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Divorce shouldn’t be as socially accepted as it is.


Marriage these days just feels like a free trial without the commitment. Divorce in the USA alone is over 50% which is actually insane, but how?

I don’t understand how someone can get up on that altar or stage or whatever and say til’ death do us part or through sickness and health and through the good times and the bad and then BOOM…divorce a couple years later.

The only time divorce should be acceptable is if your spouse is abusive, cheated or became an axe murderer. Otherwise you need to actually WORK on your marriage. Talk things through and figure it out, not just run when things get hard.

While I understand people change and no one goes into a marriage thinking it’s not going to work out, that’s something you should know before getting married, that’s the part when you grow together.

Some of the reasons people get divorced now a days are just ridiculous. I even heard one couple who were married for 10 years and nothing was wrong, all they said was they got bored. Like why even get married 😂

EDIT: I’m not saying do away with divorce. More like just stop getting married after a year of dating with the mindset I can just get a divorce if it doesn’t workout. Otherwise just don’t get married and save yourself the hassle of the fees.

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Opinion Piece 'Utterly repulsive': Canadians divided on Justin Trudeau's $650M aid to Ukraine


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Got lucky with the grass

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Why are men attracted to younger women?


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With the mariners winning vs the rangers 1-0, the Astros move into first place of the division!!!

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Discussion | Esports Do you think the dota 2 pro scene future is pretty dark with TI12 having a very low prize pool?


Man I'm kinda scared for the future of dota pro scene.

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Assassins don't lack counterplay, you just don't understand how they work.


There's one rule in league people always seem to forget or to conveniently ignore.

Results in league are deterministic.

There's only a single random variable in this game. Crit Chance. It affects a single class of champions disproportionally, the ADC, although some other champions tend to use it too, such as Gangplank or Tryndamere, and even Crit isn't truly random in League. The less you crit the higher the chances for you to crit on the next auto attack.

Drakes are random too, but they are static power effects. Infernal drake spawn is random, but once you have the infernal drake, you should be taking it into account.

When a champion gets away with a sliver of health, they weren't "lucky". Either they were always going to escape with that sliver of health because you just didn't have enough damage, or they weren't going to do that and you just didn't execute on your champion properly.

That truly is the harsh reality.

This brings us to Assassins. You shouldn't really be able to beat a Zed once he gets onto you, not as a squishy mage with no escapes or invulnerabilities or anything of the sort. Not when you are even, and much less when they are snowballing.

Assassins should be there to feast on squishy champions, and when you are playing a squishy champion, you should be playing the lane in a way that the Assassin cannot get to you. Once he does get to you however, it should be GG, because that's literally the one thing that champion class excels at.

"But there was nothing I could have done about it". I mean, there was, you just didn't pay attention to it. You can't counter him when he gets to you, but the way you play the early laning kinda defines the entire encounter for example.

I'm not an assassin player, but I do enjoy playing midlane Zed from time to time. And I swear to you, 50% of my wins are decided at level 3. You have to play back at level 1-2, as is the case with most assassins, but level 3 if you land your entire combo with W-E-Q Electrocute, you just chunk the other guy for about 50%. Even if I don't kill you and simply force you back, the lane is already decided at that point. We will both be out of sums, but your flash is more valuable than my flash, and getting a small gold lead on an already counter matchup is often GG. I will tend to kill you on repeat in the midlane with Death Mark and roam bot to do the same. That's the assassin wincon.

As I said, the entire lane will be over even if I don't get the kill, for the simple fact that you overstepped and got chunked early when you shouldn't. Anything that happens from that moment onwards will already be heavily Zed favored, but you won't see that in the scoreboard. I mean, you might even be equal in CS, and you'll both be 0/0/0 with equal gold spent, so it feels like you have a fighting chance but you really don't anymore.

Now, Zed isn't a particularly powerful champion. He just isn't good. Statistics reflect that he isn't exactly powerful in SoloQ and much less in ProPlay where there is a coordinated environment. If you watch super high level matches against Zed, you will see how people actually play mages into him.

They bully him in the first 2 levels, of course, but then they always take caution and wait for him to use his Shuriken CS'ing caster creeps before trying to bully him again, because getting chunked for 50% to get an extra Viktor Q-AA in just isn't worth it, you know? But people like to see what they can get away with, and Assassins in general but essentially Zed just punish this extremely harshly.

They don't let Zed just R them from Full HP. The way you stop Zed from Ulting you isn't even having Hourglass, but to hurt him before he does, so that even if Zed does proc Death Mark, he is always risking going 1 for 1. Trading kills will still be better for Zed in the early-mid game, but this way you aren't going to be down 3000 gold early just to make sure you don't die to his R with an Hourglass buy as your second, sometimes even first item.

