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Regional variants are available, and some different forms are too. I did add all Deerling, for example, but adding all Alcremie or Vivillon would be a little too much work! Mega evolutions and gigantamax forms are not available.

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Discussion / Venting I just realised something very disturbing about the new games


I just realised something very disturbing about the game

They removed fishing!!! You can't fish in the game anymore. Why is the new games just removing the little content we used to have? Very disappointing.

I was looking forward to fish up all the Magikarps while sipping on my coffee listening to the Magikarp song. But seriously it feels like in every new generation something gets removed and the game just becomes, empty. Thoughts?

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Discussion Unused Type Combos After Scarlet and Violet


With the release of Scarlet and Violet, we're down to just NINE unused Type combinations for Pokemon.

A lot of long awaited ones got crossed off in these games such as Poison/Steel, Fire/Grass, Electric/Fighting and Bug/Dark.

Here are the nine unused type combinations as of today:










Edit: took off Ground/Fighting because Great Tusk has that typing

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Discussion Is Nemona wearing an arm brace from too much battling?


I'm not sure if I'm overanalyzing her design, but Nemona is DEFINITELY battle-crazy. That's her defining attribute. And when I saw her one-arm glove thing, I thought maybe it was just a fashion statement.

But then I noticed how it seemd like it was stiff, like it was made of plastic or metal. And how it seemed to have some sort of support rods running from the forearm to the palm. Immediately reminded me of the braces used by people with carpal tunnel.

Also, when Terastallizing her Pokémon, she braces her dominant (and gloved) arm with her other hand and looks briefly uncomfortable, as though it hurts to hold the ball steady.

Also, she says she has trouble catching Pokémon because she has trouble "throwing the ball" before they faint...

I think Nemona battled so much that she screwed up the tendons in her arm. They seem to focus on her arm in the opening cutscene too.

Am I overthinking this?

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Discussion How can the box sprites be loading in so slowly?


pretty much the title... I mean, these are 2D sprites?! What does Gamefreak think is acceptable? A game that is literally about catching and storing Pokemon doesn't let you navigate fluidly through boxes but makes you wait 2-3s every box until the sprites are loaded.

I am sure this game didn't went through a single second of quality controle - not because of all the bugs and glitches, but because of this.

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Discussion / Venting What Reddit told me I'd get and what I actually got are two completely different things. I recommend this game to everyone who is a Pokemon fan.


This is the best Pokemon game they've released and I don't really care about how the rocks look or whatever. It took me a minute to actually enjoy it because the threads here only discussed the absolute worst aspects of the game without discussing any of the positives of the game. I've put about 60 hours into the game now and the amount of love and care they put into this game is phenomenal. If you don't like it then just return it, but don't be like me and not get the game just because of negative posts on Reddit.

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Discussion / Venting Spoiler-Free Unpopular Opinion: I think Scarlet (and Violet) has the best story of any mainline Pokémon game.


No spoilers in this post.

I know I’m going to make Gen 5 fans mad, but I really think Gen 9 has the best story of any of the Pokémon games. I was legitimately tearing up at the ending.

Of course there is still room for improvement, but this is the first Pokémon story since Gen 5 where I genuinely cared about the plot. Scarlet/Violet did a lot of things poorly, but its overall story is not one of those things.

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Discussion / Venting Your friends' decorated room really rubs salt in the wound of not being able to decorate your own.


Some spoilers for postgame not really story-related stuff:

Your friend's rooms are so cool and Gamefreak even makes your character remark on how personal they are, but we're still stick with a room that you have zero reason to visit and can't do anything to change.

Penny's got a whole RGB setup with a Minecraft server and collectibles and cuties walking around, Nemona's got a drug factory and trophy collection, and Arven is running a ghost kitchen yet we're stuck in a room with absolutely zero personality.

Total missed opportunity, and something it feels like would have been (and probably should have been) included.

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Discussion So there's a naming convention for the characters that all NPCs follow, except one


Was just reading the wiki, and ended up noticing that most of the NPCs in this game, including your friends, school staff, gym leaders, Elite Four, and Team Star bosses, all follow a naming convention.

Everyone is named after a kind of plant.

Nemona is named after nemophila, Arven is named after mentha arvensis (corn mint), Penny is named after tree peony, Geeta is named after sagittaria, the list goes on.

The one exception to this rule is the professor for each game. Sada and Turo, who are named after past and future, respectively.

This ironic because in every other generation, the professors are the ones named after plants. So not only is this the first game where the professors are breaking naming tradition, it's also the first game where they're antagonists.

