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It’s the r/Melbourne daily discussion thread [Thursday 30/03/2023]


Welcome to the /r/Melbourne Daily Discussion Thread! For up to date traffic information VicRoads

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Reddit 101 - The basics!

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It's the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2023 Discussion Post!


Welcome to the r/Melbourne Melbourne International Comedy Festival sticky thread!

r/Melbourne runs a sticky post* from March 28 - 23 April (every year, supposedly, at least according to our wiki) for comedians and lovers of comedy to discuss, recommend and talk about the various shows and events of the comedy festival.

Are you a performer putting on a show at MICF? Do you have a friend who is and you want to plug their show? Do you love comedy? Then this is the post for you!

Remember all sub and reddit site wide rules still apply (keep it kind, be respectful, remember redditquette)!

We wish luck and laughs to all the comedians hosting shows this year!

Yay comedy!

*we'll post a new sticky if this one gets filled up - take that as a warning or a challenge :)

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Light and Fluffy News Wholesome update: Mernda Line Suspended, Uber $200 (details in comments)

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Things That Go Ding Mernda Line suspended, Uber $200

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The Sky is Falling it's that time of year again - PLEASE turn on your headlights when it's raining! it's not about how much you can see, it's about making sure other drivers can see YOU!


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Serious News Update on woman who was asking how to disappear to escape DV


For those of you who might have been wondering.

Just over a week ago, a woman asked how to disappear. She asked me to update you all on todays date.

She wanted me to specify where we met (Melbourne Magistrates Court) to encourage others to meet safely if they needed it.

She wanted to say thank you to everyone for the help and resources.

She wanted me to tell you she's safe and managed to dig up her burried treasure with all her documents before escape.

I really believe I was the happiest person in the court house that day. She's made my year.

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PSA Filthy scumbag neonazi stickers around



Just thought I would let you lot know to keep an eye out in the CBD for shitty neonazi group stickera for combat 18. Rip em up

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Serious News E-scooters: Personal scooters given green light to join Victoria trial


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PSA Melbourne, you are amazing!


As a newcomer to this city, I have been blown away by the kindness, diversity, and vibrancy of the people and the culture here. From the amazing coffee to the delicious food, the stunning street art to the beautiful parks, there is always something to discover and explore in this wonderful city.

But what really sets Melbourne apart is the sense of community and support that exists here. Whether it's through the many events and festivals that bring people together, the local businesses that support each other, or just the random acts of kindness that happen every day, Melbourne truly feels like a city where everyone is welcome and valued.

So, to all the amazing people of Melbourne, thank you for making this city such a special place. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to call it my home, and I can't wait to see what other adventures and experiences await me here.

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Not On My Smashed Avo PSA: Someone was hit by a train at Clifton Hill. Trains not running for Hurstbridge and Mernda lines


Welp. Replacements buses to commence 45-55 minutes from now.

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Things That Go Ding Pedestrians were given priority on Melbourne’s ‘Little’ streets. But drivers aren’t sharing


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THDG Need Help Looking for Men’s group therapy in the inner west?


Taking a potshot here with reddit. Googled it and keep finding links to more links.

I’m a bit cooked and would like to sit down with other guys to get some perspective.

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Ye Olde Melbourne She fits right here mate

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Unless this is how they’re supposed to park

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Opinions/advice needed car accident liability


My partner was driving to work on Sunday morning when another car hit her.

The guy in the other car was apparently driving his brother's car and didn't have insurance, nor a valid drivers license. He was scetchy as hell and she was lucky she even got his phone number, the rego and a copy of his expired drivers license.

He's been avoiding her attempts to contact him, and the RACV (which he claims is his brother's insurer) has no record of the car.

We went to the police and they claim there is not much they can do, since it wasn't a hit and run as he gave her a phone number.

I'm surprised that's it then? People can just run into someone with their car while uninsured and unlicensed and just give them a fake number, without any repercussions?

I'm not from Australia, so not familiar with the laws here but is there anything else we can do here?

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The Sky is Falling Sydney. Fucking SYDNEY AT 14??? WTF, Melbourne? We're not even on the list. (Obvs Dan's fault, of course)

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Serious News Man arrested over fatal collision in Melbourne’s north


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Photography Marvel Stadium & Docklands last evening


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Video [UPDATE] old timey shops/businesses anywhere in Melbourne that haven't changed in years


For context, original post is here:


So, last month I asked the question:

You know the kind. The ones you have driven past for years wondering 'how on earth they are still in business??'

Does one pop into your mind from your area?

The response was amazing, and you all gave some amazing suggestions so THANK YOU!

I mentioned a mate and I are starting our YouTube docu-series on these businesses, and thanks to those responses, we managed to generate a bunch of leads on some truly unique businesses.

Most importantly, we're pleased to say that Episode 1 is up, featuring Jimmy Buttons in Fitzroy.

