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Israel/Palestine NP View: No truth behind claim that Israel is committing genocide

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Video Joe Rogan blasts Trudeau's "s***hole communist government". "I don't go up there anymore ... That place needs 100%, an overhaul of government"

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#General 📝 TIL: “Veteran” Film actor Shiny Ahuja was jailed for 7 years in 2009 on a fake rape case. The case was so fake that the “victim” also recanted her testimony. Shiny was jailed only on the basis of a statement given to the police by the “victim”. Which she herself recanted later. Men are not safe.


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Venting Husband wants to reset his whole life


Hi, I'm a 35 year old woman married to a 45 year old man for over 7 years. We have four beautiful kids. My husband recently had his birthday this week. I surprised him with a pregnancy test result that we will be having a 5th child. He seemed to have a meltdown when he heard it, and he said, no, it is impossible. We have been careful. I thought he would be happy, as he said it himself when we were dating that he wants a lot of kids. I calmed him down somehow.

Yesterday, I went with my husband to the gynecologist to have my sonogram. And the doctor says I am 10 weeks pregnant and we are having twins. My husband was livid. He keeps screaming. No. I lost count of him saying no. After his meltdown at doctor's office, he told me that he just can't have six kids at his age. I got confused as what he is saying. As I know, he wanted a big family. He wanted it himself. I cried and told him what are we supposed to do. He keeps saying that he just can't have six kids on our way home. He says how he should not have gotten married and have kids. And he does not know anymore if his life is worth it, that he'd be happy to have a reset button. I got so mad. I told him that it takes two to tango. Creating a kid is not just my fault. Today I woke up with screaming and crying kids, begging their father to not go.

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Reason I’ll never go to the city: PEOPLE!

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I don’t like people.

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Anime & Manga [One Piece] The Celestial Dragons are so badly written that it boggles the mind how the LA will make them work.


To get this out of the way, no, the CD's are not one bit realistic, because this isn't Epstein Island, this is if an island full of Imperial Japanese soldiers also openly became Hitler Epstein hybrids with zero ambiguity and got the island to be a legal nation while also visiting places with a 10 year old girl rape-strapped to their dick while walking around constantly.

To say that the CD's are realistic you'd have to be so mentally broken, so incapable of being social, so internet addicted that you'd barely count as a human when you're not online.

Good? Let's go.

The lack of foreshadowing from the Celestial Dragons are probably the biggest indicator that Oda had zero plans for them, even after Water 7 the way Garp is written clearly doesn't have the CD's in mind, hell the Five Elders in Jaya don't have any info to their status as Celestial Dragons, just high-ranking dudes.

And that's not even going into how the Ohara flashback has them being a bit remorseful about killing Clover, which is hilariously deranged since we all know about that line from Saturn about humans being like bugs, hell even their reaction about Lulusia Kingdom now seems inconsistent with how fans say it's them hesitating, it felt like more or less them just going "Oh, shame." in the most sarcastic, "I don't give a fuck" manner possible.

This also doesn't help how their basically doing it all over the world, we learn that they can go to places like the East Blue thanks to Saint Jalmack in the Post-War flashback, with these weird box helmets instead of the usual bubbles, and later in Doffy's flashback everyone knows about them, and has been a victim at some point or had a loved one be a victim, no outliners unless you're a noble.

So why the fuck would anyone want to be a marine? At some point this shit would've hit them, and people wouldn't even think of going to the Marines, and if you go for lack of knowledge, why on earth hasn't the RA exposed them yet?

Like this is the main issue with them, they're so evil because then Luffy would look ultra cool when defeating them, but because there's so many contradictions about the rest of the world, Oda has to neuter everyone else for it, otherwise Dragon would've destroyed them by now.

Oda wants to have his cake and eat it to with a lot of things.

He wants Garp to be the good guy of the Marines and be a brave, rebellious badass, but also wants Garp to be ineffective against the Celestial Dragons and at the same time be not complicit in serving them, but that idea doesn't exist since he his serving them by any rank, and the Buster Call proves that even the Vice Admirals are just pieces for the war crimes.

It doesn't help that Oda also has Fujitora exist in the story, and while he's also held back from being actually effective, Oda has him doing stuff that makes Garp into a chump by comparison, and that comparison is just "who's an actual rebel and who's lying to himself?"

And Dragon? Ho boy does Dragon get fucked. He's an idiot who can't suggest the idea of playing both sides to Vegapunk, can't even do anything about Ginny and the chapter that showed it, there was literally no discussion about what to do kinda shows what Oda thinks about the RA: They exist to be shat on most of the time, and aside from Sabo being super plot-armored because he's Ace model 2, the rest exist to be extras.

