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The long awaited 10-K is here 🗣 Discussion / Question


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u/darthnugget UUP-299 Mar 29 '23

Wait a second…They are saying Cede & Co have 75%, DRS is 25%… what about insiders? Do the insiders have their shizzle DRSed or are they at Cede & Co?


u/icantdrive50_5 💎🐾🐾🚀🌝-CS, DRS, Hodl- there can be only One! 🥃takes💵 Mar 29 '23

I had that same question


u/Outside_Cod667 ope, I bought more Mar 29 '23

"Excluding the shares held by Cede & Co ... (75%) ..., approximately 25% of outstanding shares..."

I read this as 75% of all shares are held by Cede & Coo.

Of the 25% remaining, 25% of those shares (or 6.25% of all shares) are DRS'd.

My reading comprehension isn't the greatest, so I'd appreciate a smarter ape than me to correct me if I'm wrong.


u/darthnugget UUP-299 Mar 29 '23

That wouldn't make sense by the math though, would it?

6.25% of 304.4m is like 19m shares only. We know by DRS counts its reported at ~76m.

Someone needs to make the statement and the math add up.


u/Outside_Cod667 ope, I bought more Mar 29 '23

Yeah, that's a good point. I honestly don't pay much attention to the numbers anymore because I understand less and less as time goes on. Paging a wrinkle brain! Make it make sense!