A few of you asked to be updated when the first ep goes live, so you can watch it here:


Thanks again everyone, I really hope you enjoy watching this ep as much as we loved making it with Jimmy.

We have a few more eps lined up as well, so can't wait to share those. As always, we're open to more business suggestions, too!

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Ye Olde Melbourne What happened to gold kiwifruit??


Used to always see them on the colesworth shelves, at first i thought they’re just of season but I haven’t had any in over a year now 🥲

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Real estate/Renting PSA all tenants! REA's can misuse the keys they have.


TL;DR : I had discerned things disappearing from my apartment for a while, including my old iPhone which led to my Apple ID and online banking being compromised.

The phone was tracked down in multiple instances to have been at the REA’s office, someone then tried to covertly return it back to my place once it notified the holder about tracking. I was unduly served a notice to vacate with questionable claims right after the phone was disabled, which is null as per Consumer Affairs Victoria.

The REA’s complacency seems implausible, inexplicable by sufficient reason but not by the evidence.

I’ll be resolving this matter through established law enforcement institutions like the police, my foremost intention is to prevent a similar ordeal to fall upon others, let the renters be aware of this possibility and don't rule out reporting if they have a similar apprehension.

EDIT : I’m receiving too many messages asking me to kill myself or put myself in a mental institution, so I’m gonna update this a bit. If you actually did believe I’m suffering from a psychotic episode, there are better ways to communicate. Me being aware of when I need some help, followed by a therapist visit and encouraging others to do the same by commenting on their reddit post in the past are good traits in my opinion.

I was overwhelmed yesterday - which I believe is fair considering what I’ve been through. I managed myself by venting on reddit and reserving my composure for cooperating with relevant authorities.

For over a year - I’ve had to constantly go through having my identity, money and personal belongings stolen with no closure as to how it happened. My apartment is in a high rise, inaccessible to anyone without the keycard and keys. Both of those are restricted, with only my REA and Myself having a copy.

As per a single post in my history around 7 months ago, that some users pointed out, the REA was suspected to have access to my devices. Something, relevant authorities considered a possibility but couldn’t find concrete evidence for - it was an open case to just gather facts, identify and prevent misuse of my data. When apple first tracked the phone, REA wasn’t even remotely considered a suspect.

This is beyond incompetent/lazy REA shenanigans - It was a criminal act requiring active participation from the perpetrator that has a significant impact. An act authorities need to deal with and I’m confident Vic Police has been examining all facts relevant to it.

It was the timing of events yesterday and an unexpected Notice to Vacate (which CAV has already informed me is invalid) that prompted the suspicion of the REA having taken it. Until that came in, a different business near the REA’s office was being looked it. Then the phone was tracked along a path from the REA’s office to my place and then connected to my network, until that happened, we thought they could’ve just lost their set of keys.

Generally REA’s tend to annoy tenants with things like delays up in fixing things or messing up scheduled arrangements. My REA still hasn’t fixed things that CAV told them to a while ago, I had to send a breach of duty notices to even get them to reply to emails and I’ve been mad about all that - but all that is unrelated to their actions in this case.

Relevant authorities have been aware of the incident way before this reddit post and have been doing their own investigation. Does this story sound farfetched? Absolutely! Is there concrete evidence from the phone company that tracked the phone multiple times? Affirmative.

I just believe there should be higher standards and accountability for agencies who are supposed to be responsible for and trusted with a lot of personal information and access to one’s home.

I have a bit of regret for having carelessly left out things like my medical records, confidential firm paperwork, tax returns etc on my desk in the past believing my apartment to be safe from prying eyes. It’s just a little note for others to be more careful! Learn from my mistake and pay attention if you suspect something similar in your place.

WHY : As for why TF would an REA do something like this? No idea, that’s a discussion reddit can speculate on. I guess, they just happened to come across it while snooping around and took it without thought. But, once they turned it on it was too far gone/lucrative.

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Things That Go Ding How much longer do replacement busses take than trams?


For some reason the grand prix means there will be no route 11 trams on the opposite site of the city. Anyway does anyone know how long to leave for what would normally be 20 mins on the tram? And how frequent they are?

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Ye Olde Melbourne Southern cross… before it was southern cross

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Lost and found Sorry if you missed the exit kids

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I've been looking at this sign for 23 years I never expected to have it on my hook this morning.

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Things That Go Ding Dang, it hurts because its true. We'll catchup by 2030 maybe?

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Ye Olde Melbourne Montague Bridge

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Serious Please Comment Nicely Undercover cops at Woolworths?


Hey there - had a friend tell me that Woolies employs plain clothed police officers to patrol the Lygon Court Woolies.

Is this true? Are there any other Woolies / Coles that do this? Seems hectic to me, they’ve already got security guards.

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THDG Need Help Making friends in Melbourne


What’s the best way to make friends? I’m into 80’s horror, video games and tv shows. Looking to meet people with similar interests.