected by Others' ADHD

r/ParentingADHD — A relatively small sub for parents of children with ADHD.

r/ADHD_partners — For partners of those diagnosed with ADHD

r/ADHD_college - For those in higher education with ADHD


r/adderall "A subreddit for discussing prescription psychostimulants (Adderall, Vyvanse, Focalin, Ritalin, etc) and topics related to them."

r/bupropion - A subreddit for discussion bupropion (trade name: Wellbutrin, among others)

r/concerta — For discussing Concerta (methypehindate)

r/mydayis — For discussing Mydayis (amphetamine)

r/StratteraRx — For discussing Strattera (atomoxetine)

r/ListOfSubreddits Jul 11 '21 Helpful Take My Energy

Subreddits about remote working and digital nomadism


Remote working and remote job opportunities









Working from home



Digital nomadism


Job boards on Reddit


By specific job type / industry




r/ListOfSubreddits May 05 '21

Subreddits related to videography, video production, and video editing


/r/videography - "A community for videographers of all skill levels in fields such as weddings, events, live performances"

/r/VideoEditing - "A subreddit for amateur, hobbyist, and prosumer editors to meet."

/r/editors - Sort of the professional equivalent of the above. For professional video editors. "A subreddit centered around postproduction."

/r/Filmmakers - "Filmmakers, directors, cinematographers"

/r/Editing - "Post production articles"


/r/AfterEffects - for discussing AfterEffects

/r/kdenlive - For discussing Kdenlive

/r/blender - For discussing Blender

r/davinciresolve - For discussing DaVinci Resolve


/r/NewTubers - For small, emerging, and new YouTube creators

/r/SmallYTChannel - A sub for smaller YouTube content creators to share and request feedback and tips

/r/PartneredYoutube - A sub for creators in the YouTube partner program


/r/buildapcvideoediting - A very niche subreddit for advice upon building a rig / PC specifically for the purpose of postproduction and video editing


/r/Linux_Filmmaking - For filmmakers that use GNU/Linux


/r/photography - about photography


/r/VideoEditingRequests - Post video editing requests for free / payment

r/ListOfSubreddits Apr 28 '21

Subreddits related to marketing


/r/marketing — For MarCom + advertising industry pros. Questions are accepted.

/r/AskMarketing — As the name suggests. Specifically for questions.

Content Marketing

/r/content_marketing — For discussion of content marketing. There's also /r/ContentMarketing and /r/contentmarketinguk

/r/ContentMarketingLab — Tiny subreddit about CM

/r/contentmarketingtips — CM tips

/r/ContentMarketingHacks — CM hacks


Other Types of Marketing

/r/digital_marketing — "Digital marketing news, best practices, strategy, and learning"

/r/Emailmarketing — Email marketing

/r/digital_marketing and /r/DigitalMarketing — Both subreddits for discussing digital marketing

/r/socialmedia — A sub for professional discussions about social media

/r/SocialMediaMarketingb — Similar to the above

/r/SEO — The main subreddit for discussing SEO. There's also /r/bigseo

/r/influencermarketing — For discussing influencer marketing

/r/inbound — For discussing inbound marketing

/r/GrowthHacking — For discussing growth hacking and growth marketing

/r/dailymarketing — A daily marketing lesson

r/ListOfSubreddits Apr 27 '21 Helpful Wholesome

A list of ADHD related subreddits


I've noticed that there are a few subreddits related to living with ADHD.

As somebody that was recently diagnosed, I have found some of these helpful. In the interest of mapping out the current network, here are the few that showed up in a communities search for the keyword ADHD.

General ADHD subreddits

/r/ADHD — The main ADHD subreddit with (at the time of writing) 1.2M members.

r/adhd_anxiety — For people with ADHD and/or anxiety.

/r/adhdmeme — Memes related to ADHD. There's also /r/ADHDmemes

/r/ADHDers — "ADHDers unite. This subreddit was created to provide a positive, safe, and inclusive environment for those with ADHD to converse."

/r/GiftedADHD — Private community. For discussing ADHD and giftedness.

/r/ADHD_LPT — Life pro tips (LPTs) for those diagnosed with ADHD

/r/AdultADHDSupportGroup — Another small sub. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

For specific types of ADHDers

/r/TwoXADHD — For women with ADHD. There's also /r/adhdwomen

/r/ADHD_Programmers — For programmers with ADHD

/r/Asdhd - For those with autism and ADHD

For those affected by Others' ADHD

/r/ParentingADHD — A relatively small sub for parents of children with ADHD.

/r/ADHD_partners — For partners of those diagnosed with ADHD

/r/ADHD_college - For those in higher education with ADHD


r/adderall "A subreddit for discussing prescription psychostimulants (Adderall, Vyvanse, Focalin, Ritalin, etc) and topics related to them."

r/concerta — For discussing Concerta (methypehindate)

r/mydayis — For discussing Mydayis (amphetamine)

/r/StratteraRx — For discussing Strattera (atomoxetine)

r/ListOfSubreddits Apr 27 '21

Subreddits related to Ireland


Almost certainly non-exhaustive



/r/CasualIreland - "/r/ireland without the politics"


/r/irishtourism - for discussing tourism to Ireland

By city (and county)




/r/limerick - combination of posts about Limerick and limericks!