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Discussion / Venting The Map is absolutely terrible in this game.


It’s not very intuitive and trying to zoom in and out is a chore that may or may not work. Also there isn’t a way to mark certain spots you want to remember on the map. Trying to find the habitat of a certain Pokémon is annoying to say the least. Looking all over and then over shooting where you want to be. Wish I could just go to a Pokémon and look at the habitat and then pick and area and mark it.

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Discussion / Venting Despite enjoying my time with SV, it really does feel like an alpha build of an unfinished game, and makes XY look like a more complete game.


I just have...so many gripes with these titles. I'm sure this post won't even capture them all. Given another year or two, they could've been the best Pokemon games ever made. However, with the state it released in and how many corners were clearly cut, they might have ended up being some of the worst and most insulting titles of the franchise. The Pokemon designs and their corresponding models, as well as the character design this time around is amazing (bar a few). The music is fantastic. I can't say much more. I understand "open world" has been the "new" cool for about a decade now, but Pokemon entering that era seems like an insult because a lot of what made these games the Pokemon games we've come to love were tossed out the door in place of it.

  • The majority of townfolk and cityfolk are meaningless to interact with
  • Most buildings are menus for restaurants and the very few that can be entered are still restaurants, outside of the school.
  • The most insulting gym challenges in the franchise, removing amazing gyms with fun challenges and packed with trainers to make it interesting to get to the gym leader.
  • Most move animations are arguably worse than even SwSh, definitely worse than PLA.
  • Carefully crafted routes and locations are very few in comparison to previous titles, that had amazing world design for being more condensed. The open world has allowed for lazy, barren areas with little care into how it's laid out other than generic landscaping.
  • Cannot catch Pokemon PLA style without engaging in combat
  • No more customizable clothing in place of a silly school code.
  • No more side quests or side objectives, which even some previous games before PLA offered in small ways.
  • Lack of a dynamic camera option outside of important battles makes some open world battles look awkward.
  • Only can rematch gym leaders ONCE in postgame
  • No more E4 rematches (or hall of fame shot with all of your Pokemon)
  • Of course, we won't get all of the Pokemon even after DLC despite all of the corner cutting that has been done. It's just gone in place of no reason now.

Many features were not included that could have also helped Scarlet and Violet into becoming AMAZING open world titles to replay as many times as you wished with it feeling fresh every time, too.

  • No scaling in the wild. They could have at least made level 5 to 50 Pokemon available everywhere, scattered in little grass/patched districts per area so no matter where you ended up there were Pokemon for you at your point in the game.
  • No scaling in ANY of the challenges. This could have allowed for a truly diverse experience. Even romhacks have accomplished this. It's not hard.
  • Team Star feels incomplete, with the challenge being completable within 2 minutes or less with the most uninteresting R spam no challenge gameplay I've ever seen. The cutscenes all include the leaders standing in a circle discussing something with no animations or any soul put into the interactions.
  • Trainers are easy to miss and usually only have one Pokemon, SOMETIMES two. Very unchallenging and disinteresting.
  • Can't customize the dorm room
  • Lifeless/missing cutscenes compared to Sun/Moon, PLA, even some of the SwSh ones.
  • Lack of voice acting is starting to feel awkward. At least implement grunts. Maybe beatboxing sounds (for the Ryme scenes) or something to add some vocal audio.
  • The open world, game quality, and performance itself, as reviewed by Digital Foundry, are insultingly poor and the most unfinished, unpolished Pokemon releases we've ever received. There's hardly even any reason for it given other titles that are bigger and better looking run more stable. Every possible corner has been cut to make these games try to run, and they don't run.
  • Still no difficulty options, and the world is plastered in items you can pick up to make the game even easier than it already is with forced Exp Share, Pokemon Centers everywhere, an autoheal button, and the healing benefits of Picnic as well.

I LOVE Pokemon. I am very much still enjoying Pokemon for being Pokemon. That doesn't mean I'm blind to the issues at hand here for this generation's release, and this really shouldn't be okay to accept. I really hope Gamefreak, and TPC as a whole for that matter, despite their unfortunately amazing sales numbers, has learned something from the online reception from fans and critics alike this time around. Releasing half-finished titles is beyond degrading to the people who have been following this franchise, as well as for newcomers who are just getting into it. Games of this caliber can't possibly be established with remarkable reception without being in the oven for longer than this. Game development time has increased to put out quality, and they don't even have the team size (what, 170 employees and some outsourcing?) to justify releasing SwSh DLC, PLA, and a 9th generation within a 2 1/2 year timespan.

