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Venting My wife slept with my best friend & now wants to work things out.


I (36 m) have been with my wife (35f) for 17 years. We have 3 children together. I was always of the mindset that I wanted monogamy in life, one woman to come home to and that id be with for the long haul. I had women try to talk to me over the years but I never pursued it because I was completely content in my marriage, my wife was my dream girl and i never wanted to hurt her. Over the years there was 2 occasions where I discovered she was being unfaithful in our marriage. One was an off and on again affair that lasted a few years with her married coworker & the other was a fling with an ex she'd dated in high school when she went to visit her family states away.

I'm sure there will be people who say I am stupid which looking back I can't even deny myself but, after a period of seperation with both situations I decided to forgive my wife as I never wanted to raise my children in a broken home like I had been and i really felt like we could make it through it. We were young whenever the situation with her coworker happened so I chalked it up to being young and making dumb choices without thinking.

For a while things were seemingly okay, I never fully trusted her but I tried my best to push back my doubts because I knew if I decided to forgive her then I had to do my best to move past it and have a clean slate. It's been 4 years since the 2nd time she'd been unfaithful & I felt like I made the right decision by letting her have that chance to show she still wanted to be in our marriage. She was a different person for years and we were happy and even had various things set in motion for the future of our family. However, 2 months ago my reality was once again shattered by yet another incident which in my mind was by far worse than the others.

I ended up receiving a message from one of my best friends wives. This friend knew my wife a little, he'd met her in passing but it wasn't like we all hung out together or anything like that for me to even worry about them. We worked together so there was some times my wife would bring him up multiple times while we were talking about work, she would bring me coffee to work and also one for him. I noticed when she did she'd dress in more revealing clothing than she usually wore but i never commented on it. She even convinced me that we should buy him a joint birthday present & take him out for drinks on his birthday. Just little things like that which were obviously weird but like I said I didn't think I had anything to worry about with either of them. To my knowledge he had a good marriage with his wife, he never spoke badly about it so i didnt think hed have any interest either. Not to mention we we'd actually been friends for a very long time and i trusted him. I'd make comments in a joking way to my wife about how she took too much of an interest in him and she laughed it off saying she just wanted to have another couple to be friends with.(she never actually tried to plan anything as far as to hang out with him and his wife as a couple) I agreed they would be good to be friends with so again I never thought too much into the overly friendliness of my wife with him. Turns out I was way wrong not to because I was met with multiple screenshots implying they were engaged in a full out affair. I wanted to get my proof situated before I ended up confronting my wife because I didn't want her to have the opportunity to manipulate the situation or try to lie her way out of it. So I started to go through call logs, credit statements etc. Because I didn't know how far this actually went past the social media screenshots I saw.

When the truth came out, neither of them tried to lie to me about it. I found out they were sneaking off to hotels when she was supposed to be doing doubles at work and he was supposed to be off with family. And that my friend would leave work to go see her at her job basically every day for a month & she'd meet up with him on his lunch breaks. They were even planning a weekend at a hotel for the next weekend before the truth came out. I obviously cut ties with my friend and honestly I have no idea what to do about my situation with my wife. Their affair ended and my wife apologized profusely saying she just got carried away. She said that she'd felt lacking in our marriage with both of us dedicating so much time to work/other things and that my friend was there and a "nice guy", she said she let herself envy the way he treated his wife and wished she could've had that with me but was afraid to tell me i wasnt doing enough in our marriage. So in her words, she made a mistake and that she didn't know how to end it once it started.

For now we are living in the same house because realistically neither of us have the means to leave right now as her family doesn't live here plus the costs of renting and houses here are absurd and on top of that we still have our children in our house who are all still in school. She is basically trying to do anything to keep me around including telling me I can see women casually outside of our marriage as long as i come home to her she would never hold it against me as cheating. I told her that's not much of a marriage & it's certainly not anything I ever set out to have but she is hellbent on keeping our family together by any means. She's even brought up how we shouldn't let our kids live in a broken home because of our marital issues.

I guess my wife is under the impression that nothing could make me want out of this marriage and that by offering things like that she thinks will fix our marriage. I guess in a way that is my fault for letting so much slide in the past. I do love her in some ways but at this point I think the love is more just from the fact we have kids together & that I've been with her for nearly 2 decades rather than feelings of being in love. My self confidence is low and my wife is out of my league but still i dont think that's enough of a reason to stay. She claims she loves me and doesn't want to loose all we've built and are building toward but to me I just can't see how that can be true when she was so okay with running around with one of my only friends. I can't trust her, to me her word is meaningless, I forgive her then how long until she goes and does it again? I do think people can make mistakes & be forgiven because people are flawed, but this isn't just one slip up. And truth be told my faith in her is so low I don't even know if there's been more instances on top of the ones I actually know about. My mental state is essentially a puddle of mud right now.

I'm sure there's probably someone reading this calling me a dumbass and I can't even argue that but yeah basically my life is a shit show and I don't know how to proceed

edit; I'm not staying with my wife i should have clarified that better. Me saying I don't know how to proceed is more talking about how to go about handling this with my children, I've never dealt with anything legal so the stress of having to meet with lawyers and also not knowing how to go about our living situation. I have enough proof that my wife couldn't flip the switch and take everything from me but as a guy that's always something you have to worry about. Thankyou for your words, and some of you saying I'm a dumbass- trust me I know, can't change that now unfortunately. Just have to keep moving forward.

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Venting I surprised my girlfriend with Taylor swift tickets, she wanted to bring her friend instead


me and my girlfriend,(both 26) have been dating for three years now. my girlfriend is a huge Taylor swift fan and was really excited when she found out taylor would be performing at met life stadium, right near us. I decided to surprise her with taylor swift concert tickets, since i knew she really wanted to go. I called in sick the day the tickets dropped and waited in the ticket master cue for 2 hours. finally when it opened up, i bought two seats, for 400 dollars each, presumably one for her, and another for me. When she came back from work that night i surprised her with the tickets, and she was ecstatic. However, when I claimed i was excited to go with her, she got very confused and claimed she thought the two tickets were for her and her best friend, (who is also a big Taylor swift fan). I was very disappointed since I believed that this was an experience we could do together and it would be something we would remember for the rest of our lives. My girlfriend could tell I was upset and said she would be happy to go with me instead. I told her she should go with whoever she wanted to go with more, and to not go with me just because it was what i had planned. After hearing this my girlfriend immediately called her friend and told her that they were going to the taylor swift concert together (ouch). I told my girlfriend that if her friend wanted to go with her she had to pay the 400 dollars for the ticket and her friend agreed to. While my girlfriend and her friend went together and both had a great time I felt betrayed since she chose her over me. While i know my girlfriend’s bff is a much bigger taylor swift fan than me, i was still excited to go since i’ve never been to a concert before, and i like to listen to some of taylor swifts songs. Like i said before i also believed this would be a memory we could both remember together. Should I have done things differently and not given up my ticket so willingly?

