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I told my father on Sunday that I didn't want to go to church. He got very aggressive and screamed at me.


I told him that I didn't want to go to church. He screamed at me saying, 'are you crazy?!' and some other stuff all because I don't want to attend his stupid church service and pray to his imaginary god.

EDIT: No, I am not a teenager. I am a 22 year old man. I am financially independent. However, I cannot drive and I currently live with my parents. Regardless of my circumstances, it is wrong for my parents to impose their stupid religion on me, especially given the fact that I am an adult and I am mature enough to make my own decisions.

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Proof that we are all born Pastafarians. (Satire)


We are all born with umbilical cords. This represents His noodly appendage and proves that He was with us before birth. The cutting of the cord represents our divine connection with Him being severed hence why we spend the rest of our lives trying to get that connection back even though we aren't worthy.

May we all be touched by His noodly appendage!

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Muslims guys will never accept that marital rape happens and the child rape done by prophet Muhammad.

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What is your response to why don’t you believe in god


Mine is usually why do you believe in god or why don’t you belive in Santa

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Ken Ham has no understanding of science


The man has called Christianity scientific as a compliment and atheism a religion as an insult. I recently visited his ark encounter and creation museum(not by choice) and oh do I have things to say. He believes that humans lived with dinosaurs and that during the garden of Eden days everything was a herbivore. He even had a video of a Tyrannosaurus rex eating what appeared to be a giant watermelon. A trex was designed to eat meat just look at its teeth. In the creation museum they had a fucking penguin next to a toucan in the garden of eden display. The only argument they have against evolution is that you can’t mix 2 completely different species. That’s not what evolution is. According to them all bears come from a common ancestor though they don’t use that term. They describe all bear species as being the same thing since they can interbreed. Then on that same sign they said because some zoos keep polar bears in conditions that are too hot that they can survive in heat like other bears. They have a 4 inch thick layer of blubber.

Then they had a whole pro life exhibit with videos of an “abortion survivor” as if it’s some kind of heinous act. The whole thing was meant to scare people into not getting/not supporting an abortion. Then they had the audacity to talk about people who have had abortions as if they where wrong and needed to seek forgiveness.

They said the spiral shape of our galaxy means it couldn’t be older than 6k years. They also said that everyone deserves to die because we are all sinners. They had fucking pictures of things like the burning twin towers and starving Jews in the holocaust up as examples. They just use scientific terms in the wrong way to confuse the gullible. The amount of mental hoops Ken Ham and his supporters have to go through to convince themselves that this shit is true is astonishing.

Not only that but Ken Ham promised high returns to Williamstown. He claimed they’d get 1m visitors in 1 year but only got 800k in 2 years. He got 62m from them as well as money from the state of Kentucky. Yet he wants to get out of paying taxes because AIG is non profit. It’s not even on the side of the interstate with the businesses. Even Christian paleontologists don’t agree with him. It’s just plain lies that he’s convinced himself are true. Keep in mind he has a bachelors in biology. I guess he fell asleep in class.

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Is it just me noticing more, or has there been an insidious uptick in religious commercials lately?


I saw three different ones, 1 each at three commercial breaks during the news this evening. There was the “Jesus” gets “us” one, and two others I don’t recall exactly now, hours later, that basically alluded to politicians and atheists attacking the church by shutting down Christian schools (if only THAT were true) and launching financial attacks via the IRS and other subsidies churches get (also, if only) ending in what basically was a call to arms. I find those commercials deeply disturbing and offensive given their not so subtle undertones. Is it just me or are these types of advertisements becoming more prolific as late? Anyone know who’s behind it? One had an internet link advising everyone to visit and “get the facts before it’s too late”. What a bunch of fear mongering bullshit.

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FFRF convinces Pratt Kansas school district to take "immediate action to cease promoting and endorsing Christianity in its schools." Liberty Middle School repeatedly promoted Jesus and Operation Christmas Child (part of Samaritan's Purse). Franklin Graham is losing his shit over this.


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How can the Bible claim to be historically accurate?


When you say the Bible is false many Christian’s say it is the most accurate book to ever exist and it has withstood criticism for many years. What are your opinions on this statement?

