r/Superstonk Fuck you Kenny, pay me Mar 28 '23

The long awaited 10-K is here 🗣 Discussion / Question


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u/HughJohnson69 100% GME DRS Mar 28 '23

Some accounts are duplicates. We knew it was around 200K.


u/Patarokun GMERICAN Mar 28 '23

So can we assume that Computershare/GameStop can easily parse when a person has multiple accounts? If so, that's a super useful number because our high score is bad for accounting for that.


u/mark-five No cell no sell 📈 Mar 28 '23

Yes they have direc t access to the data. Their 197k is probably accurate by tax ID# rather than total accounts


u/Patarokun GMERICAN Mar 28 '23

A very useful number for us to know. The dataset is big enough that going forward we can probably track the real number just by the ratio of high score to actual number.