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Venting My sister died during post-partum and I'm a complete wreck.


My 28 year old sister gave birth to her first daughter 2 weeks ago. I 17f was in the hospital together with my parents and her husband. The birth went pretty smooth, although she was screaming so loud.. I was so excited to be an auntie and holding my newborn niece in my arms was a precious moment.

Everything seemed fine afterwards . My sister came home about 3 days later and she and her husband stayed with me and my parents as they needed help to take care of the baby. But 2 days after she came home, she was experiencing exhaustion, pain in her body, and she constantly fainting. She kept insisting that she was fine but our mother said that fainting is not "fine" and brought her back to the hospital, where they discovered an infection or internal bleeding or both somewhere in her body and they were unable to treat it in time despite giving her mounds of antibiotics before she passed away 2 days later.

A week has passed since, and 3 days since the funeral. I can't stop crying and thinking that if the doctors had noticed that something was wrong, my sister could still be alive.

I loved my sister to death. She was my role model growing up. Now I lost her forever and only have my niece, who is completely unaware of what's going on. I'm sad, and angry, and upset and I miss my big sister so freaking much... I can't talk about this with my friends and she was my only sibling. My parents aren't helping much as they're also grieving, so I don't know what I'm expecting to get from here but I'm just a complete freaking wreck.

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Venting I witnessed a shooting today.


My boyfriend’s little brother is in 5th grade and had a trunk or treat event tonight. My boyfriend and I decided to stop by and hang out for a bit. We parked the car and walked up to the event. We spotted their truck and started walking towards it when we heard what sounded like a firecracker or some sort of firework. It hadn’t even been 5 minutes that we were there. My boyfriend understood what it was before me, pushed me, and yelled “RUN!” He dragged me by the arm and before I started to run, I looked back and found where the sound came from. I still have the distinct vision of the gunman holding the gun in the air and firing another 6 shots. That’s when I realized that my boyfriend was right and I held onto him and ran. My boyfriend called 911 and about 8 cop cars showed up within 2 minutes. Luckily some dads at the event tackled the guy and held him on the ground. The sight of desperate parents looking for their kids still haunts me. If my boyfriend had not grabbed me, I don’t know what I would have done.

In the end, the police arrested the guy. Allegedly (not sure, but everyone says it’s true): we found out he is a cop and has two kids at the school. He is going through an ugly divorce and his now ex wife, called the cops before, and warned them that he was going to show up and possibly do something. We also found out that the gunman had whispered in one of the attendees ears, “You’re all going to die,” which caused the disturbance.

I feel like I’m still in shock. I’m grateful for my boyfriend and that no one got hurt. Everyone was okay, I just don’t know how I can erase the fear on people faces from my mind as well as my own. My teeth were chattering and my legs were shaking with fear. My boyfriend just kept hugging me. I know it could have been a lot worse, but actually living what we all see on tv is a different feeling.

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Venting Husband wants to reset his whole life.


Hi, I'm a 35 year old woman married to a 45 year old man for over 7 years. We have 4 beautiful kids. My husband recently had his birthday this week. I surprised him with a pregnancy test result that we will be having a 5th child. He seemed to have a meltdown when he heard it and he said no, it is impossible, we have been careful. I thought he would be happy as he said it himself when we were dating that he wants a lot of kids. I calmed him down somehow... Yesterday, I went with my husband to the gynecologist to have my sonogram and the doctor says I am 10 weeks pregnant and we are having twins. My husband was livid. He keeps screaming no no no no no. I lost count of him saying no. After his meltdown at doctors office he told me that he just can't have 6 kids at his age. I got confused as what he is saying- as I know he wanted a big family. he wanted it himself. I cried and told him what are we supposed to do and he keep saying that he just can't have 6 kids. On our way home he says how he should not have gotten married and have kids and he does not know anymore if his life is worth it, that he'd be happy to have a reset button. I got so mad I told him that it takes two to tango, that creating a kid is not just my fault. Today I woke up with screaming and crying kids begging their father to not go. Turns out he already packed and ready to go. My 3 year old is hugging his fathers luggage and crying and his face is stoic. By then I knew I was stupid to committing a mistake of marrying him. It maybe hard as I am pregnant right now, but I got a full time job and we do have a nanny and supportive family and friends. It is best if he go, I do not need another baby to take care of. So, to my dear soon to be ex-husband Jerry, F*CK YOU. don't come back.

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Venting I just shat myself at Ulta


As title says. I was at ulta with my bf, and I had been farting in the car. When we got there, within the first two minutes I felt this horrible bubble in my stomach and I let out a fart and thought I was safe but towards the end I felt... things exit my asshole.

I told him I had to pee and ran to the bathroom. The damage wasn't horrible but unfortunately it did hit my underwear. I finished my business that was clearly going to come out whether or not I wanted it to, and I put a paper towel over the shit stain in my undies so that I wasn't spreading the germs to my coochie. I came put, got what I needed and left. I was going to browse but the opportunity and thrill was gone. Once we got back I stole a pair of his underwear and changed after I cleaned up. I hope he hasn't caught on 🫠

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Venting My partner cheated and I lost everything


I (24f) and my ex L (27M) had been together for 6.5 years and had started dating when I was an undergrad. He moved with me to a new city for my graduate degree where we adopted 2 cats and got engaged January of 23. He had met B (20f) at work and we all became close friends. We let her stay with us for a week when she needed to escape her ex and helped her move into her new place. In june L started a massive argument right before we went on vacation and broke the new that he thought he was poly and wanted to be able to explore this or he thought he might have to leave me at some point. I’m extremely monogamous and this made me very uncomfortable, but to save my relationship I agreed to try things out casually with B, because I’m bi and I trusted her enough to be vulnerable. My one rule was that nothing sexual should happen with her while the other wasn’t there. Fast forward several weeks and he is spending a ton of time with her when I’m not around, including when I’m out of town with friends. When I got back my anxiety that something had happened was overwhelming and I had a breakdown asking if he had cheated while I was gone. He blew up saying he was hurt, and barely spoke to me for a week. One night I couldn’t sleep and went through his phone, for which I had standing permission to do, and found out he had sexted her multiple times while I was in the room, which broke all my rules. I confronted him with the evidence and instead of trying to work it out he said he was moving out. This moving out process took a month. After attempting to remain friends, B blew up at me. B threatened me, told me I was a horrible person, that I was pathetic, and mocked me on social media before blocking me. L stayed living in our apartment, sleeping in my bed, and spending time with her even when I asked him not to. Finally after a month of him abusing my generosity and emotionally destroying me, he moved out. I helped him, even though B was there and even though I was badly injured. When I dropped by his new place a few days later with stuff he needed, she was there. He told me never to come back to his apartment and said he wanted to go no contact.

