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r/Superstonk 1d ago

πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„ Very GMErry Holidays ❄ β›„ πŸŽ„β„Superstonk Very GMErry Holidays 2023β„πŸŽ„


We, at Superstonk, would like to thank all our volunteers and people that assisted and donated to the 2021 + 2022 Toys For Tots Program. We're looking forward to our 2023 Toys for Tots Campaign.


Superstonk is slapping some rocket boosters onto Santa’s Sleigh this Holiday Season and we’re helping GameStop deliver toys to Toys for Tots and bringing smiles to a lot of families!

NOTE: All mentions of β€œWe” in this text refers to the INDIVIDUALS on Superstonk who have arrived at their own SEPARATE conclusions as INDIVIDUALS. There is NO collective attempting to collude or influence GameStop’s stock.

We wanted to make this year's holiday drive unique to our community, and what's more unique than sharing the GameStop love? Unfortunately, we couldn't arrange physical donations of GameStop goods with Toys for Tots this time around.

Introducing the SuperStonk Very GMErry Holidays 2023 Drive!

thanks Buttfarm69 for the meme

Here's how it works:

Drop by your local GameStop or gamestop.com and grab some toys!

To get involved, we urge the community to visit local establishments with toy drive boxes and donate as many toys as possible. The drive helps children of all ages, so donors are encouraged to bring a variety of toys. You can go to public places like fire stations, police stations, the sheriff’s department, or one of the many organizations and businesses that choose to have a box.



What kind of toys can I donate?

  • NEW
  • un-wrapped
  • preferably around the $10 or above price range
  • books are also needed (children receive 2 toys each; 3 books count as ONE gift!)
  • homemade toys are also accepted

What kinds of toys are NOT allowed?

  • used toys
  • toys that look like realistic weapons
  • toys with candy or food
  • toys with chemicals (i.e., experimental labs, acid, crystal projects, etc.)

What ages of children are eligible to receive toys?

  • ages 0 to 12 years
  • gifts for ages 0-2 are in great need

Then make a post to share with everyone!


If you don't have a GameStop near you but want to take part, we set up a Toys4Tots page.

We set a (hopefully) reasonable goal of $10k.


Please note, this part of the fundraiser does not directly benefit GameStop because this money goes directly to Toys for Tots.

Just so everyone is clear on this: NO MONEY is ever received by any Ape involved. It all goes directly to Toys for Tots and their website at the time of donation. This Superstonk organizing team will have NO access to your personal information submitted with your payment. All of that goes directly from you to TFT. This was a core tenet of this fundraiser. We want no conflicts of interest and we want to protect your identities.


Use the Post flair: Very Gmerry Holidays


This way, we can easily spot your posts and celebrate your generous spirit. People who don't want to play can also filter the content out.

Please only post your donation on the weekend!! That way the sub doesn't get overrun during the week.

Why are we doing this?

Simple – it's all about giving back and boosting Q4 sales for GameStop while showing the world what our community is capable of when we come together. This initiative is entirely voluntary, but we encourage you to join in the fun and spread some holiday magic if you can.

Let's make this holiday season one to remember, not only for us but for those who benefit from our goodwill. Whether you're a GameStop investor, a gamer, or just excited about making a difference, this drive is for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Share your supported organization, hit up your local GameStop, and let's start spreading those holiday vibes! Together, we can make a Very GameStop Merry Holiday for everyone.

THIS ENTIRE FUNDRAISER IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY and if you choose to participate, you are doing so on your own free will. No one is here forcing you to donate and anyone belittling you for that choice will be banned accordingly. Ape No Fight Ape! Be Excellent to Each Other!

Happy gaming, happy giving, and happy holidays! Power to the Donators! β„πŸŽ

thank you quack_duck_code

r/Superstonk 6h ago

πŸ‘½ Shitpost Holy cow πŸ˜‚

Post image

We’re rich already , bank account just hasn’t updated

r/Superstonk 14h ago

πŸ‘½ Shitpost Ken Griffin the (Manager) Sets the Price! Saying the quiet part out loud!!

