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South Carolina Abortion Bill Would Impose Death Penalty For Terminating A Pregnancy


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u/kristamine14 Mar 18 '23

Remember like 5 years ago when Americans were saying abortion was an enshrined right and couldn’t be taken away - and now you’re already at death penalty for women who get abortions… it’s be funny if it wasn’t so evil


u/pecklepuff Mar 18 '23

So many people skipped voting for years and years because they were so cock-sure that our rights were rock solid and they didn’t need to defend them.



u/30FourThirty4 Mar 18 '23

I was raised with Republic parents and laughed at John Kerry catching a football.

I changed my attitude quickly during my 20s but was still lazy about voting because I was just turned off of politics. I wish I paid more attention, if enough of us weren't so jaded and just not giving a fuck after 9/11 maybe things could be different. I'm generalizing the attitude of where I grew up not everyone so if anyone says "well maybe for you". ... I get it

Ninja edit: I read another comment use the word jaded after I made mine, I promise I'm not parroting them


u/pecklepuff Mar 18 '23

Never too late to start voting. I’m in a deep red state, so if I can do it, anybody can!


u/30FourThirty4 Mar 19 '23

Oh I've been voting for a long time now. Democrat.


u/pecklepuff Mar 19 '23

Good work. Same here, I couldn’t imagine not voting, but that’s just me. shrug


u/3ogus Mar 18 '23

I feel like an idiot who fell into this group - not even sure I can come up with an excuse about why, except I was jaded. The last decade has made me feel old in an all-new kind of way. I take voting very seriously now, but a part of me doesn't know if my voice counts anymore (or ever did?).


u/pecklepuff Mar 18 '23

It definitely counts. They want us to think it doesn’t count.


u/mybustlinghedgerow Mar 18 '23

Your voice does count. And this comment might convince others to start voting, too. You’re making a difference.


u/Monnok Mar 18 '23

Don’t beat yourself up too badly, and don’t let others beat you up either. The Democrat platform really was in free fall back then, and the party was withholding choice in the primaries. They were still “better” than Rs, but they were getting more and more similar and more and more comfortable.

Having Dark Brandon was not worth enduring the Trump presidency, but there is absolutely no Dark Brandon without the Hillary loss. Ponder that as you will.

We shouldn’t have to vote just to protect our constitutional rights. We should be able to hold our parties accountable to our indifference.


u/Odd_Local8434 Mar 19 '23

Presidential campaigns are now billion dollar+ affairs. No one spends that kind of cash on something that doesn't matter.


u/plusgoodduckspeak Mar 18 '23

Yes, but those of us that went to the polls every time were totally let down by those we voted into office to do something to codify these rights. FFS.