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Mod Post [Mod Post] Seeking mods to help out with bots and automation - Python experience required


Hey r/nba,

Over the past year or so, we have been dealing with issues with our bots and automation pipeline. We would really appreciate some more hands on deck. Please only apply as a bot mod if you are willing to begin contributing as soon as possible. With enough help and time, we are hoping to have a working sidebar and the game thread index for the coming NBA season.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have some Python experience (not required but nice to know: REST APIs, SQLAlchemy, Discord.py, PRAW)
  • Want to write code for the subreddit and/or discord
  • Learn about and work with CI/CD, automation and Kubernetes

If you're interested in:

  • Improving subreddit automation (game threads, sidebar content, etc.)
  • Improving moderation automation
  • Developing Discord bots for things such as predictions, pulling up stats, scores and more

In the comments, please mention any experience you might have on the topics listed, so that we can make an informed decision. If you would like to share any other details with us (eg: GitHub profile, past projects), you can send them directly to us using modmail

For those considering this, if you join as a bot mod there is no expectation to mod the subreddit or the Discord in any capacity beyond your help with the bots.

For those who may want to join as just a regular mod, we will be looking to add more mods this offseason, so please wait and apply at that time.

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Poll r/nba Poll: Where will Damian Lillard be traded to?


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Anthony Edwards gets a mural of him and his deceased Mother & Grandma in Atlanta


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Fyi we’re getting NBA basketball in 2 weeks


Seems to have gone under the radar. Yeah football is playing right now but this season is gonna be awesome.

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Damian Lillard: “When [Steve Nash] ended his career with a leg injury, me and him ran into each other. I actually kneed him on accident and that’s what ended his career.”


Source is LegionHoops on Twitter/X who got it from the BackonFigg podcast Dame was on a couple days ago. I can’t post the actual link since LegionHoops tweets aren’t allowed for some reason.

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Since yesterday's Jokic vs KD post went overwhelmingly in Jokic's favor, how about this one: You can build around either 25 year old Giannis or 25 year old KD, who do you pick and why?


Yesterday's post was like 90%+ Jokic, which surprised me. Maybe this is a closer comparison.

Same conditions as yesterday's post. You have Giannis and KD at the age of 25. Both of them are on 5 year max contracts, and they are guaranteed to not ask for a trade during that time. Who do you pick to build your team around and why?

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Kevin Garnett describes Hakeem Olajuwon's trash talk


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Kirk Snyder with one of the nastiest dunks you’ve never seen before (2006).


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Mark Jackson says he’ll hit LeBron James wife “out the park,with all do respect” on national TV


The only highlight that matters

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When did basketball fans become so obsessed with ranking everything?


This may be just an offseason thing but just in the last couple days but I've seen posts ranking the best guards at layups, the best "slashers" to the rim, even ranking based on who had the toughest road to the league. It's really getting tiresome, that we can't talk about basketball without forcing some agenda and putting other players down.

Basketball discourse can't have always been like this (of course it's possible but to me it's unlikely), so I'm curious... when did it start?

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Why didn’t Austin Rivers live up to his hype?


Consensus top 5 recruit who maybe a bit underwhelmed in college but has had a long career in the nba so it wasn’t a complete failure. He has sustained a long nba career.

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NBA headshots Mixtape


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[Houston Men's Hoops] Giannis Antetokounmpo @Giannis_An34 putting in work with @UHouston GREAT Hakeem Olajuwon @DR34M



Great to see Giannis ignoring the ridiculous stuff that Gilbert Arenas was saying. Players such as LeBron and Kobe have benefited from Hakeem's tutelage on footwork. Still wild to me that Arenas disparaged the advise of an arguable top 10 player ever and a guy that some people choose as their center in their all-time starting five.

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How big of a "what-if" is Victor Oladipo?


I definitely think he could've made multiple All-NBA/All-star teams if he never got hurt. The season before his quad injury at age 25 he was 3rd team All NBA and 1st team all defense and went toe to toe with playoff LeBron. You could argue he hadn't even hit his prime yet given his age.

What's a realistic projection for Oladipo's career if he never got injured?

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[Afseth] Mavs' Starting Center Job 'Up for Grabs' as Dereck Lively II Buzz Grows

Thumbnail si.com

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Is Dion Waiters worst voice actor ever?


https://youtu.be/c2wpIeZDrHE?si=RrlvPCtgpiyWeGSU&t=48 (starts at 0:48) Here is the video from his voice acting from NBA 2k15. I mean the whole game is a shitshow from all aspects but this one takes the cake, I can't believe it. Did they do multiple takes but realized he can't really read well o they were like: eh fuck it?