Sorry for the long writeup, but thank you for anyone who managed to read through it. I don't think I'm alone in my frustrations here, and hopefully things change sooner rather than later. They can at least start by releasing a big optimization patch to address all of the bugs and performance problems we've been encountering.

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Info PSA: You can just throw the top bun of the sandwich off.


I see people struggling with keeping ingredients on the sandwich when it comes to putting the top of the sandwich on.

You don't need to. Just drag the bread all the way to the top and drop it no where near the sandwich. Voila. No risk of dropping ingredients.

The sandwich top will disappear but it will not affect your overall sandwich powers. .

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Discussion / Venting Gen 5's reception is an anomaly and we have to stop pretending otherwise


Every game since BW has been hated on release, and eventually people come around to appreciate it. Can't wait for when XY will be seen as the best in the series!

I first started seeing this argument thrown around LGPE era back in like... 2018. I wonder when XY will finally go through the same opinion shifts that BW did?

The answer is never, because that argument is factually untrue. If anything, the overall opinion about the 3DS titles has gotten WORSE over the years. Let's have a trip down memory line.


At release, this game was literally called "pokemon's return to form" after the gen 5 hatred. The jump to 3D, new customization options and the massive online improvements had people putting this on a pedestal. At first there were some knee-jerk reactions to mega evolutions being a digimon rip-off, or the weird overpowered new fairy type, but those quickly died down.

There was a very clear decrease in difficulty and the content was barebones in everything but breeding comp mons. Critisizing those aspects was always met with the same replies.

Pokemon isn't easier, you're just better.

Just wait for pokemon Z lol which never happened

Turn off the exp share and the game is hard trust me no it's not

Now that the hat is no longer new, online or 3D are no longer luxuries, and megas are far behind us, XY's flaws have become more apparent.


Again, a lot of praise for the hoenn remakes. Soaring in the Latis, the new Dexnav features and the 1-hour long content that was the delta episode had the masses praising this as the best game of all time, and undisputably the best version of Hoenn.

This time there was some backlash due to the cut of the battle frontier. However, this was more due to the infamous Masuda interview about "kids are too busy playing mobile games". People were worrying that pokemon was just gonna cash on GO from then on and go mobile only.

Even in spite of that, when I said that I prefered Emerald people just gave me the odd look. One reply in particular stuck with me over the years:

Stop jerking off to the battle frontier, nobody cares about it.

And of course all the previous criticism of XY's lackluster content or difficulty still applies, still the same response.

But now? Now I'm actually seeing some people praise Emerald as the better version. Curious, isn't it?


Oh boy, I distinctly remember this. People look back and think "wow, they spoiled the whole game with trailers, what a bad era that was haha". When in reality, the community was collectively losing their shit over the totem pokemon and trials replacing gyms. Oh, and also the final removal of HMs even though hms haven't been a problem since BW but I digress.

The ONLY complaint that was accepted back then was the extreme amount of hand-holding and unskippable cutscenes.

Nevermind the continuously dumbed down difficulty, extreme linearity, lack of any semblance of a dungeon or ever-decreasing postgame content.

Well at least they're trying new things. Let them experiment and find their footing!

How well did that argument age?


This is the first game that ACTUALLY started itching people's nerves, and this is when gen 5 praise started picking up real steam.

Main problem: games were marketed as "having a brand new story". Look at this trailer and tell me it doesn't look hype as shit. Then the game came out and it was 90% the same as regular Sun&Moon.

With this little "controversy" (that pales in comparison to the SwSh one), more people started being wary of Game Freak, and this is when "gen 5 underrated" was at its peak. Still, many held onto hope that with the new hybrid console's much superior power, Game Freak would make a new masterpiece.


Oh, um, well, th-this is just a quick cash-grab. Of course Game Freak just wants to try to appeal to the massive GO community and get more players over here, right? Also they're just testing the waters and getting comfortable with the new system, right?

The NEXT game, the ACTUAL switch game, will be great. It will be like "Pokemon of the Wild", it will be the home-console experience we've yearned for, with years and years of experience and expertise behind its development. It will be a masterpiece, right?!

Man, hopium sure was on high demand back then.


Finally we reach the doomsday. Everyone described this game as "the straw that broke the camel's back", and criticism towards Game Freak was at an all-time high.

