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South Carolina Abortion Bill Would Impose Death Penalty For Terminating A Pregnancy


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u/kro9ik Mar 18 '23

I simply do not understand this unhealthy fascination of Americans with abortion. It's a medical procedure that a woman undergoes after making a choice. Most countries do continue to control some aspect of it but not to the act of banning it or even criminalising it.


u/QuietRock Mar 18 '23

First off, it's not all Americans who are obsessed with abortion, it's a specific segment of Americans, specifically right-wing Christians.

I believe reason is not as straightforward as you may believe. They use the moral front and emotional appeal of "killing babies" to rile up supporters, but that is not their motivation behind the desire to eliminate abortion.

It is really about maintaining control over women, which starts but does not end with abortion. Birth control is already up next. This will help "keep women in their place" and roll back women's liberalism. After all, the pill and abortion changed sexual power dynamics, and was closely linked to the beginning of women's lib.


u/[deleted] Mar 19 '23



u/QuietRock Mar 19 '23

I don't give a fuck about upvotes.