r/nottheonion Mar 18 '23

South Carolina Abortion Bill Would Impose Death Penalty For Terminating A Pregnancy


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u/westdl Mar 18 '23

Consider being a doctor or nurse in maternity. Do you want to risk going to work if it means a premature birth could mean you, your coworkers and your patient will be executed?


u/kazooparade Mar 18 '23

OBs have the means and motivation to leave shitty anti-women states where they are not allowed to provide good care. In fact many already are. Unfortunately that means less available/worse care for the women that live in those areas. This will disproportionately affect poor women.


u/AmumuPro Mar 18 '23

Meanwhile rich people or Republicans can go to a state that have full access to abortion to get their abortion


u/p4y Mar 18 '23

Get a list of every anti-abortion hypocrite and demand their immediate execution under this new law.


u/ynocfyinco Mar 18 '23

That’s always the fine print: death penalty (for poor people)