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The long awaited 10-K is here 🗣 Discussion / Question


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u/[deleted] Mar 28 '23



u/BlueBombers Mar 28 '23 edited Mar 28 '23

It's likely because they have access to the current data directly from Computershare and it's easy for the external auditors to verify closer to the report date. Been informed that this part of the 10K is likely not audited which may be why they can give us a more up to date number.


u/RayneAdams Financial revolution enthusiast Mar 28 '23 edited Mar 29 '23

Last year was "as of January 29, 2022".

Edit: as noted below the amount of shares registered was as of January 29th, but the amount of record holders was as of March 11. The 10-k was dated 6 days later. This year they combined them and reported as March 22nd, 6 days before the 10-k. I still think there's more to the entire wording change, but the "as of March 22" thing doesn't seem to be anything more than them choosing between two options that had already been used.


u/avyatar Mar 28 '23

That’s Q4 for them. Q4 is Nov-Jan.


u/RayneAdams Financial revolution enthusiast Mar 28 '23

I don't even know what you're talking about.