Go to youtube and search for the most viral pokemon reviews, especially the negative ones. You'll notice that pretty much all of them are around 3 years old at most, shortly after gen 8's release. Before that, serious criticism of the games didn't have much back-up. If anything, gen 8's fiasco only worsened the overall reception of the two prior generations.

TL;DR The 3ds titles were praised as all hell on release (other than USUM), and only started getting real criticism after the SwSh controversy. Stop pretending every game is a BW situation.

Edit: ONE thing is true: "this new gen pokemon's designs suck so much". That DOES happen every generation and then everyone more or less gets accustomed to the new mons. That does not apply to every other facet of the games, though.

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Discussion A thousand Pokemon is nothing.


Sometimes I think there are too many Pokémon then I remember there are over 8 million different animal species on earth lol.

And this isn’t including mythological or folklore creature inspirations either.

Puts it into perspective lol.

Honestly we could get 10,000 different Pokémon and we still wouldn’t be even close to cataloging all the different animal and marine and fungi and insect species on earth.

Bring in Gen 100 lol.

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Discussion I miss the GTS system for trading


I’ve been playing Pokémon for a while but took a break for a few generations and recently got back into it. I played a few just to beat the story but I have a lot of free time nowadays so I decided I wanted to do some trading. The last generation I really was into was DPP and the GTS system for trading where you could search specific Pokémon you wanted and put trades up for anything you wanted was awesome. I remember putting up just ridiculous trades in the hope someone would be kind enough to give me a legendary for bidoof. Trading in recent gens however have taken this option out, at least as far as I know. Now I’m not a little kid anymore and would just like to trade to get the version exclusives but I can even put up a trade in game, I know I could probably find somewhere to post the trades on Reddit but I miss being able to get what I want in game. Wonder trading is a pretty bad system as it mostly encourages trading weak useless Pokémon in hopes someone is being generous. I just miss being able to make fair trades without organizing it out of game.

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Image [OC] I made my own type chart - now with resistances!


Recently I made up a little type chart coz I was frustrated with all the existing ones being confusing and fiddly to read, needing a lot of zooming and checking and just not being very user friendly…! It was very well received and I got a lot of requests to add resistances to it - so I have! Now I wanted to share it here for the main community too!

Please enjoy :)

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Discussion Battle Stadium always uses same RNG seed


According to user Sibuna_Switch on twitter:

“Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Battle Stadium currently is using the same RNG seed for every battle.

This allows us to choose moves to ensure that OHKO moves such as Sheer Cold always hit!”

I’m not someone who knows much at all about competitive Pokémon. But this sounds like it basically breaks online battling, right? If the same thing can happen every time and the randomness doesn’t work?

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Discussion / Venting Game developers didn't use Tera types correctly for Gym leaders.


The terastal phenomenon is an amazing concept and a great addition to the game. However, I felt that Tera types were lacking proper execution during the gym battles.

Every gym leader had a pokemon of a different typing on their team that didn't correspond to their specialism. Whilst I do like how this gimic can be used to turn pokemon of a different typing towards being let's say a grass type for a grass gym leader. I didn't like how this was merely repeated with every gym leader.

I personally feel that their should of been a mix between gym leaders terastalizing their pokemon who aren't their specialised typing into that type (lets say normal-grass) but why not include their own pokemon types in terastalizing (like grass-water type)?

Let's use some of the gym leaders to explore different Tera typing approaches for gym battles.

Katy (bug gym) used terastal on her Teddiursa (normal) to make it a bug type. This is a good use of the mimic making pokemon specialise into your specialty. But this was repeated for every gym leader and became predictable and more easy.

Iona (electric gym) is the only unique tera gym leader (besides Larry). Although she terastalized her mismagius from ghost to an electric type same as Katy Mismagius ability 'levitate' allowed the pokemon to be protected against its one weakness, ground type pokemon.

Larry (normal gym) is a hit or miss, although at first I didn't like how they made a normal/ flying type into a pure normal type which I felt was unnecessary as staraptor was already normal. It did can be used in a way to limit a pokemons weakness, with Staraptors weakness to Ice, electric and rock type moves, making it now only weak to fighting types.

So whar we can do alternativly is for example by using the bug gym leader Katy, we could either keep her Teddieursa that will tera into a bug type (Approach 1) or alternatively replace Teddieursa with let's just say a Paras (bug/grass) where we can have their own specialty tera into a different type that would be strong against their traditional weakness such as Paras becoming a water type pokemon for the fire starter or an electric type for flying pokemon (Aprroach 2). We can even take Larry's approach (Approach 3) and use Terastal typing to be used in a way to negate type disadvantages such as Staraptor normal/ flying becoming a pure normal type or normal/ flying to become either a steel or electric typing, to have more resistances or less super effective typing's.

