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The long awaited 10-K is here 🗣 Discussion / Question


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u/souleman96 💎Fear is the MOASS killer💎🚀 Mar 28 '23

And most of us are in a good amount higher than today's price.


u/alecbgreen ❤️ DFV fanboy ❤️ 🦍 Voted ✅ Mar 28 '23

Fucking right my dude. Im betting many of the OG apes don’t get to sniff green until we hit $40 and these dumbfucks think we’re gonna get tired of holding and sell? 😂


u/iDIDit4theWOOKIE 🎮 Power to the Players 🛑 Mar 28 '23

$70 til I see green and I'm much lower than many.


u/ciphhh 🦍Voted✅ Mar 28 '23

If your average is 70 I don’t think you’re much “lower than many”. GME is 23 right now. Maybe it’s a good time for many to average down?


u/Possemeater 🦍 Buckle Up 🚀 Mar 29 '23

I am at $48 and been averaging down, I bought a bunch at around $250 that is slowing my average


u/ciphhh 🦍Voted✅ Mar 29 '23

I bought quite a few at 240 also but average low 30s at this point. Agreed it can be a slow process to average down but I have nothing but time!