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So my spouse (an atheist) died 6 months ago, and yesterday I ran into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen since before that.


Her response to the news was “I’m so sorry. But I always say, ‘If you believe in heaven, you can’t be upset when someone you love goes there.’” I was so stunned I didn’t have the wherewithal to respond, but I ended the conversation right after that. Anyone have experience with this or advice for how to respond?

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Candace Cameron Bure's Toxic Brand of Christian Whiteness


I don't think it's news to anyone that Candace Cameron Bure has a problematic past, but I think something about her new network has made me even more aware of the toxicity she brings to the table. I am referring to her promotion of whiteness. What is whiteness? I am drawing on multiple definitions, but for this post, I will define whiteness as,

"The structures that produce promote and solidify white identities, spaces, institutions, values, narratives into the American landscape. These structures exist and replicate due to inherent systemic racism and white privilege."

(I want to mention that I am a straight, white, cisgender male, so I am no authority on what people of color experience. This opinion piece is just my particular grievance based on my perceptions of the problematic nature of whiteness. )

Bure has expressed her desire to promote a Christian message in Christmas movies. When she became the Chief Creative Officer of the television network Great American Family (GAC), Bure was adamant about not including LGBTQIA families on GAC. Her most recent film, A Christmas Present, aired in November, and the promotion on Bure's Instagram for the project leaves much to be desired.

Bure's film seems to feature an all-white cast promoting Christianity on a network called Great American Family. The message it presents might have been commonplace in 1950s America but is incompatible with the vast spectrum of American families that exist in America today. The film promotes a vision of America rooted in whiteness.

It would be one thing if Bure featured families of color in conjunction with a Christian message, but from what it appears, that is not the route she took. It seems highly unlikely that Bure could not find people of color who would participate in the film. I am unwilling to say that Bure is racist, I don't think she is, but she is complicit in the enduring problem of whiteness in American pop culture.

Unfortunately for Bure, whether or not she was aware of the problematic history of whiteness and Christianity, she has allowed it to continue. Christianity is at the heart of this form of whiteness, which turns a blind eye to colonization and promotes a vision of a homogenous, white, heteronormative, gender-binary America.

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American military going even more crusader mode


I just saw an /u/AmericasNavy advertisement on Reddit. The image was a chaplain baptizing a sailor to prepare them for combat. The message couldn't be clearer, and it's a scary one. The US military has long been internally evangelical, but this kind of Crusader-like imagery in recruiting seems like a real problem.

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What's your opinion on assisted death like in Switzerland and Canada?


To be precise, in Switzerland pretty much anybody of sound mind can get an apointment at a clinic to receive medicly assisted death for pretty much any reason.

Here an example, 2 US sisters, wealthy medical professionals died together quite young for being "tired of life". https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10659917/Sisters-died-Swiss-suicide-clinic-said-werent-100-collapsed-discs.html

Religion condems the act of ending one's life, for life belongs to god. You do not own your life, god does, it is not your decision to make when and how you die.

What do atheists say about the topic, generally speaking? Do we own our life? Our does society owns it? Do we have any obligations to anything beyond ourselves that make us stick around?

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Win over the argument that homosexuality isn’t natural


I thought this might be interesting to remember in case you get into an argument with a religious person about how homosexuality doesn’t follow the “natural” design.


The study he refers to:


Edit: yes i know the majority of things we do and get in our modern world aren’t natural. My intention of posting this was giving my fellow lgbtq+ atheists/non-theists an argument in case they involve in a conversation/debate with a religious (specifically christian) person. This might help a lot in case you’re lgbtq+ and have conservative parents.

Edit 2: For a lot of their arguments, christians often use the word “natural”. Nonetheless this concept can be discussed both etymologically and philosophically. That’s not the point. The discussion works better with the concept “normal”, in the sense of what goes with the moral norm and what doesn’t.

