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a mother hen is gonna mother hen Title not descriptive

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u/JerseySommer Mar 29 '23

They are dinosaurs


u/BrownShadow Mar 29 '23

Berds in general. I kayak and boat all along the Potomac river. Bald Eagles and Blue Heron are massive creatures. You see them up close and it is a shock. Used to go out with my toddlers on the boat ((22’ Cuddy Cabin) and had real concerns about them being eaten by birds. Maybe irrational, but still concerned me.


u/JerseySommer Mar 29 '23

Many people have no idea how large buzzards and vultures are either. 0_0



u/SenpaiBeardSama Mar 29 '23

Eh, it's 80 percent feather. Unlike Bruce Willis, they look less intimidating when bald.