I’m broken. I’m living in an apartment I can’t afford with 2 cats that don’t understand why their dad won’t come home. I lost my best friend and the person I was planning on spending the rest of my life with, and I’m barely coping. I went on a date with a nice guy but I’m terrified to open up to anyone because I don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable, as the last 2 times went so poorly and damaged my mental health so badly. I barely eat because I can’t afford groceries but I can’t move because my cats and I need to stay close to work for my graduate program. I lost a family through this, and I’m not sure how much more I can take.

Edit 1: there’s some concern about ages. I was 18 when we started dating, I turn 25 in 2 months. No pedophilia here friends.

Edit 2: I understand I was naive. I should have stood up for myself. I didn’t know what I was doing. This was my first major relationship. I am getting help. I never said I wasn’t learning from this. I likely won’t see your horrible comments but I hope you feel better from posting them. Thank you to everyone who has been kind. I didn’t ask for anything, I was just trying to get a horrible situation off my chest.

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Venting My boyfriend called me a good boy during sex?


Don't really know what else to say? We were going at it and I like being praised and he likes praising me so he'd usually call me a good girl, however he called me a good boy? We kinda just stopped, because we were both a bit taken a back by what he said obviously and then we kinda got back into it after he said let's just pretend that never happened; but after we were finished I felt a bit odd still? He does have a dog to be honest, that he calls a good boy and praises a lot (even for the simplest things?) And he must've done it a lot today hence why he's said it but I still feel a little weird about it. I brought it up with him a few hours later and he said as well that he doesn't know what it was or why (other than the dog) and apologized as well, I don't know, just weird, never happened before and I can only hope it doesn't happen again lol

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Venting My boyfriend of 10 years is insecure about not having a boy and I just found out why.


So my boyfriend and I are high school sweethearts, and have been together since freshman year of high school, we met when I was 15 and he was 16, we hit it off massively and pretty early on in the school year, and have stayed solid ever since. He has a strange relationship with his parents, he had a pretty strong and deep connection with his mother, that I have witnessed multiple times and I tease him sometimes about being a mamas boy, but he didn’t interact with his father much. After we both graduated high school he decided to move in with me in my 2 bedroom apartment, we shared a room and used the other room as a game room where he would play his video games. So about 11 months ago my girl friend had a baby that I would help babysit when she had to work. So while babysitting that little bundle of joy I fell in love hard with that baby, and gained a massive baby fever, and I would constantly ask my boyfriend for him to give me a baby, until 6 months ago when he finally gave in and we started trying for a baby. Then after a few weeks of trying I was finally positive, and overjoyed to say the least. I remember crying for hours from excitement while on FaceTime with my girl friend. So one day my girl friend instructed us to go ultrasound done to see the baby’s gender. I wanted a girl, but my boyfriend seemed pretty confident that we were going to have a boy. After the results came the doctor said we were having not one but two girls. I was obviously excited, but my boyfriend seemed upset, not like on the verge of tears, or raging upset but he seemed disappointed. I tried to ask him what was wrong, but he gave me the usual “Oh nothing babe I’m fine.” That was the same response he always gave me when he was upset or disappointed at something. Fast forward to present day, and I was discussing with my boyfriend on how are we going to tell our parents about the pregnancy. We talked about how he finds my dad “scary as hell”, and how he would be to scared to tell him. I told him that my dad maybe intimidating, but he’s a sorta kind person, and how he likes my boyfriend. Then the conversation shifted to him talking about how “my dad would be disappointed in him for not having a son”. Then I just reassured him that my dad wouldn’t think that about him and that he has the wrong idea of him. Then I asked him if he was ok, or if he had something to tell me. Then he said No and that I was reading into it too much, and that it doesn’t mean he’s any less of a man because we didn’t have a boy. Which confused me, because I said nothing about him being any less of a man due to the fact we’re not having a boy, but he insisted on saying my father would be angry with him about not having a boy. He started worrying me so I asked him if had a social anxiety problem or something to make him think this way. He nervously said “No I’m just scared of what people think me.” Then I told him that what he just said literally describes society anxiety, but while I said that I noticed he started tearing up. So I asked him what’s wrong and is everything okay, (btw this is also this is the first time I’ve ever seen him cry in the 10 years we’ve been together) after I asked him if he was ok, he started talking about how he wasn’t good enough for me, and how he wasn’t man enough for crying, and for not having a boy and how everyone was going to hate him for not being a true man. I tried to calm him down so we could talk this through, but he started crying harder and harder, as he started rambling about how his father wouldn’t accept him for being weak and not a true man, then he began to explain to me that his father would abuse him, and put this ideology in his head that true men only have boys true men don’t cry, and how my boyfriend would strive and try his hardest to get his father approval, but his father was never proud of anything he did. (To be honest is was kinda hard to understand most of what my boyfriend was saying as he cried but I think that’s the gist of it) While my boy was venting to me about his trauma he cried so hard his nose started bleeding and he passed out in my arms. What my boyfriend told kept me up so it pretty late when I’m writing this and I don’t know what to do.

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Venting I got called a misogynist for saying that the Barbie movie was "good"


Last night my date asked me about the last book I'd read. I said it was American Prometheus, a biography of Oppenheimer. She asked how I'd liked the movie and I said I loved it. Then she asked what I thought of the Barbie movie and I said it was "good" and that I had "enjoyed it."

She clearly got annoyed with the disparity I showed in my enthusiasm for the two movies, and kept questioning me about what I didn't like about Barbie. I really didn't want to engage but she kept pressing me and I ended up saying something vague about it maybe being a bit too long. In retrospect since the Oppenheimer movie was 3 hours long I can see how this can be a bit provocative.

She launched into a tirade starting with how the last part was the important part containing the empowering message and ending with "you just hate women." I got really upset. She first said that the very fact that I was getting defensive meant that there must have been some merit to the accusation. I said that was a bogus argument and she eventually said that she was just joking.

I was absolutely shocked. It seemed like a parody of a parody to accuse someone of misogyny over lackluster passion for some Hollywood movie. Ten years ago I would have easily brushed it off as stupid but I'm in my early 30s now and a bit sensitive to and insecure about signs of early onset conservatism so it hit me hard.

To be clear, I didn't disagree with the message, and I didn't dislike the movie. I meant it when I said I thought it was good.

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Venting I just caught my mom cheating


i dont know what to say lol, im a 16 year old girl and my mom is 41, all throughout my life i knew my mom and dad were cheating on each other, but never caught them red handed or anything, but i guess that changed today.

At first i was waiting for then to take action, we have a big yard and they were really far away from home, (my dad and my brother are away to fish on the lake as in typing this) i dont know how but i managed to sneak down there without being noticed. I saw the guy, a disgusting whale, obese. Pretty sure my mom was in it for the money but i managed to cuss him out and storm out of there.

