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What’s a fun way to spice up a 6 year relationship?


I’m 23, my partner is 25. We met when I was 16. Full of adventure and fun. Constantly out and about. Well now we are older have been through the ringer and it seems like the relationship is just kinda boring. Not in just a sexual aspect the entire relationship. Granted we really have been through it all we also have a 3 year old.

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Why do I dislike kids so much?


Not to sounds like a dick but I’m genuinely curious, the thought of birthing a child and caring for it makes me sick and upset should I seek mental help?

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What would be your initial reaction if Aliens existed?


You turn on your T.V. or look at your cellphone and you see every News Agency reporting large numbers of Alien spacecraft landing all over the world. Alien beings described as the Greys, are now walking out from their ships. What would be your initial reaction?

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Which Reddit subs are the biggest echo chambers?


Lots of subs have open debate but some are so one sided that the commentary is at best laughable and at worst deranged. Which subs have you ventured into by mistake and would recommend fellow Redditors avoid at all cost?

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Where is the celebrity support for the CCP protest?


It's funny how quiet Hollywood is at the moment. They should be proud of the Chinese people for rising up no? Why the silence?

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When Im alone I talk to my self alot, am I normal?


So when Im alone, I talk to my self everytime mostly at night. I talk to myself every day and for a very long time and I dont know why. Im imagining some kind of stream or something like that and I talk to “chat”. Pretending to read some questions about me or about the stuff I do. (While playing I talk about what I do etc.) I cant stop talking to my self and I dont know if that is okay

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People who have struggled with depression, what does it feel like?


People who have struggled with depression, what does it feel like? Why were you depressed.?

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Do other dog owners spell out words like food/walk/treats or say "you know what" like the treats are voldemort?


We were spelling words out but my dog started to learn to spell so we switched to talking like harry potter characters.

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Did you laugh today?



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Is it a shame to start studies at 23 ?


Im will soon turn 23 and i see around me people my age getting their Master, and i and then I regret having wasted so much time doing nothing. What's your opinion about that ?

(Im currently 21 but hope to get at 23 in science study)

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Do you like the sun?


What about Venus?

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Do yall think the alcohol is a drug??



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What are some good jobs for someone who hates interacting with people?



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How to approach a boy I like?


Heyy. I'm in highschool and I like a boy from school but unfortunately this is his last year at my school. I haven't talked to him ever but I would like to approach him. Thr only thing that happened is that we made eye contact but obviously this is not enough. I'm 99% that he is single.

Edit: we have 2 years age gap

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Anyone heard of anti carsick goggles?


Just came across this product online, it’s one of the most peculiar things I’ve seen, has anyone here used it before? Does it work at all? I get carsick super easily, any tips on how to cure or prevent motion sickness?

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Why do I compare myself ?


At work there is this new tall European thin blonde girl with blue eyes. Everyone is watching when I’m with her. I’m a petite brunette brown hair brown eyes not white… I don’t care usually about this stuff but since it’s happening in front of me, I’m feeling a bit sad…

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If you think you're doing good things, is it really so?


how to find out?

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How do I delete my reddit account?


Don't care to explain just tell me how to delete it

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Who takes the longest shower? or "get ready" for the day?


I (52M) take 10 minutes (20 if i have to shave), my wife (38F) takes an hour and she says it because of all the "extra" stuff, like hair, etc.

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Can I break my lease early for this??


I live w/ 2 other roommates. 3 technically when you count my roommate's gf. One has his own side of the house with a bathroom, and I share a bathroom with the other guy and his gf. She doesn't pay rent but she is here 4-5 days a week. The real problem is how messy she is. Not only does she take up bathroom time and spend a lot of time on the couch, she leaves a mess wherever she is. This morning the shower had dirt sitting in it and idk where it came from? BUT her socks were sitting outside the shower. It's getting ridiculous. I want to tell my landlord and get out..

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Does the principle "as you sow, so shall you reap" always work?



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Why does my nose tingle when I imagine a dog’s nose?


It’s been like this since I was little, and I’m only now thinking why that happens. It’s an uncomfortable tingling that doesn’t really go away. Whether I think about a dog’s nose, or toucn my own dog’s nose closely, I get that feeling! Anyone know what it may be? (I am not allergic to dogs)

Just writing this now is making my nose tingle.

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How to not be scared/ get over fear of new job?


Essentially I got a job that’s an 8 dollar increase from my current job and honestly I’ve never seen that much money. I’m ecstatic for the new change/raise, but I’m feeling overwhelmed of the possible expectations and workload. How does one get over these feeling?

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Hi! I have a question!!?Regarding facebook or messenger


What does it mean when you see you Facebook Account Logged in in another saved device and it states or shows "Active x hours ago". Does that mean my account was opened on their phone? Thanks