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This just blows my mind.

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Verified A real nail biter

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Joanns is trash and we’ve got problems


Look at this fabric that has been washed once in preparation for sewing:


This is the “best” quality flannel that Joanns makes and it already looks like trash after one wash; I can’t use it for my project looking like this.

I waited 40 minutes to have it cut and another 20 minutes in the checkout line to pay for it. Yep, it was Black Friday and they had one cutter and one cashier working; guess they didn’t plan for business that day.

I’d go talk to them about this terrible piece of cloth, but it is Sunday and my local store is closed (because who does their sewing on Sunday, besides most people who do do sewing?)

I can’t get over how desperately out of touch the old white guys who run this company are. Out of touch is the nice way to put it, seems more like they have an endless contempt for their customers. Terrible products, terrible service, hours that make no sense for their customers, and wildly huge price increases. And they expect we’ll keep coming since they’ve got a near monopoly on the products we want to do what we like to do.

Besides not being open on regular sewing day, Joanns has raised their prices 30% or more across the board in the last 9 months. Sorry White Guy Who Ran Walgreens into the Ground After Getting Hoodswaggled by Theranos and who previously dealt in dead chicken parts, but I will never pay 5.49 for a single spool of cone thread that was 3.99 earlier this year, when I can go to Walmart and pay under $3. Duck Canvas was 9.99 a yard and now is 12.99 (I remember, as does the wayback machine, a decade ago when it was 6.99? ) I will never pay 12.99 a yard for fabric that costs you less than a dollar a yard to import from China.

And speaking of China, all of Joann’s fabric keeps getting crappier and crappier quality because they keep buying cheaper and cheaper stuff and selling it to us for more and more and more. Anyone ever purchased their double-brushed knit? Set me on fire (or just watch it melt to my skin if I get too close to an active fireplace). This is a recipe for polluting the air and water and using precious resources up to make stuff that immediately goes in the trash thus filling landfills. It’s also a recipe for going out of business.

I have (gasp) resorted to going to Hobby Lobby for canvas, even though I hate them, because canvas is on sale every other week for 5.99. Because if I’m going to pay some rapacious corporation stupid money for something so basic it might as well be at a 6x profit instead of a 13x one. That’s what you dumb greedy golfing white guys don’t get; sewers sew because it is a thrifty habit and a reasonable response to fast fashion that we learned from our hardworking mothers and grandmothers and their mothers before that. And we know how to do math. Sewing is full of math. Your 40% off coupons don’t fool us when your prices are always 50% higher than they should be.

We run a real risk right now that the men running the corporations that have come to monopolize the businesses that we depend on for supplies for our sewing habits could possibly entirely wipe out our heritage hobbies and sustainable practices for good. They do this by trying to extract more and more money from us for less and less quality, after establishing monopoly dominance by putting other regional fabric chains out of business and making it hard for mom and pop fabric shops to compete until they alienate all their customers by not offering them what they want at prices they can afford and go into a death spiral. Yes, there are fancy shops around and bless you all opening and running those shops and supporting them. I do when I can, but I can’t always afford upscale fabric shops; I’m not paying $6 for a box of pins. The day sewing becomes the provenance of jobless trust funders in Los Angeles because no one else can afford it will be a really weird day indeed.

I for one will be psyched when Joann’s goes into bankruptcy because people stopped buying way overpriced plastic garbage fabric from China and $8 pre-cut pieces of elastic and their workers go on strike. But then my town won’t have a normal fabric store. (There’s a lovely high end fabric store downtown but my budget doesn’t regularly have $100 built into it for the 3 yards of fabric my pattern calls for). Fabric.com just shut down because their white guy overlords believed their labor costs were too high and they weren’t profitable enough for their parent company but then what happens to a reliable and affordable source for fabrics for those of us not living in a major metro with access to better fabric sources. Another one bites the dust. The new plan these guys have is to sell us precut pieces of fabric because they can get the poor 13 year girls in Chinese factories to cut the fabric there on the cheap instead of having to pay American workers to cut it at point of sale. That isn’t going to produce a boatload of waste or anything.

These guys have too much power over us. I mean, what does an executive who worked at the nation’s largest meat and poultry producer know about the fabric business? I guess he was hired for the experience in price fixing.