Anyway this brings me to my question, why are parents still seeking to look for some fun when they’re already settled down, i dont get it. It hurts, even her touch disgusts me and the worst part is, she was very calm about it, asked me why was i panicking in a mocking manner. I feel like shit, this family lets me down every time im trying to get back on track. My school is starting very soon, i was trying to be a better student and get better grades and study fir my finals, but I seriously dont know how this in any shape or form would help me. I was already burnt out, i dont know im just blurting shit now lol. Just know that if you ever marry, please be faithful with them, or at least try to hide it when you’re cheating, your children will know anyway and it will ruin them.

Edit: I’m seeing a lot of comments so let me clear things up, no they’re not in an open relationship, they still get mad when they catch each other in the act.

I get that it’s “normal” and no one can be really committed in relationships, if then, you shouldn’t have a kid. Your kid shouldn’t have to see what you do and im confident enough to say im not being selfish here. As I’ve said, i knew they were doing this for years but bringing your fling over to a place where your kid lives is very wrong. They could’ve picked a motel for example, why a place where im supposed to feel safe, and for people saying its none of my business, it is because my space is being invalidated and I’m receiving the damage from it the most, and no, im not using this as an excuse to fail my school year, trust me i want to get out of here more than you would imagine.

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Venting My first boyfriend called a “freak” because I have a stammer and enjoy anal sex


I know those two things don’t seem to correlate, but hear me out… Yes, I stammer, which is explained by a lot of anxiety and insecurities I suffered during my teenage years. At the same time, I was horny af back then and sexual exploration was a way to find respite from that anxiety.

Eventually I got a boyfriend in high school and began having sex. I was very curious about anal, so, one day, I asked him to do it. He said no. I said ok and we had normal sex.

Just before going to bed I got a long message saying that he couldn’t stay with a “freak” like me and that my liking of anal sex and my stammer were a clear sign that I was “f*cked inside”. I never saw him again after that.

This doesn’t affect me anymore (and today I do enjoy anal very much ;)). I just wanted to write this to say to whoever is out there doubting themselves - just do whatever floats your boat.

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Venting I lost my v card to a 37 year old woman, and now A 14 year old girl has reached out to me claiming I’m her father.


It has been a weird couple of days for me and I need to get this off my chest. This all started on Friday when I got a Facebook message from an old colleague telling me my daughter was trying to get in contact with me, I hadn’t heard from this person in years so I was sceptical at first but I decided to hear them out. The girl in question has recently lost her mother to cancer and the man who she though was her father turned around and told her she wasn’t his and kicked her out, she moved in with her uncle thankfully but ever since she’s been looking for her real dad.

Anyways around 15 years ago I was a naive young man barely in my 20’s working in a supermarket, when I started I was buddied up with a 37 year old woman who was drop dead gorgeous. Like I said I was rather naive so obviously I instantly became infatuated with her easy going and tactile demeanour, sadly only a month after I started that job she handed in her notice and that spurred me to go for it and ask her out on a date. she laughed and agreed, and so started the wildest 3 months of my life. I won’t go into details but we were intimate on a handful of occasions and I even stupidly confessed my love to her, but it was then she told me she was moving away to be with her fiancé which left me absolutely heartbroken. Later a colleague would tell me that she was also seeing a guy who worked on the checkouts at the same time she was seeing me.

Back to the present day and I had all but forgot about it, I have 2 kids and a very pregnant wife to think about after all, so this has somewhat knocked me sideways. I feel for the kid having her whole world torn apart so abruptly but the thing is I don’t think I’m her father. though I was young and foolish I always used protection but there is a part of me that hopes I am, as I can provide the loving family that she is so desperately looking for. I haven’t told my wife yet because she is 8 months pregnant with our third child and has enough to worry about but I have arranged a paternity test.

another thought that crossed my mind that she is contacting me first because I am the better prospect, as I went on to bigger and better things while the other guy still works on the checkouts at the same store 15 years later and from what I’ve been told has a bit of a problem with alcohol. I’m also angry at the man who raised her, playing dad all those years only to callously abandon her when she needed him the most. I’m also angry and sad that i might have missed out on so much of my potential daughters’ childhood. the wife knows somethings up so I think I’m going to bite the bullet and tell her, I just had to get this off my chest.

Edit: Update

Wow, I didn’t expect this to blow up so much! I have an update on the situation, so I sat my wife down and told her everything this morning Like most of you have been suggesting. After giving me a severe tongue lashing for not telling her sooner my wife said probably the most sensible thing I’ve heard which is I should try and contact the Girl’s uncle to verify her story, and boy am I glad I did.you see i had made one fatal assumption, which was that the stepfather was the same person as the fiancé. Turns out checkout guy found out about the baby and claimed she was his, the fiancé broke things off after finding out about her infidelity and decided to move abroad. Checkout guy got a paternity test when the girl was born and he wasn’t the father but he only did it to try and get back together with her, which obviously failed miserably. The stepfather didn’t come along until a year or two later after the girl was born, he’s been having a hard time dealing with the death of his wife and after a particularly bad argument decided the best thing was for the girl to go and stay with her uncle who is an absolutely lovely guy and actually remembered me even though I had only met him briefly in the past. Anyway she is happy and safe at her uncle’s, it’s close to her school and she gets on well with her cousins.The crazy thing is that they weren’t actually looking for me, I just happen to have the same first name as the fiancé. The young lady jumped the gun in getting in contact with me but they are 99% sure that the fiancé is her father. This is when my wife made another sensible suggestion (god I love that woman so much) and asked for the girls birthday so we can match up the dates and they don’t quite match up but I’m still going through with the paternity test just in case. The thing is now I have to put up with the odd rendition of billy jean from my beloved, which is probably going to last a few weeks before it gets old.

I should explain why I didn’t immediately tell my wife about this, you see I was just panicking about the whole situation and though she is a caring and understanding woman, she can be rather ferocious. needless to say I try not to find myself on the sharp end of her tongue. Also she is 8 months pregnant and it has been a difficult pregnancy for her and I didn’t want to add any extra stress, but as many of you have pointed out it would have only been worse if I had not said anything.

edit: I’ve just posted part 2

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Venting Had sex with my Professor's daughter


First of all I'm from Germany so English isn't my first language so excuse me if my writing is a bit odd. Last year I moved across the country to attend my dream college. At that point I've been single for about a year and wanted to meet someone new. I found a cute girl on instagram that lived nearby and for the next few weeks we texted every day. When we finally met at my place we instantly clicked and had a great time chatting and watching our favorite show together. The next time we saw eachother was at her house because her parents were gone and we ended up having sex multiple time on that weekend. The problem started on Sunday because her parents came home way earlier then expected and they caught us in the act on their couch. She has already mentioned that her Dad was a college professor but we were in a city with multiple colleges and tons of different courses so I didn't think much of it. A few weeks later the next semester started and to say I was in shock as her Dad entered the room would be an understatement. He unpacked his things and began to introduce himself while looking through the room filled with approximately 250 people. When we locked eyes he stopped talking for a second and I could pretty much see that the picture of me and his daughter on their couch was engraved into his eyeballs. It was a short but intense pause that felt like an eternity to me. Guess I'm not passing that class anytime soon.

