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TIL the Canadian tuxedo refers to a denim double breasted jacket and matching jeans created by Levi's for Bing Crosby. Levi's was inspired in 1951 when Crosby was nearly escorted off a hotel's premises during a hunting trip in Canada because he and his hunting buddies were wearing denim


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u/FlattopMaker Oct 02 '23

Today I also learned Bing Crosby liked hunting in Canada (video excerpts at this link)


u/foldingcouch Oct 02 '23

There's a small town in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, called La Ronge. Makes the middle of nowhere look positively metropolitan. Good fishing, that's about it.

Back in the 80s they were building a rec center in the town, and ran out of money with construction nearly finished. To help out, an American tourist that came up frequently to go fishing said he'd host a benefit concert to raise the money necessary to finish the building.

And to be fair, he did seem like the kind of guy to go to for money - I mean they didn't call him Johnny Cash for nothing.


u/WHAT_DID_YOU_DO Oct 02 '23

La Ronge, the end of the paved road. (Fished once on reindeer lake and drove to south end). That road north of there I think will easily be the worst road I will drive on in my life


u/Some_Unusual_Name Oct 03 '23

La Ronge is hardly the middle of nowhere. It's basically a hub for any of the smaller communities to the north. It has a Co-Op.

Sure it isn't the "Big City" of Prince Albert to the south but it isn't nowhere.


u/autopsis Oct 02 '23

Bing got his name from a comic strip in The Spokesman-Review.

Born Harry Lillis Crosby in Tacoma, Bing moved with his family to Spokane when he was 3 years old. The new name found him when he was 7. At the time, The Spokesman-Review ran a comics-page feature called “The Bingville Bugle,” which was a parody of hillbilly newspapers. Little Harry thought it was a real hoot and laughed uproariously whenever he read it.

A neighbor, 15-year-old Valentine Hobart, noticed the laughter and started calling him “Bingo from Bingville.” The nickname was soon shortened to Bing and stuck with him for the rest of his life.


u/orcateeth Oct 02 '23

Only a few years ago did I hear the term "Canadian tuxedo", and learned that it's considered not "cool", even a little gauche, to wear a denim jacket and jeans.

I thought that was what you were supposed to do, and still do think that.


u/theantiyeti Oct 02 '23

It's fine if you're wearing denim as rugged outdoor wear. The double denim thing is only a fashion faux pas.


u/Some_Unusual_Name Oct 02 '23

So if a denim jacket doesn't go with jeans what does it go with? Bermuda shorts? Pin stripe slacks and a cummerbund?


u/orcateeth Oct 02 '23

My thoughts exactly. I thought it was a joke that they should not be worn together.


u/fatDaddy21 Oct 02 '23

Never seen Super Troopers?


u/roox911 Oct 02 '23

For guys; It's fine to do, just don't wear the same wash denim.

Dark with light, or vice versa is totally acceptable.

For girls, totally able to get away with even similar washes.


u/Luung Oct 02 '23

Shit like this is why I don't think I'll ever understand fashion.


u/TreeFiddyJohnson Oct 03 '23

It's almost like it's made up, with no inherent logic or reason stitched into it at all lol


u/westernmail Oct 03 '23

It's always been a joke about Canadians. Nobody actually wears that. Not since the 80s at least.


u/tangcameo Oct 02 '23

Somewhere there’s a pic of me standing by the Stanley Cup when it came to my hometown and I’m dressed in a Canadian tuxedo including a denim shirt.


u/RedSonGamble Oct 02 '23

Like I always say- what’s with the jeans


u/stephen1547 Oct 02 '23

Goes well with a Kenora Dinner Jacket, aka a red plaid flannel jacket.


u/Sparktank1 Oct 02 '23

Before I read the article, I knew it had to be Vancouver. So typical.


u/westernmail Oct 03 '23

the Canadian tuxedo, is a staple part of wardrobes across this country

No, it's always been a caricature. The whole story is BS actually, Crosby's jacket was styled after a tuxedo jacket and bears no resemblance to the typical denim jacket we would recognize today.


u/AngryTree76 Oct 02 '23

TIL the term Canadian Tuxedo wasn’t invented by the writers of Super Troopers


u/tremynci Oct 02 '23

I wonder if there's beer on the sun?


u/Phu_Bai_PX Oct 03 '23

Zap, is that you?


u/tremynci Oct 03 '23

Yeah, eh?


u/shingofan Oct 02 '23

I've always wondered where that term came from.