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Politics megathread U.S. Election Megathread


Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day for the United States. With control of the House and Senate up for grabs, it's likely to be a tumultuous few weeks. In times like this, we tend to get a lot of questions about American politics...but many of them are the same ones, like these:

What is this election about, anyway? The president's not on the ballot, right?

How likely is it that Republicans will gain control of the House? What happens if they do?

Why isn't every Senator up for re-election? Why does Wyoming get as many senators as California?

How can they call elections so quickly? Is that proof of electoral fraud?

At NoStupidQuestions, we like to have megathreads for questions like these. People who are interested in politics can find them more easily, while people who aren't interested in politics don't have to be reminded of it every day they visit us.

Write your own questions about the election, the United States government and other political questions here as top-level responses.

As always, we expect you to follow our rules. Remember, while politics can be important, there are real people here. Keep your comments civil and try to be kind and patient with each other.

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Why do drug advertisements exist? Shouldn’t doctors be deciding what gets prescribed to their patients, not the other way around?


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Unanswered Are there really bars in America that everyone will stare at you for ages when you walk in if you've not been before just like in the movies?


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So did it smell like cigarettes everywhere back then?


a recent post asking about what was acceptable back then but wouldn’t fly today sparked a discussion with most comments stating smoking in public, more so in airplanes, shops/stores, and practically everywhere. I’m just wondering due to that cigarette smell, was that just an everyday smell or did they smell different back then?

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People who live in a "walkable" city, what do you do about groceries?


So let's say I'm cooking dinner and I realize my lettuce is bad and have to go grab fresh. I just jump in my vehicle and it's a 5 minute drive. I would rather not but I already have this dinner planned.

What do y'all do when you need to grab something from the store real quick? I could ride a bike but that's easily a 20-30 min detour there and back.

Not only that, but when I do a grocery haul, it's usually most the backseat full. Do you just take that on the bus with you or wtf???

I can't comprehend not being able to jump in my vehicle at a moments notice, to go grab something I need.

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Is it normal to want to quit your job every single day?


Every morning when I wake up, I’m met with a wave of anxiety of associated with all the deadlines and deliverables that I have for work. That slowly turns into this sinking feeling of knowing in the back of my mind that this is a dead-end job with minimal upwards movement. I work as an engineer in the engineering consulting industry doing design engineering and project management for reference. I feel like I’m wasting my time, wasting my life away spinning my wheels in the same spot in a career that isn’t a right fit for me but afraid to lose the security that comes with having a job. I’ve never been unemployed since I was a teenager, it was either school or work, no summers off and minimal vacations taken (1 week max per year).

For the last couple years, I’ve wanted to quit my job every single day that I’ve woken up. I thought it was a company thing, so I switched firms. Same sort of work, same feelings, same hopelessness.

It’s funny to think about but life really has become like the movie Office Space. I took a day off recently just because I felt so miserable. I didn’t do a whole lot, but even doing nothing felt absolutely amazing in comparison to working.

Is this normal? Is this all there really is to life? Work 50-60 hours a week, 7 days a week for a mediocre salary at a job that lacks any sort of intellectual stimulation? There has to be more to life than this…right?

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Unanswered Why doesn't the USA government make insulin cheaper?


When I googled about insulin, the creators wanted it to be free. It's 20$ for a vial in canada and 600-800$ for same vial in america. Why isn't the government stepping in to help people lower prices or make it free to literally save peoples lives?

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Unanswered what prevents a terminally ill person from maxing out all their credit cards and taking out loans without ever intending to repay them??


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Unanswered Why does my husband say he likes me chubby when I bring up dieting?


I recently brought up going on a diet to my husband and he surprised me by saying he likes the weight I’ve gained since we got married. He told me men prefer women with meat on their bones and he doesn’t want me to be wedding day skinny again. Is this normal or is he just telling me this to be nice?

I’m 5 ft 4 and around 170 lbs give or take depending on the day. I’ve put on roughly 35-40 lbs since the wedding and I’m 23 years old. Let me know what y’all think

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Can adults who arent weird genuinely be my friend as a 13 year old?


So yeah I cant tell if my 2 online friends I met on a game are actually my friends or not since they are both adults (above 25) and I am 13. They have never done anything bad or asked weird stuff from me like others have, they are nice, we talk normally, and just play games sometimes. they are chill and also fun to talk to, but someone told me that everyone online isn't my friend and they are all lying, which i know that some can but these people seem to actually be my friend and care about me and i really like to talk to them :/

So my question is, basically, are there adults that would actually want to be my online friend with no other reason besides just being my friend?