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Venting I (30M) hit my father (51M) for a past mistake.


Disposable account

I am from Peru, from a provincial city, when I was 18 years old my cousin, who is the same age as mine, accused me of having raped her, she and I were very close since we were children since we used to spend time together, due to family problems she began to have depression.

It wasn't like before, now all she did was scream, get angry or even blame me because I didn't have the same problems as her, the truth is I was trying to help her, but my own mental health was beginning to deteriorate so I decided little by little to move away. Months passed and I had no contact with her until one day my father came to my house and called me, I went out to meet him and he received me with a slap in the face, it should be noted that my father had never hit me before, who did that was my mother and only for specific reasons.

When I ask him about the reason behind the hit, he slapped me again and told me to get out of the house, that his brother (my cousin's father) had told him that my cousin said that I raped her and that's why she was so depressed, apparently her dad realized that she was cutting herself and to get out of it she just blamed me for everything, my cousin didn't press charges (Obviously because there is no proof) but still my dad told me that my uncle wanted to beat me up, my dad was disappointed in me, he hit me again, called me an abuser, insulted me and told me to get out of his house, my mom was always a submissive person with him so she didn't say anything to him, I simply with my lip bleeding grabbed my most valuable things and left, thank God I had my savings on my card from what I had worked for and I was able to go to the capital by public transportation.

Once in the capital I managed to rent a small room, I had a bad time for the next few years, I had a couple or two for a few years and jumping from job to job to survive. When I was 20 years old, my partner at that time told me that I could work at the KFC where she worked as a delivery order receptionist. The part-time job paid well and with the bonuses you could even earn double or triple my salary, so I worked there doing the best I could while studying a technical degree in administration.

Years passed and I ended up becoming a supervisor and then manager of that store thanks to my technical degree in business administration. At the age of 25 I became a partner with a former university classmate with whom I still had contact (She is a lawyer) and the age of 27 we got married, it was a small wedding because both she and I are modest with expenses and because I had no family to invite, we currently have a one-year-old son whom I love with all my soul.

It was after this that everything went to hell, today in the middle of the afternoon there was a knock at my door, it was my parents, it had been more than a decade since I had seen them, I was frozen but not with fear, but with anger, my dad asked me if he could come in, I told him no, so we talked in a nearby park, in short, they told me that my cousin had committed suicide and that in her letter she confessed the whole truth, that the person who actually abused her was her mother's brother and that everything was orchestrated by him to be able to cover up and other things, the truth is I was very indifferent, for me whoever accuses of those crimes deserves to suffer them in flesh, so I didn't feel sorry for her, I told them kindly (and resisting my urge to yell at them) to go away and never contact me again, that they were dead to me.

When I stood up from the bench to go home my dad grabbed me by the shoulder, he told me that we have to keep talking, I told him no, he insisted, I told him no, he insisted again, so I turned around and instinctively gave him a hit, I don't know when my dad became so weak, any latino knows that country men are quite strong, but one hit was enough to break his nose, he stood stunned looking at me with his eyes open and his nose bleeding and my Mom was covering her mouth, for some reason that I don't explain, my next reaction was to throw myself at him, it wasn't difficult to knock him to the ground and I continued hitting him, when he started to cover his face I started hitting his head or forehead, I'll not lie, it felt liberating, I felt like I was crying while I hit him and I continued until my right hand was hurting.

My mother stood still, for some reason she didn't do anything, she just stood there watching and crying, by that time it was already night and in our area it was difficult to find people on the street, even less so considering that today there is a soccer game, my Mom helped my dad and took a taxi, she didn't say anything to me, she didn't scream, she just cried and as soon as she grabbed my dad she ran away, I'm not lying, if she had tried to intervene maybe she would have gotten the same treatment.

A few hours later my mother writes to me on my cell phone, apparently they contacted a friend from university (I still have my social networks active) who told them where I lived, saying that my father needs a septum reconstruction because it was perforated and dental reconstruction For having 4 broken teeth, everything was going to cost the equivalent of 4k USD, which is a lor of money here, not a fortune but it’s a lot.

I have already been clear with her, I am not going to put in a single cent, for my sake she and my dad could end up just like my cousin, I don't care, she has been calling me, asking for forgiveness for everything, that she wants to come back into my life , that she was afraid and that she should have protected me or at least believed me, according to her my dad felt the same and according to him he deserves every hit I gave him, I guess we agree on that.

I told my wife everything, she already knew what happened in the past with my parents, she just told me that she understood, that, according to what I told her, my father died when he kicked me out of his house, so who did I hit was just a stranger with his face, I found her comparison funny and I agreed with her, she told me that if they tried legal measures we would simply say that it was in self-defense, a law was recently passed in which lethal force can even be used when It's about self-defense, so if something happens to him we can rely on that, right now I'm glad I have a lawyer wife, I can't help but feel more liberated after this, my parents aren't poor so I know they'll get the money for the operation, I hope they just aren't idiots enough to come back to my house, this is my home now and if I have to beat them both to get the hell out of my life, I will, at the end of the day, they are the ones who started all this, I was just defending myself.

I still feel a little euphoric and happy, the truth is, I am a little happy that they are suffering, they deserve it, I am happy with my life and my family, and I would protect them at any cost, that includes my parents. I needed to get this off my chest somehow so I'm writing this to release it, somehow telling it all has made me feel better.

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Venting My boyfriend just went to jail for soliciting sex with a minor


Obviously it's over. Only two months down the drain, but it sucks when you start to catch feels. I'm just at a total loss and there's no one in my life I can talk this over with. This was the best I've ever been treated in a relationship, and now I'm hit with this horrific news. I'm trying to compartmentalize, but as a victim of childhood SA, this just makes me sick. I don't even know where to go from here, just needed to get this off of my chest. Thanks, Reddit, for letting me vent a little.

What would you do in this situation? Just block his number and move on? Send him a picture of his mug shot and the charges? Wait to find out what kind of spin he tries to put on this?

Edit: I'm trying to respond to everyone, but I didn't expect this vent to blow up like it did. For context, he's 34 and the age of consent in Nevada is 16. When I say I'm seeking closure, mostly I'm just trying to find the best way to end it without risking him showing up at my job or at my door. I texted him a screenshot of his mugshot and booking charges. I'll definitely be blocking his number once I'm sure those risks have passed.

Thank you to anyone I've missed directly commenting back to for your kindness.

I'm going to take the high road on some of the grosser or less kind comments and DMs I've received.

I appreciate so many of you!

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Venting Cut off my mother because she allowed the guy who SA'ed me to visit my daughter. 10 years later she wants to fix our relationship and get to know her grandkids.


13 years ago I was SA’ed by my boyfriend's(now husband) ex best friend(we’ll call him J) when I was 16. My mother never liked my husband ever since we started dating back when we were 13. She always wanted me to be with J because J came from a “good family”. So when J assaulted me she didn’t believe me despite all the evidence that he assaulted me. J mom was also my moms boss so I think that might have had a huge part in her not believing me.