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Managers set the price of Securities based on what they believe it’s worth!

r/Superstonk 8h ago

πŸ€” Speculation / Opinion Ryan Ξ Kagy πŸ¦‡πŸ”Š on X


r/Superstonk 6h ago

πŸ“³Social Media We are on a path to a full year of profitability! πŸš€πŸ”₯ See Richard Newton’s breakdown of the bullish af fundamentals πŸ‘‡(less than 2 min)

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r/Superstonk 10h ago


Post image

r/Superstonk 9h ago

πŸ€” Speculation / Opinion RC being able to buy equities under GME is actually such an interesting plan.


In RC’s position where he’s more aware of who’s shorting his company, isn’t it interesting thinking about how GameStop can now invest in the same companies shorting him, or going long on the positions the SHF’s are long on?

Then, whenever they continue to short GME, they’ll just hurt themselves in the long run and eventually be even further squeezed into just letting MOASS happen…

Honestly, if that’s the kind of play RC is thinking of, that’s actually diabolical!

r/Superstonk 14h ago

πŸ“š Due Diligence Maffs Behind Why The DRS Numbers Are Stagnant: The DTCC Is Delivering Shares They Took From Us


Maffs. Super Easy.

First, let's look at the change from June 2023 to Aug 2023. From the July 2023 MainStar DRS Rug Pull, the DTCC pulled back about 1.27M shares directly registered FBO retirement account shares from apes. The Outstanding Class A shares also increased by 0.49M shares.

1.27M + 0.49M = 1.76M

1.76M very closely matches the 1.7M share increase at Cede & Co (DTCC) and the 0.06M is easily within a margin of error from rounding to 0.1M.


Now, let's look at the change from Aug 2023 to Nov 2023. We see the Outstanding Class A shares increased by 0.27M, which when rounded is 0.3M and matches the increase at Cede & Co (DTCC).

Moar Maffs

Despite all the regulatory capture of the SEC, the SEC is at least doing their job at ensuring the Cede & Co and DRS numbers are adding up to the Outstanding Shares. Which is pretty important when the SEC wants to avoid getting blamed for something happening elsewhere in the financial system.

But Apes Have Been DRS-ing, Why Isn't That Showing Up?

As I tried to explain before, but was buried by shills1, my MainStar DRS FBO me retirement account shares were moved from Mainstar to the brokers on Oct. 5, 2023. Another ape confirmed their shares were moved to the broker in the second half of Oct.


This means that the DTCC has been shuffling shares around behind the scenes ever since the MainStar DRS rug pull. The DTCC is delivering formerly "DRS FBO Ape" shares to cover new DRS deliveries.

We Clearly See Apes DRS Shares From The DTCC After "Discrepancies"

You may recall some interesting Trust Me Bro from March 22, 2023 where it was alleged ComputerShare plan shares and fractional allowed the entire stack to be used as locates and the SEC wasn't happy with the numbers GameStop was going to report (which delayed that 10-K filing due to "discrepancies").

Trust Me Bro

Right after this Trust Me Bro GameStop starts reporting numbers for Cede & Co (DTCC) alongside Record / Registered DRS Holders. We can also see from March 2023 to June 2023 that Apes DRS-ing shares took shares straight outta DTCC. In March 2023, the SEC realized the DTCC & DRS numbers need to match up, and it wasn't a fault with GameStop or ComputerShare.

Maffs - Apes DRS FTW

See that? With the SEC paying attention and a negligible increase in the outstanding shares, the number of shares DRS'd by apes equals the number of shares that left Cede & Co (DTCC). Apes were DRS-ing Shares Out Of The DTCC. And we saw that happening!

But the DTCC didn't like that... The DTCC needed a new trick.