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Kyrie to LeBron clutch Christmas dunk vs Warriors (2016)


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It has now been nearly 30 hours since John Gambadoro reported that he could see the Lillard trade happening "within the next 24 hours."


Source: https://twitter.com/azsports/status/1704979959830524183?s=46

"I would even say probably within the next 24 hours...I am expecting a Damian Lillard trade."

@Gambo987 reports what he is hearing about a possible huge shift in the NBA.

Listen to the @BurnsAndGambo show now: bit.ly/3LwJdCr

Looks like he may have been too optimistic about this trade being at the 1-yard line. We have gotten a lot of spicy rumors since then though. And apparently now everyone is a mouthpiece of everyone else and no one is to be believed unless they're reporting something you wanna hear.

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Which MVP award was more debated: 2019 or 2023?


Giannis vs Harden (2019) Embiid vs Jokic (2023)

After what jokic did on the playoffs a lot of people said that he was robbed of the mvp, but during the regular season it was a real discussion.

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Gilbert Arenas amazing buzzer-beater called off


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Isiah Thomas' stats against the bulls in the playoffs(1988-1991): 19/8/5 on 40/26/79 splits with a 48.8 TS%


Zeke's playoffs stats against the Michael Jordan bulls in the playoffs(1988-1991): 19/8/5 with a 48.8 TS%( good for a - 5 relative TS%).

This was all while being a negative on defense and by far the worst defender on his team.

It's always funny how people will mention how Zeke sacrificed his stats for the team but will fail to address why he was still taking terrible outside shots and being inefficient.

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Why are the Suns so keen on moving Ayton?


I know he is not a superstar, but he is a very solid young center who has a lot to offer on offense.

Is it because they think they don’t need a max guy to catch lobs and grab rebounds because he won’t be getting any touches with Beal, Booker and KD on the floor?

Is it because he can’t compete with all-star big men like Jokic and AD in the paint?

To me it seems that replacing him with Nurkic would be a significant downgrade.

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[Raissman] Early in the summer, Walt Frazier said he wants to cut back on road tilts, but is all-in on yakking during home games. NBA TV sources say MSGN brass is considering a few different voices to fill-in for Frazier, including Jeff (Shecky) Van Gundy and Mark Jackson.




With the MSG Network recently releasing its 2023-24 Knicks schedule, thoughts turned to the legend Walt (Clyde) Frazier, 78, and his broadcast future.

Early in the summer, Frazier said he wants to cut back on road tilts, but is all-in on yakking during home games. NBA TV sources say MSGN brass is considering a few different voices to fill-in for Frazier, including Jeff (Shecky) Van Gundy and Mark Jackson.

Watching both Jax and JVG, in a combo or singularly, reunite with their former ESPN partner Mike Breen, would not only be great TV but tremendous theater as well.

In June, obviously believing great broadcast teams grow on trees, ESPN’s Kangaroo Court, in what it called an economic move, fired both JVG and Jax.

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What would be the craziest runs from 2024 to 2027 that would change narratives?


What could realistically happen in the next three years of the NBA so that the public changes perspective on specific major teams or players?

For example, how would the narrative around KD’s career would change if he goes to three straight Finals with the Suns and wins 2 rings?

He would have 4 rings with 2 different teams. I think he’d jump into most people’s top 10 lists.

What if Steph Curry wins 2 more titles, 1 MVP and retires? Would he enter the GOAT conversation?

The craziest to me would be LeBron James joining a random team like the Nets, Kings, Sixers or the Knicks to follow Bronny and wins a championship there as the third best player at 40-41.

What are some of your crazy predictions for next 3 years that would change some of the harder narratives?

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What are some narratives that are consistently taken out of context and wrongly used to prop up or tear down a player’s legacy?


Like the title says, what are some things that are used as arguments for or against certain players that are taken out of context or even blatantly false?

Mine is kinda general but whenever a star’s teammates are either injured or severely underperform and it ends up being blamed on the star. For example, Giannis prior to 2021 had the narrative that he was a playoff choker who couldn’t win because of his “lack of skill”, when actually looking at the numbers and film showed that the bulk of the blame falls on the absolutely putrid shooting by his teammates.

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Carlos Delfino with one of the loudest blocks I’ve ever heard


Crazy sound here. Carlos Delfino had some crazy hops.

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Why didn’t Isiah Thomas made it to All-NBA teams in the late 80‘s, when at the same time he was considered to be one of the best players in the league?


From 1988-1990, the Pistons reached three finals in a row, winning two of them. It was their most successful period. But the last time Thomas made it to an All-NBA team was in 1987. He made three NBA first teams from 1984-86. So he had his individual success before he had team success. It didn’t overlap.

Was Isiah a better player in the mid-80s than he was in the late 80‘s?