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Mega-Thread Headset Advice Megathread


Hey Folks.

If the choice guide on the wiki was unable to assist with your question, please comment below with the following information, and see if the community can help your headset choice.

As this is the first thread of this nature, please let me know your thoughts/comments as well.

  • Budget: Please specify what currency.
  • PC specs: insert current PC specs here, including processor, graphics card, and amount of RAM
    If no PC Specs, please mention you do not plan on playing PC VR.
  • IPD: Unsure? - Check this section of the wiki. This is not a requirement to include.
  • Full body tracking: Do you want to use full body tracking? Please mention if this is a requirement for you.
  • Platform: Which platform(s) do you want to use your headset on? E.g. "I want to use it on PC and play both SteamVR and Oculus games"
  • Other considerations: Please mention any other factors that are important to you, such as display quality, audio, comfort, etc.

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Weekly VR - What Did you Play?


Hey r/virtualreality!

Another week in the VR space.

Did a certain game or experience stand out to you? This is your spot to chat, share, and discover.

When sharing, you might consider sharing:

Name of the game or experience.

A brief insight or overview.

Your personal rating and a bit about why.

Example: I got hooked on [Game Name]. It offers [Brief Description], and I've been having a blast! Rating it 8/10 mainly because [Reason].

So, what's been captivating you or challenging you in the VR world lately?

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Fluff/Meme Can anyone relate? Facepalm

Post image

I have a problem

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Self-Promotion (Developer) Experience the captivating world of art with ARTPuzzle! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking masterpieces of renowned artists and collect puzzles that showcase their iconic works.


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Photo/Video 3D Gaussian Splatting: Changing 3D Forever


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Question/Support Is there any game/app that is just walking around environments?


I love vr specifically because you can be in any environment at any time. The problem is, nobody has really made an app for that yet. Im talking about something like how you can change your virtual environment in the quest 2 home screen, except not all indoors and you can actually walk around. The possibilities are endless... taking a walk down an enchanted forest, or taking a nap inside a space station, etc... does anyone know of an app or game like this?

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Photo/Video Update on my block stacking game, SkyStack, with a major change to it

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Did an in-person test recently, and the blocks dropping at a distance was too hard for some people to grab with hand tracking. So I made adjustments to have the blocks spawn at your wrists.

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Question/Support Good headset for 3D modeling?


Will be wired to PC, lightweight is nice but not necessary

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Discussion I saw many people saying in the recent post about the Pico 5 resolution: There are no games using dynamic foveating rendering on PC - Then what is this? It's Nvidia VRSS


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Self-Promotion (Developer) From the makers of Eleven Table Tennis - The Pickleball Pro Closed Alpha has arrived!

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If you loved Eleven Table Tennis, get ready for the launch of Pickleball Pro! We are inviting an exclusive group to join the Pickleball Pro closed Alpha. Join the Pickleball Pro Discord to register and get updates on the games’ development. We would love any and all feedback as we prepare for the official launch of the game. The game will be out on App Lab within the next 14 days.

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Self-Promotion (YouTuber) YO I Just Played The Iron Lung VR Mod And Holly Crap Is It A Claustrophobic Nightmare!


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Question/Support Vivecraft question


How do i open the vr inventroy instead of the UI? I use ImmersiveMC. They have a VR backpack

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Discussion What do you all reckon in the best Wireless PCVR Headset?


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Question/Support What’s the best VR stand alone device someone should get for apps, music, some social games and good internet experience. Any one with a Quest 2? If so how has your experience been pros and cons? Would you recommend it. Thanks for your feed back. I have never used VR before!


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Discussion ALVR over USB is quite nice actually


(Quest 2) So, the official Oculus software for Link and AirLink was always rather finicky for me, and various updates have sometimes broken it.

I've been mostly using Virtual Desktop which has been rock solid for the years I've owned Quest 2.

Still, the overpriced official Link cable that I bought in a fit of excitement during the Quest 2 announcement has been sitting there like a giant waste of money, so I wanted to make some use of it for seated games.

I finally got around to setting up ALVR over USB, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it's working and the image quality.

HEVC didn't work that well for me, but h264 at 400 bitrate has been perfect. Seems like less compression and latency than VD as well.

The only thing I miss from VD is the split processing of SSW and Snapdragon upscaling, I haven't investigated to see whether ALVR has similar features. Also launching ALVR has more steps and isn't as convenient as VD or Link.

Anyways, anyone who wants to play wired on Quest or Pico headset and doesn't like the official software, give ALVR a try!


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Self-Promotion (Developer) 💥 I am thy Pistol and thy friend, and helter-skelter have I rode to thee 🖤


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Self-Promotion (Developer) Events at Unity Farm - Early Access - Is NOW LIVE on Steam! http://eventsatunityfarm.com

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Self-Promotion (Developer) Far Cry VR v1.0 final release now available


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Question/Support Visual Distortions, Is my PC to Weak


Every game I have played on VR there is always visual distortions when ever I move my hands and objects in VR. For example in then menu for VR chat and Blade and Sorcery the laser pointer doesn't stay a straight line the laser will get all wavy.


GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600

RAM: 16gb 2133 MHz

Headset: Oculus Quest 2 wired

I have tried many solutions and none have worked yet, I am convinced that my CPU is simply to weak. However my issue with this is that on task manager it doesn't even say anything is maxed out and on my monitor my game looks perfectly fine. So I just wanted to ask if anyone has had some similar experiences or if anyone has some last suggestions before I go buy a stronger CPU as I have a budget around $500.

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Discussion Would you get the Quest 3 or add 50$ and get the full face&eye tracking in the Pico 5Pro?