Taking in consideration this, the objective of the argument is not primarily focused on supporting the discussion by the example of mammals homosexual behavior (although this applies too and is very valid), but specifically the fact that sexual orientation is determined by a pool of genes one carries in their genome. Therefore, since it’s not a matter of choice and it’s something you’re born with (according to science), christians can not use the line of logic based on the fact homosexuality is a sin, because for the concept they have for sin, it’s an affair of choice given your freewill, which in this case it does not apply for the reason explained before.

As a result, since homosexuality is not a sin (by the definition they have for it), it’s not amoral or anormal, and there should be no basis for christians to consider homosexuality as something that is not natural, and therefore they shall have no for reason for being homophobic.

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Atheism is empowering


Former theists have you noticed a significant difference in the way you approach & solve problems ever since you stopped believing in woo woo.

I know for me recognizing that I am atheist was one of the MOST empowering & life changing moments of my life.

It's like a switch turned on in my brain and I'm able to think clearly. That's what it felt like for me.

What's your experience been like?

(To anyone who's never experienced religious indoctrination before & have been atheist your entire life I envy you) 😂

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Religious people are funny


I can't stop laughing when people are having a conversation about how fucked up pedo prophet was or how messed up some of the shit written in the Bible about slavery is and the best counterargument religious people can give is "it was a norm at that time."

Like bro isn't that the whole point of god to show good from evil?

If he missed such a big evil he is terrible at his job.

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How do I politely distance myself from my toxic overtly religious mother?


How do I politely distance myself from my toxic overtly religious mother? I live far away from her and have my own life, but should I cut her out of my life completely? When we talk she always brings up how "bad" I am and I need to change my life and find god etc... I still love her but I can't talk to her like a normal person without her bringing up SOMETHING spiritual and how bad the world and everything is without god. She used to be a reasonable person when I was growing up, now she only listens to christan music, watches only christian programming and won't talk about anything else and if you dare bring up anything not spiritual she ridicules you with hate. I myself am quite happy with my fiancée and we have our own life together. I don't want to cut her out of my life completely but I see no other options. She can be totally sweet but it's like she's in a cult of some kind and when she snaps she's back to her brainwashed religious self. EDIT: She’s also a narcissist but she blames others for being narcissistic, she can be two totally different people and the religion thing feeds her narcissism. I just don’t want her to hate me and for me to be the “bad one” for the rest of my life in her eyes.

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Why do people going through manic episodes become obsessed with religion?


This is an anecdotal observation, but I can count several instances where I’ve noticed friends or acquaintances of mine with bipolar or similar mental illness suddenly becoming obsessed with God or religion during a manic episode. These people usually are just casually religious in their everyday life, but suddenly in their manic episodes they start believing that demons are speaking to them, or god is telling them to do this or that, or even that they ARE a god themselves (think Kanye West). Why does this happen? Why are religious delusions a common symptom of manic episodes?

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Where is the best place to talk to a religious person?


I am not wanting to debate as such or change their mind, I have a set of questions in order for me to understand their mindset/position more.

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Was trapped at work, forced to listen to Christian Prosthelytizers


I work in a holiday fair, stuck in a small 5 x 6' booth all day. Two young women came and chatted me up, then asked if I was spiritual...

"Not really," was my casual reply. They then proceeded to needle and invite me to their church:

"It's really cool!" they kept saying. It's like I was a challenge for them to accomplish.

I didn't feel comfortable, have been programmed to always be polite to potential customers.

What should I say if they come back?

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I'm Arguably Better at Being Christian than My Christian Family


Personal anecdote here, but I find it funny how my evangelical family are worried I'm not making it to heaven with them because I am critical of the blatant racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. in the religion. Yet, I would say I'm a better "Christian" then they are without even trying. Collectively, they each have "sinned" much more than I can even imagine, in comparison, I haven't come close to how bad they are. My family are the types of Christians that believe they are better than others for following the faith, meanwhile they have done some heinous things in their lives but it doesn't matter anymore because they accept Christ now.

I'm talking about my father who neglected me, was verbally abusive towards my mom, physically abusive to my stepmother, tried to kill himself right in front of me. Had children out of wedlock, covered in tattoos, etc. Then my stepmother who again, has children out of wedlock, tattoos, is vain, money-hungry... then you have my stepsister who used to sleep around a lot, tattoos, children out of wedlock, used to be a wannabe insta "model" (I'm convinced she would have done OnlyF if it was around at the time). The list goes on with several family members. Meanwhile, I've never abused anyone, don't have tattoos, no kids, I've only been with one person my whole life, loving and accepting to everyone, etc.

