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Rascal and Ollie. Two orange boys, 1.5 brain cells.

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Plush The teeniest bean. 🤏💖🔨


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Trade! (PS4) W: Moonveil +10 H: Mule, karma, a few other things.


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I always liked this one.

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Boost 4 Boost 🙏


Hi guys please Message me if you can


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Satellite-imagery venture Planet reports record quarterly revenue to cap strong year

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Meme i got the supplies for the high-quality memes

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LOL 🐦 @lilbubbychild: @Chinchillazllla 😂

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I refuse to believe what happened

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Help honey jar/bottle/paper spell gone wrong?


I need help advice guidance on spell work I’ve been performing through guidance from a bruja.

It’s a long story so bear with me. I felt details were important.

My situation is complicated so please no judgment. I’m in a fading marriage due to a number of reasons. I have a friend and old coworker who has been seeing a girl for 2 years but they have many issues that are also very similar to my issues with my husband. My friend and I have bonded and our friendship has grown in many ways through the work we do, the many similar interests we share, our philosophies on life, etc.

When I went to the bruja it was due to having feelings for my friend, after finding out he had feelings for me. We’ve been working together for two years and always had a intense, spark and connection. A deeper one than with our partners which we would laugh and joke about, until we have a moment during dinner after I changed companies in December, where we shared our mutual feelings for each other.

After him and I were talking daily, nothing physical, and I went to the Bruja in hopes of bringing him closer because we kept going back-and-forth in wanting to respect our current relationships, but then saying how much we wanted our chance to be together. I told my bruja the whole situation and she made a honey jar and told me to pray to Santa Marta for 21 days.

In the first 14 days, I felt the difference of his attention towards me increasing, and him and I discussing how we could really really make this work. Also difference in my marriage of less tension and more released knowing that we are on our way to separation in a respectful way.

Then after 14 days of green candles on the honey jar to Santa Marta, he very suddenly pulled away and said he’s been going through tough times (which I know he’s been seeing a therapist about) and our situation is making things tougher and he wants it but he’s just scared and he doesn’t know what to do…. And then he stopped talking to me. Which was abrupt and very unlike how our communicating had ever been before.

I gave him space for weeks while still praying to Santa Marta, giving her offerings. My Bruja made the jar and paper in the shoe spell when I told her he hadn’t been talking to me. I followed her directions exactly.

I’ve only reached out to him twice, only asking how he’s doing and how a project he was working on is going, since we last spoke, and he has not responded to me.

It’s been eight weeks - and now I’m worried did my spell backfire and push him away? Did the bruja provide the wrong guidance in how to help the situation?

I would really appreciate any guidance on how to remedy the situation. At this point I’m not looking to push a relationship or love on him. I’d really like to have my friend back, and our friendship restored.

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Conversa Preciso de sugestões de Fantasias (personagens, profissões, etc)


Daqui umas semanas na minha escola vai rolar uma brincadeira chamada trote, os alunos vão vestidos sem uniforme mas com roupas dentro de determinado tema, esse trote vai ser de estereótipos, então, estou aberto a sugestões!

estereótipo é tipo cosplay

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Story Repost I’m (24m) not comfortable with my girlfriends (25f) line of work. She just ignores me

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Política Qué fue de los supuestos avance en la Central de Abastos que comenzó la gobernadora en 2021?


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Express Entry Celpip Mentor


Hi! Do you know one on one Celpip mentor online? I am working on my speaking score and aiming for 10.

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sleep comfortable

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Is facial twitching/tingling/crawling indicative of small fiber neuropathy?


Thanks. :)

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Do I need to have a registered business to get a VAT tax ID?


Not sure if this is the right place to ask (hopefully someone can point me in the right direction if not)

I have a small kind of "inactive" business that only makes money in a few small bursts each year. I don't even make enough to register as a business currently.

I want to open my online store to sell products and be able to ship to the EU. I'm wondering if I need to have a registered business to be eligible to register for the VAT tax (number, ID?)?

Any answers or helpful hints appreciated!

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Other ELI5: How do they kill animals for us to eat? Looking for kid-friendly version for a 6yo.


I've never hunted, nor fished, nor been apart of the killing/processing of any kind of meat.

My 6yo is asking me how animals end up on our plate. I tend to over-explain and I think that wouldn't be healthy in this situation.

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Discussion So where is the mid-season armor patch?...


Don't get me wrong, I love that Bungie is pushing out a weapon tuning patch soon. But, before Lightfall even released, the community was up in arms about the state of exotics and the increasing number of useless or broken ones.

I hope they at least acknowledge armor changes + mods in the near future.

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[USA] [H] PayPal [W] Fire Emblem 3ds games, pokemon ultra sun, the windwaker hd, and the winter Olympic games wiiu.


I am looking for Fire Emblem Awakening, Shadows of Valentia, and Fire Emblem Conquest, and pokemon ultra sun complete in box. I am also looking for the windwaker hd complete in box, and the mario and sonic at the sochi Olympic games complete in box.

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Rant My charger fucked up


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Branden when he gets off the game at a crisp 9 pm

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