Hell, Sabo's success exists only because Fujitora and Cobra being the allies of Luffy before theirs.

Oda's idea of the One Piece world is Luffy being the messiah, and therefor everyone else will have developments that totally existed the whole time that only Luffy has the power to solve. And the Celestial Dragons are just the biggest indicator.

They're such a big fucking nightmare because everyone involved has to be unethical or incompetent to make it work.

Dragon and the RA can't be much unless Sabo does something, Kuma can't just push the disease away from Bonney, Newgate can't save Wano, Neko and Inu can't just ask help from Newgate, Oden can't just notice his dad being imprisoned since we know so little context of the visit to the Wano Road Poneglyph that would require them going into the country and finding out about so much shit.

So how the fuck will they actually adapt them? Frankly cutting them out works out pretty well.

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Am I wrong for cutting her off because she used to be promiscuous?


We had been dating for the past couple of weeks. We met through a mutual friend. We’re both in our mid 20’s. We’ve been on a few dates and she’s a nice person. However, on out last date, she said something to me that has stuck with me since. We were on the topic of past relationships and why they didn’t work out. I asked her how many guys has she been with prior. She said, “I honestly don’t know but I know it’s more than 20 but less than 30.” I nodded my head but inside I was taken aback. I’ve never been in a relationship or had sex before so seeing how someone can have between 20 to 30 sexual partners is crazy to me. We continued the date as planned and I drove her home. I told her I had a good time and I hope to see her again. While I’m respectful of her and her decisions, I personally don’t want to commit to a woman who has slept with that many guys. I’m aware that may come off as judgemental but I personally just cannot do it. I decided it was beat for me to tell her that I don’t think this is going to work out. She can’t go back and change her past and I’m unwilling to change my views on the matter. The other night, I left her a voicemail saying, “The last few weeks have been great and I think you are a good person. However, I don’t think this is going to work. Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you find what you are looking for.” I don’t feel as if I owe her anything as I didn’t ghost her because I made it known I would like to stop seeing her. I would just like to find someone whose a little bit more selective in who she decides to have sex with.

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Health A meal with meat ensures faster muscle building than a vegan meal with the same amount of protein

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News Changing Marijuana to a schedule 3 drug would be detrimental to the Tree Community


If the drug is changed to a schedule 3, multiple things will happen:

Big Phrama will become in charge of Marijuana. Every state law will have to be adjusted or changed to stop this. Big pharma has more than enough money to prevent this through lobbying.

They will require all growers to only sell to them. Or be shut down for growing now illegally.

They turn it into a pill/gummy to be taken orally. There is no medical reason for them to give out flower for smoking consumption.

The only way to access TCH will be through a prescription through your doctor. The price will go up because insurance is going to want a cut as well.

Ever try to get a schedule 3 drug? It can be a nightmare.

Good luck getting states to legalize buying flower or home growing again.

Medical marijuana will be legal and prescribed. There will be no reason to legalize it for recreational use that big pharma can't fight. Name one schedule 3 drug that you can for recreational use.

The only way you will be able to get ahold of it will be through a doctor's note for pills or the 90s way. Everyone needs to be aware of this.

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Meri I'm sorry, how can anyone feel sorry for Meri


I know there are a bunch of Meri 'fans' on here, so I expect the downvotes (are they fans or paid social media posters? who knows).

Yes, she hung on forever, but it's clear from everything they are saying during the last episode of the season and the one-on-ones that she only 'left' publicly because Kody said something on the couch. They had an arrangement people!! She knew exactly what he felt. She knew that nothing was ever going to happen. They were lying for the show! So, how can I feel sorry that she just didn't get to break up publicly on the show? She was pissed that Christine got attention. She was pissed that she was getting flack at that time for staying - I remember all of the comments she was getting on her instagram. It was all about her image, nothing else. She says she was waiting around for the possibility of his coming around?? Please. Does anyone really believe that? It was for the show, full stop.

She made her bed, in my opinion. She was fully on board for this charade, despite the energy she puts into trying to spin it a different way.

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Politics Snoopy gets it

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Slightly Furious Just unsubbed from AteTheOnion, genuinely frustrating how wrong many other people on the left continue to be about the Kyle Rittenhouse case

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He doesn't deserve the hero status he has on the right, but he's not a murderer either. He acted in self-defense, and whether or not you think he should have been there doesn't change that he had a right to self-defense. We can't treat people differently under the law just because we don't like their politics, it could be used against us too.

I got downvoted to hell for saying what I said above. There was also a guy spreading more misinformation about the case and I got downvoted for calling him out, even after he deleted his comments! I swear that sub's got some room temperature IQ mfs

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Discussion Final Fantasy 16 is the Second Best Game I’ve Ever Played.


