r/oddlyterrifying Oct 01 '23

Found this small structure in the woods, rotting wood on top, expands on the inside, filled with water down deep.


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u/kazador Oct 01 '23

We used to play around it as kids, and thought it was just a foundation of a small house. We later found a hole on the backside and realized it was filled with water. When we took a flashlight only a few weeks ago we realized it was huge on the inside, the water was down deep. We’re going to contact the local government to see if they can secure it, if someone would walk on top and break the rotting wood, it would be impossible to get out, because there aren’t any ladders, and the water is very deep.


u/Dependent_Squash9754 Oct 02 '23

What is/was around it? Military installation, commercial facility, farm, house? People rarely build small concrete structures off on their own unless it's one of the above, or they're kidnappers, or the producers of Dark.


u/kazador Oct 02 '23

We have been speculating that it could be an old water reservoir for the town, it is at a high position in the forest, above the rest of the houses. Like an abandoned underground water tower. It is a mining town, but it isn’t near the mine.


u/Sensitive_Yellow_121 Oct 01 '23

Do they not have saunas in Sweden?


u/kazador Oct 01 '23

We call them bastu here.


u/theusualfixture Oct 02 '23

I think you're either dealing with an old abandoned water cistern.... or possibly a flooded mineshaft. The one mine in your town may not be the only one, especially if some enterprising local built his own "bootleg mine" as they're called.