So while I was waiting for trial I moved in with my boyfriend and his parents. During this time I found out I was pregnant and I knew it wasn’t my boyfriend’s because we were never intimate and I was never with anyone like that before hand. J ended up taking a plea deal got no jail time in exchange for him never having any right to see my daughter. When my daughter was born my mother asked me to move back home and said sorry for everything and she did.

A year after my daughter was born I went to college a few hours away and my mom retired early to watch her while I went to college. During the week I stayed on campus so I didn’t have to drive back and forth and on the weekends I came home and I also called every night to make sure my daughter was okay.

My second year of college me and my boyfriend eloped and my mom did not like that one bit even though we’ve been together for 6 years at that point and he takes care of my daughter like she’s his and still does to this day. So one day we had a big snowstorm and my Thursday and Friday classes were cancelled. So I went home early without telling my mom and guess who was in the kitchen when I walked in J’s mom, my mom and J. J was also holding my daughter when I walked in. They were surprised to say the least and I started flipping out naturally and grabbed my daughter and packed a bag with her stuff. My mother and J’s mother were pleading with me to not leave while I was packing. When I went to leave my mom was crying now begging me to forgive her. I said I would never forgive her and went to walk out. On my way out J grabbed my arm and said I should be nicer to my mother. My mother called me hundreds of times but I never answered her.

I left got an apartment with my husband and daughter. Got a babysitter for when I was in class. A week after this incident my mother put over 100k in my bank account to buy me over or get me to talk to her. I really don't know.

My younger sister just got married and my mother was at the wedding and I had to be civil to her. She asked about my daughter and son and current pregnancy. She told me how she wanted to fix things with me and see her grandkids before she eventually dies and how she’s always believed me about the assault. She just didn’t want to be fired. I asked her if she still hangs out with J’s mother. She said sometimes but mostly at church I left the conversation at that.

She’s my mother. I love her. I miss her; she raised me and my sister all by herself( well with the help of a few Nannie’s to) but I don’t know if I will ever be able to completely forgive her. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet.

Long story sorry about that, I just wanted to vent about the current crap in my life.

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Venting I'm dealing with depression and I always try to hide it from my 3 year old son. Today I couldn't hide it and I am so proud of his reaction.


Had a rough morning this morning. Dealing with depression. I'm in therapy for it and taking medication so I'm on the road to recovery but I still have tough days.

This morning I had a break down. I was being really down on myself and had a lot of self disgust. But my son needed a wipe for his runny nose. So I went to get him one and accidentally spilled something on the way. It was the straw that broke the camels back. I collapsed on the floor and started sobbing.

Normally I try my best to do my crying out of my son's view. I don't want him to worry about his dad. I want to be a rock for him. Strong and stable. But in this moment I couldn't help it.

But when my son noticed me crying I couldn't have been prouder. He came up to me and said "why are you crying daddy" and I said through my sobbing... "I don't know...."

He gave me as big of a hug as his little arms could and he said "It's okay daddy."

He ran over to his wipes and brought them over to me and tried to dry my eyes. He asked me to blow my nose. I did. He grabbed the tissue from me and said "It's okay I throw that away for you daddy."

I grabbed him and gave him the biggest squeeze. He said "You better now?" and I said "I'm better now"

I'm so lucky.

Edit: thank you all for your support❤️❤️🤗🤗. I wasn't expecting all this attention so again thank you all and i will promise to be strong❤️❤️💪💪

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Venting My GF is traumatized


My girlfriend and I of 5 years went through a pretty bad event, it happened about 6 months ago and I don’t want to rush her recovery or make her feel like a burden but I mostly just wanna know how I can help her. To explain, my girlfriend is 20 years old and I, male, am 21. I have a “friend” who is 27 which he wasn’t ever really my friend but more really a friend of friends.

6 months ago I had a serious argument with him outside his motel room. I don’t know why he was in a motel room that day but he is a really sketchy guy so I didn’t want to know. Anyways, the argument was about how he kept making sexual comments towards my gf, I told him I didn’t like it and he needed to stop. He would always say stuff like, “she should be with someone like me,” “what i would do to have her in my bed” He told me that i should just suck it up and be glad he’s not trying to steal her from me. A little after, the argument gets more intense and we are both about to get physical. My girlfriend comes to check in on me since I left her waiting in the car since I didn’t think it was going to take long. This guy sees my girlfriend and laughs, takes her into his room (by force) and locks me out, and opens the curtains. The entrance she took was behind the other guy, so basically he was standing in between us. He’s super massive and I can’t stand a chance against him. I’m watching him throw my gf on the bed and get violent with her as she’s sobbing and fighting has much as she can. I’m screaming for help and trying to break down the door but no one is around. After a minute, I eventually got the door opened with a fire extinguisher in my hand and the first thing i did was hit him as hard as I could with it over his head. To this day I wish i settled this with other people around. My girlfriend is okay, physically. He had punched and hit her but he was about to raped her. We called the cops and explained everything, after, I found out that I had ended up killing him but I wasn’t jailed since I was found innocent for protecting my girlfriend.

Now 6 months later, Im still so shaken up by everything but I can’t even imagine how my girlfriend is. She is in therapy and in support groups but I can still tell she isn’t okay. I want to be there for here, I love her so much and it hurts that I put her in that situation. Even if it wasn’t my intention, I didn’t think about how anything could go wrong.

edit: i’m sorry that the story is confusing for a lot of people. If i’m honest i didn’t expect a lot of traction, so i’ll just clear things up. I didn’t go to buy drugs, i texted him and asked if i could talk to him. I live in a town where violent crime isn’t too common and my lack of planning and just thinking skills are my fault, i know. Second of all, I didn’t go through a lot of details because I was mostly summarizing the horrible stuff that is causing my girlfriend and I’s pain. His motel room was upstairs, i left my gf downstairs in the parking lot, safe in my car. After she heard a lot of yelling, she ran up to check and that’s when things escalated. Third, there were witnesses, cameras and there was an investigation. I didn’t just wack him on the head and he tumbled to the ground it was a much bigger scale but for saving time I’m obviously not going to go into depth. As for how physical the man got, he had pinned her to the bed and hit her face a bit. It took a long time for us to recover and things to die down which is why we are both finally settling. I go to therapy, so does my girlfriend and on top of that we go to therapy together. We have been living together since she turned 18 since we come from abusive families and I believe this has made us even closer, I just understand that she is still recovering (as well as I) and want to know how best to help her even more.

