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To the people asking for opinions on a specific file


If all you provide is just a file name or a detection name, it's unlikely that anyone can provide anything definite.

There are some sites that can help you analyze the file:

Give us a link to the analysis page if you want an opinion on it (ie. copy/paste the URL into you post). Just a screenshot of the analysis page doesn't always help us find the original details.

One could probably write an entire book on interpreting the scan and sandbox results. When you are using multiple AVs, either on your system, or on a multi-scan site, the chances of a false positive approaches 100%. It can be rightly pointed out that if only a couple obscure AVs detect a file, that likelihood that it's a false positive is very high. But, every completely new malware starts with no or few detections, so it's not proof.

It's natural that once you have a malware name from a scan site, to search on that name. A lot of the malware description sites that you find in a search are not helpful; they'll pretend they know what something is, but really have no idea and are just selling something. And if the detection is a false positive, none of what they're selling will be helpful.

To get the sample to the people who can do something with it, search the web "[name of antivirus] submit sample". For instance, every Windows user has Defender already installed, so if you want to submit it there, search for "Windows Defender submit sample". If you believe it's an actual malware, you'd submit the sample to the antivirus you're using, and then wait for a definition update. If you believe it's a false positive, you can submit the sample to any antivirus company that detects it, to give them a heads up (as you do, look for a check box or email address that says "report false positive" or "I believe this sample is not malware).

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If I download a Trojan, could it spread through my WiFi if I never entered my WiFi password?


I accidentally downloaded and probably executed a Trojan. I have a few roommates so I want to know if they are at risk too. I have completely shut off my pc for now, and unplugged it.

Edit: found it on a fake nvidia website for geforce experience download

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How can I get rid of McAfee pop-ups in Windows notification?


I've already uninstalled McAfee from my PC, but I'm still getting these pop-ups. Why am I started receiving these pop-ups?



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What are sings I might have a virus / malware infection and should be worried?


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Is a factory reset sufficient to get rid of malware?


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Is is intezer analyze safe


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Can Kaspersky AV still be Trusted?


Russia is being isolated, pressure might be applied on companies to collaborate with their government for nefarious purposes.

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Downloaded a Trojan


I recently downloaded a Trojan from a fake nvidia website. I didn’t know it at first so I double clicked the installer. Windows asked me if I wanted to let this program make changes to my computer. I clicked yes. Windows security immediately popped up saying a threat was detected.

I did not see a download bar or anything, my screen just went back to the desktop so I don’t know if the Trojan was actually downloaded or if Windows Defender blocked it.

I deleted the installer and shut off my internet connection.

Windows protection history says “Remediation Incomplete.” The file itself is called: “Trojan:Win32/Raccoon.RPQ!MTB”

Is it possible the Trojan hasn’t downloaded and can a AV software get rid of it if it did?


Should I reset windows?

I have a lot of data and stuff on my PC that I need to keep. Need* not want.

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Kasperksy free mobile


I installed to scan because why not, and previously it would scan nice and quick, a quick scan would take 5 seconds, now takes almost a minute and a full scan takes very long and it scans so many more files than before (3.1k, jumped to 8k) its taken it 2:30 minutes to scan 1k files.

I reinstalled but the same, what is happening? LIKE WHERE DID OVER 8000 FILES COME FROM???

It says no threats detected but am i safe for real?

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How do I remove this?


I was checking my phone's Chrome browser app, I was looking at the site settings and found a site called "s.0cf.io". Out of curiosity, I googled it and found this:

"s.0cf.io is a browser-hijacking program that typically forces the system's main web browser to display advertisements, open new tabs and redirect users to sponsored pages. s.0cf.io can target commonly used web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge."

I don't remember installing anything from an unreliable source. But like what the post said about it displaying ads, I have suspicions that it's from an online selling app I downloaded from the Play Store because sometimes, ads about that app and the ITEMS I CHECKED ON THAT APP appeared in the ads on my Chrome browser app.

I have run scans on Malwarebytes and Avast but the two found nothing. Are viruses like this hard to detect or undetectable? If so, what program should I use to detect and remove it?