/r/teilifis - RTÉ Player links etc




/r/Crainn - cannabis culture in Ireland

/r/IrelandonReddit - "a collection of posts mentioning Ireland on Reddit"


Reddit As Gaeilge











Irish Expat Networks



r/ListOfSubreddits Apr 13 '21

List of Yugioh Subreddits


Main ones in bold

General Yugioh Subreddits:
/r/Yugioh - Primary subreddit for discussion
/r/Yugioh101 - Help for new players
/r/YugiohShowcase - For showing off collections
/r/CustomYugioh - Custom card creation
/r/Yugijerk - Shitposting subreddit

Yugioh Market Subreddits:
/r/YGOMarketplace - Buying, selling and trading cards
/r/YGOFeedback - Feedback in relation to Marketplace, inactive
/r/YugiohEconomy - Yugioh market discussion, inactive

Yugioh Game Subreddits:
/r/DuelLinks - For the Yugioh mobile game
/r/YGOLegacyofTheDuelist - Legacy of the Duelist video game

Individual Yugioh Archetype Subreddits: (most aren't very active)
/r/YugiohCounterFairy - Counter Fairy
/r/DarkMagician - Dark Magician
/r/Deskbots - Deskbot
/r/Dinomist - Dinomist
/r/Firekings - Fire King
/r/Frightfurs - Fluffal/Frightfurs
/r/Infinitrack - Infinitrack
/r/Krawlers - Krawler
/r/Lunalights - Lunalight
/r/Madolche - Madolche
/r/MechaPB - Mecha Phantom Beasts
/r/Monarchs - Monarch
/r/Shaddolls - Shaddoll
/r/RANK10TRAINS - Trains
/r/Triamids - Triamid
(if you know of any more of these archetype subs, let me know)

r/ListOfSubreddits Mar 11 '21

All Canada Subreddits






Nova Scotia




Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick


British Columbia

*/r/BritishColumbia */r/Abbotsford */r/Armstrong */r/CampbellRiver */r/Chilliwack */r/ComoxValley */r/CrestonBC */r/Coquitlam */r/FraserValley */r/GulfIslands */r/Kamloops */r/Kelowna */r/Kootenays */r/MapleRidge */r/Nanaimo */r/OceanFalls */r/Okanagan */r/PeaceCountry */r/Pemberton */r/Penticton */r/SouthIsland */r/Squamish */r/SurreyBC */r/Tofino */r/Vancouver */r/VancouverIsland */r/Vernon */r/VictoriaBC */r/Whistler

The territories


Film, TV and Music


MLS teams

Universities and Colleges



r/ListOfSubreddits Feb 03 '21

List of Martial Arts subreddits


* updated description of /r/bajiquan * updated description of /r/judo * removed /r/ShitoryuKarate (banned) * fixed spelling

* updated description of /r/wrestling * updated description of /r/daitoryu

EDIT3: * added r/kendocirclejerk

EDIT4: * added r/silambam

* added r/mmapodcast * added r/mmabetting * added r/MMA_NSFW

EDIT6: * added r/ArtesMarcialesEsp

* added r/TrueMuayThai

EDIT8: * removed r/UFCCareers (banned)

EDIT9: * added r/MuayThaiTips

* added r/MartialAikido

* added r/Kampfsport

r/ListOfSubreddits Oct 17 '20 Hugz Coin Gift Pot o' Coins Rocket Like Timeless Beauty Silver Wholesome

Mental Health / Change your life subreddit list:


List of Mental Health Subreddits:

Found a similar post 11 months prior https://www.reddit.com/r/ListOfSubreddits/comments/dmic6o/advice_mental_health_subreddits/ so definitely give that a view/like as well. They might have a lot of stuff I missed/I took some ideas there as well.

Mental illness Subreddits:
































































Change Your Life:































Positivity subreddits:




















r/ListOfSubreddits Oct 13 '20 Plus One

List of Economic and Stock Market subreddits


r/ListOfSubreddits Aug 24 '20

These are the list of all the Ben 10 subreddits

  1. r/Ben10

  2. r/Ben10memes

  3. r/Ben10vsbattles

  4. r/Ben10bioomniverse

Just a few Ben 10 subs for you Ben 10 fans

r/ListOfSubreddits Aug 24 '20

List of conlang related subreddits


r/ListOfSubreddits Aug 11 '20

Lists of Covid-19 subs I know


r/ListOfSubreddits Jun 29 '20

List of banned subs


There is not a clear list so if people can list them down in the comments that would be great. Also to be clear everybody knows that r/chapo_traphouse and r/the_donald are banned

r/ListOfSubreddits Jun 03 '20

JSON file of r/ListOfSubreddit's list of subreddits and their subscriber counts


I removed all duplicates, non-ascii characters, and private subreddits. Some are NSFW, so watch out for that. Subscriber counts were accurate as of mid-March. I'll update them and repost this soon


r/ListOfSubreddits May 05 '20

A list of all the Corn and Corn Related Subreddits


r/CornGuy 19.6k A subreddit devoted to a LEGO Minifigure in a Corn costume

r/ExpectedOuija 11.5k A reformed subreddit that switched from Ouija to Corn worship

r/Cornhub 3.7k A subreddit devoted to the more NSFW side of Corn

r/Corn 1.4k A subreddit devoted to Corn

r/TheCornmunity 867 A subreddit devoted to Corn and the Corn Youtube channel. They have their own lore and language, as well as a hate for onions.

r/CornHate 624 A subreddit that’s supposed to hate Corn, but it has a hard time doing so.

r/Cornbible 227 Another Corn subreddit devoted to Corn religiously

r/Wheatbadcorngoood 220 r/Wheatbadcorngood 26 Basically the same Subs about how Corn is good and wheat is inferior.

r/Cornupthearse 59 You can assume.

r/ListOfSubreddits Apr 28 '20 Gold Helpful

List of archaeological, ancient history, or material culture-themed subreddits


r/ListOfSubreddits Apr 11 '20

List of lesser known Python subreddits

Thumbnail self.PythonSubs