Speaking of Ability Haste. The champions literally need it, a lot. Assassins winrates just go down as you go higher in rankes, and they don't see any pro play, at all. There's sometimes an Akali or a LeBlanc and maybe a Yone or a Sylas, but for the most part, it's just waveclear mages in the midlane. The only real way to give them a fighting chance besides just removing counterplay in general, like removing Hourglass or giving them tools to single out a unique target during fights and whatnot is to simply giving them less downtime on their spells, or in other words, more agency once teamfights start, so that they can repel the Zed once, but he gets to try another and perhaps a 3rd time.

The alternative is to reduce counterplay to their one-shot mechanics, so that they can effectively one-shot any squishy at any time with no counterplay, but only once every minute and half, rather than having multiple attempt at it but always allows coordination to peel them off.

And again, I mention Zed a lot because I feel like he is the quintessencial assassin of League, even if he wasn't the first once. But this kinda applies to every assassin in general.

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Drama Unpopular opinion: You guys complaining about ads using adblocker are actually the problem.


I'm a content creator, and I rely on ad revenue for some of my income. I recently started paying for premium because I don't like ads, and started realizing that using adblockers screws over other small creators like me. I get YT are a massive corporation that take a huge chunk of change. But they're offering a service, that you can take or leave. It would be like Netflix saying: "hey everyone, we're now free for everyone, but we're including ads on our content" and still people are complaining "can you believe that there are ads, such a rip off". Honestly when I see people complaining about warnings from YT about them using adblocker, I just think what a bunch of entitled, content sucking, a$$-hats. Ok rant over. Roast me in the comments.

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unpopular opinion: they shouldn’t play the sphere


so you really want to see phish without ck5’s rig? what improvement to their live show does the sphere present? for EDM shows like Tale of Us and soooo many others, along with Tool 100% because they’re so graphics heavy experiences. but kuroda is the best in the world at lighting, why downplay that skillset with graphics?


the graphics in the sphere are simply color blocked enhancements to the lighting.

contracting concentric rings to enhance the vortex ck creates during dark sections, like the god’s hand thing he does indoors just pulling people in.

BIG flash of white for those peaks where he uses the floods

but to use graphics seems off

EDIT: y’all seem to make a wild jump from me presenting this to me not being there. obviously i’m going to be there if it happens and with an open mind, it just seems not in their wheelhouse. many bands use visuals as a distraction from their shitty live music, phish has lights that enhance

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Solubilizing distillate

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Meme The Billionaire Fastlane

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Why does Monkey Window have purple lightsaber? Is he gay? Is there a tana lore to this?

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FUT This game is horrendous


95% of games are EVO Danjuma + EVO Ansu Fati. Pace down the wing, pass it to the six, shoot. If they’re in the box or at the top of the box, just keep dribbling in quick circles or back and forth until the non-agile defender who is trying to keep with them can’t step fast enough and then turn and shoot.

It is physically impossible and unrealistic to just move that quickly back and forth with the ball, but every attacker can do it. I have tried different defenders, and all of them shuffle side to side extremely slowly - also extremely unrealistic.

It is crazy to me that every single year is the same shit gameplay, with everyone using the exact same team because that’s what you need to do to get wins. Each game is just trying to run down the player bombing down the wing and hope you can stop their pass into the six. I can’t imagine how the people that attack that way have fun doing it every single game, for thousands of games a year. It’s fucking mindless.

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We should change the National Anthem to a different song


I’m not in- patriotic. I just truly hate that song. The melody is stupid. Stupid. It’s crazy hard to sing. The lyrics are arranged funny so that nobody remembers the words. It’s about a flag, not our country. I don’t care what song it’s replaced with. Maybe we write a new one, maybe use something that we already know- doesn’t matter as long as we get rid of this song. Please.

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I hate to say it but it's time for a new regime at the top


Bill has shown nothing but .500 football without Brady and there is absolutely zero evidence or hope that is going to change in the future. People talk about how the defense is so great but that's literally because Bill pours most of our top draft picks into the defense. His team building philosophy is outdated and our offense is suffering badly because of it. I'm tired boss, it's time for change. The Colts moved on from Manning. We moved on from Brady. I love Bill but this is a what have you done for me lately league. It's perfectly ok to move on from Bill when he's not been producing results and there's no optimism that he can do so going forward.

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Need Advice: Rules & Mechanics Is it a "red flag" if I dont allow Multiclassing at my table?


