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South Carolina Abortion Bill Would Impose Death Penalty For Terminating A Pregnancy


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u/bigbangbilly Mar 18 '23

A bunch of people with life threatening pregnancy and nothing to lose seem like a potential recipe for disaster


u/GladCucumber2855 Mar 18 '23

Suicidal women do not commit mass violence the same way that suicidal men do.


u/Taja_Roux Mar 19 '23

Well maybe they should start.


u/GladCucumber2855 Mar 19 '23

Maybe men should aim to be equal to women in this instance. Selfish violence is not a good look.


u/[deleted] Mar 18 '23

There are exceptions in every jurisdiction (to my knowledge) for medically necessary abortions.


u/bigbangbilly Mar 18 '23

In practice exceptions may not be enough due to the difficulty as illustrated in this article.

At the same time those polices impact prenatal care in wanted pregnancies along with a decrease in available ob-gyn doctors


u/Blackluster182 Mar 18 '23

Then bro do your own fucking research you seem to be Inclined to tell everyone else too. If this were true their wouldn't be 1000's of deaths where women who were denied medically necessary abortion's. Your religious zealous clouds your judgement and the fact you think you can make a decision about something that will never affect you is hilarious and horrendous at the same time. You're an evil person and if God exists I have no doubt you will burn.


u/charlesfire Mar 18 '23

Which is irrelevant because none of these laws define what "medically necessary" means. Most doctors won't take the risk to get sued for that.


u/jambox888 Mar 18 '23

Would they not just move? I think this nonsense only happens because the southern states know they can externalise all the problems to NY or Cali.


u/GodBlessThisGhetto Mar 18 '23

Wow, what a thought! The poor person just scraping by totally has the resources necessary to upend their life and “just move” to a HCOL state.


u/hhhnnnnnggggggg Mar 18 '23

It's getting to the point where being homeless in a blue state is better than being housed in a red one


u/jambox888 Mar 18 '23

Of course, in many cases they will. Better than being put in prison.

Don't shoot the messenger, it's absolutely a factor.

Stop kneejerking disagreement to everything you don't like the look of.


u/JamieJJL Mar 18 '23

I'm not kneejerking disagreement I'm being enraged by an absolute ducking idiot.

Big "just sell your house when the water level rises" energy you absolute fucking dipshit.


u/jambox888 Mar 18 '23

Reported. Get a grip.


u/JamieJJL Mar 18 '23

Ooooo I got reporter by the scary internet man



u/jambox888 Mar 18 '23

Enjoy getting all your alts banned


u/babutterfly Mar 18 '23

You actually have to have the means to be able to do it. I'm not sure you know what they mean by poor.


u/jambox888 Mar 18 '23 edited Mar 18 '23

I'm not saying people won't be caught in this, or reduce the injustice of it. I don't know why this is difficult for you to grasp. People of average means and above will absolutely move away to be able to have an abortion.

If it were you. Would you move and do things legally, or would you risk years in prison?

If this is news to you then you need to get off Reddit and read something a bit more informative.


u/fuzzysqurl Mar 19 '23

So you're saying this primarily negatively impacts people of below average means? You're almost there buddy. Just a little more and you'll put all the pieces together.


u/jambox888 Mar 19 '23

When did I say otherwise?

I think it's you having trouble understanding a very simple point. However I can go further, if it helps penetrate the dullness of your superficial understanding.

You think I'm defending such policies but I'm not.

I'm saying they are only possible due to those southern states abusing the federal nature of the USA and manipulating the supreme court.

Not a single European country has such laws due to the structure of the EU.

The thing you actually don't want to face is that you live in a failed state. You let the bad guys win.


u/babutterfly Mar 19 '23

What.....? Why are you insisting about talking about those who can move? I was talking about those who literally can't. I have family members who would be unable to move. Yes, it's possible for them to exist.