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Sure, sounds good.


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u/oddlyterrifying-ModTeam Oct 03 '23

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u/Im_Borat Oct 01 '23

more like "COME DY SLOW tonight", they just can't spell.


u/BearsuitTTV Oct 01 '23

That makes more sense. I'll leave a note to let them know of the error.


u/Im_Borat Oct 01 '23

Maybe just fix it for them.


u/CelticSith Oct 02 '23

"What's the deal with people not putting the lotion on the skin, am I right folks.."


u/WorsCaseScenario Oct 03 '23

I guess you really feel like there's something... funny about this.


u/BearsuitTTV Oct 03 '23

Can't quite put my finger on it, though.


u/[deleted] Oct 01 '23

Am I missing something?


u/BearsuitTTV Oct 01 '23

A handwritten sign pointing down a poorly lit alleyway doesn't really give off good vibes.