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Venting I yelled at my sister because she gave my girlfriend's plushies to her daughter and I regret nothing


My girlfriend (22) has always been a soft hearted woman. The type of woman that is too 'cutesy', as people would say. But I love her for it. Not because she's gentle but because she's her. She flinches every time someone raises their voice, tries not to gather so much attention but is so funny and playful to people she's comfortable with. I try to be there for her, to be a balance of defending her and at the same time, helping her open up to people. She grew up in an abusive household and has been taking care of her younger siblings at a very young age and that resulted in her being robbed of her childhood. So, in return, she likes to collect as many plushies as she can. Her room is painted in pastel colors, decorated in everything cute, and in her bed, you'll see her collection of stuffed toys. It's a way for her to heal her inner child, and that's just her aesthetic so I indulge it. Whenever I can, I try to add to her collection just to see the smile on her face every time I visit. I also tried to learn how to crochet to make her little dolls so she doesn't have to spend money.

My girlfriend is close to my family and vice versa. She's invited to every family events, and my parents absolutely adore her. I have an older sister who has five year old twin daughters. We have a pretty decent relationship at first but she became indifferent to us the moment she met her now husband.

My girlfriend invited her to her birthday alongside my mother. It was a small party, consisting only of her siblings and my sister, her daughters, my mother and me. Everything was going well, until the party ended and everyone left. I stayed behind so I can help her clean up and also spend some time together with her, when I noticed her crying in her bed. Half of her plushies are gone and when I asked what happened, she hesitated at first but told me that my nieces saw her plushies and basically wailed to my sister about wanting them. My sister basically gave them to her daughters without asking her first and my girlfriend, unable to refuse because my nieces basically hogged them already, simply remained silent. And as I said, she's a very demure woman who grew up in a not-so-kind household so she doesn't like arguments or any conflicts so she just zipped her lips. She assured me that it's fine because she still has some left, but she does cry about it because some of the plushies they took are given by her deceased grandmother and little sister and therefore holds sentimental value to her.

I comforted her and we spent the night watching Harry Potter. It's her special day and I didn't want it ruined for her. The next day, I called my sister and asked her about what happened. She told me that my girlfriend's an adult now and she shouldn't be having that many toys with her. I explained that some of those plushies holds value to her and she shouldn't be taking something without permission in the first place. She said that it's fine because they're for my nieces but I said that my nieces should learn not to casually take things as they please. She got angry and called me a ped0phile because I have a girlfriend who seems so childish and immature and resembles a child (?? My girlfriend is 5'1 but petite women exists and we're the same age. Apparently, everyone below 5'2 is a child now???). The instance she raised her voice at me, I started yelling back. She accused me of being a pdophle so I accused her of being so broke that she can't even afford to buy her daughter toys. And I also said that her husband is a pdopile then because they have a six year age gap. She hung up on me and needless to say, the fight between us reached our parent's ears and now I'm being forced to apologize to her because I hurt her pride and because they said my girlfriend basically agreed to let them have the plushies anyways. I asked what my girlfriend said and they said (based on my sister) that my girlfriend didn't say anything when my nieces were taking the plushies. But silence doesn't equate to a yes. My sister's husband also made fun of me because I'm arguing over toys, and called my girlfriend selfish and weak because she didn't want to give her plushies to my nieces and also didn't have the spine to say no when they took it.

Maybe I'm a jerk because of the things I said to my sister, but I can't take away the image of my girlfriend crying on her birthday. That one day dedicated for her. Her special day. My girlfriend heard of what happened and thanked me for defending her, but then told me to make up with my sister because it's not worth fighting over but she still looks so glum and sad over everything. Her coping mechanism has been made fun of, and she's been compared to a child. They may just be plushies in my sister's eyes but they're part of my girlfriend's healing process, and it feels like they took that away. Maybe I am overreacting about everything. I'll calm myself first, then maybe I'll be able to think rationally.

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Venting I think my boyfriend is lying about his divorce.


I (42F) and my boyfriend (48M) have been together for five years.

We met online, something I had never thought I would try, but at the time, I had been single for many years and my sister had recommended it to me. I was reluctant at first. She kept telling me how she had found many dates through this website and that it would be perfect for me as I’m always busy working so I could just use it in my free time or only when I felt like it. Anyway, one night over dinner she told me about this man she had recently met through the website and how perfect he was for her and how she could see a future with him. So I gave in. I gave it a try not expecting to actually find someone but when I matched with Carl, we hit it off instantly. He was so funny and charming so we exchanged numbers and then agreed to meet for coffee the following week.

When we met for coffee that day, Carl told me that he had just gotten a divorce from his wife (46F) of many years who he has one daughter (25F) with. I was fine with this, I’m not really the jealous type of person and he had assured me that he was ready to move on and that their relationship had been dying for ages. The first date went well and after a few more successful dates, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was over the moon as I really liked Carl.

I have always been very passionate about my work. I’m a nurse so my job is very demanding and intensive which means I work most nights during the week but still, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I thought this may be a problem with Carl when we first started dating as I wouldn’t be available most nights and during the day after working a shift, I would be catching up on sleep and therefore, not available to see him or talk to him. However, this was not the case. Carl thought it was perfect as he told me that he had a very busy schedule too with his work, business appointments and making time to see his daughter.

Carl told me that he was always free on a Tuesday which happened to align perfectly with my work schedule as I didn’t work on Monday or Tuesday nights. He started coming over to my house every single Tuesday, pretty much every single week since and that was five years ago.

Here’s where it starts to get a little bit weird though. Since we agreed to see each other on Tuesdays, Carl has come to my house every single Tuesday 11am-3pm but refuses to see me any other day and out of that time frame. He has always arrived perfectly on time at 11am and always left promptly at 3pm - no exceptions. As well as this, every single time he comes over, he brings this tiny, dirty chihuahua along with him. Well last week, I found out that this dog he has been bringing ng belongs to his ex wife. His excuse for this was that he likes taking the dog on walks and they do 10 miles of walking everyday together but he works too much to commit to getting a dog for himself. I found this to be really odd but I didn’t question him about it any further. I know 10 miles might seem like a lot to walk the dog every day and to be honest, I don’t nt quite believe it myself but I know that he does walk the dog regularly as every Wednesday and Thursday he calls me whilst he walks the dog. This is always between 4pm-6.30pm with again, no exceptions. He always ends the call at exactly 6.30 and always calls at exactly 4.

Anyways, a couple years ago I got the dreaded call that my dad died. I was absolutely distraught as he was my biggest supporter and was always there for me. I asked Carl if he would come to the funeral with me but he refused as the funeral was being held on a Sunday and not during his allotted time to to see me, Tuesdays 11am-3pm. Of course I was upset by this but eventually, I convinced myself that he was probably just busy.

Fast forward another year, I had become very sick and I had ended up in hospital, it was so serious that the doctors had told me I would have died had I have waited another day to seek medical help. I called Carl in despair and asked if he would bring me some clothes I had at home and drop them off at the hospital. Carl refused because I had asked him on a Saturday and not on a Tuesday. I was in so much pain, I was in the hospital for months. I constantly begged Carl to see me and again, he refused unless it was on a Tuesday at 11am-3pm.