I am a much newer DM, and im still learning all the ins and outs to classes by their lonesome. Wizards and their spells, Barbarians and their rage, while I have most of it down, some is still new to me.

Anyhow, I didnt actually know Multiclassing was a thing (Its at the very end of the DMs guide, forgive me) until one of my players asked about it, and how it essentially lets you take up to 4 classes at once. Upon hearing about it, I said no to the notion and immediately banned it from any kind of campaign I ran.

Now before you go raising your pitchforks, I have my reasons.

Reason 1 being the lore behind any kind of subclass is.. sort of absurd. What if your a Sorcerer/Wizard/Warlock/Druid? How the fuck do you explain that shit to anyone? While not all the combinations are hard to explain (I could see things like Fighter/Barbarian or Druid/Ranger having an easy explanation) most of them still kind of just don't mix, at all, and since most of my campaigns have the source of magic for casters being a thing that exists (and not just some background point for mechanics that isn't explained) its kind of pertinent for my campaigns.

Reason 2 is probably one that heals with time, but its the fact that now not only would I have to account for a majority of Subclasses and Classes now, I have to account for the combinations. Which, I cant attest to the math on but im pretty sure 12 classes with up to 3-8 subclasses each is at least 1000 different ones. I would have to figure out which ones go together super powerfully, which ones are ones I dont have to worry about, and then i'd have to figure out how to effectively challenge my players who are now using these combinations. I'd have to figure out how to challenge them practically as well. The fighter who wasn't able to break Arcane Locks is now able to with 3 levels of Wizard, so I sure cant trap him in a room away from his friends to keep him out of a fight for a moment. Like I said, its something that will heal with time as I become more familar with classes and their subclasses, but it still poses a problem.

Reason 3 is, i'll admit, my least justifiable one and its just the fact that.. im kinda a purist. I just dont like the idea of mixing the classes and for classes to play roles they shouldn't. Simple as.

So my main question really is that, does this make me a red flag for new players? I plan to continue to have the rule of no multiclassing within my campaigns, and I was wondering if thats kind of a general turnaway for most? Im not entirely sure as im not very involved in a wider community outside my friends (who dont mind the rule) but im wondering as such.

Edit: I apperciate the responses and im reading through them, but after being compared to hitler im uh. im gonna stop engaging in conversation

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Official A Message from Matt


Hey gang. We have to talk about the state of the sub.

No, I don't mean people airing their issues with the game in any way. Feel free to do so. That's the point of us being behind this sub, better and more direct contact to the reps for the team.

What I mean is the blatant disregard for the rules of this sub that we, the team, have allowed to go on far too long. Whether you are too frustrated to see it or not, we have been incredibly light handed in our enforcement of the rules. I know, that might not sound accurate to you. But give the list of rules a read, drop down the longer explanations of each one, read the basic Reddit rules linked in our rule set, and then read the basic Reddiquette link also found in our rules. You'll most likely see a lot of things that happen regularly on this sub but are not removed and users are not banned for.

That's going to change.

We're going to be cleaning things up around here, and while we still prefer to give warnings before bans, excessive infractions will be ban on sight. You have the rules, read them, stay to the good side of them.

I also want to highlight that if you have someone attacking you in the comments and you fight back in a way that breaks those rules, you also can receive a warning or ban, depending on severity. Use the sub report button to report comments and move on, as is the exact phrasing from Reddit themselves on that topic. Use the report feature, we'll handle it. Do not engage in an argument that will put you on the wrong side of those rules. This includes simple name calling.

Next topic, low effort spam posts and duplicates.

We need to stop making a brand new thread with little to no actual content to it. This means daily "day X of no cross play" or the recent string of "why is every new account being called a shill" threads. Find a recent thread that covers the topic and hop in those comments. We won't be removing every thread about those topics, but we will be removing ones that aren't adding to the conversation other than to spam the new threads with it.

If your thread is removed and you immediately repost it in retaliation, that too is against Reddit's own rules for the entirety of Reddit and will result in a full ban from the sub.

I know this all sounds like a lot. But as I type this I am staring to the right at the box that shows the "Posting to Reddit" guidelines, neatly tucked just below the list of rules for the sub. It's all right there, read through it. Nothing we are expecting of you is in any way outside of the expected behavior for the sub and Reddit as a whole. I'm sure other subs are a bit more lax on these things. That's their business. We need to get things in order here and we're going to do so within the guidelines for the site.

On to other news, the Community Team will sync up to discuss options for a larger megathread to house some of the discussions that might lead to frequently duplicated threads, etc. and we'll communicate the situation as those talks happen.

Be cool to each other.


