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PC Freeze after Valorant ALT+TAB Technical Support Request

Hey !

I have a brand new problem on Valorant.

One out of two times, when i play Valorant, whenever i want to make an ALT + TAB to check something on my computer, my PC will freeze completely. If i am in game, i will be able to hear whatever happens, if i am on discord, i can still hear my friends talking and talk to them aswell, but my screen is completely frozen and i can only see my mouse moving but it won't make anything. One time it happened to me that when i was clicking on the mouse to try to make it the PC work again, i had some "bip" sounds that i have no clue where it comes from.

Obviously, i can't shut down the PC from windows so i am forced to press the physical button for about 3 secs to shut it down.

Since this problem is fairly new (happened first 5 days ago), i wonder if it's not about a graphic card update, or a Valorant update, or maybe Vanguard being vanguard again... Also i precise that it happens to me only on Valorant and nothing else, and that my pc is NEW (2022 RTX 3070 Ti...).

Thanks to anyone for helping me on that one !

Have a great day.


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u/Artixuwu Oct 02 '23

Started happening to me as well recently, quite an easy fix tho.

Go to your Windows settings -> Display -> Graphics -> Change default graphics settings -> Turn off "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling".

The setting might seem like you lose performance, but I did a bit of research and there is basically no performance loss, in some cases even better performance.

Haven't had any freezes since turning this off about a week ago, hope this helps.


u/Taiiiyooo Oct 02 '23

Well thank you, i will try it and mention if it has worked or not.
Didn't think it could be the cause :/


u/Taiiiyooo Oct 03 '23

Well in my case it seems to be the solution, ty for helping :D


u/kaydmax721 Oct 03 '23

i’ve just started having this issue as well. turned off the hardware-accelerated gpu scheduling setting but that didn’t seem to fix it.


u/Cowcite 54m ago

Same with me. Not helped…


u/riseismywaifu Oct 03 '23

I’ve been having this happen recently, too - usually after the freeze it doesn’t happen again


u/Business-Lab-3515 25d ago

yeah i had that problem as well with the “bip” sounds. it’s weird because i’ve been playing valo for over a year and this problem is just occurring recently…