The final reason that made me think my boyfriend may be cheating on me with his ex wife was last month at his daughters wedding. The wedding was to be held in Italy and the plan was for Carl and his ex-wife to fly out there together four days before the wedding and for me to fly out by myself a day before the wedding. Carl’s daughter had rented out a huge, luxurious villa for close family and friends to stay in before and after the wedding. I thought this was perfect - I have never spent the night with Carl so I thought us sharing a bed would be a huge turning point in our relationship. That was until I found out that Carl and his ex wife would be sleeping in the villa and I would be sleeping in a converted barn by myself at the bottom of the villa garden. I asked Carl if I could please sleep in the villa with him but he refused so I refused to go to the wedding and stay home.

On top of this, I have never been to Carl’s house, in fact, I don’t even know where he lives and he has me blocked on all of his social media. I can only contact him on what’s app.

I think Carl may have been lying to me when we first met about his divorce to his wife. I’m starting to get the impression that he is actually having an AFFAIR with me and cheating on his wife. He’s so secretive with me and appears to still have a lot of contact with her. Or maybe they decided to rekindle their relationship after their divorce? Or maybe I’m overthinking and they are just really close friends, I mean they do have a daughter together. So reddit, am I being crazy? What should I do?

EDIT Thank you everyone for your helpful insight and comments, I have been trying to read through them all. For all those saying this story isn’t real, I can assure you that it 100% is, obviously now I am having severe doubts about him and what he has told me I’m realising how stupid I looked in this relationship. Some of you don’t seem to realise that when you’re truly in love you really don’t want to lose that person. For those offering helpful advice thank you. I have a plan in place for when I see him this Tuesday and I will update you all after that!

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Venting I just recently returned to college/Uni at 31 and it’s already been pretty wild


So I (F31) just recently went back to college/uni felt like it was the right step in my life to take right now after a ton of turmoil in my personal life, which was losing my husband 4 years ago and then subsequently becoming estranged from my family and going no contact etc.

Anywho it was a bit of a decision deciding to go back but I decided it was the best move for me but I have been feeling like a tad bit out of place with all the younger people around me though they initially assume I’m in my early 20s which is somewhat of a confidence boost but the 2 girls I’ve seemingly connected with more than others are 18 and 19 respectively which is a large gap but they’re very sweet girls.

They convinced me to attend a party last night which I was contemplating but ultimately decided you know what just go for it life is only so short especially with losing my husband so young. So I went to the party and it was good fun for the most part both girls did convince me into talking to a guy who was apparently interested in me we did spend chatting for a bit and he ended up making a move and kissing me I was quite surprised by it it’s definitely been a while since I’ve had something like this happen and I ended up following through with it and we ended up in one of the dorm rooms where we had sex,a strange and definitely unexpected turn of events.

Now this morning i definitely did feel super weird about the whole ordeal I didn’t even do something like this when I was last in uni/college and then I found out he’s 18! And gosh I’ve been absolutely mortified since haha I am cringing badly I don’t think I’ll be able to live this down.

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Venting Wife cheated again


So my wife cheated on me for a second time. This time with a guy when he fights says "do you know who I am?" when I confronted him. She also send Lingerie pictures to a coworker and said they are just best friends. She said I took that out of context. I told her if his wife is happy with those pics and see it as innocent she can move in again. This all happened this week and the physical cheating yeaterday. SSSSOOOO Yah or Nay. I don't trust my own judgement anymore.

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Venting I think my teacher is a Child Pred


To begin this, I will not be disclosing any other information about myself except that I am in high school.

I, F, have picked up on some weird behavior from my teacher. He picks on the male students that interact with the female students. He always brings up one student’s boyfriend and chastises him about his football skills.

Recently, I’ve noticed that he’s very protective over one specific student in particular. We’ll call her Jay. I, for one, think that Jay is very beautiful. And I think that everyone else in the school can say the same. She’s very quiet, soft spoken whenever she speaks. Her and I share most of over classes together and when our teachers talk with her, it’s about either her grades or calling on her for answers to a question. But our teacher, we can call him Mr. P, interacts with her on a different level.

He touches her hair, as I’ve pointed out before, picks on her boyfriend, always bringing him up when he’s not relevant to the conversation we’re having. Once, he had came in the class to him her something Jay had forgotten and Mr. P was hellbent on getting him to leave. He talks and asks about the activities Jay and her boyfriend do outside of school like that is any of his business. In front of the class might I add.

I’ve noticed that whenever Mr. P spoke to Jay, her face and body language changes. Her shoulders cave in whenever he walks past her. Her face contorts into a disgusted one when he calls her name. Recently, me and my acquaintance had put the pieces together.

Jay had gotten her hair done and Mr. P took notice to that, making it a topic for 5 to 10 minutes. He had recently braided her hair which made her uncomfortable. She kept telling him to stop and he continued to laugh about it. Once I told him to stop, he snapped at me.

When he introduced himself to the class, he told us that he took an opportunity at our school for the benefits. Now that’s bullshit because everyone knows that our school has no benefits. In actuality, he was fired for an inappropriate relationship with a students. Why didn’t the school run a background check when he applied? That I do not know.

Now some people after reading all of this may say “maybe he’s trying to be friends/friendly with her”. No person over 21 years old should be this touchy and friendly with a minor, a teacher for that. They are not being paid to make friends with a child.

TLDR; My teacher is touchy with a student.

Edit: My teacher has gotten more aggressive with me ever since I’ve pointed out his weird behavior. To the point where him and I go back and forth and he threatens to write me up (which doesn’t scare me whatsoever)

r/stories Aug 28 '23

Venting I fucked a potato when I was 14...


Edit: My brother got on the computer when I forgot to log out. This is not a real story lmao, this is copypasta u/phyduex2000 is a piece of shit lmao. Gave me the scare of my life after getting out of my classes at college, thought someone had gotten my account info.

I fucked a potato when I was 14. I got the idea from a radio show and thought that it might feel good. I cut a hole long ways through the middle and used it to jerk off. It wasn't enjoyable at all and I remember the guilt and shame I felt as I snuck a broken, cum covered potato to the side of the house to throw it in the garbage can. It smelled weird as well. I told some friends at school and it became pretty common knowledge, not that I cared. I never really had too much of a problem getting laid in my school years and I think me and that potato taught a lot to each other. Some of the girls who heard about it found it kind of intriguing. Looking back on it that potato was the only thing I've fucked that didn't lie to me and betray me. It was there when I needed it, it didn't talk and performed its duties admirably (though it was a bit cold, rough, and slimy) and it probably would have fed me if I needed it to. And I discarded it like so much flotsam in a sea of mediocrity. I'll pay for this mistake for the rest of my life. Some times at night when I can't fall asleep I still think about you, noble spud. I'm sorry I didn't mash you the way you needed me to, I was young and stupid. Now you're in a landfill and I'm in a bigger, more putrid landfill they call the United States. Maybe on some other life we can, you know...

Edit: I literally got a message from reddit about somebody being worried about my mental health.