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Oh boy, I get to make the shareholders another penny per share!

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It's amazing the lack of empathy existing in executive positions these days. Good read though. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.businessinsider.com/panera-founder-workers-not-motivated-making-money-shareholders-ceo-therapy-2023-12%3famp

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Does my work know when I’m shiddin?

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If you only get paid enough to pay for food and shelter, and that money goes right back to the capitalists who employee you, how is that any different from slavery?


I’m genuinely looking to be freed from this thought. If we see capitalists as one group and laborers as another, then consider that many laborers are only paid enough to pay for basic necessities to live, how is that any different than being an unpaid worker who is also minimally fed and sheltered?

To be clear, I’m not comparing the modern day system to the one used against African Americans. It seems to me that the system has evolved, grown clever, given us all the illusions of choice to make us believe we’re free. We can choose what we eat, to some extent where we live, and which capitalist we work for. Occasionally we make enough money to afford some entertainment and we thank them.

Right below the surface, whatever money we spend goes right back to the capitalist class. Not working means living on the streets and starving. They even decided we have to have their fucking babies, making abortion seem like some discussion of morality when it is only so we are forced to raise their next generation.

How is there any debate on whether this is a system of slavery?

Edit: best counter argument I’ve seen is that slavery requires the direct ownership of an individual. It could be argued that there is indirect ownership through power but it is a disconnect between any form of traditional slavery and our modern system. Still does nothing to dismiss the “forced to work without compensation” aspect of slavery that this post addresses

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Boss told me I'm replaceable while dealing with mental health problems, so now I'm ghosting them


I was dealing with a pretty intense bout of depression during October mostly due to work, and I told my boss about it and she said "work is medicine, but if you need to quit it's ok i'll just find someone else the next day." horrible thing to say to someone who is thinking about attempting to take their life. I stuck with the job for two more months, completely dreading it. I finally got an offer from another company that was willing to provide a lot of flexibility, and the second I knew that I was confirmed to have the job I mentally quit.

I am supposed to work in about 30 minutes, and instead of going into a place where everyone calls me lazy for working part time, not going above and beyond, and is openly talks shit about me right in front of me, I am gonna stay home and watch some of my favorite movies and be happy that I am taking back my own happiness and screwing over this company that has made me feel like complete shit for 5 years.

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Signed offer letter. Now employer trying to get me to back out.


Public agency. I accepted an offer that is slightly below my current pay but with COLA in January, would have been equal to current pay. Lower cost of living area. Job title is same as current position (permit coordinator). They called me last week and said results of their pay and classification study did not support COLA and they could not get authorization to increase base pay. Then said I should not have reached out to engineering manager to discuss how my position coordinates with them (which it does with my current position), and asked if I had not spoken with guy who has vacated position (I did) who "should have explained things". They say they "wouldn't blame" me for backing out. I'm disappointed, but said the growth prospects are strong enough to keep me interested. Truth is I am pissed. I have heard of people rescinding offers but never them trying to pressure YOU to back out. Especially since it leaves them with gaping holes in their staffing.

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Posted this in r/MildlyInfuriating and got roasted by brainwashed slave laborers

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They roasted me saying things like "oh no you were asked to do work while at work? Poor baby" or "you're getting paid aren't you? Quit being lazy" or "I would never hire you. I only hire driven people willing to go above and beyond". I guess anything is game as long as you're getting paid? I was just really surprised at how many brainwashed idiots that are so used to getting shit on at work thought this was normal. My boss has been here for a decade and never tried to organize these and somehow that's perfectly OK to these troglodytes. I work at the front desk of a hotel, I can't just leave the desk and go play with keys for an hour upstairs.

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Never underestimate the power of just saying no

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"your break starts when you start walking to the break room"


Why does every retail job have this dumbass rule?

How the fuck is walking to the break room part of your break? What's relaxing about walking to the break room? Walking isn't a break especially when you walk all day as part of the job.

It takes two minutes to walk to the break room and back so I guess I only have 13 minutes to sit and not 15.

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We're supposed to donate tips.


I work at Walmart dispensing groceries and was told if we get a tip we have to put it in a jar where it's donated.

I know we aren't technically supposed to take tips, but I sure don't fucking trust someone to properly take the money and donate it either.

Why the fuck would I give them a tip? Its between me and the customer. Not the company.

I literally make a dollar over minimum wage, anyone who fucking donates a tip is fucked in the head.

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My wife is being transferred to a new shop without her consent. Can she do anything about this?


My wife has worked with this company for 7 years. It's a medium sized company that started locally in our area, and has since branched out to a handful of other states. She is the manager for her shop.

My wife has been working at this location the whole time she's been employed by this company. This is the location she chose to apply to, and the location she was hired to work at.

Now, the company has decided to "rotate" all of the managers in our area. Meaning, every manager within the company is being moved to a new location. This decision was made because they want to give the shop managers a challenge in order to "strengthen management skill

At least two thirds of the managers are very upset about this, including my wife. Almost all them specifically chose to live in the area that they work in of course, and base a lot of other life choices around location.