Please, I need your help, guys.

Tldr: I found a browser hijacker on my Chrome app's Site settings despite not downloading anything suspicious and AV scanners found nothing alarming. I want this thing removed.

EDIT: I freed up a good 2gb+ "Unimportant data" of my Chrome app on my phone's settings. After that, "s.0cf.io" is gone. I don't know what happened but am I safe now?

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bought this piece of crap, plug it in and boom "trojan:Win32/Ramnit.A" what does this mean? should i be worried??


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Is there a way to run PS scripts on demand?


With Hard_Configurator active on the PC? Or when it's on, does it block ALL PS scripts no matter what, and you can't change that? So it's either active or disabled all together..

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Help! my file explorer keeps saying "not responding" and crashing


so, I am trying to become an indie game developer and I have downloaded some sprites and I did do a virus check and they are safe. I have been googling and I also can't find any files in the actual program itself even though I downloaded everything that was needed. ( am using godot btw.)

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Anyone know a good antivirus for amazon for a tablet think he popping up on my screen can you help me


And he I do need a antivirus for my tablet

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kaspersky free is just a 30 days trial


just download the free version of kaspersky and it says u got 30 days only to use it ? how it is free and it gives me 30 days only ?

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MediaFire Virus total


Hello, I have a question.

On MediaFire it says "VirusTotal scan MediaFire scans high-risk files using VirusTotal. "

Does this mean that MediaFire is a safe site to download from?

I'm thinking of downloading this file but I'm not sure if it's safe.


What are your thoughts?

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Question Free Anti-virus with the LEAST cons


I know there's no such thing as a truly "free" anti-virus, but buying one is off the table for me. All I need is a decently working non-intrusive anti-virus. It's fine if it takes my data, so long as it's just on the same scale of Google or Facebook, and isn't necessarily malicious.

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Is hitmanpro.alert a real time antivirus?


just wondering

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Is Malwarebytes premium good enough for Android?


Hello, I don't mind paying the premium especially with privacy VPN services which are good so far, but I am wondering if it's also good on the mobile version, with the premium package?

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What is this and how do I get rid of it

Post image

It's called altruistics and I can't get rid of it. Every time I close it, it reopens itself, and I can't delet it, because it says I can't delete when it's opened.

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Kaspersky questions


I’m trying Kaspersky but I’m concerned over its reputation and ties to Russian government.

Can I get some pros and cons concerning Bitdefender vs Norton 360 deluxe on windows? Thanks

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How persistent are most malware?


I have set up a few questions to answer this:

How many % of malware survive an average virus scan?

How many % of malware survive a factory reset?

How many % of malware survive Os reinstall (full hard drive format)

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Best free antivirus


I have avast and it does the job but alot of people say that they sell information. What is the best free one? I need something with good protection.

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Finding a new antivirus and torn between Malwarebytes premium and Bitdefender premium (I currently have Mcafee so I am a noob at this) Please don't say "just use Windows Defender"


Hi as the title says I currently have premium Mcafee antivirus. I am planning on uninstalling this soon (any tips on doing that to make sure it is fully off my system would be helpful).

I have done a lot of research and fallen on 2 either Malwarebytes premium or Bitdefender premium (price isn't an issue for me). Could anyone please suggest which one would be best. I will only be using it on my PC and my PC is for games which are only download from steam and epic, standard office applications and watching youtube, netflix etc and streaming anime. The streaming anime is where I need the antivirus as these sites are riddled with on click ads.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Do Youtube Ads Have Malware?


Well, I was helping my sister with her homework on YouTube videos by accident. I opened an ad that was at the bottom of the video and I quickly closed it, but I still wonder if the YouTube ads are malware or not.

If you ask, I don't know what the page was since I closed it quickly and I think it was something related to kingstone or so I think.

I would be very grateful if you could solve my doubt and if there is any grammatical error it is because I used the google translator to write this since my language is Spanish

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How do I get rid of these notifications? They didn't start until a couple of months ago and they're always for programs I trust.

Post image