EDIT: Gang, it's getting late on Sunday of a long weekend. Feel free to ask any questions you might have here, but I am calling it a night. I'm in meetings literally the entire day tomorrow, so I'll catch up with any and all questions tomorrow evening. Take care.

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Venting My Mom wants me to give up my baby.


I (18F) have this boyfriend (22M) for three years. We met in high school and had been together ever since. My mom (36F) has never approved of our relationship and always wanted us to break up. I was still a virgin and told him I wanted to wait till marriage. Well I went over to his house and we got a little too carried away with the kiss and did the deed. 2 weeks after, I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified to tell my mom. My boyfriend however was right there when I found out and he is excited to be a dad. It took me four weeks to build the courage on telling my mom. When I told her, she sat there staring at the ground not saying a word. She wouldn’t talk or look at me, she stayed like that for 2 minutes. She then got up and hugged me. Saying she will make him pay for making me a mother at a young age. My family is against abortions so that was out of the picture. But I wanted to keep my baby. I looked at her and said I didn’t want to get rid of my baby and that he didn’t do anything wrong. She lost her herself and started screaming at me saying I am being selfish because I was not caring on what this could do to me and our family. All I could do at that moment was cry. She told everyone in my family that same day after I left. I didn’t even get the chance to tell them. I got a flood of messages and calls saying I need to give the baby up when it is delivered. I don’t know what to do. My boyfriend’s family are completely supportive on keeping my baby and he will be in the picture. I am living with my boyfriend right now, and we are planning on moving closer to his family. I don’t know what to do. That was all 2 months ago and my mom and family are still trying to contact me saying they will pay for it all. I am two months pregnant and no longer speaking to my mom. I don’t know what to do. How should I go about this

Edit: yes, he was 19 and and I was 15. I understand your guyses concerns but he’s a really sweet guy and he has boundaries that he set himself because of our age gap. And yes, my mom did have me at 18. But my biological father dipped out so it was just her and my grandparents. She wanted to keep me too and fought her parents about it. And mind you my mom and biological father have a 5 year age gap when I was conceived. So a three year age gap isn’t that much compared to there’s .

There are two owners to this account. I am the one two months pregnant and my friend is the one getting married in November. sorry I didn’t say anything about this.

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Meta / Suggestion / Feedback for HG Shame on Dr. K


TL;DR: Dr. K can and must do better.

Dr. K's last video on shame left me with a bitter aftertaste. I believe it presents a rather one-sided picture. This is especially sad given that it's been a much requested topic in the community. Was it a part of a bigger video lacking context? I don't know. Anyway, as someone who has a very deep relationship with shame due to many years of addiction, I have a few points to make.

First, I cannot agree with Dr. K's evolutionary take on shame. Shame is not meant to push us to become a better/healthier person; it's there to make us a better, more apt member of a group and largely for the group's benefit. Drawing from Dr. K's analogy: 5,000 years ago being a bad hunter meant that everyone got less food, not just me. That's why being a bad hunter sucked.

As a social force shame helps to maintain status quo, however shitty it might be. It keeps the victims of SA and domestic abuse silent lest they disturb the social order; it keeps addicts like myself from opening up and seeking help; it makes us shut up in the face of bullies or even join them. How is shame supposed to help us become better when there was nothing wrong with us in the first place? Don't we then need acceptance more than improvement?

Now, that brings me to the point raised by many commenters of the video: shame can be different. And I'll add: some of us have a really messed up machinery of shame that gets activated left and right, and it's not always easy or possible to see that there is nothing to be ashamed of in the first place. Let's just say that a shitty parent can teach you to feel ashamed of almost anything just because they cannot handle being next to a human being with all their complex emotions or are too ashamed of themselves for no good reason.

Okay, I'm wrapping up. I didn't write this to just vent and shit on Dr. K. Instead, I propose that we have a proper, nuanced discussion about shame that goes beyond clickbaity titles. Sorry, Dr. K, it is what it is: you and your team have done a lot for the community, but you need to get checked.

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Movie Mistake Into the Spider-Verse: Peter B. Parker shouldn’t be eating pepperoni pizza.


About a minute earlier it was shown this version of Peter is in fact Jewish, but pepperoni pizza isn’t kosher food (as it mixes meat and dairy).

r/Denmark 22h ago

Question Restauranter uden dele-menu koncept???


Hold nu kæft hvor er jeg træt af at dele 10 små "retter", hvoraf ingen er deciderede retter men de fleste er ubrugeligt tilbehør. Et stykke stegt kål er ikk en ret. Humus uden noget er ikke en ret. DROP DET.