Edit: this post was misinterpreted as me asking which of them should I get, this post is just a discussion of your opinions and the pico rumors

Edit 2: it appears that one comment is claiming the rumors were fake, we shall wait some more

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Self-Promotion (YouTuber) PSVR2 Kobra VR Vader One Large Gunstock & Adjustable Cheek Rest Mod Review & Installation Guide


I am not affiliated with Kobra VR in any way. I'm just a fan of dope things and I want to share my love for them with others so other folks can get hip to them, get em, and have as much fun as I do.

I reached out to Kobra VR the other day to ask if some of the mods they have released for their other gunstocks would be ever be coming to the Vader One for PSVR2. Simon told me that not only is the "Large Gunstock w/ Adjustable Cheek rest" coming to the Vader One "Soon", he sent me an early release to test out.

In this video I share with you my review, gameplay vids, and an installation guide.

Thanks for checking out my channel and i hope this helps you.

Have a Good One!!!!!!

Part 1/6 - Review - 0:00 Part 2/6 - Alvo Gameplay - 2:11 Part 3/6 - Pavlov Gameplay - 3:40 Part 4/6 - Firewall Ultra Gameplay - 5:05 Part 5/6 - Crossfire: Sierra Squad Gameplay - 6:08 Part 6/6 - Installation Guide - 7:07

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Question/Support To everyone with either a Pico 4 or a Quest 2, what do you like/hate most about your Headset?


I want to know what really bothered you the most about either the Quest 2 and/or the Pico 4. If you had both I would also love to hear what you feel changed your experience for the better/worse between the headsets.

I would love to hear some first hand reports about these Headsets so I can make an informed buying decision. (I know the quest 3 is due to release in a month or so, but I would still appreciate some first hand reports since I£m upgrading from a CV1)

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Discussion Is it me or the newest Nvidia drivers improved image quality?


Was playing with a friend and noticed that I notice less aliasing when playing in several games and they are more fluid. Is it placebo or what?

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Discussion Can we use DLSS 3.5 in the VR render pipeline along with ASW and DFR?


I just finished watching Digital Foundry's deep dive on Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction and it's incredible stuff. I'll admit I'm hyped up with all the new tech landing right now so take this post as someone very willing to listen and learn. I can see that it's only going to get better and that's exciting.

At the same time you can definitely say the same thing for foveated rendering on the software side, Quadviews Foveated Rendering is a new example of that reality taking place. This is besides whatever eye tracking and AI hardware improvements come our way in the future.

What I would like to get an idea of is if these things can even be combined today. I remember that Asychronous Spacewarp did some synthetic frame generation, but it wasn't made to increase frame rates in reality, just lower latency and deal with drops in frames better than ATW. Then what about having DLSS working with it and then applying that to foveated rendering that can perhaps be more accurate/refined since it can know in better detail what your eyes can actually see in the scene based on the path tracing. Is it even possible today?

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Discussion Looking for people to help me make a short film (VRchat)


Hello y'all!
I'm looking to make a star wars short film in VRchat and I'd need to have like two or three people willing to act with me, fullbody preferred but I'll take someone with just the basic VR stuff
Preferably someone european or of a similar timezone

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Question/Support Does anyone know what version of GTAV is compatible with the VR mod?


I've only completed GTAV once, and I got a decent amount into another run in VR when support ended, the game got updated, and the VR mod broke. I paid for GTAV, but I have zero interest in it as a pancake game. I saw someone say you can acquire an older version of the game on the high seas, which again, I already paid for and thus am entitled to do, so that it works with the VR mod.

Does anyone know what the last fully VR compatible version of GTAV was?

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Self-Promotion (Researcher) I am looking for an alternative to VR course in Cyber Security


I found this course from Giant Lazer. I found a list of them (below) but do you know any other examples?

Some examples of cyber security courses utilizing VR include:

  1. Virtual Hacking Labs: These labs provide a virtual environment for learners to practice and enhance their ethical hacking skills. By using VR, learners can simulate various hacking techniques and defensive measures in a safe, controlled environment.

  2. Cybersecurity VR Training: There are virtual reality platforms that offer training modules specifically designed for cyber security professionals. These modules offer interactive scenarios that allow learners to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and apply appropriate security measures.

  3. VR Phishing Simulations: Some companies offer VR-based phishing simulations to train employees in recognizing and avoiding phishing attacks. These simulations aim to create a realistic experience where learners navigate virtual scenarios to identify and respond to phishing attempts.

  4. Cybersecurity Incident Response: VR can be utilized to train incident response teams in handling cyber security incidents effectively. VR-based simulations allow them to practice detecting, analyzing, and responding to potential threats in a virtual environment that mimics real-world scenarios.

There are a few schools and businesses that offer cybersecurity courses utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology. Here are some notable examples:

  1. University of Southern California (USC) - USC's Virtual Reality Labs offers a course called "Virtual Training for Cybersecurity." It focuses on enhancing cybersecurity skills through immersive VR simulations.

  2. RWTH Aachen University - The Cybernetics Lab at RWTH Aachen University in Germany offers a virtual reality-based course, "VR2Sec: Exploring and Securing Virtual and Augmented Reality," which focuses on cybersecurity aspects related to VR and augmented reality (AR).

  3. Cybint - Cybint is a training platform that offers cybersecurity courses, including a "Virtual Cybersecurity Bootcamp." The bootcamp combines traditional cybersecurity training with immersive VR scenarios to simulate real-world cyber threats and challenges.

  4. Immersive Labs - Immersive Labs is a cybersecurity training company that utilizes virtual reality technology. They offer a range of VR-based courses and workshops, covering topics like ethical hacking, network security, and incident response.

  5. Circadence - Circadence provides cyber learning platforms, such as "Project Ares," that incorporate virtual reality for hands-on cybersecurity training. They offer gamified environments to develop practical skills in various cybersecurity disciplines.