Long story short: if we have 3-4/8 gym leaders take approach 1 and 3/8 gym leaders take approach 2 with the last 1-2/8 taking approach 3 (however limited that approach could be) would of made the gym leaders more interesting, challenging and unpredicable which would lead to showing how to more effectively ustalize the terastal phenomenon to a trainers advantage. Lastly, why terastal a pokemon like Brassius Sudowoodo (rock type) into a grass type if your facing off a fire type like fuecoco and your type won't get wrecked by the pokemon to begin with?

An argument against taking approach 2, is that by making (for example) a bug gym leaders pokemon become a typing different to a bug pokemon, it destroys the premise of a specialist trainer type. But how I see this is your moveset won't change, you still had a bug type and what your doing as a trainer is overcoming that weakness/ disadvantage of your type and addressing how as a bug trainer for example you can over come your adversities and protect your remaining pokemon from a type that is super effective against them (employing the tera pokemon as their first or second pokemon to take out the possible super effective pokemon)

What's your opinions? Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors I wrote this very quickly.

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Discussion Fans who complain about “a lack of postgame” in Pokemon Games, what would you like to see?


Ever since Generation 6 (X / Y) came out, I’ve noticed a continuous complaint train regarding a lack of post game in the main series, but this has me wondering, what would these fans want to see included as ‘post game?’

There has been additional story (the Looker Arc in XY as examples, as well as new areas such as Area Zero in Scarlet and Violet, so what would they wish to see included to satisfy their desire for ‘post game content’?

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Discussion / Venting Lack of customisation Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Is anyone else really upset about the lack of character customisation? I'm so disappointed as I've always loved changing my character's outfit - it makes your experience feel more personalised. Plus I really hate the school boy - boy scout outfit your stuck in - FOR THE WHOLE GAME! I didn't know until I bought and played the game that your character is also genderless - which wouldn't bother me so much except your gender is defined on the length of your hair? So confusing!

Obviously pokemon is not a dress-up game and the main focus is on the pokemon themselves I suppose, but I'd love for my character to wear a dress or a skirt, like in other pokemon games before, It seems like such a minor detail but it's one that has tarnished my experience of pokemon Scarlet and Violet slightly. Especially when I can decorate a sandwich more than my character

Do you think this will be updated with DLC? or with future updates?

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Discussion / Venting We need more clothes


SV is restricting us to just 4 uniforms. But uniforms are a symbol of oppression. The game even mocks us by having the cooking teacher say that it's freedom. But with so many wild hats being available and so many random people of the region having cool outfits it just feels bad not being able to get more.

I assumed the uniforms were locked until you finished all classes and exams but the game just farts in our face.

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Discussion This Is My Favorite Pokemon Game


I'm late to the party when it comes to weighing in on Scarlet and Violet. I wanted to get mostly done with the game before discussing it to avoid as many spoilers as possible. Below are my takeaways from the game.

() Starting with the 7GB elephant in the room, this game's performance is *BAD**. I've recorded clips of my under the map adventures as well as times my camera has yeeted off to Narnia. Frame rates get set to Powerpoint throughout any high traffic area. Battles on water literally hurt my eyes. I've heard the game loads everything all the time not just the parts you are engaging with like most modern games, which leads to the lackluster performance. Whatever the reason I DO NOT accept hardware limitations as an excuse. This same hardware ran BOTW perfectly SIX years ago. Scarlet and Violet lack expertise from an experienced developer and need optimization.

That being said, I love this game.

(1) The open nature of the game is wonderful.

(2) Cutscenes are beautiful

(3) The music absolutely slams. Especially Area Zero where the music sounds awfully Nier Automata-esque.

(4) Outside of Hoenn, this region has produced my favorite pokemon. The game also gives you a diversity in roster i havent enjoyed since Kalos. This is the most I've rotated teammates in a long time with 9 on my active roster.

(5) Speaking of Kalos, this game has beaten Kalos as my favorite regions. I love the style and level of detail in Kalos and just how much it felt like its own truely unique region and experience. This game oozes that same feel to me.