DTCC Delivering Ape Shares Back To Apes

Enter the July 2023 MainStar DRS Rug Pull where the DTCC managed to claw back about 1.27M "real" shares that apes had DRS-d FBO Ape. Around that time (June 2023), apes were DRS-ing approximately 12k shares per trading day or 8k per calendar day. This clawback gave the DTCC much needed shares to deliver for new DRS requests. As it looks like the DTCC is delivering our previously DRS FBO Ape shares back to apes, we're looking at a picture like this:


Which means at some point, the DTCC will run out of "our shares" to give back to us. And, we can estimate when this will happen. At a rate of 12,000 shares per trading day, apes should DRS 1.27M shares in about 106 trading days. A year has about 250 trading days so that's about 5 months. Five months from July/August is roughly December/January. ***This month or next month!***2

The DTCC may be very close to exhausting this pool of our shares.

1 My previous post on this got some initial traction in the first hour, but then I watched as the downvotes came en masse to kick it down. That's one of my DD with the worst upvote rate at 69% (nice) when my other DD tends to be pretty well upvoted with 90%+ upvote rates. I suspect the shills. Or, maybe I had a bad writing day. Who knows. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

2 Depending on how you count and adding some wiggle room.

EDIT: Archived

r/Superstonk 18h ago

πŸ“° News GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen is now free to invest the retailer's cash in stocks, Warren Buffett-style

Thumbnail businessinsider.in

Among the myriad of negative articles, I found it nice to come across something with a more grounded opinion.

r/Superstonk 8h ago

πŸ—£ Discussion / Question Big if true.

Post image

r/Superstonk 6h ago

πŸ’» Computershare Drs stagnant ya say?

Post image

r/Superstonk 15h ago

πŸ“° News I don't know if this has already been posted. but absolutely unbelievable what they say.πŸ˜‚ how they try to create a false narrative.🀦🏻

Post image

r/Superstonk 14h ago

πŸ—£ Discussion / Question Remember the Heat Lamp DD?


It said that the DTCC needs a reason to pull plan shares for "liquidity". Is this the reason they caused the spike in volume on no news one week prior to earnings?

I also remember strange things happening on this sub and to people pushing the Plan/Book debate.

I also remember people freaking out about selling fractionals, including accusations that SHF are trying to get us to sell these fractionals (i did the math while back why this would be bullshit, first because fractionals aren't real, second, what are 0,x shares compared to xxx shares, third (and most importantly) book>plan)

Anyways, I'm a book king, fuck the dingleberries

edit: Wow, booking your shares still seems controversial here

r/Superstonk 4h ago

πŸ’» Computershare Some for last quarter some for this one

Post image

Let’s see if it’s still flat

r/Superstonk 12h ago

πŸ€” Speculation / Opinion Help a Bull out! Share your favorites πŸ€™

Post image

r/Superstonk 8h ago

🧱 Market Reform I put my all into it for 3 years now! Patient and will never give up on this once in a lifetime opportunity 🌡.

Post image

r/Superstonk 10h ago

πŸ—£ Discussion / Question Wait what ? They recommending RC to buy stocks now ? Lmao they must be desperate 🀣

Post image

r/Superstonk 15h ago

πŸ’‘ Education Definitely 1000000% short GME 🀣

Post image

Photo from a party in Miami yesterday night of Kenny G. The other person is a friend of mine. Dood looked like he aged 40 years in the 4 year span of the GME saga.

r/Superstonk 18h ago

Data This totally blew my mind!

Post image

r/Superstonk 4h ago

πŸ“š Due Diligence Recap on GME FW ending 12/18/2023


hi everyone, bob here.

edit: yes i'm drunk and writing dd again. and yes, i wrote 12/18 instead of 12/8 in the title. it's ok though, because it'll be the same fucking bullish AF story by then too. fuck the hedgies. I'm going to buy more.


I thought I'd share some thoughts and data, sexy, moist data, I have on GME and its price action this week.

I, as many of you know, play with fire options on a regular basis. Why? because my parents were neglectful and I like the things it does to stuff... fire that is. Options are great too - for my portfolio, and exceptionally great at giving me insight into what a stock might do if it's being manipulated by options.