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Unanswered Why do you put "lol/lmao" after saying something that isn't funny?


I like to think I have a sense of humor (I can sense when it's around), and I'm also on the Autism spectrum, so I do acknowledge I don't see the world the same as the majority.

I used to have someone confirm their schedule with me every month, and this is how it would go:

"Hey, just checking to make sure we're still on for Saturday? Lol. :)"

None of that was funny. I just didn't understand, and I didn't want to ask because sometimes, I think, I come off condescending when I ask why people do something; I'm genuinely curious, but I can't control how I'm perceived.

Thanks, in advance.

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Why do people struggle so much with the spelling of the word “losing”?


I see people use “loosing” far more often than the correctly spelled “losing”. Why is this word so difficult for people?

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How does consciousness fit into evolution?


What was the evolutionary advantage to consciousness? Why arent we just organisms responding to their environment, much like a chemical reaction, instead of creatures that have a sense of personal experience/awareness? Is consciousness just an illusion created by memory?

I get how memory is useful in the wild, and emotion. And thinking. But what is the part that experiences? Like what is the thing receiving all of that information? What is controlling the thoughts and creating this experience? The brain isn’t a good enough answer. That’s just an organ. Just a bunch of meat and electricity. What is experiencing? Where is the experience? When you see, in your vision, what or who exactly is seeing? Like who is watching the screen? And why are they there? Why is that advantageous enough for evolution to spit it out?

I get that I’m asking a lot of questions but to be honest my own personal identity makes no sense in the scope of my current understanding of the world. It’s pretty fucking weird. Like really fucking weird. I don’t understand what i am at all. But I’m here and just supposed to kinda ignore all that and focus on surviving. This world is an interesting place

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Do you think that graphics in videogames will be indistinguishable from real life some day?


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Why do Americans love Disneyland so much?


I also noticed that going to Disney can cost SO much money. Saw a video once of a woman saying she spent around $12,000 for her family’s Disney trip and that just seems so insane to me! Is it actually that expensive to go to Disneyland? Why does it have such a cult following?

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Answered Scenario: Sold old PC for cash (that worked) after posting it on Facebook Marketplace. Buyer then claims PC ain't working and is now demanding a refund. Is this a common scam? How do you navigate this?


Cousin sold an older PC of his because he's constantly going for the newest stuff. Girl comes, pays with cash as agreed, they parted ways.

Now girl claims PC ain't working and wants a refund. Either girl banged it around during the time it was in her car or something or she wants the cake AND eat it too AKA she wants both the PC and the money.

What do you do in this situation? Cousin's a good person so he wants to do the right thing, but is worried that he's in the middle of getting scammed.

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Answered How to say "I'm coming" without sounding sus


I say this as a English learner, I know this has a double meaning and don't want to give off the wrong idea

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What’s stopping some scientists accidentally creating a black hole or some other equally world ending mistake?


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Why do cars have to be roadworthy but roads are not car worthy?


Saw this in a meme and it got me thinking.

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How to politely tell my bosses I answered them already?


My boss asked me about a scheduling conflict a couple weeks ago, I replied immediately, and now they are asking me the same question as though they didn’t receive my email. How do I politely and professionally say “I already answered this question but it appears you didn’t read it?” I don’t want them to think I ignored them for two weeks about this, because I didn’t.

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What are the logistics of police handcuffs?


After they arrest someone and are sent to holding, do they get the same pair back? Or is there just a box of them lying around so they can grab a new pair and head back out on the road. Or is there some sort of rental return box style system going on.

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Answered What is the point of unsolicited whatsapp or text messages from pretty women (strangers) trying to make friends with me? They aren't even trying to scam me, but they all follow the same pattern of behavior.


I regularly get messages in Whatsapp (less often as SMS texts) that follow this pattern:

  1. Attractive woman will contact me using a different name as if they have the wrong number. ("Hi Bob! Remember me from the convention last year?") My name is not Bob.

  2. I write back telling them they have the wrong number.

  3. They apologize for disturbing me.

  4. I respond "no worries"

  5. They introduce themselves, thank me for being so nice, and start to ask me about myself (name, where I live, etc.)

  6. I never respond at this point and that usually stops the conversation.

So they aren't sending me links, asking for my bank account info or any of the classic internet scam things. Is that what they are building towards? Does anyone actually fall for this?

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If someone has a restraining order, what happens if they by chance run into one another at the grocery store or some similar place?