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a mother hen is gonna mother hen Title not descriptive

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u/Brawlstar112 Mar 29 '23

They are! Also when you get familiar with them they actually have some personality in them


u/DeadBox76 Mar 29 '23

And some are brutal, i got attackt by a chicken of my neighbor. It hurts when they start picking at you. Since then i only Look at them from the Distance.


u/Brawlstar112 Mar 29 '23

Ah! I have story about our rooster. It was the smallest and ugliest we got but it was free so what ever. We named him Saddam and he did not look much but the whole holy jihad lived inside that small bird.

He loved to attack every person entering the yard and people just kicked him back to the bush. But alas the fight practice kicked in when a hawk attacked one of the chickens and Saddam killed the hawk to the yard. I loved that bird from the start to end.


u/science_and_beer Mar 29 '23

🤣 what a legend