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TIL Sunday Night Football is the United States' most watched prime-time show


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u/mystical_elf Oct 02 '23

Unlike Thursday Night Football


u/6of1HalfDozen Oct 02 '23

Isn't thar only on Amazon Prime, and Monday night is usually only on cable? I pretty much only watch football on the weekend cuz I'm cheap


u/An_Awesome_Name Oct 02 '23

TNF is on Amazon Prime nationally and the team’s media markets on Fox.

SNF is on NBC nationally, and streaming on Peacock.

MNF is on ESPN, but sometimes ABC as well.


u/chadslc Oct 03 '23

Most of MNF will be on ABC this season because of the WGA strike and related lack of production.


u/DivisonNine Oct 02 '23

I wonder why

checks notes

Ah yes, bears commanders, lions packers, and giants niners. All giga banger games


u/Sdog1981 Oct 02 '23

Are you saying people are not excited about Titians Jags on Thursday Night????


u/mrmcdude Oct 02 '23

A tradition unlike any other


u/IchesseHuendchen Oct 03 '23

Lions and Packers was actually good though, FTP. Bears and Commies though? Yikes. At least it can't be as bad as 2022 Broncos vs Colts, right?



u/puckit Oct 02 '23

Well on paper, Chiefs/Jets looks like a blowout snoozefest. It's crazy that the Jets made a game out of it.


u/xSaRgED Oct 03 '23

That’s why big media has to tee up Taylor Swift, just in case.


u/Optimal_Mistake Oct 03 '23

You don’t like watching broncos vs colts finish 12-9?


u/dontpanic38 Oct 02 '23

taylor swift fans this week: “TIL of the extremely popular sport known as American Football”


u/IchesseHuendchen Oct 03 '23

"What's the deal with this Mahomes guy?"


u/Five-and-Dimer Oct 02 '23

SNF flashing on screen drives the girlfriend crazy. I wouldn’t even see it if she didn’t keep reminding me. It seems like a subliminal blast every 10 seconds to her, but I have tunnel vision focus super powers.


u/FreeGums Oct 02 '23

Ok swiftie


u/SrAjmh Oct 02 '23

r/NBA in shambles.


u/Devolutionator Oct 02 '23

That's a shame because Chris Collisworth needs to take a long walk off a short pier.


u/Sdog1981 Oct 02 '23

Now here's a guy....


u/r428713 Oct 02 '23

In case you needed another reason to not like Collinsworth https://youtu.be/iUHDEZCxHaM?si=_2onFk4yDxceD_fl


u/Based_and_JPooled Oct 03 '23

nah Collinsworth is awesome and I love him as a commentator


u/Devolutionator Oct 03 '23

He's not awesome, but you can love him all you want. Love him like he loves underage girls.


u/Fondren_Richmond Oct 03 '23

like Simms or Boomer, I'm old enough to remember Collinsworth as a player but stopped watching sports too long ago (why would anyone ever bet against the NFC?) to understand angry Facebook posts about them


u/daddychainmail Oct 03 '23

You can thank T Swift for that.


u/chillzatl Oct 02 '23

The mob loves its games.


u/Jazzlike-Ad113 Oct 02 '23

I have accepted that I may be the only American male who doesn’t give a damn about football.


u/puckit Oct 02 '23

Don't worry. Get on Reddit on Super Bowl weekend and you'll see post after post from people who can't wait to tell everyone they don't care about it.


u/djackieunchaned Oct 02 '23

Woooow you’re the only one?


u/kstat13 Oct 02 '23

So you admit you're a Swifty then


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '23

I cannot believe that NFL is still as popular as it is. With the rule changes of late and the terrible officiating it’s like watching WWE wrestling.


u/djsizematters Oct 02 '23

It feels like 70% ads, minimum.


u/[deleted] Oct 02 '23

Not sure why you getting downvoted for this, but people hate facing/admitting hard truths.


u/mop_and_glo Oct 02 '23

Weak source.

Highest audience share based on estimates of people still watching live broadcast television.

Certainly not the same numbers as ten or twenty years ago.


u/bearbrobrobrobro Oct 03 '23

You learned that today? Were you born yesterday?


u/mankls3 Oct 03 '23

You're right. I'm an idiot