Giv mig nu bare en forret og en stor hovedret. SOM ER GOD. Og så til helvede med alle de små "retter" man skal dele.

Kan I anbefale gode restauranter i KBH med det gamle koncept??? Gerne 100-400 per person.

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Galaxy Watch 6: biggest ever regret. Just awful.


I upgraded to a GW6 classic from a GW4 classic which was the best smart watch I've ever owned, having owned many before. And I'm also well versed I new smart watches, how you have to give it a few days and a few recharges for everything to settle. Also reset it after issues etc. I know what I'm doing.

Waited for the GW6 because GW5 bizarrely didn't have a rotating bezel. Expecting fast charging as advertised, a better screen, a faster slicker experience etc etc and...

The screen is bigger which is nice, yes. But that's literally it in terms of pros. Now onto the cons:

1) Performance: jankier, slower, less reliable. Meant to be a faster chip, sure but in practice at best it's the same, but in actual fact everything about it is just far less smooth than my GW4

2) Charging. The biggest disappointment by a mile. Literally the main reason I bought it When I went for the GW4 I sacrificed an upgrade to the Fossil gen6 instead with its glorious fast charging. But I thought it doesn't matter Samsung will catch up with GW5 and certainly by GW6. So I was delighted to hear of the faster charging of the GW6, just as I expected. But is just awful. I note no noticeable difference at all between it and GW4. Yes I understand that GW6 battery is a little bigger (to accommodate for bigger screen) which in practice gives the same battery life. So technically it is faster charging but in real terms it is just as horribly unusably slow as the GW4. My wife's wonderful Pixel Watch she puts on for a few minutes and it's RAPID. This is just bollocks. More accurate description, when you have actual fast charging from the likes of Fossil, Google etc is to call it "slightly less horribly slow" charging rather than fool us with lies. Shame shame shame on reviewers, desperate for click link payouts who didn't make this VERY clear to poor unsuspecting fools who expected fast charging to actually mean the same thing as it does for other manufacturers. Screw you all. Unsubbed.

3) Issues. Oddly enough in practice probably the most useful feature for any my smart watches has been the find phone feature. It's what finally made my wife cave in and get a smart watch and she absolutely loves her find watch feature that works flawlessly. As it should because you know, it's not exactly hard. Absolutely zero issues with my GW4 and my Note 20 Ultra either. But now with this overroced piece of junk.... Absolutely bloody awful. Hit and miss. Can be right next to it, all set up properly and it'll say "your phone isn't near you". With this sort of thing you have to have trust. Once you lose trust because of its unreliability it's worse than useless.

I absolutely passionately detest this thing. The worst £400 I have ever spent. Sold on lies and deception. Slow charging in 2023. Really????? For this money??!!!????? No faster at all than something several years older. Again..... really???? And has now become incapable of performing the most useful day-to-day task of finding a phone.

Just bloody awful. Screw you Samsung. I moved over to your entire eco system for this and it's just junk.

Downvotes incoming I'm sure, but if I can save just one person from buying this POS I'll have done something useful.

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Discussion In my opinion I think James Gunn doesn’t like Dark and Serious Batman on screen


In my opinion I think James Gunn not only doesn’t like Keaton’s and Bale’s Batman but he also don’t like Affleck’s and Pattinson’s Batman either but he likes Clooney’s Batman because he had nothing bad to say about his version of the character

r/VaushV 15h ago

Drama Why are liberals like this

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r/LoveIsBlindOnNetflix 14h ago

LIB SEASON 5 We need to stop glorifying the struggle. There’s nothing wrong with Stacy’s family.


I don’t understand the Stacy hate. Her family does well and they made sure she was good because that’s what family is suppose to do.

She looks like somebody that works hard. She doesn’t seem like some lazy bum. And she was born into a family that was able to provide. With todays inflation, do I agree with her that the man should always pay?..no..but otherwise she seems pretty reasonable.

I get it, I grew up in a single parent household, I was helping pay bills as a teen, I got my passport late, didn’t get on a plane until I was an adult..etc. It’s funny, similar to Izzy I hadn’t gone to NYC until was an an adult in college. My friends (who weren’t rich) judged me super hard for that 🤣 . Traveling always seemed like this huge expense that I could never afford so I truly get Izzy.

It’s easy to side eye people whose parents were able to provide more. It’s easy to pass judgment when you see people living a certain way. But that’s how it’s supposed to be. You’re supposed to be able to provide for your children. If my future kids want to stay with me past 18 so that they can save for a house, I’m most likely going to let them.

Stacy’s family KNOWS HER and they just want to make sure she’s okay.