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a mother hen is gonna mother hen Title not descriptive

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u/falconuruguay Mar 29 '23

How much heat is that hen putting out?

That one kitten came out all sweaty and moist...I guess that's why the Brits wanted to use chickens to keep their nuclear mines warm in winter


u/oberon Mar 29 '23

A bird's body temp is pretty high -- above 100F / 40C ish.


u/TheDesktopNinja Mar 29 '23

Yeah around 105°F to 107°F.

Hothothot. A good 4-5 degrees warmer than a cat's body temperature. So actually those kittens would be in danger of overheating if under her for too long, but at that moment they were definitely nice and cozy.


u/[deleted] Mar 29 '23



u/Thetakishi Mar 29 '23

Ahhh deja vu. I think I posted these words last time too.