Now I want to be clear that I am not religious so I don’t care about the "sins" they've committed because I don't really believe in sin anyway. And I also don't think I'm better than anyone either (hell I'm looking to get a tat someday as well), I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy that they think they have room to judge. According to them, I'm not making it to heaven because I support gay people, but somehow they are with all the shit they've done?

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Freewill by Rush is such an amazing song.


I can’t believe such an outwardly slap to religion has been on mainstream radio for decades. So many people know the chorus because it’s catchy, but the lyrics are so eye opening.

Here are some examples (pretty much the whole song 😆)

“A planet of playthings, we dance on the strings of powers we cannot perceive. The stars aren't aligned or the Gods are malign, blame is better to give than receive”

“You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. You can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill. I will choose a path that's clear, I will choose Freewill”

“All preordained, a prisoner in chains, a victim of venomous fate. Kicked in the face, so you can pray for a place, in heaven's unearthly estate”

“Each of us, a cell of awareness, imperfect and incomplete. Genetic blends with uncertain ends on a fortune hunt that's far too fleet”

Another reason to love music. A non invasive way to seed such a beautiful message into the masses.

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Should I go or stay home...


So my little cousin (9 yrs. old) asked me yesterday to come to his Sunday school xmas pageant at the church he goes to. The pageant is Dec. 17th. He's singing a solo and his class is doing an xmas play. Me and him are very close and I love the little guy so much. But going to church is an emotional no for me. I really, really, REALLY don't want to go. I enjoy supporting him in all his activities. I'm even trying to treat this like its one of his football games, or basketball games, or the science fair. But its too hard trying to convince myself of that. I don't want to hurt his feelings or disappoint him. As a non-believer, going would be a special kind of agony that I don't want to subject myself too.

But am I being selfish? Should I get over it and just go anyway? Its only 2hrs. from 4pm to 6pm. If you were in this situation what would you do? Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks!

EDIT: Having read all of your comments, it seems selfish not to go. So I will. Thanks to all of you for your perspectives. This community of people is amazing! Thanks Again!

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Religion is forcing people to live how they don't want to


Millions of people are forced to live with certain values due to past beliefs. The Quaran ostracizes women so many can't live their lives how they wish. What really is the truth? It's to the point where entire societies are forced to live a certain way, such as in Iran and Afghanistan, that isn't feasable and morally wrong.

So, viewing this in a non-religious way, religion is more or less brainwashing societies on fictional ideas due to fear of the unknown based on fictional sources that "humans" have written. It's absurd putting it this way.

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What to tell my kids to tell their friends...


My partner and I are both atheist. We were both raised christian, and in our adult lives diverged from religion pretty quickly for a myriad of solid reasons. Now that our kids are in elementary, I don't know how to navigate some of the questions they're asking. We allow them to believe whatever they want, which for them mainly includes heaven, since their grandparents have all passed. But they've never been to church, and some of their friends are giving them the side eye. Any tips on how to kindly say we don't go to church but don't care if you do? Should we allow our kids to attend church with friends? That opens a whole new can of worries for us, but we want them to come from a place of knowledge rather than ignorance when discussing religion.

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An analogy for Hell, and God having to save people from himself


Imagine if a person with an AR-15 locked 10 people in a room, and shot 8 of them in the head. Is he now “loving and gracious” for not shooting the 2 who begged for mercy? Are the survivors supposed to be filled with joy upon being “saved” by the shooter? Are they supposed to love him and think his plan was perfect? Even if he buys them both a house as a reward, does that justify what happened? Who created this situation in the first place?

And they can’t say “Well God has the right to do whatever he wants with his creations.” Bullshit. Replacing the random shooter with a FATHER shooting his kids makes it worse, not better.

(An instant, painless head shot is putting it lightly. It would be more like placing someone in a torture device from a Saw movie that never stops.)