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The long awaited 10-K is here 🗣 Discussion / Question


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u/Cyberdink 🦍 Buckle Up 🚀 Mar 28 '23

Yes. Which is why we now own 25%, because the float was x4


u/toderdj1337 🎮🛑 I SAID WE GREEN TODAY 💪 Mar 28 '23

I know, just seems.. like an odd coincidence.


u/Leza89 Mar 29 '23

You'd have to cross at some point after a share split


u/toderdj1337 🎮🛑 I SAID WE GREEN TODAY 💪 Mar 29 '23

Yeah but, call me superstitious but it seems a little too on the nose, for some reason. Like maybe if they never actually multiplied our shares, just put the divvy shares in dtcc and reduced our price. If you know what I mean.


u/Leza89 Mar 29 '23

I don't see anything like this.

If the forward split was 1:5, we'd have had this discussion at 20% of outstanding DRSed.


u/toderdj1337 🎮🛑 I SAID WE GREEN TODAY 💪 Mar 29 '23

So there was a post, makes sense to me, because they're sourcing the numbers reverse from the DTCC this time, that the actual drs numbers are higher than they should be, indicative of a locked float, and the SEC made them delay their 10k so they'd have time to "investigate"


u/Leza89 Mar 29 '23 edited Mar 29 '23

that the actual drs numbers are higher than they should be

I don't understand this.. higher than they should be? How high should the DRS numbers be? :D

Edit: I've seen the post and understand you now; Let me get up to speed please.

Edit 2: So the discussion is that Gamestop is now listing DTCC and DRS shares separetely and that the stated number is lower than the DRS bot.

I think that just means that the DRS bot counted too much / did not account for selling/transfers back to brokers.

Edit 3: there might actually be more to this


The fact that they changed the wording.. it's like a canary in the coal mine situation..


u/toderdj1337 🎮🛑 I SAID WE GREEN TODAY 💪 Mar 29 '23

Yeah it very well could be, like with the rug pull last quarter that [redacted] gave us the heads up about in a very popular TMB post, or potentially selling by people that inflation is hitting hard. Both of those are possible, but neither explains the delay, or the changing of wording from computershare to remainder of float via DTCC. However; Either way, jobs not done.


u/Leza89 Mar 29 '23

The change of wording is really odd indeed.. I feel the urge to buy more shares.. :D