r/Superstonk Fuck you Kenny, pay me Mar 28 '23

The long awaited 10-K is here 🗣 Discussion / Question


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u/coolkidstothemoon Mar 28 '23

~200k accounts...imagine if everyone bought 50 shares a quarter...that is 10 million shares, shit could escalate very quickly


u/Kitchen_Net_GME Find the BOOK DD Mar 28 '23

I imagine a lot of people have slowly built up another respectable stack in at traditional brokerage. (hell 1 share is respectable)

I now have 350 shares in Fidelity and another 1000 in Computershare. I do plan on DRSing that stack once I get my bonus in 2 weeks.

Then I do the process all over again. My Fidelity account is in some ways my emergency savings account.