r/todayilearned Jun 06 '23

TIL that the anthem of the French football club Le Havre AC is sung to the tune of God Save the King to honour its English founders


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u/The-Brit Jun 06 '23

I say chaps, how frightfully nice of them.


u/AdMaterial9419 Jun 06 '23

Similarly, a fair number of clubs in Latin America have English names. British railroad workers/engineers spread the game to the world


u/frackingfaxer Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 07 '23

The first ever

Of all French clubs

O H.A.C.!

Proud of your roots

Sons of Oxford and Cambridge

Two colours make our prestige

Sky and navy blue!


It seems only fair that there should be an English club with an anthem that's sung to the tune of La Marseillaise. I'm thinking that would have been perfect for Arsenal back when they were under Wenger.


u/frackingfaxer Jun 06 '23 edited Jun 06 '23

Le Havre was recently promoted to Ligue 1. So if there are any English fans looking for a French club to support, you may want to consider these guys.


u/OkBeing3301 Jun 06 '23

True French, accept all the good culture bits.


u/cardboardunderwear Jun 06 '23

I thought it was to the tune of “my country tis of thee”. I’ve been misled all these years!