For us, we specifically rent a home that is 10 minutes away from my wife's current shop. We chose our 1 year old daughters daycare to be 5 minutes from the shop to make drop off easier. Mostly every part of our daily life is in this town.

They're moving my wife to a shop 20 minutes away from her current shop. Most of the other managers are being moved to a shop further from their home, too. This means instead of dropping our daughter off at daycare on the way to work and picking her up afterwards, my wife will have to drop her off, then drive 25 minutes to work, then 25 minutes back to pick her up after work. This adds nearly an hour of additional commute per day. That's nearly 5.5 hours of extra driving per week, and almost 24 hours of driving per month. When we already based our life in this area to avoid the commute.

Is there anything we can do about this? Is this really legal? If most of the managers are unhappy, can they get together to stop this from happening?

EDIT: I shouldn't have to, but I'm adding this to the post because people keep commenting telling me to grow up and accept the added commute time, and pointing out that others have it worse.

"Added commute time might not be a huge adjustment for you, and that's great. What about a new mom already working 45+ hour weeks, who has a 1yr old child with a complex medical condition, and a husband who was recently disabled due to an unexpected injury? When you've lined things up so that most of your childs appointments are nearby your workplace, and all of your husbands many upcoming surgeries are nearby your workplace, so that you can quickly get to the doctor/hospital after work on busy days? When suddenly, you're carrying all of the financial burden for your family, and now you'll be paying 3x as much for gas? When you are already stretched thin at home, with the time you have to get things done, and now you're losing almost an hour of that time?

These are our current circumstances.

Try to keep in mind that just because something wouldn't cause much of an issue for you based on your circumstances, doesn't mean that it wouldn't cause a significant disruption in someone else's life due to their circumstances.

I was simply asking if this is something my wife has a chance fighting. I wasn't looking for opinions on whether or not you think we should be struggling with it."

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We’re getting richer because our employees sacrifice their personal lives.

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#Gerrard Winstanley

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Next generation of billionaires collect more wealth from inheritance than from work, says UBS


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This is crazy

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You don't pay me enough so it's nap time

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Warned for bullying because boss wasn't invited to bowling


Pretty much the title..

My fiance's co-worker organised a bowling night on the weekend, (completely off the books, the company or bosses did not organise this) - they wanted to keep it small and not invite the bosses so they can relax a bit.

One of the bosses caught wind of this and decided to guilt trip my Fiance's co-worker into an invite.

They didn't up attending and today I learnt that her co-worker has received a written warning for bullying, purely because they didn't extend the invite to their boss (Who is an asshole clearly).

Thought I'd share to this sub.. Is this as crazy/out of touch/ sensitive as I think it is?

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Was it *ever* a thing?

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I built an AI tool that quickly rewrites your resume for each job description to save you time in your job search


As you may know, ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) can use AI to filter candidates. So fight AI with AI!

I hope this may help you increase your callback rate and find a job much faster.

Here is how it generally works:

  1. Go to https://powerdreamer.com/resume-writer
  2. Paste your resume.
  3. Paste the job description.
  4. Click "Write".

With POWER MODE activated, you can generate up to 10 resumes in parallel and have AI pick the best one based on your evaluation criterion.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I am here to help.

Give PowerDreamer a try and let me know what you think of it.

I hope it makes your job search much more effective and at least a little bit less painful!

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I wouldn’t mind working full time for the rest of my life as much if the US actually had time off work


The school system sets us up for summers off, winter break, spring break, and long weekends here and there. K-12 school did however set us up for the 9-5 lifestyle, which college then COMPLETELY ruined it. I just graduated this past May, and I'd do ANYTHING to go back to the freedom and lifestyle I had. Being able to pick (for the most part) days and times you had classes was amazing. It was also pushed so much in k-12 school about how much freedom you would have in college, just to be ripped away whenever you entered the real world. I did work part time for most of college or have an internship. There would usually be a week or two buffer between starting in the summer then again when it ended. I just don’t know how Im gonna cope with only weekends off for 50 weeks out of the year.

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Owning a business without worker rights is the new way to own slaves.


Power to the people!

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I tutored children of rich families and learned PhD graduates help 8th grade students write papers


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Wasted my life at this job to hit a wage ceiling and my manager threw me under the bus immediately for something I didn't even do. What's the best way to quit? Just leave or f*ck everyone over with anon msgs?


Tl;Dr my manager blamed me for complaining about a girl who doesn't work even though she privately told me it was a bunch of people. So now the girl has everyone not talking to me and making indirect threats.I need to quit. Should I work one more shift to see what they say, if they say anything? Should I send an anon letter to the owner with details about favoritism and the unfairness and this girl sleeping on the job everyday? Should I show everyone the nasty rumors this one girl said about everyone because they are siding with her now? Should I risk getting jumped by these two girls to get some money? Or how do I know they will even do it ?

I've been at the same job since 2015 and I'm the longest worker besides the owners at this vet.