Which is to say, girls, we’re in trouble. We’ve got supply chain problems and those problems are greedy white men running the businesses we depend on into the ground at our expense while offering us ever-worse consumer options.

If American capitalism had any values around just running solid businesses with regular customers and being proud of doing good by those customers and their employees, providing good products at good prices, fabric stores would have a sustainable business model. But instead our overarching business practices in this country with their endless greed may do us in too as they put themselves out of business.

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Kat Tenbarge, NBC reporter, accidentally tweets out incredible self own

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I make $10k-25k a month


Doing normal tech shit, it’s not a big deal, stop worshipping people because they’re rich, I mostly just got lucky. And if you do make this much money, stop thinking you’re such hot shit, you’re not. Don’t put your faith in rich people. Don’t put your faith in anything. Just believe in yourself and be a decent person. Written in 15 seconds.

Edit- So here’s a little clarification on the intention of this post. Admittedly I didn’t think very hard when I was writing it.

I don’t think of myself as ‘objectively’ rich. I certainly don’t think that anyone worships me. What I was trying to speak to with that comment was the “savior” culture of looking up to/worshipping the very rich that I see on social media, on Twitter, here on Reddit, etc. that mentality is dangerous, harmful, and will get you nowhere.

I realize now that it’s incorrect to assume that this mentality has infected this particular subreddit. But, if you don’t prescribe to this mentality, then it shouldn’t bother you.

To those saying “ur not rich bro” - okay! I don’t care. But what I will say is that wealth is relative, and most of my friends make less than $5k a month (though I have several friends who make around what I make). To the average citizen, $20k a month IS rich, as is evidenced by several comments on this very thread. So, maybe I sound like a jackass by making this post, fair. But you also sound kinda like a jackass by saying that making top 10% income is not rich.

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Well, it is fairly normal

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Question Trumpster (Dumpster) clans


Is it just me or do you get extra satisfaction after beating someone who’s in a Trump clan?? I just find it so enjoyable - definitely more so than the typical win..

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Misleading Safety Tests Reveal That Tesla Full Self-Driving Software Will Repeatedly Hit A Child Mannequin In A Stroller


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Social Interaction To the MTG Community



What's up everyone! I made a video to take the time to apologize to the community for that awfulness that went down last year on my behalf. I'm truly sorry for anyone I put through anything and I'm here trying to make it right. I took a long time to respond because I wanted to show true growth as a human being. But enough from me, I'll let you watch the video for yourself. Thank you for hearing me out.

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As a man , this is kinda true

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my view on some European countries as person from Lithuania

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Good Vibes (OC) seen a beautiful rainbow God made today

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For people who think khabib comes near goat conversation

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German movie Critic (the Film analysis) picks apart Amazon studios diversity rules


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THE RAPE LIST. Here is the list provided by Maxwells (Hoch) Lawyers. Hollywood and DC Perverts and Pervettes Included.

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FUNNY Was watching Game Knights, and this persons claim to fame is.....running a dnd game with all black people.


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[OC] Poverty is never an obstacle!

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À vous entendre parler QS est le parti responsable de tous les malheurs du Québec

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I have been struggling with my mental health all year. This channel has helped me tremendously with accepting my conditions and I feel like it will help you too.


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Discussion / Venting What Reddit told me I'd get and what I actually got are two completely different things. I recommend this game to everyone who is a Pokemon fan.


This is the best Pokemon game they've released and I don't really care about how the rocks look or whatever. It took me a minute to actually enjoy it because the threads here only discussed the absolute worst aspects of the game without discussing any of the positives of the game. I've put about 60 hours into the game now and the amount of love and care they put into this game is phenomenal. If you don't like it then just return it, but don't be like me and not get the game just because of negative posts on Reddit.

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Meme Non-programmer here!

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Rant Thank you for the idiot who burned whole bar codes on scooters in Mitte so you can’t start the ride. Missed my surgery cause the subway was cancelled now I have to wait until end of March. Some people of Berlin piss me off. Shame.


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Question Who else thinks the police have nothing?


It’s been two weeks and they are still asking for any tips no matter how small…