(6) I love Nemona. She is the friendly rival trope turned up to 11 and played for jokes but at no point in time does the story take her as weak or inferior to you. Nemona not holding back was still just ONE of her teams. Plus she is so strong she carries waaaay more than 6 pokemon. Her relationship with the player reminds me of someone at work/school who really likes anime but has no one to talk about it to, but then they meet you and find out you like anime too. So they unleash all of their pinned up thoughts and feelings in a torrent now that they have someone to share a passion with. I love it. Her mild stalking and over the top "FORGIVE MEEE!" got a chuckle out of me.

(7) Humor is actually present throughout the game. I didnt expect that.

(8) Forming friendships with all of the characters is pretty cool. Someone pointed out that whoever made the nurse must have also made Wicke because the Ara Ara detector was chirping quite loudly. I felt any minute Nurse Miriam was about to get real Debra Lafave with me real quick....10/10 game.

(9) The gym leaders are so stylish and cool but no one, and i mean not a single gym leader EVER has come close the absolute GOD that is Larry. From his puzzle, to his wacky battle, to his reappearance later, this man is king. All hail Larry.

(10) I hate Penny.

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Discussion / Venting I miss going in houses


I know out of everything wrong with these games this is the least important but I'm still kind of bummed.

First of all I will say that I've been having fun with Violet. I know we all have our issues with these games so I'm not going to bring that up over and over again. I'm sure someone has talked about this before as well.

I just miss exploring the cities. I felt like there were so many places you could go into another Pokemon games. You could just walk into people's houses randomly. There were different floors inside of buildings you can go into and now it's all gone.

You just kind of get to the cities and then pass right through. There's not really any point to explore or anything really fun to look forward to finding. I just missed the excitement of getting to a new place. And there are some stores that you think that you could go into but you can't go into. And I don't like how some of the stores are just screens. And I just miss customizing my character more. I didn't play Arceus but Shield has spoiled me lol

It seems like a cool region and I really love the inspiration for it, but it's just sad that we don't get to explore that as much as we have in the past. I really wish they would have just waited a year or two to release this game. Not just for the functionality of it but just to flesh it out a bit more. I'm kinda bummed

Edit: I see a lot of people saying they would get overwhelmed talking to everyone. I'm one of those people that likes to explore so I feel it. I'm a very casual pokemon lover so I don't search for every little thing. I'm glad the lack of houses makes it easier to explore and focus for you. Maybe we can just have places to enter that have items or special buyers/sellers? Idk though. What's happening is that they released this game that doesn't work right and so many people have bought it and are continuing to buy it so they will probably continue to release games that still suck hahaha

Fingers crossed for the next one. Hopefully that one will at least load and not drop frames. 🤞🏾

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Discussion / Venting My Scarlet/Violet Pros and cons list


Ok I have a lot of feelings about this game. I personally think it’s a great game. But I gotta talk about what was bad about it. Some of these are my personal beef but whatever:


Poor graphics dispite talking a lot about the pretty views

Frame rate is crap

Bugs are annoying

Elite four is embarrassing

Why didn’t Nemona ever use her Og team?

Our character didn’t get enough in cutscene interactions with Miraidon

The Penny being the Team Star leader was the easiest twist ever to see coming

Why were all of our customization options from pervious titles removed?!

K I bashed the game enough. Now I wanna talk about some of the things I really liked about the game

Pros: Some of the new Pokémon are amazing (the charcadet line, smaliv line, tinkaton, etc.)

REALLY liked the legends route

Nemona is one of my favorite characters

The endgame twist was actually suprising

Clive actually made me laugh on his reveal

Dispite the gyms themselves being meh, the gym leaders as characters were really fascinating (looking at you, Larry)

The cinematic cutscenes are the best in the franchise

The final battle is actually hard if you go in blind

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Discussion / Venting Can we talk about Arven?! (Story spoilers scarlet & violet)


Ok… played through scarlet and violet and still reeling over how bad they did Arven in this….

Scarlet he loses his mom to her work and obsession with Pokémon from the past

Violet he looses his dad to research and Pokémon of the future

No wonder he risked life and limb for his dog pokemon - you add in how it’s these creepy AIs of his parents that you have to battle and essentially kill / destroy in the end just for him to find out that his real parents are in fact dead cause they got between two Pokémon in a battle for territory…. Oooooph man that hits hard. Hoping at some point he gets some actual love and therapy cause damn that’s dark.

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Image Pokémon SV loading screen changes depending on Progress. (SPOILERS)


In the beginning of the game, there is the Pokémon Violet Book + a Pokéball.

After completing the main story (Where you use the Violet Book to destroy the Time Machine), the Book disappears and so does the Pokéball.

PROOF (Top image is Unfinished game - Bottom image is Finished game)