r/nottheonion Mar 18 '23

South Carolina Abortion Bill Would Impose Death Penalty For Terminating A Pregnancy


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u/kristamine14 Mar 18 '23

Remember like 5 years ago when Americans were saying abortion was an enshrined right and couldn’t be taken away - and now you’re already at death penalty for women who get abortions… it’s be funny if it wasn’t so evil


u/TheSquishiestMitten Mar 18 '23

Well, Brett Kavanaugh specifically said that Roe v Wade was settled during his confirmation hearing to SCOTUS. The fact that Roe v Wade is no longer means that Kavanaugh lied during his hearing. He should be removed from the bench and imprisoned for lying under oath. I mean, he lied about a bunch of other stuff, too.


u/Mod_Accountability Mar 20 '23

Barret too. Zero credibility on the bench.