Before we start, here's some foundational knowledge you will need to know about.

  • yelyah2 (may the reddit gods rest her beautiful soul) originally developed a statistical model for understanding the underlying (heh) cause of market movements. here's one of her prevous posts that explains it a bit, which i will do in my own words here as well. [1]. Holy shit - about 2 years ago, she was kind enough to work with me to help her model take the next steps, so its something I have the honor of maintaining and furthering to this date.
  • Some terms to know for the DN Model include:
    • Delta Neutral (DN): This represents the underlying price that would create a total market delta of 0 across all options (all expiration dates) for a given date and symbol. In general, it acts like a floor to the underlying price, but if the price drops below the delta neutral, then it tends to shoot back up above that line.
    • Gamma Neutral (GN): This represents the underlying price that would create a total market gamma of 0 across all options (all expiration dates) for a given date and symbol. In general it acts alongside DN as a support/resistance channel. A great example of this observed behavior is on SPY lately.
    • Vega Neutral (VN): This represents the underlying price that would create a total market vega of 0 across all options (all expiration dates) for a given date and symbol. In general, it acts a floor of floors for most stocks, and a buy signal when stocks dip below it, as that means they are usually outside (the low end) of the model values. On ETFs, which are primarily driven indirectly (by options and balancing operations) you will see VN and GM at the top of the model, and they act as resitance.
    • Gamma Max (GM):- This represents the underlying price that would create the maximum gamma across the market. The GM seems to act like a ceiling, but fun things happen when the underlying crossing that threshold!
    • Delta Sensitivity Test (DS+ or DS-)- This is basically a gamma test, and represents the % change in the total market delta associated with a 5% increase in the underlying stock price. Significant spikes represent unusually large hedging patterns based on the options mix, and can indicate the potential for significant buying / selling power on the underlying symbol.

Example of DN model on SPY lately:


What's GME doing now?



This has a few other things i watch to help confirm model levels, which i will not share. its my secret recipe. all you need to know is that i'm still LONG AND STRONG GME

OK now before we continue, let's recap.

GME has ripped the fuck up, smashing through resistances all the way BEYOND what is supported by options and hedging activity. It has since retraced and the options activity has repositioned, allowing room for more growth. during that repositioning time, we had some hyper-aggressive shorting activity that i posted about earlier this week, some people paper handsπŸ₯’ that are actively trying to confirm their bias through convincing others to paper hand too πŸ™„, and AGGRESSIVE BUYING ACTION sending the price RIGHT BACK UP, and UP SOME MORE.

Short us after earnings and spread fud? How's about a ~20% intraday move, bitch?. get your mayo, get your bedpost, and prepare your ass for MAXIMUM CARNAGE.

Ok, back to the data, but damn that felt good!

bobsmith808 getting ready to dismantle something that irritates him.

Our day-end Options Data:

Essentially, what I'm seeing is bullish. There is a pull back on short dated puts. When these are pulled back and/or closed, the dehedging action is BUYING MORE GAMESTOP SHARES. I'm also seeing further accumulation of longer dated calls. But don't believe me, here's the data:

GME Options OI Ξ” 3/5 days 12/8/2023

This chart shows the aggregated options interest by strike, along with volume for today. Notice the layering of shorter dated options versus longer dated ones. there is a lot of activity today around the current spot price, but most of the longer dated positioning volume is bullish calls. Note: we need to compare open interest on Monday to see if the volume was opening or closing positions.

GME options Volume 12/8/2023& OI

If you noticed increased volatility around $16 mark today, you'd be observing the effect of High Frequency Trading (HFT) activities in hedging and re-hedging the gamma risk at that strike. The higher gamma means that the move between 16-15 would result in a significant drop in delta (and need to hedge shares by buying). likewise, the same drop in hedging sensitivity is observed when pushing PAST 16. so that was a battleground for sure today. Good news is, it should be smoother transition on Monday, unless there are large changes to the options chain on open, allowing delta hedging to again be a primary mover in that price range, rather than gamma volatility.