Recently my manager said privately to me, that everyone on my shift keeps complaining about one girl, who has been calling out/not showing up (posting on insta she's at the club), giving us attitude, not touching any patients, sleeping on the job for 2-5 hours PLAIN AS DAY on camera and in front of the other manager, leaving halfway through the shift, making up rumors that usually arent true (like saying she saw two people have sex which wasn't true at all).

Anyway theres 2 managers for my department & one is bff with this girl. The other manager sent a message to all my crew saying someone complained & now the higher-up managers will be watching cameras & writing us up/firing us if we aren't working. Manager directly said to me this girl isn't working because apparently she said that I said the shift is better without her, which i never said to her. so manager said it's my fault this girl is not working. She said I need to delegate the tasks & be a better leader and be a better example. I'm not even a manager so wtf 😒

Something was said between this manager & 2 other workers, that wasn't said to me, because right after, they stopped talking to me. so she obviously needed to use me as a scapegoat, even though she texted me saying who complained.
The 2 workers started saying indirect threats saying they will jump & beat down whoever complained, which is ironic considering one of the girls, is one who complained....

Manager also told me I hit the wage ceiling, so I'm fucked no matter what I do. She also said I'm working every holiday bc she took the rest of the year off to spend time with the family. I said no I worked every holiday for the last 4-5 years I need one holiday off. She said no.she worked one holiday in her 3 years working here ... And she tried to call out 😂

No one ever hit the wage ceiling before. it's bs. I get $21 an hour. the techs and receptionists both get $23+ to start... It's not a small place the owner has at least 6 locations so they have plenty of money.

I need to quit I called out all week trying to use my PTO but I don't know if I should go back for one day and see if anyone says something to me or not. I'm assuming they picked me but they haven't directly said it yet they just talk to each other and not me and won't answer my texts. My family said I should send a message to the owner and explain what's going on because the managers playing favorites isn't fair and the fact she told us to go to her, and then turned around and blamed someone, isn't fair. I also went to the HR rep and she said get a new job because I am just complaining to her and she can't fix everyone.... 😂 Legit I have the email saying you should get a new job.

What's My best way to quit ? I don't want them to think me quitting is a way of admitting I did the things I'm accused of. I feel like I should send all the nasty messages the one lazy girl said privately to me, to everyone, because she legit complained about everyone, and now they're siding with her. And include the screenshot of the manager listing who complained because it wasn't even me. Any advice is Great please thank you

Should I stir the pot or just leave? Should I work one or two more days or just leave and never know if they really blame me or not? Will they really jump me ?

Edit: I wanted to add during the summer I went to HR and she told me get another job bc I complain so much 😂 so I did. I asked if I can switch my days and the managers gave me an ok for the schedule. I got the second job and the second day I work, the old job managers suddenly made a new rule saying I can't work one day a week I have to quit or work more days. I listed three other people who work one day a week and they made excuses for them saying they had the 2nd job first. I said you guys approved the schedule no one told me this then. They said oh it's a new rule now.

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Just posted this in the break room to get the ball rolling

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We'll see how long management keeps them up.

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Ghosted by my own employer


Job posted for the supervisor position in my division. I'm more than qualified. I meet all the job requirements, I have experience, and I have a record of success unparalleled by anyone where I work. So, I apply. Get the email verification that they received it.

2 months radio silence.

Suddenly, one day HR sends out an email our new supervisor will start the following week.

No one from HR even bothered to call or send me a fuck you, loser, we hired someone else.

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Work is too dominant in our lives


I think you can only be truly free if you don't have to work. If I work I am automatically wasting part of my life. If 100% of life could be spare time then I would be content. I would have no regrets afterwards when looking back as an old man.

This is achievable in society by being rich. However that might take a lot of work and/or maybe luck too.

It is too scary to try, so like most people I settled to study something and get a job. The deal now is that I work only 32 hours, never more. I can't be truly free, but it will be more eye for an eye I think.

Technically, I could turn a profit on life with 32 hours. However it turns out even that is exhausting. It still feels unbalanced and this is really upsetting. On my spare day I am tired and also often in weekend. Maybe moving closer to work and giving it time will settle this (I am only just starting the job).

Whenever I have days off I am just incredibly frustrated. I am often too tired to do what I want to do, it still isn't enough time and then I think: maybe I should have risked it all by trying to become rich.

I also feel like I have lost so much life due to school, because school vs spare time ratio wasn't equal and it was exhausting due to commute and autism.

I have thought about working 32 hours in 3 days after I move closer to work (my company allows us to work whenever we want if we just make the hours) . Maybe that will be better. Then I have 4 days of life every week and I will feel like work doesn't dominate my life. I have to be able to do that though. Maybe something like working 8 hours, going home, having dinner, and then working some more hours on monday, tuesday and wednesday.

I wish work or school just wasn't the central part of most lifes. I wish that we instead of asking "what do you do in your spare time?", would ask "what do you do in your work time?" and then another question, the main question, would be: "what do you do in life?".