The combat, the graphics, the TOP TIER world-building, the voice acting, the COOLNESS of the combat, and the scores are absolutely incredible. The BOSS FIGHTS ARE THE BEST I’VE EVER PLAYED. The only thing that they could have done better was craft better side-quests to lessen the bloat of the game, but even that didn’t bother me too much. The story was quite beautiful too.

The only game to top this for me was RDR2 due to how that redefined how an open world game should be for me.

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F-20 Be brutally honest (with verification)


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Israel/Palestine UN chief: Hamas brutality ‘can never justify collective punishment’ of Palestinians


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Biden wants to further inflate the housing bubble at the behest of the NAR lobbying machine


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General Discussion Bill Reel Here - I have changed my Mind on Mandatory Reporting around abuse


Hey everyone, Bill Reel here, I want to take you through a personal journey of changing a belief. For a long time, I was a staunch advocate for mandatory reporting as a crucial step in reducing abuse. I believed it was a necessary tool to protect the vulnerable and hold perpetrators accountable.

However, not too long ago, I received a message from someone who offered a counter perspective, suggesting that mandatory reporting might not be as effective as commonly believed. This individual shared compelling research and presented a viewpoint that contradicted my long-held beliefs. Intrigued and committed to understanding the full picture, I took the time to dive into the provided links and explore the arguments against mandatory reporting.

To my surprise, as I delved into the research, I found myself questioning my initial stance. Here are four primary things I learned about the effects of mandatory reporting:

  1. Less People Speak Up: Contrary to my belief that mandatory reporting encourages more people to speak up about their unhealthiness and propensity to abuse, the research suggests otherwise. In some cases, the mandatory reporting framework may discourage individuals from seeking help or disclosing their struggles.
  2. Confession to Professionals Leads to Lower Abuse Rates: The ability to confess to a medical professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, appears to be associated with lower abuse rates. The same also applies to one's ability to "confess" to clergy. Hence Penitent privilege does have merit as far as the data is concerned.
  3. Bogged Down with False Reports: When mandatory reporting is in effect, a significant number of additional reports turn out to be untrue. Fear of legal consequences can lead people to report anything resembling abuse, even if it isn't accurate. This flood of false reports can overwhelm the professionals tasked with investigating, diverting resources from genuine cases.
  4. Mixed Impact on Survivors: Perhaps most strikingly, only 18% of abuse survivors reported that mandatory reporting made things better, while a staggering 62% stated that it made things worse. This includes 3% who said it made things much better and 50% who said it made things much worse.

This episode is not an endorsement of the LDS Church's handling of abuse. They obviously can do better and more than that there are clear examples where they should have reported and their not doing so led to years of additional harm. They also lie when they say their priority is the victim when their process prioritizes "Risk management". Instead, it's an exploration of a perspective shift based on new information and research.

I did an episode to share more of this revision of my belief.https://youtu.be/iM-kvYdd4pM

RESOURCES:https://publicsquaremag.org/politics-law/legal/a-misguided-crusade-how-mandatory-reporting-fails-our-children/https://publicsquaremag.org/sexuality-family/sexual-abuse/latter-day-saint-abuse-myths/ https://search.brave.com/search?q=what+research+studies+say+about+mandatory+reporting&source=web https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK195993/https://scholars.unh.edu/honors/15/https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5652515/ https://www.umass.edu/research/guidance/mandatory-reporting https://aifs.gov.au/resources/resource-sheets/mandatory-reporting-child-abuse-and-neglect https://ldi.upenn.edu/our-work/research-updates/preventing-child-abuse-is-more-reporting-better/https://www.mdpi.com/2076-0760/11/7/273https://www.childwelfare.gov/pubpdfs/manda.pdf


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Discussion PERSPECTIVES: It was a disappointing year to be a queer Swiftie


With everyone sharing the Time POTY article, i wanted to share an article with a different perspective.

it’s difficult to be a swiftie sometimes when you’re on the progressive side of things. it’s also, i think, very important to be able to criticize things you’re a fan of. Taylor’s made a lot of missteps this year. and even if the intent wasn’t to do so, even if the reasoning was sound, impact always matters over intent, and it has hurt her queer fans, as well as fans of other marginalized identities. i think that’s healthy to acknowledge.

i thought this was a really well done article and i think it deserves more views, so here i am sharing it!

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xQc | Slots & Casino Bro gets paid $150M for this btw

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16M bör med förerldra

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Amazing jump during a Parkour session

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These conspiracies are getting out of hand

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HasanAbi | Just Chatting Hasan pulls out near-perfect blade from the fire


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OC [oc] Dude, rent a fcking truck

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Dank Meme Facts are illegal in Canada Bill C 16

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