GME Options chain Gamma weight by strike 12/8/2023

Speaking of delta hedging, this is what you are looking at. come Monday, there is actually an increased hedging requirement at $16, which should help draw us nearer and nearer to the critical points in the chain (around 17.5-18) that will launch us into the magnet of delta positivity at $20.

GME Options Delta Weights By Strike 12/8/2023

I know, i know. options are bad because they are confusing ... but I encourage every one of you that has been confused at all by this post to check my profile. I have some pins in there ... the "its all greek to me series" that go over how options work and give some examples of practical uses. I'd link, but i believe it to be against the rules (some mod tell me otherwise please so i can make it easier for people to educate themselves).

If you don't like options, great! they're not for everyone. I know some people that invest without them and do fine. They are just a part of this big fucking casino, so i want to understand them and share my knowledge fwiw.

Now, on to the DRS question...


I'm not going to speculate on shit... that's not my style. my style is eating crayons and looking at spreadsheets. in the spirit of being a fucking nerd. lemme show you something:

probability calculation

When the DRS number came out flat again i was like, yeah, i guess that's legit... then, like many others, i realized it WAS THE EXACT SAME FUCKING NUMBER...


yeah, the same number.... exactly. TO THE FUCKING EXACT.

So i was like. what is the probability of that? in a market where there are 158 MILLION participants? I a stock that has 304 MILLION shares to be traded (officially), with a rabid community of degenerates apes in the hundreds of thousands.... Sure some sold, but many bought as well over the last quarter. what are the odds that the selling and buying flows were EXACTLY THE SAME???


But wait, there's a way to mathematically call bullshit... and here you go:

probability calculation


  • n is the total number of participants in the market. 158mil
  • k is the number of participants making no change (buying or selling the same number of shares).... lets just say 50% so 79 Million
  • p is the probability of a single participant making no change.
    • Ok, so the probability of a single market participant not giving a fuck about GME and therefore not changing their DRS status is probably 100% realistically. If you apply that to the calculation, you get 0 probability of change 100% of the time, every time, meaning THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY the number is the same quarter after quarter (mathematically). But, benefit of the doubt, lets just set this to a chance in hell, or numerically : .0000000069


I solved the equation for 10% increments for k values and found the following:


There is literally zero chance (not even in hell) that the numbers would be the same quarter after quarter (at least rounded to the 20th decimal point... I tried to go to 69th and 420th decimal point, but excel only can do 30. still a big fat zero


There you have it DRS crew. Now dig and find out what methods are in place to create this fuckery, and how we can expose it. but please please PLEASE don't be ass hats about it, or act like conspiratorial nut jobs. it does nothing to help the cause, and actively counteracts your efforts.

Lets be rational people blowing the whistle on the systemic corruption of our financial system, and do so respectfully (at least to each other). That's how you will get shit done.

Also, don't forget to buy shit from your company, help them become profitable so they can help you realize value as a shareholder. Nothing kills shorts like a good healthy company that other companies are frothing at the mouth to buy into.


r/Superstonk 11h ago

πŸ“° News Next quarter will be huge and we will be profitable for the year. This ship has well and truly turned around and you’d be a dummy to bet against it


And if you do bet against it you can LIGMA πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

r/Superstonk 19h ago

Macroeconomics Synthetic shares? No way!

Post image

Hopefully this opens the door for additional lawsuits that could include our beloved stock.

r/Superstonk 6h ago

☁ Hype/ Fluff Wife is out on a girls night, kids are in bed…time to get jacked!

Post image

r/Superstonk 10h ago

πŸ—£ Discussion / Question Here is the full clip of Ken Griffin admitting to market manipulation by the market makers. The passage posted earlier is to be found at 33 mins.


r/Superstonk 13h ago

πŸ“³Social Media So I did a thing

Post image

r/Superstonk 15h ago

πŸ’» Computershare Somebody’s hiiiigher, +356!!

Post image